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20-09-2017 - wednesday

Plaza Hotel - Bewegliche Ziele

Plaza Hotel

Bewegliche Ziele

Plaza Hotel was an early 80’s studio project by DAF co-found- ing member Wolfgang Spelmanns and his wife, singer Tabu (Claudia Sennlaub). The 12inch “... more...

12inch Notes On A Journey: NOAJ002 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Spinning Motion  - Confidence In The Future

Spinning Motion

Confidence In The Future

Spinning Motion was a short living studio project by the two school friends Manfred Tappert and Achim Hirsch hailing from West Berlin. Their different... more...

LP Notes On A Journey: NOAJ001 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Candeias - Sambaiana



Candeias, (engl: Candles) was initiated by the Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Guillermo Reuter due to an invitation by French producer Jaques Subil... more...

LP Notes On A Journey: NOAJ003 € 23,99

Various Artists - NDATL Special Edition 2017

Various Artists

NDATL Special Edition 2017

*** 1 copy per customer *** NDATL Special Edition 2017 featuring tracks from Kai Alce, Galcher Lustwerk & Patrice Scott and... *** 1 copy per customer... more...

12inch Ndatl Muzik: NDATL2017SE remind

18-09-2017 - monday

KGB - Detroit 909 (Cosmic Rhythm Vision)
12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM05 € 9,99

DMX Krew - Abstract Forms Synth Funk Vol.4 - Sludge

DMX Krew

Abstract Forms Synth Funk Vol.4 - Sludge

DMX Krew returns for volume 4 of the popular Synth Funk series with another bumper pack of electro funk jams. Pure fire!!!. more...

12inch Synth Funk: SYFUNK004 € 9,49

TYVYT|IYTYI - Platforms



TYVYT|IYTYI. A dusty tape of six tracks unearthed beneath the Pinkman Broken Dreams division. Nothing is known about this unnameable artist apart from... more...

Cassette Tape Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD08.5 € 8,99

Leo James - You're Not A Machine

Leo James

You're Not A Machine

One half of Canyons, Pink Gin and the Hole in the Sky label, Leo James releases his solo debut You're not a machine on his new imprint Body Language.... more...

12inch Body Language: BL001 € 8,99

Huerta - Am Ende EP


Am Ende EP

Los Angeles-born, Berlin-based talent Huerta unleashes four remarkably rich cuts for Three Fingerz Musique's latest 12". This follows an outstanding r... more...

12inch Three Fingerz Musique: 3FM004 € 9,99

Leo James - Punishment Capital

Leo James

Punishment Capital

Punishment Capital marks Leo James' return to his own label Body Language, after recent outings on Neubau and Berceuse Heroique. The music is heavy an... more...

12inch Body Language: BL004 € 9,99

Rydm Sectors - Self Control

Rydm Sectors

Self Control

Italian Cosmic Rhythm continues to deliver future classics of house music.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM06 € 9,99

Sawlin - Motion Keeper


Motion Keeper

The Delsin c-series welcomes Sawlin for a new EP that finds him in a housier mood than you might expect. After EPs on Ann Aimee, Vault Series and Code... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/C11 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Paerels

Various Artists


*** 1 copy per customer *** Dreamy synth songs for island trips and dark club nights - Nous'klaer presents their first various artists compilation. 12... more...

3x12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUS009 € 25,99

Luxus Varta - Aquamarine Puzzle

Luxus Varta

Aquamarine Puzzle

Aquamarine Puzzle marks a new step in the sound of Luxus Varta. Six paths are etched for this journey into time, space and the machine. A spectrum of... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship049 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jon Hester - Communication EP

Jon Hester

Communication EP

Amsterdam's LET Recordings is back for a sixth release, titled 'Communication', this time by Jon Hester. Hester hails from Chicago and Minneapolis, an... more...

12inch LET: LET006 € 9,49

Adam Feingold  - Rapcha

Adam Feingold


Adam Feingold aka Ex-Terrestrial, finds himself providing a hit single along with two remixes on the flip from Project Pablo & Diji himself.

12inch ASL Singles Club: ASL014 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-09-2017 - friday

Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh - Lunar Cruise (350g Sleeve, Poster Inlay)

Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh

Lunar Cruise (350g Sleeve, Poster Inlay)

Beautiful 1 LP Edition with heavy 350g Sleeve, Poster Inlay with Liner Notes and Photo, includes CD with incl Bonus Tracks - 33 rpm LP mastercut by Em... more...

LP + CD We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records: WRWTFWW020 € 25,99

Floorplan - Let The Church


Let The Church

Robert Hood's gospel house and disco referencing Floorplan project returns on his revered M-Plant imprint with these four fierce, funky and downright... more...

12inch M-plant: MPM029 € 10,50

De Costa & Rau - ORPHEUS003

De Costa & Rau


A mechanised par excellence of hazy basement jams roughly sketched and untitled. Man and machine in pitch-perfect unison - freaky sounds, noise boxes... more...

12inch Black Orpheus: Orpheus003 remind

FTP UP - Stillicone Night Shift EP


Stillicone Night Shift EP

Milan-based mobster FTP UP joins the UN.T.O. ranks dropping his first full lenght 12inch after his two tracks on 777 Recordings. Four straight to your... more...

12inch UN.T.O: UNTO08 remind

Various Artists - NVS003

Various Artists


NVS003 continues collecting those next club jams to make you move with a fresh sampler of heated mood music drawn from two revolutions of the world's... more...

12inch Neo Violence: NVS003 € 12,99

Europa - Facegrinder



Europa picks up where nthng left off on Transatlantic's second outing. Face to the angle grinder, destruction Techno for the obliteration of the rave... more...

