Label: Tax Free Records - All

17-06-2019 - monday

Abdul - TAX12004



Nightmarish R'n'B, Bassrock and arcade inspired action by Abdul. Very low business risk. Brought to you by Funkycan & Max Gee more...

12inch Tax Free Records: TAX12004 € 9,99

27-05-2019 - monday

OC* - -Health+$



Digital Metal by OC. No real guitars have been used. Logic Vintage Strat & Acoustic Guitar only. music by oc. ad. voc. by jc more...

Cassette Tape Tax Free Records: HATE1 € 9,99

28-01-2019 - monday

DJ Neumann - Rare Appearance

DJ Neumann

Rare Appearance

Mad, hypnotic rhythms and darker ambient by DJ Neumann. Contactless over Bank Transfer. Zero EUR paid. Brought to you by Funkycan & Max Gee. Double 1... more...

2x12inch Tax Free Records: TAX12003 € 18,99

08-10-2018 - monday

GRRRR - TAX12002



Percussion heavy dubs by GRRRR. Exchange of natural resources over bank transfer. Hot!!! more...

12inch Tax Free Records: TAX12002 € 9,99

05-03-2018 - monday