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14-06-2013 - friday

04-07-2012 - wednesday

Ø (Phase) - Reprocessed Part 3 (Ben Klock / Inigo Kennedy remixes)

Ø (Phase)

Reprocessed Part 3 (Ben Klock / Inigo Kennedy remixes)

Ben Klock / Inigo Kennedy remixess for Phase's big 'Binary Opposition', which took the techno scene by storm.

12inch Token: TOKEN020Z remind

Ø (Phase) - Reprocessed Part 1 (Peter van Hooesen / Sigha remixes)

Ø (Phase)

Reprocessed Part 1 (Peter van Hooesen / Sigha remixes)

Sigha and Peter van Hooesen with their take on 'Binary Opposition', delivering fierce pieces of relentless yet deep techno.

12inch Token: TOKEN020X remind

Ø (Phase) - Reprocessed Part 2 (Planetary Assault Systems / Ctrls remixes)

Ø (Phase)

Reprocessed Part 2 (Planetary Assault Systems / Ctrls remixes)

Heavyweight remix package for Phase's 'Binary Opposition, for part 2 Planetary Assault Systems and Ctrls ae doing the job. Especially the Planetary As... more...

12inch Token: TOKEN020Y remind

06-11-2012 - tuesday

Go Hiyman  - Arc One

Go Hiyman

Arc One

Straight forward techno bangers on the Token label!

12inch Token: Token023 remind

21-09-2012 - friday

Inigo Kennedy - Spectre / Wonderhorse

Inigo Kennedy

Spectre / Wonderhorse

Iniggo Kennedy impressed with the amazing remix for the Token 020... and here again some outstanding darker techno tracks!

12inch Token: Token024 remind
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26-10-2012 - friday

Phase - Behind The Sun / The Chasedown


Behind The Sun / The Chasedown

Stripped down energetic techno tracks by Phase.

12inch Token: Token025 remind

03-12-2012 - monday

CTRLS - Centrally Processed Unity ep


Centrally Processed Unity ep

Exciting advanced techno on Token records again! Ctrls upgraded his formula but stayed close to his very distinct sound: menacing grooves, rattling dr... more...

12inch Token: Token026 remind

22-02-2013 - friday

Inigo Kennedy - Cathedral

Inigo Kennedy


Token starts 2013 in pure Inigo Kennedy style: dark, refined and oh so magnetic

12inch Token: Token027 remind
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08-03-2013 - friday

18-06-2013 - tuesday

30-05-2013 - thursday

Rodhad - Spomeniks Ep


Spomeniks Ep

Deep twisted darker techno by Berlin's rodhead!. Solid!!

12inch Token: Token030 remind
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05-07-2013 - friday

Phase - One The Edge / Perplexed


One The Edge / Perplexed

Powerful jacking techno on side A and a long building track full of tension on the flip. Token delivers

12inch Token: Token031 remind

22-07-2013 - monday

Inigo Kennedy - Emitter / Collector
12inch Token: Token032 remind

09-10-2013 - wednesday

30-10-2013 - wednesday

Phase - Frames Of Reference


Frames Of Reference

Deep mesmerizing techno on 'Frames of Reference' which is the some 12 years in the making debut album from UK based techno producer Ø [Phase]. more...

2LP Token: Token033lp remind

Spherical Coordinates - Vector Projection Ep

Spherical Coordinates

Vector Projection Ep

Oscar Mulero & Christian Wünsch with their Spherical Coordinates project dropping a 4 trck ep with some fine crafty techno, as one expects from the To... more...

12inch Token: Token035 remind
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20-11-2013 - wednesday

Inigo Kennedy - VHSK

Inigo Kennedy


After widely acclaimed 'Cathedral' & 'Emitter/Collector' releases, Inigo reveals his last ep for 2013: three no nonsense tracks in his distinctive sty... more...

