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Atlantis - Paradise



Great ambient release on R&S sub label. Wellknown track from the Chill out zone (Mtv) and the Xmix videos

12inch Apollo: Apollo remind

Jack Dixon - You Won´t Let Me Ep

Jack Dixon

You Won´t Let Me Ep

Clever piece of modern, post-hype British electronic funk by Jack Dixon on the R&S-sub Apollo.

12inch Apollo: AMB1202 € 9,99

Synkro - Broken Promise Ep


Broken Promise Ep

R&S's famous ambient sub-label is ready to release its first EP in more than a decade with an EP by Synkro called Broken Promise. Manchester bass lumi... more...

12inch Apollo: Apollo1201 - AMB1201 remind

Gacha - Remember



Hailing from Georgia Gacha is a young artist whos star is rapidly on the rise, a producer capable of pulling together various strands of electronic mu... more...

12inch Apollo: AMB1204 remind

Colonel Red - Spaceface

Colonel Red


For well over a decade, singer songwriter Colonel Red has been releasing quality soul music that gazes into the future while keeping a foot in the pas... more...

12inch Apollo: AMB1205 remind

Model 500 - Ofi (Apollo Mixes)

Model 500

Ofi (Apollo Mixes)

Five new mixes coming from Sei A, Shadowchild, Synkro, Indigo and Colonel Red respectively. First up on the EP is the Sei A mix, in which the Glaswegi... more...

12inch Apollo: AMB1209 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Model 500 - OFI remixes

Model 500

OFI remixes

Remix package on the R&S sub label. Sai A delivering a strong remix keeping the original spirit alife! other mixes by Synkro, Colonel Red and others.

12inch Apollo: Apollo remind

Model 500 - The Passage

Model 500

The Passage

One of our all time favourite Model 500 releases, originaly released on Network Records and Apollo shorthly after for Europe. The three tracks stand a... more...

12inch Apollo: Apollo III remind

Mr. YT - Brand New Day

Mr. YT

Brand New Day

Apollo / R&S are proud to present a compilation album of a series of classic EPs of timeless vibes and lush percussive excursions from overlooked Japa... more...

2LP Apollo: AMB1703 € 27,99

Anton Zap  - Water

Anton Zap


Apollo collect rare highlights and new productions from the desk of Moscow's premier deep house producer. Disc 1 is drenched with the luscious 'Water'... more...

2LP Apollo: AMB1311LP € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

SW  - The Album


The Album

SW's lush sound design and hypnotic arrangements nestles snugly alongside the classic 90’s Apollo releases of Biosphere and Robert Leiner in all their... more...

2LP Apollo: AMB1706-SUE015 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Robert Leiner  - Aqua Viva

Robert Leiner

Aqua Viva

An all time classic originally released on the Visions Of The Past album (Apollo 1994). Released on 12” single for the first time. Re-mastered by Mat... more...

12inch Apollo: AMB1711 € 10,99

Albrecht La'brooy  - Tidal River

Albrecht La'brooy

Tidal River

Apollo presents a sublime mini album from Melbourne duo Albrecht La’Brooy AKA Sean La'Brooy and Alex Albrecht which will appeal to fans of Suzanne Kra... more...

LP Apollo: AMB1801 € 14,99

Synkro  - Hand In Hand EP


Hand In Hand EP

Beautiful ambient release by Synkro! as he explains:''The record was inspired and influenced by my love of electronic 80's UK library records like the... more...

EP Apollo: AMB1710 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L