Label: Soundhack - All

Soundhack - ep



Obscure white label from Berlin! Cut up and stuttering house/disco tracks. Great dj tool.

12inch Soundhack: SH001(17601) remind

Soundhack - Sound hack 2


Sound hack 2

Bleeps and cuts. Techno in a smooth house/disco way. Briljant four track ep that will move the crowd. Tip!!

12inch Soundhack: SH002(30140) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Soundhack - Soundkit ep


Soundkit ep

3rd part of the Soundhack series. Heavy cut-up 7 track release.. Great dj tool.. Check!!!

12inch Soundhack: SH003(37597) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Sound Sampler Vol. 1

Various Artists

Sound Sampler Vol. 1

One of the most original House projects of recent times with deep roots in classic Chicago House offers its multiple facets on one Ep. Including Sound... more...

12inch Soundhack: SoundSampler001(64541) remind

Various Artists - Sound Sampler Vol. 1.5
12inch Soundhack: Soundsampler001.5(12321) remind

25-04-2013 - thursday

MMM - Que Barbaro


Que Barbaro

Raving tracks by MMM. Disco edit hacking bizz on steroids injected with a bit of that UK beat thing.

12inch Soundhack: MMM006 (28409) remind

27-09-2016 - tuesday

Various Artists - Sound Sampler Vol. 2

Various Artists

Sound Sampler Vol. 2

Done with love: for the music, for dancers, for detail... real House music in four incarnations.

12inch Soundhack: Soundsampler002 (19806) remind