Label: Starbaby - All

01-02-2017 - wednesday

Titonton Duvante - Voyeurism

Titonton Duvante


Titonton's first album repressed with 2 extra tracks! Mad science melodic techno tracks on this double pack. Minimal raw techno funk!

2x12inch Starbaby: SB01LP remind

It - Latin Spring


Latin Spring

Perfect House music with "Motor City Influence". For Theo Parrish, Micke Huckaby, Rick Wade fans.

12inch Starbaby: Starbaby 10 remind

Dan Curtin - When worlds Align ep

Dan Curtin

When worlds Align ep

3 track ep on Titonton's label. Classic Dan Curtin tracks with much power and drive combined with free effects and changes in the tracks.

12inch Starbaby: Starbaby remind

Ruzina Frankulin - Electroblue ep

Ruzina Frankulin

Electroblue ep

Sweet off-beat tracks with floating melodies a touch off drum&bass.. Incl. John Tejada remix... Nice....

12inch Starbaby: Starbaby 05 remind

Arne Weinberg ft. Fabrice Lig - Crusade EP

Arne Weinberg ft. Fabrice Lig

Crusade EP

Three funky techno tunes by the crusaders.

12inch Starbaby: Starbaby 06 remind

Dan Curtin - Double-Crossed

Dan Curtin


Four minimal techouse tracks. Very nice Dan Curtin release.

12inch Starbaby: Starbaby 12 remind