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02-02-2018 - friday

Merv - Blueprint EP


Blueprint EP

Amsterdam label Taped Artifact has lined up an EP from Merv aka Brian Oldenborg and Jan Christiansen. After the Re-Melted reissue on Styrax in 2015, t... more...

12inch Taped Artifact: TA007 remind

21-04-2017 - friday

Ohm & Octal Industries - Maoss EP

Ohm & Octal Industries

Maoss EP

Kevin Arnemann and Daan Kemp’s Taped Artifact record label is prepping its first release of 2017. Following the label’s recently released various arti... more...

12inch Taped Artifact: TA006 € 10,99

12-12-2016 - monday

Various Artists - A Fiction Universe

Various Artists

A Fiction Universe

For its fifth release, Amsterdam’s Taped Artifact offers up a various artists EP that features four tracks including one from the boss, Kevin Arnemann... more...

12inch Taped Artifact: TA005 remind

25-05-2016 - wednesday

17-03-2016 - thursday

24-11-2015 - tuesday

23-04-2015 - thursday

Kevin Arnemann - Lumiere EP

Kevin Arnemann

Lumiere EP

Three excursions in the deeper side of techno.

12inch Taped Artifact: TA001 remind
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