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12-04-2018 - thursday

11-04-2018 - wednesday

DJ Monchan - East Village Edits Volume 3

DJ Monchan

East Village Edits Volume 3

A killer third edition of DJ Monchan's East Village Edits. Fresh disco rhythms for DJ play only!

12inch Daily Session: DSR010 € 15,99

DJ Hell - Argere Dich Nicht (Jeff Mills / Dave Clarke Remix)
12inch Gigolo: Gigolo304 remind

DJ Monchan - East Village Edits Volume 4

DJ Monchan

East Village Edits Volume 4

Series 4 of East Village Edits which is getting known as the essential fire starter records for DJs. As always DJ Monchan spices up the Dollar bin rec... more...

12inch Daily Session: DSR013 € 13,99

WEST 27th St. - Deep EP

WEST 27th St.

Deep EP

West 27 st Deep EP named after the 90's Meatpacking district in New York City. Aside is two deep tracks from Two Thou. Dawnballad is a slowly build up... more...

12inch Daily Session: DSR014 € 13,99

RAMZI - Peze-Piton



The ever enigmatic RAMZi graces 12th Isle with ‘Pèze-Piton’ - a 9 track visitation of the familiarly disjointed melodies and rhythms that make up our... more...

LP 12th Isle: Isle004 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Borai - I’ve Had Quite A Day To


I’ve Had Quite A Day To

Bristol native Borai’s latest offering on NYC-based label Discovery Recordings is a welcome breath of summer air. A wildly diverse talent shines throu... more...

12inch Discovery Recordings: DSCVRY10 € 12,99

Mr K / Joey M - Give It Up / Please Come Home

Mr K / Joey M

Give It Up / Please Come Home

Danny Krivit has been holding this edit release for a special occasion. Now, his secret Garage classic is revealed. Remastered specifically for Vinyl... more...

12inch Daily Session: DSR016 € 13,99

Javonntte - Way Back Ep


Way Back Ep

Killer house ep by Javonntte who cant do no wrong at the moment. Classic and solid grooving house tracks that will still be played many years to come.... more...

12inch People of Earth: Poem008 remind

A-Eno-Acid - Tank Jack


Tank Jack

After putting 1990s record label Emote to bed and a 17 year break from making music Mark Churcher has now knocked out 2 rasping acid house discs withi... more...

12inch Chicago Bee Records: CB1988-02 € 10,99

Jordan Fields - 17th Level

Jordan Fields

17th Level

Chicago DJ/producer Jordan Fields who has been making underground house music since 90's. A1: “17th Level” is synth driven deep house that makes the f... more...

12inch Daily Session: DSR015 € 13,99

Haz Mat - Haz Mat

Haz Mat

Haz Mat

Nice smooth house tracks on the People of earth label.

12inch People of Earth: Poem007 € 10,99

Q'D - Pure Amethyst


Pure Amethyst

Wild Oats presents the debut release entitled “Pure Amethyst” from Caron Miller aka Q’uran D’Mar aka Q’D’ from Detroit.

12inch Wild Oats: WO-QD01 € 13,99

Sordid Sound System - Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV

Sordid Sound System

Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV

Having recently relocated to the remote redwood forests of Northern California in order to set up a satellite mixing studio for his old stomping groun... more...

12inch Invisible Inc: Invinc18 € 13,99

Miruga - Spirit Garden EP


Spirit Garden EP

Nagano native Yoshiki Tsuchiya AKA Miruga’s roots are deeply embedded in jazz music. His studies included jazz and funk drumming as well as the catalo... more...

12inch Moods & Grooves: MG061 € 14,99

Fluxion - Ripple Effect


Ripple Effect

Fluxion's Ripple Effect is the film score for a non-existing motion picture. This 9-track album is the result of experimentation and the combination o... more...

2x12inch Vibrant Music: VMR003 € 31,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jaures - Lafcadio Champsai


Lafcadio Champsai

Euphoric darkwave vibes by Jaures.

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL-W-02 remind

Javonntte - Scenario#10 Detroit to Berlin EP


Scenario#10 Detroit to Berlin EP

After releases on Kai Alce’s 'NDATL' or Patrice Scotts’s Sistrum, Javonntte delivers 4 excellent classic pumping House Tracks on Scenario!

12inch Scenario: Scenario010 € 10,99

Andreas Grosser - Venite Visum

Andreas Grosser

Venite Visum

2LP Gatefold, Running Back welcomes Andreas Grosser for the start of it’s non-dancefloor series 'Running Back Incantations'. Released in 1981 on UK’s... more...

2LP Running Back: RBLP11 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alphonse - Better Weather


Better Weather

Longing for summer, ‘Better Weather’ is the most soulful cut yet to be heard in the ever-expanding catalogue of Alphonse’s MPC jams. Spacey and dusty... more...

