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09-09-2019 - monday

Lynch Kingsley - Astral Pulse / Capricorn

Lynch Kingsley

Astral Pulse / Capricorn

A double uppercut of cerebral, visceral jungle futurism. With a clear nod to past masters, Lynch's craftmanship takes classic signatures forward into... more...

12inch Foxy Jangle: FOXY5 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

People In The News - Color Me

People In The News

Color Me

Killer 2 sider deepfunk classic from Indiana's very obscure Knap Town Records.

7inch Athens Of The North: AOE035 € 12,99

Elektronische Sequenz Proleten - The Heart Of A Man, The Desire Of A Monster EP

Elektronische Sequenz Proleten

The Heart Of A Man, The Desire Of A Monster EP

Elektronische Sequenz Proleten is the new project of Nicola Kazimir and Walid El Barbir -both are integral members of the Les Points collective based... more...

12inch Les Points: LESPOINTS015 remind

Redshape - Rise



From slow motion techno poems to clever DJ tools by Redshape. more...

12inch Running Back: RB083 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kalbata (featuring Tigris) - Vanrock

Kalbata (featuring Tigris)


Fortuna boss Kalbata joins forces with five-piece band Tigris, creating a mesmerizing percussion-led album inspired by African and Caribbean tradition... more...

LP Fortuna Records: FTNLP006 € 29,49

Gokhan Surer Quartet - Chimera EP

Gokhan Surer Quartet

Chimera EP

This latest Rocafort EP is an exciting, international jazz affair stretching across time and continents. Consisting of musicians from Mexico, Serbia,... more...

12inch Rocafort Records: ROC031 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

K15 and Patrick Gibin - Devotion

K15 and Patrick Gibin


K15 serves up another slice of broken beat wizardry for Eglo Records, illuminating his trademark style of soul stirring synths and bouncing bass. Cloc... more...

12inch Eglo: EGLO066 € 11,99

Bochum Welt - Seafire

Bochum Welt


For this new album, Gianluigi Di Costanzo, aka Bochum Welt, devoted himself to the pursuit of creating new sounds, using old monster synthesizers to p... more...

LP Central Processing Unit: CPU01001111 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hugo Heredia - Mananita Pampera

Hugo Heredia

Mananita Pampera

If ever a record called be called a lost masterpiece then this record more than deserves that epithet. First released on an obscure French label in th... more...

LP Jazz Room Records: JAZZR002 remind

Dominik Von Senger - Brusseler Platz

Dominik Von Senger

Brusseler Platz

Dominik von Senger is a Cologne-based German musician, principally a guitarist, and has released or contributed to multiple records from the early 80s... more...

LP Inversions: INV005 € 19,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Maxwell - Meltdown / Radiation Funk


Meltdown / Radiation Funk

Maxwell is best known for their funk classic ''Radiation Funk'' which has been featured on unofficial compilation albums since the mid 1990s. Tramp Re... more...

7inch Tramp Records: TR271 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Goldie - Saturnz Return (21 Year Anniversary Reissue)


Saturnz Return (21 Year Anniversary Reissue)

2LP heavyweight 180g vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve, printed with a metallic pantone. Printed inner-sleeves. Complete 2019 Remaster of all the origi... more...

2LP + Download London Records: LMS5521265 € 26,99

Breakwater - Release The Beast


Release The Beast

Breakwater’s earth-shattering “Release The Beast” is unquestionably the standout song from their 1980 funk masterpiece LP Splashdown. It also came out... more...

7inch Be With Records: BEWITH003SEVEN € 15,99

06-09-2019 - friday

Kosh - Endless Quest


Endless Quest

Next up on eudemonia is moroccan born and based Kosh. The 28-year-old who has previously released some highly acclaimed music on his home label Casa V... more...

12inch Eudemonia: Eudemonia003 remind

Imaginary Softwoods - Gold Fiction Loop Garden

Imaginary Softwoods

Gold Fiction Loop Garden

Field Records is to release John Elliott’s previously cassette-only album titled ‘’Gold Fiction Loop Garden’’ from 2016 on vinyl. The nine tracks are... more...

12inch Field Records: FIELD29 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aktionskunst Gerasdorf - Radikalkur EP

Aktionskunst Gerasdorf

Radikalkur EP

Absolute madness unearthed by Paul Ebhart and Florian Stöffelbauer aka Heap for Wiener Brut's third release Chicago-meets-Vienna-vibes - music way ah... more...

LP Wiener Brut: WB003 € 27,99

Cameo Blush - Murky Waters

Cameo Blush

Murky Waters

Cameo Blush is the project of John Dunk from London. Some might already know him as a member of Ross From Friends live. Every track is oozing with emo... more...

12inch Touch From A Distance: TFAD06 € 12,49

Barker - Utility



On his debut solo LP Utility, Barker turns his focus toward melding experimentation and dancefloor pragmatism with the psychology behind the musical d... more...

2LP Ostgut Ton: TonLP32 € 21,99

PS+ISF  - Untitled



Dutch powerhouses Parrish Smith and Interstellar Funk team up for their debut collaboration on L.I.E.S. with a new four track ep. Striking up the perf... more...

12inch LIES: LIES135 € 14,99

Ali Berger - Sump Pump

Ali Berger

Sump Pump

All of Sump Pump was produced within a month and utilized the same few instruments—making for a robust, hard-banging sound palette that orbits around... more...

