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23-04-2018 - monday

Faltin - Phobos EP


Phobos EP

Vidab X returns with a new artist, Faltin, who chooses to remain anonymous, plus a stepping rework by Gowentgone aka label owners Oliver Deutschmann a... more...

12inch Vidab: VidabX4 € 11,99

28-02-2014 - friday

Hiver - The Uncolored Truth


The Uncolored Truth

Some beautiful techno here. Milan's Hiver's musical spectrum contains dark and distant elements, ranging from the darkest rhythms of dub-techno to mel... more...

10inch Vidab: Vidab010-02 remind

24-01-2014 - friday

Inland - The X Ep


The X Ep

Trippy techno for sweaty dancefloors... coloured vinyl, no digital.

12inch Vidab: vidabx3 remind

Oliver Deutschmann - Lisboa ep.

Oliver Deutschmann

Lisboa ep.

This record is a the perfect interface between labels such as Dial and Modern Love. Advanced contemporary Deep-House tracks.

12inch Vidab: Vidab009 remind

Gowentgone - Under the bridge remix (Oracy+ Sven Weiseman remix)


Under the bridge remix (Oracy+ Sven Weiseman remix)

The Vidab 08.5 is a limited vinyl-only release, that comes as a stamped whitelabel. It´s the second time that the label presents such a remix record.... more...

12inch Vidab: Vidab008.5 remind

Gowentgone - Under the bridge ep


Under the bridge ep

Some spacious deeep house tracks from Berlin on this obscure label. check!

12inch Vidab: Vidab008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

O.Deutschmann - Siem Reap EP


Siem Reap EP

Nice deep & smooth housetracks, a bit in the Ame vein.

12inch Vidab: Vidab004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Wouldbenice - One Cell Ep


One Cell Ep

Stripped & deep warm housetracks, very nice stuff.

12inch Vidab: Vidab003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Wouldbenice - Backlash ep


Backlash ep

Three deep, minimalistic & powerful techno cuts from this fine german label in the best post Basic Channel traddition.

12inch Vidab: Vidab007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Robin Drimalski - Himalaya ep

Robin Drimalski

Himalaya ep

One of the resident dj's from the Watergate cub with its debut on this nice Vidab label which is acting pretty low profile but with reliable outputs.

12inch Vidab: Vidab006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gowentgone - Ep (Marcel Dettman remix)


Ep (Marcel Dettman remix)

Number 5.5 gives us two remixes by the Berghain residents Marcel Fengler and Marcel Dettmann.There is nothing more to say, only that: Just give them... more...

12inch Vidab: Vidab005.5 remind

Tomas Svensson - Solen ep
12inch Vidab: vidabx2 remind

Gowentgone - Vollkontakt



The three tracks on this EP demonstrate a keen ear for primal, bare bones beats. Occasionally, some searing synthlines leap out of the mix, but Hill a... more...

12inch Vidab: Vidab002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L