12inch Hypercolour: Hype070 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ebi - Space Teddy EP


Space Teddy EP

The inaugral release from Transmigration, a collection of acid cuts from Susumu Yokota’s EBI alias. Originally released by the seminal Space Teddy lab... more...

12inch Transmigration: TM001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Velocette - Afterimage & Belle Du Jour


Afterimage & Belle Du Jour

Audiophile, compiled, definitive reissue of mid 1990s Ambient Techno trips

12inch Styrax: StyraxVelocette remind

Hotmood - Hotmood Volume 7


Hotmood Volume 7

Hotmood's second release on his own imprint with partner Tug Boatmen solidifying the Chicago/Mexico partnership that gave us the first 6 Hotmoods. Vol... more...

12inch Hot Moods: Hotmoods7 € 14,99

Various Artists - Converpilations Vol.1

Various Artists

Converpilations Vol.1

Rough edged Jungle, party ready house and distorted club jams on this killer 12inch from Online Conversations.

12inch Online Conversations: OCV001 € 12,49

Adam Chini - Creature Feature Vol 1

Adam Chini

Creature Feature Vol 1

After a monumental 2017 including the release of his first full length LP ''Virtual Love'' on Star Creature, Adam Chini returns with a ''Creature Feat... more...

12inch Star Creature: SC1208 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Adonis & Daryl Pandy - After Midnight

Adonis & Daryl Pandy

After Midnight

Mathematics celebrates more than 20 years with previously unreleased Adonis gems ''After Midnight'' & ''Brothers Gonna Work It Out'' featuring the lat... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math099 € 11,99

Roberta - Your Woman (NYC)


Your Woman (NYC)

Innermoods returns with a new 12'' from fellow Brooklyn artist and ''rising star'' producer ROBERTA. Hot on the heels of her hyped collab with LADY BL... more...

One sided 12 Innermoods: IM-004 € 15,99

Moodymann - Pitch Black City Reunion


Pitch Black City Reunion

New Moodymann for 2018. On this 12'' Kenny Dixon Jr. reunites his backing band, Pitch Black City. Two instant classics from the one and only Moodymann... more...

12inch KDJ: KDJ046 remind

Norm Talley / Nick Speed - Genesis EP
12inch Detroit Vinyl Room: DVRM003 € 12,99

V - Numeros (Fabrizio Mammarellas Remix)


Numeros (Fabrizio Mammarellas Remix)

Correspondant welcome V, the once-mysterious man behind now-legendary head-turners on Cin Cin, Nautilus Rising and his own Le Temps Perdu.

12inch Correspondant: Cor063 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nehuen - I Love Acid Eighteen


I Love Acid Eighteen

Making his debut on ‘I Love Acid’ is Argentinian-born, Barcelona resident Nehuen. Best known for co-running the Classicworks imprint with Cardopusher,... more...

12inch I Love Acid: ILA018 remind

Maenad Veyl - The Acceptance Ov Not Knowing
12inch Veyl: Veyl001 € 10,99

10-04-2018 - tuesday

Eva Geist - Desfãn

Eva Geist


First album of the talented Eva Geist, a journey into the deepness of her enchanting music, a world full of fantasy. more...

LP Macadam Mambo: MMLP909 € 22,98

Various Artists - New York Underground #4

Various Artists

New York Underground #4

Cult status for those new york disco cuts pioneered by legendary djs such as Larry Levan, Franckie Knuckles, Junior Vasquez, David Morales.

12inch NY Underground: NYU4 € 11,99

Various Artists - Unlimited Love #10

Various Artists

Unlimited Love #10

Sir Ted Ford - Disco Music The New York Disco - It's True Pike - Good Feelings The Thompsons - Message

12inch Unlimited Love: UNLTD10 € 11,99

OCB - Megadrive EP with locked grooves


Megadrive EP with locked grooves

Forget your favorite brand of rolling paper…Ocb is the name of our new talented artist from Casablanca (Morocco). After appearing on his own label Cas... more...

12inch Rue De Plaisance: R2P026 € 12,49

FBK  - Knobs & Switches Ep


Knobs & Switches Ep

Originally released on Anthony Shakir’s Frictional Recordings in ’97, FBK’s ‘Knobs & Switches’ is set to drop on Rekids’ newly launched re-issue label... more...

12inch R-Time Records: RTM002 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Trancedence  - Concepts of Higher Dimension


Concepts of Higher Dimension

Ron Allen's label with another worthy re-issue. Strobe gave us that deep, emotive machine-funk that exemplified the early to mid 90's sound. 'Concepts... more...

12inch Strobe: STR003 € 10,99