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05-06-2018 - tuesday

28-12-2017 - thursday

Roger Gerressen  - Monoaware

Roger Gerressen


Roger Gerressen with six mesmerising ultra deep dubby techno tracks. more...

2LP Sushitech: Sush031 € 29,99

12-04-2017 - wednesday

Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder  - Derdeoc

Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder


Tikiman is back with an amazing album and the debut LP with Rhauder! First press, be quick! more...

3LP Sushitech: Sush043 € 44,99

18-03-2016 - friday

Delano Smith  - From Silence

Delano Smith

From Silence

Deep dubby techno from Delano Smith! A future classic of the Detroit master on the Berlin based Sushitech Records! more...

2x12inch Sushitech: Sush025 remind

09-04-2015 - thursday

Thor - Consequences



Thor and his projects (Sanasol, OZ Artists) are classic and legendary and for his first release on the label it was decided to collect all his much so... more...

3x12inch Sushitech: Sush036 remind

16-03-2015 - monday

01-12-2014 - monday

Delano Smith - Cascade (reworks)

Delano Smith

Cascade (reworks)

Must have reworks of Delano Smith's recent output on Sushitech Records. Featuring the talents of Marcel Dettmann, Makam, Steve O'Sullivan, Oracy and t... more...

2x12inch Sushitech: Sush032 remind

18-07-2014 - friday

Steve O'sullivan - Mosaic Classics
2x12inch Sushitech: Sush008 remind

02-04-2014 - wednesday

Delano Smith - Twilight LP

Delano Smith

Twilight LP

'Twilight' will represent the sound of Delano Smith today; with an eye to the future, yet strong connections to his roots. Vinyl version only. The LP... more...

3x12inch Sushitech: Sush030 remind

26-02-2014 - wednesday

Makam - Aime



Heavy modern almost dubby techno house tools by Makam. Vinyl only!

12inch Sushitech: Sush022 remind

06-11-2013 - wednesday

08-08-2013 - thursday

Steve O'Sullivan - Bluetrain Retrospective

Steve O'Sullivan

Bluetrain Retrospective

For those that don’t know, Bluetrain was a sub label of the legendary Mosaic and was a true classic label from the 90's where Steve released quality d... more...

3x12inch Sushitech: Sush026 remind

17-05-2013 - friday

Steve O'Sullivan - Mosaic Reshaped & Unreleased

Steve O'Sullivan

Mosaic Reshaped & Unreleased

Special collaboration between Sushitech and the 90's Mosaic label which one of the labels you had to check back in those days. a constant source of ki... more...

3x12inch Sushitech: Sush023 € 36,99

23-01-2013 - wednesday

Various Artists - Limited Numbers

Various Artists

Limited Numbers

A special collection of all the limited Sushi tech release including the rare Delano Smith and Mike Huckaby ones. Comes in a solid carton box designe... more...

5x10inch Sushitech: Sush045 remind

14-11-2012 - wednesday

11-05-2012 - friday

Makam  - Dreams Of Tomorrow


Dreams Of Tomorrow

Solid double pack with modern effective club tunes that show a bit more of a melodic and also deeper side of the dutch producer Makam. more...

2x12inch Sushitech: Sush019 remind

23-02-2012 - thursday

Delano Smith - An Odyssey

Delano Smith

An Odyssey

Full length album by Delano Smith on with a nice versatile selection ranging from deeper moody house tracks to more darker uptempo techno. spread on 3... more...

3x12inch Sushitech: Sush017 remind

26-05-2011 - thursday

Delano Smith - Dark Shades Of Detroit

Delano Smith

Dark Shades Of Detroit

Delano comes with three deeper house tracks that will sound big on the dancefloor when played out loud! Dark Shaded Of Detroit doesnt reflect the cont... more...

12inch Sushitech: Sush013 remind

Makam - How Long Is Now?


How Long Is Now?

Guy Blanken aka Makam (originally from The Hague, now based in Amsterdam). Makam delivers a nice collection of modern house tracks spread on a 3x12''... more...

3x12inch Sushitech: SushP017 remind

Various Artists - Tessera Remixes

Various Artists

Tessera Remixes

Kenny Larkin, Chez Damier & Delano Smith remixing the last Sushitech label compilation! Larkin dropping an exciting techno track with soul and Delano... more...

12inch Sushitech: Sush011 remind

Anonym - Dam ep (Makam rmx)


Dam ep (Makam rmx)

Club friendly mid 90's club house tool with a remix by Dutch producer Makam. But mostly worth the check because of the b2 cut which s a great disco fu... more...

12inch Sushitech: Sush014 remind

Makam - New York Hustler


New York Hustler

Guy Blanken AKA Makam comes from The Hague... and he delivers some sweet no-nonsens house tracks that go well inbetween some Mike Huckaby , Rick Wade,... more...

12inch Sushitech: SushP012 remind

Various Artists - Tessera Purple

Various Artists

Tessera Purple

Good collection of deeper house tracks and technoish house tracks including tracks of Serafin, Lauhaus, Nick Holder, Chris Carrier and others. One pac... more...

2x12inch Sushitech: SushP010 remind

Various Artists - Tessera

Various Artists


After ten years it is time for a small celebration on Sushitech records. A nice selection with some of the stand out house tracks of the label! 9 diff... more...

2x12inch Sushitech: SushP010 remind

Mikael Stravostrand - Housedays
2x12inch Sushitech: Sush006 remind

Delano Smith / Norm Talley - Constellation

Delano Smith / Norm Talley


Nice cuts by two uptempo tracks by these two friends. Delano Smith goes for a slightly deeper introvert cut that builds and grooves and that has a nic... more...

12inch Sushitech: Sush04.4.6 remind

Mike Huckaby - Baseline 87 ()
12inch Sushitech: Sush004.5 remind