12inch Token: Token036 remind
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13-12-2013 - friday

Phase - Dirtro II (Robert Hood rmx)
12inch Token: Token037 remind

12-02-2014 - wednesday

Eschaton - Eschaton Ep


Eschaton Ep

Ancient Methods & Orphx with a collaboration dropping some advanced techno ranging from industrial to atmospheric powerful tracks.

12inch Token: Token038 remind

CTRLS - Movements



Tight trippy powerful modern techno on the trustworthy Token label.

12inch Token: Token039 remind

28-03-2014 - friday

Phase - Remixed



On the A-side Rodhead delivers an epic 10 minute interpretation of the first single 'Perplexed', while Robert Hood delivers a second, more minimalisti... more...

12inch Token: Token040 remind

21-05-2014 - wednesday

15-04-2014 - tuesday

Inigo Kennedy - Lulluby / Petrichor

Inigo Kennedy

Lulluby / Petrichor

Advanced techno tracks by Indigo Kennedy who never stops exploring. Bombastic and dramatic sounding tracks.

12inch Token: Token041 remind

21-05-2014 - wednesday

17-07-2014 - thursday

Inigo Kennedy - Vaudeville

Inigo Kennedy


Advanced modern industrial techno tracks on the debut album ''Vaudeville'' of Inigo Kennedy. more...

2LP+CD Token: Token043 remind
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26-06-2014 - thursday

Spherical Coordinates - Kinematics Equations EP

Spherical Coordinates

Kinematics Equations EP

4 spacey but powerful cuts, straight for the floor.

12inch Token: Token045 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-08-2014 - thursday

01-10-2014 - wednesday

Rodhad - Haumea



Stripped down, challenging and trippy techno tracks. Incl. Phase remix

12inch Token: Token047 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-10-2014 - wednesday

Various Artists - Aphelion

Various Artists


Aphelion compiles previously unreleased & exclusive material from Surgeon, Planetary Assault Systems, James Ruskin, Lucy, Rodhad, [Phase], Inigo Kenne... more...

3x12inch Token: Token048lp remind

11-12-2014 - thursday

27-03-2015 - friday

11-03-2015 - wednesday

Ctrls - Users



''Ctrls delivers three high grade, heavy hitting sessions of unrelenting techno''

12inch Token: Token050 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-04-2015 - thursday

27-05-2015 - wednesday

07-07-2015 - tuesday

18-09-2015 - friday

Phase - PH453



Limited edition Token release with fast paced 90's rooted looped techno tracks.

12inch Token: PH543 remind

09-10-2015 - friday

19-11-2015 - thursday

28-01-2016 - thursday

Grovskopa - Sex and Violins
12inch Token: Token008 remind
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22-04-2016 - friday

Antigone - Saudade ep
12inch Token: Token059 remind
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CTRLS - Nonuser



oken's 60th release comes from label mainstay Ctrls, whose tight bond with the imprint continues with this seventh exclusive EP. Following last year's... more...

12inch Token: Token060 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Inigo Kennedy - NGC EP

Inigo Kennedy


This EP continues with a theme originating from the final track on 'Vaudeville', delving into the aesthetics of the interstellar clouds of Cygnus and... more...

12inch Token: Token062 remind
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18-08-2016 - thursday

Eschaton - Eschaton II
12inch Token: Token061 remind
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07-10-2016 - friday

Oscar Mulero - Hyperbolic Paths

Oscar Mulero

Hyperbolic Paths

yperbolic Paths is simultaneously deep and bleepy, accented by hi-hats in syncopation. The tom-heavy Suborbital Trajectories carries a serious groove,... more...

12inch Token: Token064 remind
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10-10-2016 - monday

07-10-2016 - friday

[Phase] - Alone In Time? remixed
12inch Token: Token065 remind
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Sterac - Scorp



Compilation of remastered tracks from the defunct Scorp label, operated from 2000 to 2004 by Steve Rachmad. Includes one unreleased track from the sam... more...

3LP Token: Token066lp remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L