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25-07-2022 - monday

Unit Moebius - Untitled 2

Unit Moebius

Untitled 2

When hearing this material today and realizing it was originally released in '96, one can't fail to acknowledge the timelessness of these sounds – cle... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-4 € 16,99

The Factory - T.I.M.E.

The Factory


Italian early Trance/House project from '93 brought back to life on Sound Metaphors Records, remastered and with full cover artwork.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors07 € 18,99

28-06-2022 - tuesday

OM - Older Brother from the Rock


Older Brother from the Rock

Tribal dubby breakbeat project originally released in 1991 by Manchester born drummer Morgan King, brought back 30 years later with a remastered relea... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors06 € 17,49

05-06-2022 - sunday

Unit Moebius - Untitled

Unit Moebius


A generous collection of tracks, beautifully representative of the Spiral Tribe world. Coming on strong with “Summertime” a brute force exercise in sy... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-2 remind

R-ZAC - 1 (Spiral Tribe)


1 (Spiral Tribe)

ump starting a new sublabel non-profit project from Sound Metaphors dedicated to re-issuing Network 23/Spiral Tribe material from the 90's free party... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-1 remind

24-07-2018 - tuesday

G.E.N. (Global Electronic Network) - Time Square
12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors05 € 10,99

09-02-2018 - friday

25-08-2017 - friday

23-06-2017 - friday

Instinct - Mindsearch



A true 1991 Detroit Techno gem carefully re-issued - pure class!

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors02 (78206) remind