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15-09-2017 - friday

FTP UP - Stillicone Night Shift EP


Stillicone Night Shift EP

Milan-based mobster FTP UP joins the UN.T.O. ranks dropping his first full lenght 12inch after his two tracks on 777 Recordings. Four straight to your... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO08 remind

04-05-2017 - thursday

Birds of Sweden - Birds of Sweden EP

Birds of Sweden

Birds of Sweden EP

DJ Seinfeld assumes his Birds of Sweden identity and unleashes a strictly limited and club demolishing vinyl only cut for the crew over at UN.T.O.

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO07.5 remind

26-04-2017 - wednesday

Kadajane - Pepperoni EP


Pepperoni EP

Estonian pizzaboy Kadajane delivers five slices of super spicy Pepperoni pizza directly to your door. These straight from tape house cuts will overhea... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO07 € 12,99

23-03-2017 - thursday

Jack Roland - Dream Technology EP

Jack Roland

Dream Technology EP

After an Italian-artists-only policy in 2016, UN.T.O. goes international with its 6th release presenting the Amsterdam-based producer Jack Roland. Thi... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO06 remind

23-02-2017 - thursday

Minimal Afrika - Disco Kings

Minimal Afrika

Disco Kings

From the outskirts of Milan, Minimal Afrika, come riding into UN.T.O. territory with a bulky and exotically charged EP. Featuring heavy basslines, syn... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO05 € 12,99

17-02-2017 - friday

Cosimo Damiano - Our Better Selves

Cosimo Damiano

Our Better Selves

UN.T.O.’s fifth release comes from Cosimo Damiano who delivers a brooding four tracker that leans heavily upon synth melodies and hardcore stylings. T... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO03 € 12,99

21-10-2016 - friday

Ssiege - Turbe In Sviluppo


Turbe In Sviluppo

UN.T.O. drop the debut EP from Ssiege. 5 abstract and emotional cuts that all seem to share the same intense and glisteningly creepy aura. Composed be... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO04.5 remind

08-07-2016 - friday

Antonio - Antonio EP


Antonio EP

From 130 bpm ghetto acid madness to a surf-house summer anthem such as ''Untitled'' and the electro standout track ''Clara''. Fasten your seat-belts a... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO04 remind

02-05-2016 - monday

Marcello Napoletano - Destroyed Ass

Marcello Napoletano

Destroyed Ass

After acclaimed debut EP by Raw Ambassador, Milan-based UN.T.O. Records presents Marcello Napoletano’s Destroyed Ass EP: a limited edition, four track... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO02 remind

07-03-2016 - monday

Raw Ambassador - Tough Steel EP

Raw Ambassador

Tough Steel EP

The first 12inch form new imprint UN.T.O Records. They present Raw Ambassador aka Antonio Barbetta’s debut which includes five unrefined, hardware onl... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO01 € 13,99