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29-06-2020 - monday

Various Artists - Various II

Various Artists

Various II

The EP opens with a re-issue of Audio Quests seminal track “The Mental Screen”, originally released on No Bones Records in 1996, where many influences... more...

12inch Undersound: USR015 € 12,99

Leite Dos Santos - Esoteric EP

Leite Dos Santos

Esoteric EP

Undersound Recordings opens the new decade with an electro EP from Leite Dos Santos, alias of an unknown producer. This EP fuses old and new school el... more...

12inch Undersound: USR014 € 12,99

30-11-2019 - saturday

VernoN - Riot EP


Riot EP

Undersound Recordings is glad to present USR012, an acid-tinged EP by VernoN. The A side kicks things off with ''Scuffle'', a broken-beat acid jam wit... more...

12inch Undersound: USR012 € 12,99

21-08-2019 - wednesday

07-05-2019 - tuesday

Various Artists - Various Undersound 011

Various Artists

Various Undersound 011

The EP opens with V9843 from Heath Brunner aka Silicon, previously released on the “There Was a Day” white label on V-max records and is a driving mel... more...

12inch Undersound: USR011 remind

14-12-2018 - friday

MNRV / Omni Causa - Two Minds EP

MNRV / Omni Causa

Two Minds EP

For the tenth instalment of Undersound Recordings we present a split EP from Dominic Dammer, under his mnvr and omni causa aliases. Dominic runs mindc... more...

12inch Undersound: USR010 € 12,99

It - Era Vulgaris EP


Era Vulgaris EP

The EP ranges from techno to more abstract broken beats on the flip side, displaying the versatility of IT as a producer and encompassing the sound of... more...

12inch Undersound: USR009 € 12,99

05-07-2018 - thursday

Silicon - Vault Heist Vol.1


Vault Heist Vol.1

Vault Heist Vol.1 contains two wicked acid infused techno tracks from the archives of Vmax Records. 1094T3 & 1194295T3 are early works constructed bac... more...

12inch Undersound: USR006 € 11,99

BinarySystem01 - Quantum Theory EP


Quantum Theory EP

E8 and Wavemechanic are coming together as BinarySystem01 to bring you this slice of analogue electro. This 4-tracker consists of chopped up grooves b... more...

12inch Undersound: USR007 € 11,99

Erotek - Paranoid Theatrics of the Electronic Kind EP


Paranoid Theatrics of the Electronic Kind EP

Erotek is back with his first EP since 2004 with a hybrid ghetto electro EP. “Double Time”, co produced with the Anxious Beat Director, and “This I K... more...

12inch Undersound: USR008 € 12,99

26-10-2017 - thursday

Eoism - Backyard Alchemy EP


Backyard Alchemy EP

Undersound Recordings is back with a new electro infused EP called 'Backyard Alchemy', this time courtesy of the trio Eoism. The side showcases two cl... more...

12inch Undersound: USR005 remind

11-10-2017 - wednesday

Binaural - Prisms LP


Prisms LP

Undersound Recordings welcomes Jasper de Jong aka Binaural to their roaster, presenting his album and the first LP on this UK label. 4 punchy electro... more...

2x12inch Undersound: USR004 remind

21-10-2016 - friday

Nicola Kazimir - Liber Al Vel Legis EP

Nicola Kazimir

Liber Al Vel Legis EP

This ep represents a further manifestation of sound-expression over sound-design. Each track has it's own characteristics. It's a symbiotic EP which c... more...

12inch Undersound: USR003 € 9,99