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Arkajo / DJ Lily - BROR03

Arkajo / DJ Lily


BROR Records presents its third instalment with a split 12-inch record with two original tracks. Delivered from the west coast of Sweden, city of Goth... more...

12inch BROR Records: BROR03 remind

DJ Lily - EP

DJ Lily


Following the B-side of its third release, BROR Records presents the debut EP of Gothenburg-based DJ Lily with a four track vinyl. The EP takes off wh... more...

12inch BROR Records: BROR04 € 12,49

DJ Lily - BROR05

DJ Lily


Not late in returning to BROR Records, DJ Lily showcases new stylistic variations; on the A-side, bringing ambience into an emotive yet heavy state wi... more...

12inch BROR Records: BROR05 € 12,99