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04-02-2021 - thursday

Various Artists - TFGCX

Various Artists


10 Jahre TFGC. It all started many moons ago during a night at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, where the courage and motivation and most important o... more...

LP Themes For Great Cities: TFGC019 remind

14-08-2019 - wednesday

Grand Optimist - Pandelson

Grand Optimist


TFGC018 is courtesy of Grand Optimist. A new project from Philipp Otterbach.

7inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC018 € 11,49

19-04-2019 - friday

10-01-2019 - thursday

Lucas Croon - Ascona

Lucas Croon


From the Early Madonna/Petshopboys influenced anthem Ascona over to some deeper dance excursions to Lucas own interpretation of reggae, this 12“ has i... more...

12inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC016 € 14,49

20-08-2018 - monday

13-03-2018 - tuesday

09-03-2018 - friday

05-07-2017 - wednesday

Lucas Croon - Schlachthof Aufnahmen

Lucas Croon

Schlachthof Aufnahmen

Percussive house and ambient trips from Dusseldorf's Lucas Croon. Not lost Recordings from 2009

12inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC012 € 14,99

Tolouse Low Trax - Rushing Into Water

Tolouse Low Trax

Rushing Into Water

Detlef Weinrich may not be one of the most celebrated producers of recent times, but he's certainly put out some fascinating music tied to the Dusseld... more...

12inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC010 remind

16-01-2017 - monday

Young Wolf - Kabuki

Young Wolf


Young Marco & Jan Schulte are Young Wolf and got together in the studio and went Ritual/Spiritual. Everything is there, mülleresque vodoo and marcores... more...

12inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC011 remind

Various artists - Mogul ep

Various artists

Mogul ep

Krautkamerad, Shapeshifter and Cheops deliver the goods for this first release on this new German label called Themes For Great Cities. Hailing from t... more...

12inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC001 remind

Wolf Muller - Balztanz

Wolf Muller


Repress! Fantastic excursions in EBM/tribal/krautrock including remixes by J.T.C. and Kontan Chock. more...

12inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC008 remind

Various Artists - Mogul 2

Various Artists

Mogul 2

From tribal electronics to industrial balaeric with Satbil Elite, Montezumas Rache, Tolouse Low Trax and E.A.R.L.

12inch Themes For Great Cities: TFGC005 remind