Label: Cosmic Rhythm - All

Rhythm of Paradise - Paradise
12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM01 remind

Cosmic Garden - Sole Mistico

Cosmic Garden

Sole Mistico

Second chapter for the south Italian Cosmic Rhythm, this time with the classic Cosmic Garden's italian deepness signature.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM02 € 8,99

KGB - Detroit 909 (Cosmic Rhythm Vision)
12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM05 € 9,99

Loss Of Gravity - Sotterranea

Loss Of Gravity


Mystic Deepness only for the aficionados.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM04 € 9,49

Spiritual Emphasi - Spiritualism

Spiritual Emphasi


Chapter three for the Italian deeper label Cosmic Rhythm, a very emotional trip by Spiritual Emphasi.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM03 € 9,49

Rydm Sectors - Self Control

Rydm Sectors

Self Control

Italian Cosmic Rhythm continues to deliver future classics of house music.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM06 € 9,99

Cosmic Rhythm - Cosmic Rhythm Tote Bag

Cosmic Rhythm

Cosmic Rhythm Tote Bag

Ecru tote bag with the Cosmic Rhythm logo printed in black on one side.

Merchandise Cosmic Rhythm: Cosmic Rhythm Tote Bag remind

Cosmic Garden - Now I Feel

Cosmic Garden

Now I Feel

Cosmic Rhythm label head delivers another beauty with his classic signature. Prescription's regular Trinidadian Deep to supply his personal vision.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM07 € 9,99

Loss Of Gravity - Deeparture

Loss Of Gravity


Loss Of Gravity teamed up once again to deliver a new deeper futuristic journey.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM08 € 9,99