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06-02-2023 - monday

Altinbas - Illumination



After a year of acclaimed releases on SK¦Eleven, Voltage, and his own Observer Station, the ever exciting up-and-comer Altinbas strikes with his debut... more...

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28-11-2022 - monday

KR!Z - Atlantis (Incl. Oscar Mulero & Marcal Remixes)


Atlantis (Incl. Oscar Mulero & Marcal Remixes)

After solid follow-ups on Setaoc Mass's SK Eleven and James Ruskin's Blueprint, Kr!z now offers ''Atlantis'', pushing new depth into two original trac... more...

12inch Token: Token112 remind
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09-09-2022 - friday

Deniro - Saola EP


Saola EP

After a more than convincing debut on Token with his contribution to 2020's Fuga II compilation, Deniro returns with a 4-part sonic manifesto entitled... more...

12inch Token: Token110 € 13,99
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23-08-2022 - tuesday

Planetary Assault Systems - Devotion (Truncate, Barker remixes)

Planetary Assault Systems

Devotion (Truncate, Barker remixes)

A trailblazer in techno with anticipation ahead of every release, Slater appoints complementary scene heavy weights Truncate and Barker for the remixe... more...

12inch Token: Token108 € 13,49
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Sterac - Light In The Darkness EP


Light In The Darkness EP

Gracing Token with a 12'' of reliable effect, Sterac (a.k.a. Steve Rachmad) offers 4 titles that go beyond the club - balancing raw Detroit influences... more...

12inch Token: Token109 remind
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11-04-2022 - monday

Various Artists - Fuga III

Various Artists

Fuga III

For the third installment of Token's Fuga compilations, the label invites another list of 9 cutting edge artists to put their skills to the test. Igne... more...

2LP Token: Token106 remind

04-12-2021 - saturday

Oscar Mulero - Titan

Oscar Mulero


Oscar Mulero returns to Token. Titan follows up 2018's Electric Shades EP and marks the Spaniard's fourth appearance on the label. A brace of uptempo,... more...

12inch Token: Token104 remind
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16-10-2021 - saturday

Planetary Assault Systems - Sky Scraping

Planetary Assault Systems

Sky Scraping

''Luke Slater presents new Planetary Assault Systems album, Sky Scraping. The iconic British producer, whose last LP arrived via Ostgut Ton in 2016,... more...

2LP Token: Token103lp € 27,99
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21-09-2021 - tuesday

Orbe - Transhuman EP


Transhuman EP

ORBE debuts on Token. The Spanish producer arrives on the label with a brace of high energy, atmospheric dance floor cuts. Leaning tentatively towards... more...

12inch Token: Token102 remind
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02-07-2021 - friday

Jeroen Search - Aether Ep

Jeroen Search

Aether Ep

Jeroen Search returns to Token with another serving of characteristically hypnotic purism. Aether draws on classic, tripping motifs designed for maxim... more...

12inch Token: Token101 remind
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14-05-2021 - friday

Planetary Assault Systems - Say It Loud

Planetary Assault Systems

Say It Loud

Token celebrates its 100th release with Luke Slater

12inch Token: Token100 remind
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25-03-2021 - thursday

Pttrn - To Disappear Completely


To Disappear Completely

''PTTRN follow up strong releases on labels like MindTrip and Float with a first high energy offering for Token. The record also marks Mike Parker's f... more...

12inch Token: Token099 remind
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25-02-2021 - thursday

01-12-2020 - tuesday

Various Artists - Fuga II

Various Artists

Fuga II

Spread across eight tracks once more, the release continues in the same vein as its predecessor presenting a collection of reduced techno recordings i... more...

2LP Token: Token097 remind

18-09-2020 - friday

Stanislav Tolkachev - There Is No Cure

Stanislav Tolkachev

There Is No Cure

Stanislav Tolkachev debuts on Token with his unique take on contemporary Techno. The five track EP, titled There Is No Cure, highlights the producer's... more...

