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10-07-2018 - tuesday

Allfeelings - Biotic



AF01 is the first self release from London based DJ and Producer ALLFEELINGS. This is a 2 track DJ tool release very reminiscent of Detroit Techno. Yo... more...

12inch ALLFEELINGS: AF01 € 9,49

Allfeelings - Untitled



Dub Techno vibes from ALLFEELINGS on the third release of the label!

12inch ALLFEELINGS: AF03 € 9,49

Deep Dean - Ocean Groove

Deep Dean

Ocean Groove

Mysticisms eyes summer luv dancin’ as new-not-new Deep Dean emerges from the Antipodean well to offer sunrise anthems for the new generation.

12inch Mystisicms: MYS006 € 10,49

Sole Fusion / Hard Drive - Bass Tone / Just Believe
12inch Strictly Rhythm: SRCLASSIC02 € 10,49

Lord Of The Isles - Irafas EP
12inch Lone Romantic: LR006 € 10,49

Al-Tone - Remember Me


Remember Me

A bunch of floor minded edits by Al Tone.

12inch Various UK Re-edits: LL001 € 10,99

Daniel Avery - Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)

Daniel Avery

Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)

Following the release of his Projector EP earlier this month, Daniel Avery has enlisted revered London producer Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden for a remix... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH73 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dauwd - Theory Of Colours (Vakula remix)


Theory Of Colours (Vakula remix)

These days, to leave even the briefest of imprints on the ever-increasingly saturated orbit of dance music can be considered a feat in itself. To make... more...

12inch Technicolour: TCLR028 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-07-2018 - monday

Stare 5 - Datakill EP

Stare 5

Datakill EP

Warehouse find! This old record on Felix Da housecat's label is proof of the talented producer Bryan Zentz was and still is.. Nice techno cuts!

12inch Clashbackk Recordings: CLASH009 € 6,99

Unit Moebius - Bunker 005

Unit Moebius

Bunker 005

Re-issue of episode 5 in the legendary first few Bunkers by Unit Moebius. more...

12inch Bunker: B005 € 10,99

Derek Carr - Pioneers EP

Derek Carr

Pioneers EP

Derek Carr has flown back onto the radar after reissues on Ben Boe's 'For Those That Knoe' imprint and a string of newly released music through 2017 a... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP10 € 9,99

Unknown Artist - WLSLTD07

Unknown Artist


7th edition of the Wilson Records limited series dedicated to physical record stores. 350 Hand-Numbered / Hand-Stamped copies.

12inch Wilson Records: WLSLTD07 € 12,99

Maelstrom - ECZO EP



Veteran French producer Maelstrom joins the CE crew with 3 tracks of high quality dance floor electro including a remix from CE head Sync 24.

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CE025 € 9,99

Spinvis & Vinkenoog - JA! & Ritmebox compilatie

Spinvis & Vinkenoog

JA! & Ritmebox compilatie

The first release on yeyeh is a compilation of tracks by Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog, a former poet laureate, and renomated one-man band Spinvis. More... more...

2LP Yeyeh: YEYEH001 € 29,99

Pin Up Club - The Forever Machine

Pin Up Club

The Forever Machine

2017 saw the arrival of Pin Up Club here at the Bordello with a superb three tracker, Friends of the Vortex. Now the Dutch partnership are back. This... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP122 € 12,99

Haron - Wandelaar



Queeste emerges with the nocturnal sounds of Haron's Wandelaar, an album exploring his long-term interest in music's talent for inducing and affecting... more...

LP Queeste: QUEESTE002 € 17,99

Axis Ces 53 Angelphase and Billy Ray De La Haye - Party Penthouse Playboys

Axis Ces 53 Angelphase and Billy Ray De La Haye

Party Penthouse Playboys

Party Penthouse Playboys a 4 track EP by Billy Ray de la Haye and Axis Ces53 Angelphase, both artists with over 25 years of musical expierience, this... more...

12inch Purple Albatros Records: PAR001 remind

Spencer Miles - Dominatrix

Spencer Miles


Spencer Miles' debut on Bordello A Parigi with two hard banging electro-disco tracks to wreck the festivals and clubs this summer!

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAPXX5 € 9,99

06-07-2018 - friday

Eli Escobar - Nightshade Edits Vol 2
12inch Night People NYC: NP109v € 11,99

Cron - Scalable Architectures


Scalable Architectures

Cron aka Todd Sines'Scalable Architectures', the classic 1995 EP remastered. more...

12inch Musique Pour La Danse: MPD007 € 10,99

Various Artists - Element: Water

Various Artists

Element: Water

Plant 43, Gestalt, Maroje T and Jack roland delivering the tracks for the new Electronic Leatherette release... with as Theme Water.

EP Electronic Leatherette: EL002 € 11,99

Ste Roberts - 2

Ste Roberts


Release 00002 on the newly hand stamped STE imprint delivers you 2 more infectious tool like house and techno numbers, taking things even darker on th... more...

12inch STE: STE00002 € 9,99

HVL - Ostati



''After releasing HVL's Away From Everything We Know 12'' back in 2015, Organic Analogue welcome the Georgian producer back to present his long-awaite... more...

2LP Organic Analogue Records: OA008 € 21,99

Marti Caine / Javaroo - Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold

Marti Caine / Javaroo

Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold

Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold present the feel-good blue-eyed Disco anthem of the summer! This official 12'''' version of Javaroo's super rare 'B... more...