12inch Spectral: SPC146 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kasper Bjorke / Curses / Khidja / Zombies in Miami - Motordisc 1

Kasper Bjorke / Curses / Khidja / Zombies in Miami

Motordisc 1

Motordiscs is a various artists record serie created by the people behind Garage. The parisian club was shut down during summer 2018 but its spirit co... more...

12inch Motordiscs: MTR001 € 12,49

Tim Jackiw - Echo Waves EP

Tim Jackiw

Echo Waves EP

Tim returns on home label Offworld Records with a classic 4-track EP of future-focused ethereal techno and electro. A-side opener Dystopia paints a bl... more...

12inch Offworld: OFFWORLD005 remind

Babe Roots - Remixes (by DB1, Forest Drive West, Felix K and more)

Babe Roots

Remixes (by DB1, Forest Drive West, Felix K and more)

Following the success of last years Babe Roots EP, Echocord revisits the package with reworks from Forest Drive West, Mike Schommer, Felix K, DB1 and... more...

12inch Echocord: Echocord083 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Philippe Cam - Rotterdam

Philippe Cam


Hypnotic, minimalistic ambient excursions by the mysterious Philippe Cam. Little is known about him and only a couple of pictures have been put online... more...

12inch Traum: TraumV233 € 23,99

05-09-2019 - thursday

Dive - True Lies


True Lies

Limited edition of 550 copies on double blue vinyl with gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeves and numbered card. more...

2LP Mecanica: MEC049 € 32,99

Datawave - Implant



_,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_ more...

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX011 € 10,99

Memphis - Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)


Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)

Memphis is back on Mirror Zone! In unlocking the stoic DAT tapes we open a direct channel from 1993 to this now; three tracks which are meditative, es... more...

12inch Mirror Zone: MZ004 € 12,49

Lous-E / Spaceman - Ohne BoOne / A Drop Of Blue (Thee J Johanz Ext Edit)

Lous-E / Spaceman

Ohne BoOne / A Drop Of Blue (Thee J Johanz Ext Edit)

Second release of Moefment offers us a versatile selection of Space Disco and Dub, pressed on 7? for instant DJ pleasure. Where Loud-E is having us t... more...

7inch Moefment: MOEF2 € 12,49

RA - Space Melody


Space Melody

Sitting somewhere between goth, italo and new wave, “Space Melody” is a dedication to ancient Egypt and outer space. The original EP was almost totall... more...

12inch Mothball: RA001 € 13,99

CCO / Narco Marco - Doubts Are Traitors EP

CCO / Narco Marco

Doubts Are Traitors EP

First there is CCO. A modular wizard known from his involvement in groups such as Wavetest and Savage Grounds. He presents two Techno cuts that are bo... more...

12inch Subject To Restrictions Discs: STRD-II € 13,99

La MAquina Corrupta - Dilluns Blau

La MAquina Corrupta

Dilluns Blau

First release on the freshly launched label Anomalies comes from one of its co-founders Ramon Babot aka La Màquina Corrupta. Lead track “Dilluns Blau”... more...

12inch Anomalies: ANMLS001 € 12,99

Frust - Stone I EP


Stone I EP

Oraculo Records is proud to resent the new side project of Blind Delon and a remix of Antoni Maiovvi of Giallo Disco Records. Dark Italo or minimal sy... more...

12inch Oraculo: OR61SE € 21,99

Pragma - Gate



Returning for his third appearance on Frigio, Maurizio Martinucci introduces one of his darkest works to date. Forged in his studio/lab in Amsterdam,... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV031 € 12,99

Roberto Auser - Chaos Never Dies

Roberto Auser

Chaos Never Dies

After a sabbatical period, Roberto Auser makes a comeback with his analogical machinery with the exquisite mini-album called “Chaos Never Dies”. In th... more...

12inch Femur: FMR008 € 12,99

Staatseinde - Dreiheit



Second release by Onrijn Records with cosmonaut heroes Staatseinde. Who treats us with their dystopian electro and synthwave drenched into dark distor... more...

12inch Onrijn Records: OR002 € 12,99

Deemphasis - Reflections



Deemphasis is a producer specializing in electro, acid and vocoder. Originally from northern france, deemphasis was influenced in the late 80s by ger... more...

12inch Radio Mars: RM005 remind

Halonen - Mattolaituri



Halonen studies painting during the day and crafts uplifting yet surprising house tracks during the night. The tropical summer hit “Mattolaituri” is c... more...

12inch Leave The Man In Peace With His Kit: PEACE-05 € 11,99

04-09-2019 - wednesday

Am Kinem - Combo Breaker

Am Kinem

Combo Breaker

It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Looks like Funkycan’s all out of gum. Following a string of releases on labels such as Beatbude, Workshop’s... more...

12inch AVA Records: AVA018 € 14,99

Cool Tiger - Junction White 002

Cool Tiger

Junction White 002

Two new techno cuts from Amsterdam-based Cool Tiger, followed by two massive remixes from Subjected and Daniel Ruane.

12inch Junction Records: CTW002 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Superlux - Enter The Superlux


Enter The Superlux

Slamming electro and Tone Dropout style breakbeat-house cuts on this new label from Mike Gill, Nick Gynn and Johnny Hunter.

12inch Superlux: SPLX1 € 10,99

Passarani - Ignition



Roman producer, DJ and label head Marco Passarani's rich catalogue of releases fuse techno, boogie, electronica and funk into evocative soundscapes. H... more...

12inch Unrelatable: NRTL001 remind