12inch Token: Token095 remind
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11-06-2020 - thursday

05-06-2020 - friday

Various Artists - Fuga

Various Artists


Fuga presents a focused and refined showcase of the Token sound in 2020. The compilation highlights the label's dedication to the classic tenets of th... more...

2x12inch Token: Token093 remind

24-03-2020 - tuesday

14-11-2019 - thursday

[Phase] - Versions III


Versions III

(Steve Bicknell Remix) The Versions series pays homage to Burchett's illustrious discography, reissuing new mixes of classic material. On this third e... more...

12inch Token: PH453-3 remind
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19-06-2019 - wednesday

Nobusawa - Nobusawa Ep


Nobusawa Ep

DJ Nobu & Katsunori Sawa are Nobusawa. Hyper functional dance floor Techno productions.

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16-05-2019 - thursday

12-02-2019 - tuesday

17-01-2019 - thursday

Antigone - Rising



Continuing on from a series of successful EPs on Token including last year’s Ostinato, Antigone returns to the label with Rising, his first experiment... more...

2LP Token: Token088 remind
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17-10-2018 - wednesday

18-09-2018 - tuesday

Neel - Transition



Neel returns to Token with Transition. Conceptually based around four elements in the group known as the transition metals and recorded live in one ta... more...

12inch Token: Token086 remind

21-08-2018 - tuesday

[Phase] - Suspended Animation


Suspended Animation

Phase presents two striking, no-nonsense techno cuts for Token. Each side of Suspended Animation delivers the special kind of face melter that manages... more...

12inch Token: Token085 remind
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07-06-2018 - thursday

13-03-2018 - tuesday

02-02-2018 - friday

06-12-2017 - wednesday

Various Artists - Momentum

Various Artists


3LP with embossed sleeve incl CD) Token celebrates its 10 years anniversary with Momentum, a celebration of the close-knit family of artists amassed t... more...

3x12inch+CD Token: Token078lp remind

09-11-2017 - thursday

Sigha - Metabolism Remixes


Metabolism Remixes

Sigha's lauded Metabolism album is further commended with a remix EP for Token 77. With three highly qualified label newcomers enlisted to the task of... more...

12inch Token: Token077 remind
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13-10-2017 - friday

Neel - Calcata



Best known for his ambient excursions as Voices From The Lake alongside Donato Dozzy, Neel joins Token with the 4-track Calcata. From his collaboratio... more...

12inch Token: Token076 remind
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15-09-2017 - friday

Antigone - Ostinato



Antigone returns with Ostinato for TOKEN75. Ostinato 1 is mild and disconcerting, with strings that verge on unnatural in their high pitch. Ostinato 2... more...

12inch Token: Token075 remind
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14-06-2017 - wednesday

30-05-2017 - tuesday

03-05-2017 - wednesday

Q [PHASE] - Submerged Metropolitan
12inch Token: Token071 remind
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08-03-2017 - wednesday

Sigha - Metabolism



Token is pleased to announce the sophomore album from Sigha. Metabolism represents an arrival: the artist offers his definitive statement on a product... more...

2LP+CD Token: Token070LP € 29,99
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07-02-2017 - tuesday

16-12-2016 - friday

10-10-2016 - monday

07-10-2016 - friday

Oscar Mulero - Hyperbolic Paths

Oscar Mulero

Hyperbolic Paths

yperbolic Paths is simultaneously deep and bleepy, accented by hi-hats in syncopation. The tom-heavy Suborbital Trajectories carries a serious groove,... more...

12inch Token: Token064 remind
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18-08-2016 - thursday

22-04-2016 - friday

Antigone - Saudade ep
12inch Token: Token059 remind
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CTRLS - Nonuser



oken's 60th release comes from label mainstay Ctrls, whose tight bond with the imprint continues with this seventh exclusive EP. Following last year's... more...

12inch Token: Token060 € 10,99
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28-01-2016 - thursday

Grovskopa - Sex and Violins
12inch Token: Token008 remind
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