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07-06-2018 - thursday

29-01-2018 - monday

30-08-2016 - tuesday

Deviere - Vendredi



''As Until My Heart Stops turns 10, we head back across the Atlantic , this time to Boston and a stunning ep from the still hugely under rated DeViere... more...

12inch UntilMyHeartStops: UMHS010 € 11,99

09-07-2015 - thursday

Duckett - Part 2 (Waiting For Weather)


Part 2 (Waiting For Weather)

Nice forward thinking free spirited techno/house tracks that go further then your average techno release. Nice!

12inch UntilMyHeartStops: UMHS008 remind

16-06-2015 - tuesday

30-11-2014 - sunday

Zach Lubin - Future Laboratories

Zach Lubin

Future Laboratories

''The latest UntilMyHeartStops offers some formidable techno leanings from US-based artist Zach Lubin, who's music has previously appeared on the like... more...

12inch UntilMyHeartStops: UMHS006 remind

30-07-2014 - wednesday

Steevio - Cyfnos



Freerotation festival director Steevio makes his debut on Leif's UntilMyHeartStops featuring two solid remixes from Joey Anderson and DJ Spider!

12inch UntilMyHeartStops: UMHS005 € 9,99

Area - Not Waiting Anymore


Not Waiting Anymore

The second release on UntilMyHeartStops comes from Chicago-based artist, Area, following on from his excellent releases on labels like Kimochi and Eth... more...

12inch UntilMyHeartStops: UMHS002 remind

Joey Anderson - 3200 B.c. House Dancer

Joey Anderson

3200 B.c. House Dancer

The debut release from UntilMyHeartStops features the unique sound of New Jersey-based artist Joey Anderson. With recent releases on Strength music /... more...

12inch UntilMyHeartStops: UMHS001 remind

Matthew Wieck - Spacestation 09

Matthew Wieck

Spacestation 09

The 3rd release from UMHS features Chicago-Based artist Matthew Wieck, complete with a sterling remix from Manchester’s very own Juniper. UntilMyHeart... more...

12inch UntilMyHeartStops: UMHS003 remind