12inch Love Circle: LC002 remind

Lory D - Jam With Deaf Cats

Lory D

Jam With Deaf Cats

After the label was put on hold for many years, there was no doubt, that Lory D was up to the task of reanimating the sleeping beauty of Seilscheibenp... more...

12inch Seilscheibenpfeile: SSPB001 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Muziekkamer - II - Popmuziek


II - Popmuziek

Left of centre experiments from the Dutch underground of yesteryear. Muziekkamer was the name of the home recording studio that gave birth to the twel... more...

LP Contort Yourself: Cyre01 € 21,99

Kito Jempere - Damp Fire Crackers

Kito Jempere

Damp Fire Crackers

Houstrack does what it says on the tin and pumps it up in true old skool house style, Damp firecrackers sounds like it could come from a long lost Ita... more...

12inch Pleasure Unit: PU09 € 11,99

Sou'laes Audio - Pink Vinyl Stabilizer

Sou'laes Audio

Pink Vinyl Stabilizer

PINK no logo edition vinyl stabilizer by Sou'laes Audio. This neatly shaped vinyl stabilizer, also known as record weight, will hold your record firml... more...

Vinyl Stabilizer Soulaes Audio: Soulaes Pink € 44,99

Memphis - Sunken Gardens


Sunken Gardens

Proper trip-out box jam business from Memphis

12inch Animals On Psychedelics: AOP 003 € 12,99

05-07-2018 - thursday

Circle City Band - Magic

Circle City Band


Originally released in 1983. Official reissue Groovin Recordings 2018

12inch Groovin Records: GR1230 € 13,99

Basic7 - Squarting EP


Squarting EP

Vinyl only Russian pleepy and bleepy bits..

12inch Basic7: BSCSVN03 remind

Silicon - Vault Heist Vol.1


Vault Heist Vol.1

Vault Heist Vol.1 contains two wicked acid infused techno tracks from the archives of Vmax Records. 1094T3 & 1194295T3 are early works constructed bac... more...

12inch Undersound: USR006 € 11,99

BinarySystem01 - Quantum Theory EP


Quantum Theory EP

E8 and Wavemechanic are coming together as BinarySystem01 to bring you this slice of analogue electro. This 4-tracker consists of chopped up grooves b... more...

12inch Undersound: USR007 € 11,99

Bambounou / Marco Shuttle - Sans Titre EP 01

Bambounou / Marco Shuttle

Sans Titre EP 01

The new born label Lavibe offers a very strong artist combination on his very first release. Italian Deep techno master Marco Shuttle delivers with “T... more...

12inch LAVIBE: LAVIBE001 remind

Kito Kusunoki - Trimurti IV : Dourga

Kito Kusunoki

Trimurti IV : Dourga

After three first releases with young rising talents Difid, Niwa Tatsui & Clébert; Trimurti stats a new serie of three with Japanese producer Kito Kus... more...

12inch Yoyaku: TRIMURTI4 € 11,99

Binny - Mispress EP


Mispress EP

Monnom Black welcomes Binny to the label. His Mispress EP consists of 4 peak-time bombs, in classic Binny style that he is known so well for. Inspired... more...

12inch Monnom Black: MONNOM006 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

SHLM - Shantiphap



Mesopotamian beats for peace.

12inch Pacem: PACEM7965-1 € 12,49

Sawe - MANITOU005



Spirit of music Manitou chose for the fifth release Sawe, Lush grooving and mind blowing dreamy synth with atmospheric pressing rhythms and groove, as... more...

12inch Manitou: MANITOU005 € 12,49

Various Artists - Dodici

Various Artists


A proper Various from HOWL with Italian artists, 4 different tracks to move the dance floor in 4 different moods. Includes a before unreleased Italian... more...

12inch Howl: HOWL012 € 12,49

Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji

Susumu Yokota

Acid Mt. Fuji

Vinyl Repress of this classic album from Susumu Yokota! more...

2LP Midgar Records: MDGEM01 remind

Oshana - Iwa



New release by Oshana, serving up a trio of electronic beats on yoyaku’s sub label YoY.

12inch YoY: YOY06 € 13,49

Unknown - Rave Archive 01


Rave Archive 01

Peak-time rave cuts produced by an anonymous producer from Amsterdam.

12inch Rave Archive: RA01 € 12,49

Erotek - Paranoid Theatrics of the Electronic Kind EP


Paranoid Theatrics of the Electronic Kind EP

Erotek is back with his first EP since 2004 with a hybrid ghetto electro EP. “Double Time”, co produced with the Anxious Beat Director, and “This I K... more...

12inch Undersound: USR008 € 12,99

Akiko Kiyama & Laurine Frost - Through The Mountains EP

Akiko Kiyama & Laurine Frost

Through The Mountains EP

What happens if such restless souls like Akiko Kiyama and Laurine Frost start to melt their sounds together? The result is that one of the most intere... more...

12inch Tape Hiss: TAPEHISS003 € 11,49

Ztrl - Jelen EP


Jelen EP

2014 was a busy year for Ztrl and Tape Hiss alike. We've been enjoying the support of numerous music-addicts, record collectors and DJs for which we a... more...

12inch Tape Hiss: TAPEHISS004 € 11,49