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14-10-2021 - thursday

Kafkactrl - The Machinery EP (Lazercat remix)


The Machinery EP (Lazercat remix)

The Machinery cannot be stopped. Kafkactrl is back with another round of heavy hitters. Expect more expertly crafted dystopian machine-funk, with mela... more...

Mini-LP Vortex Traks: VTX013 € 13,99

27-11-2019 - wednesday

Kafkactrl - Vector 12


Vector 12

Mysterious newcomer Kafkactrl emerges from deep within the French Alps to deliver us some of the finest weapons-grade electro we’ve heard in a while.... more...

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX012 remind

05-09-2019 - thursday

Datawave - Implant EP


Implant EP

_,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_ more...

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15-03-2019 - friday

29-06-2018 - friday

Vertical67 - Out Of The Void


Out Of The Void

Vertical67 returns to his home label with a new EP of four emotional and melodic electro tracks.

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX009 € 10,99

22-03-2018 - thursday

Automatic Tasty - Propaganda EP

Automatic Tasty

Propaganda EP

5 Anti-utopian trax from Automatic Tasty focusing on themes of mass surveillance, false flags, state secrets and propaganda. more...

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX008 remind

21-11-2017 - tuesday

13-10-2017 - friday

Mesak - Kirot



4-tracker of alien machine funk from the mind of Mesak.

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX006 remind

17-07-2017 - monday

Nachtzug - Unspoken



Laid back electro cuts from the Berlin based duo Nachtzug. more...

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX005 remind

12-12-2016 - monday

Morphology - Frozen State


Frozen State

Electro, acid and deeper atmospheric cuts from Morphology in their inimitable style. The perfect soundtrack for space exploration.

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX004 remind

26-09-2016 - monday

Various Artists - Vortex Traks Vol. 2

Various Artists

Vortex Traks Vol. 2

The second Vortex Traks compilation features driving and spacy electro cuts from Kan3da and Morphology on the A-side. On the flip Mr Velcro Fastener m... more...

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX003 remind

30-03-2016 - wednesday

Vertical67 - Crystalline EP


Crystalline EP

Brilliant atmospheric works from Vertical67. Four tracks of spaced out and emotive electronics.

EP Vortex Traks: VTX002 remind

09-11-2015 - monday

Various Artists - Vortex Traks Vol. 1

Various Artists

Vortex Traks Vol. 1

Berlin based label Vortex Traks is brought to life with the release of their first EP. Mesak kicks things off with high energy electro funk which is f... more...

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX001 remind

Lazercat - Void Droplets EP (KafkaCtrl remix)


Void Droplets EP (KafkaCtrl remix)

Vortex Traks is proud to present the return of Lazercat. ‘Void Droplets’ showcases the Canadian artist’s love for old-school electro, while the B3, “T... more...

Mini-LP Vortex Traks: VTX014 remind