12inch Transatlantic: TAR002 € 12,99

Various Artists - SHDW002

Various Artists


SHDW002 arrives with a pumping kick and a gorgeous guitar loop. As the filter opens, the landscape widens – laidback percussion, then soothing strings... more...

12inch Shadow City: SHDW002 remind

Kask - Vorst



‘Voorst’ opens the A-side with a deep kick and sparse drums, dreamlike pads giving way to an ecstatic melody that is all breath and decay. The soundtr... more...

12inch X-Kalay: XK009 € 12,99

Bobby Analog - BF002

Bobby Analog


The second release from Bobby Analog’s Body Fusion imprint follows in the footsteps of the first with heavily swung drums, some creative sample manipu... more...

12inch Body Fusion: BF002 remind

Grant - Grant 002


Grant 002

GRANT002 delivers 4 tracks of airy, classic, deep-tinged house music. Mixing up unofficial remixes with classic samples and original materiel, this ti... more...

12inch Grant: Grant002 remind

Night Foundation - Memory Bells

Night Foundation

Memory Bells

Nostalgic, interlocking melodies and slow drawn-out synth lines that nod back to the psych rock workouts of Steve Hillage and even elements of Pink Fl... more...

LP Lobster Theremin: LSS002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rimbaudian - Houz Low EP


Houz Low EP

Rimbaudian is back once again for a late summer Meda Fury release. Euphoric house with dreamy vocals, earth shaking basslines and breakbeats are the o... more...

12inch Meda Fury: MFV04 remind

DJ Lily - EP

DJ Lily


Following the B-side of its third release, BROR Records presents the debut EP of Gothenburg-based DJ Lily with a four track vinyl. The EP takes off wh... more...

12inch BROR Records: BROR04 € 12,49

Eurotate - ERT001



Copenhagen label Eurotate's four founding members unite on this dark and punchy four tracker, each contributing a choice cut to the mix. All tracks ar... more...

12inch Eurotate: ERT001 remind

DJ Different  - Doin It Differently

DJ Different

Doin It Differently

DJ Different arrives on 1ØPILLSMATE with a raw 4 tracker that makes some serious moves all the way from the dungeon to the rooftop. Shifting from hous... more...

12inch 10 pills mate: 10pillsmate007 € 12,99

Jack Roland  - The Others

Jack Roland

The Others

More Lonely Planets Rec. material entering our habitable zone. Star chaser Jack Roland capturing his dreams of darkness and distorted cosmic visions t... more...

12inch Lonely Planets Records: Lonely003 remind

DIY 1990 - Room 202

DIY 1990

Room 202

LT FIRE is back with a massive pair of Lobster summer anthems from Spanish newcomer DIY 1990. Cascading from the epic synth-soaked house of Room 202 t... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LobterFire002 € 12,49

Taken - Cluster / Elysia


Cluster / Elysia

The second 12'' from Taken, the duo effort of Elias Landberg and Nihad Tule.

12inch Skudge: Skudgex04 € 10,50

Antigone - Ostinato



Antigone returns with Ostinato for TOKEN75. Ostinato 1 is mild and disconcerting, with strings that verge on unnatural in their high pitch. Ostinato 2... more...

12inch Token: Token075 € 12,50
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tripeo - Trip 8


Trip 8

Dutch native Darko Esser has returned with his Tripeo monikor in the form of two powerful, finely crafted pieces on the eighth instalment of his Trip... more...

12inch Tripeo: Tripeo008 € 9,99

Mark Broom - King Ep

Mark Broom

King Ep

Following on from ‘One Sound / Myth’ released in June, ‘King’ is the second in a trilogy of EPs for EPMmusic by Mark Broom. Where the first EP feat... more...

12inch EPM Music: EPM017 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Edanticonf - The Mind Power Ep


The Mind Power Ep

Edanticonf's music feels perfectly crafted for the brooding atmospheric venues he so often performs in. Both the aforementioned adjectives can be attr... more...

12inch Curle: Curle060 € 10,00
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Violet - Togetherness EP


Togetherness EP

Fresh off the back of releases on One Eyed Jacks, Snuff Trax and Cómeme, as well as her much talked-about all-women covers of beloved house classics,... more...

12inch Naive: NAIVE001 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lock Eyes - First Sight

Lock Eyes

First Sight

A soothing summer airstream coasting off of the Adriatic, Lock Eyes turns in four kaleidoscopic house & techno jams for the Lobster main label, keepin... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster035 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-09-2017 - thursday

Dreams - Not Phazed EP


Not Phazed EP

Producer, DJ and visual artist, Dreams, has become a standout voice in the Los Angeles electronic landscape. The following he’s amassed locally is due... more...

12inch Apron Records: Apron033 € 10,99

Ex Terrestrial - Ex Terrestrial

Ex Terrestrial

Ex Terrestrial

From the depths of night shine beams of light. Temple invites you to enjoy these peaceful excursions. more...

12inch Temple: TMPL004 remind

Pharaoh - Spiral



Parallax 05 by one of the label owners and founders, Pharaoh aka Nimrod Katzir. Trippy industrial Techno. more...

12inch Parallax: PRLX005 remind

Fabio Monesi - Wishing on the Stars

Fabio Monesi

Wishing on the Stars

Label Honcho Fabio Monesi return on his own platform with a two-tracker. If 'Ancient Gate' is a raw-punchy-electro-house tool, 'Wishing On the Stars'... more...

12inch Wilson Records: Wls016 € 11,99

Kruton - I Pathetikus


I Pathetikus

Milo Smee, Power Vacuum label boss dons his Kruton alias with a killer debut album on the new label from the Brothers outfit. Choppy rhythms, synth so... more...

2x12inch Sisters: SIS001 € 20,99