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Gauss -  Maximum Entropy EP


Maximum Entropy EP

From low-blowing electro drums to shimmering pads, rugged, snaking house grooves to hypnotic, metallic chords, on this record Gauss have carved out a... more...

12inch Ornate: ORN025 € 10,99

Nerang Recordings Various Artist  - #1

Nerang Recordings Various Artist


Nerang Recordings first vinyl release showcases the talent of 4 producers who follow no rules on the studio. IOK's, I Want to Be with You (And A Coupl... more...

12inch Nerang Recordings: NRNGVA001 € 9,99

Falling Apart - 003
12inch Falling Apart: FA003 € 9,75

Talismann - 006



Back to the hardcore, TALISMANN returns where it once started. Early rave in the land of Ecstasy, where synths saw deep and kicks shatter bones.

12inch Talismann: Talismann006 € 9,99

Various Artists - 06AM

Various Artists


06AM contains three Turkish and one fake Turkish edit. They sound quite traditional but they all have a psychedelic electronic or percussive edge whic... more...

12inch AM: 06AM € 11,99

Kaukolampi - 1



This album is one long track broken up into five titles. Across that runs an eerie dystopian presence driven by pulsating synths and distant beats, wh... more...

LP Svart Records: SVART126 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Secret Squirrel - 16

Secret Squirrel


Those anonymous rework masters of the night the Secret Squirrels unleash two more mighty weapons of dance floor destruction. As is their custom they z... more...

12inch Secret Squirrel: SS16 remind

Roman Flügel - 1995 (Tribal Gathering 96)

Roman Flügel

1995 (Tribal Gathering 96)

Roman Flugel returns. Limited pressing, no repress.

12inch Hardworksoftdrink: HWSD011 € 11,99

Dave Grusin - 3 Days Of The Condor

Dave Grusin

3 Days Of The Condor

To accompany this classic spy thriller, jazz musician Dave Grusin turned in music with familiar elements of jazz fusion and R&B funk. Guest vocalists... more...

LP Music On Vinyl: MOVATM154 remind




3BYK debuts with a release of a strong and uncompromising techno

12inch 3BYK: 3BYK 001 € 11,99

December - 64 Ways To Rob A Friend


64 Ways To Rob A Friend

Austere factory techno with a distinct Gallic swagger on Helena Hauff's RTTD label.

12inch Return To Disorder: RTTD009 € 9,99

Brother Nebula - A Brief History Of Lasers

Brother Nebula

A Brief History Of Lasers

Legwork drops an intergalactic three-tracker from the unknown Brother Nebula.

12inch Legwork: LWK7 remind

WLDV - A Dying Feast


A Dying Feast

For years Nathan Church has been cutting up floors in his native Bilbao. Recently the Basque man’s attention has turned from the Dj booth to the studi... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP117 € 12,99

3KZ - A Love Supreme


A Love Supreme

The human connection is the key to personal and career success. 3KZ is the perfect example of how two great minds can connect and relate to the world... more...

12inch Arts: ARTS033 € 10,25

User Engine - A New World Order EP

User Engine

A New World Order EP

1st vinyl outing from the mysterious new User Engine project coming soon. Celebrating various aspects of house and techno, the new world order EP char... more...

12inch Stepback Records: Stepback002 € 11,99

Rian Treanor - A Rational Tangle

Rian Treanor

A Rational Tangle

Northern UK-based artist Rian Treanor re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music with a super smart debut for T... more...

12inch The Death Of Rave: Rave012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anthony Linell - A Sense of Order

Anthony Linell

A Sense of Order

Having tamed last year's havoc and disparity into the damaged rapture of 'Layers of Reality,' Anthony Linell is opening a new calendar with the sheare... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE50 € 15,99

Tuomo Vaananen - A Small Flood

Tuomo Vaananen

A Small Flood

Typically outstanding, cultured, listenable techno by the co-founder of this excellent Finnish label, adroitly traversing dub and ambient. Nothing lun... more...

2LP Ljudverket: LJ009 € 19,99

Oscar Mulero - Acceptance

Oscar Mulero


Advance 12" of the upcoming Oscar Mulero album 'Perfect Peace', SEMANTICA 70 with some deep electronix! more...

12inch Semantica: Sem070.3 € 9,99

Scott Edward Presents - Access Activist

Scott Edward Presents

Access Activist

Shadow Play transports us back to the nineties with this extra special collection of music from UK wizard Scott Edward. It’s an honour for Shadow Play... more...

12inch Shadow Play: SP003L € 11,99

Roman Lindau - Acid Bells

Roman Lindau

Acid Bells

Roman Lindau is back, and in true Lindau fashion delivers three groove heavy, red hot tunes ready for full-on dancefloor destruction. ''Acid Bells'' f... more...

12inch Second State Audio: SNDST036 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jamal Moss - Acid Taken Over

Jamal Moss

Acid Taken Over

Jamal Moss has cultivated an unmistakable sonic vocabulary. Genre signifiers are contorted into perplexing polyrhythms of perpetual dynamism and veloc... more...

2x12inch Not On Label: 0000000-003 € 22,49

Various Artists - ACT IV

Various Artists


The legendary Moscow club Propaganda celebrates its 20th Anniversary in April 2017 and launches a brand new record label. The label will cover differe... more...

12inch Propaganda Moscow: PROPAGANDAM004 € 10,25

Iakovos - Adidas People


Adidas People

Edgy techno and a killer electro tune (a2) on this new Bliq releases

12inch Bliq: Bliq017 remind

Tang & Trinity - Adrifting Voyage

Tang & Trinity

Adrifting Voyage

Australia’s Nightime Drama welcome Steven Tang and label associate Trinity for a new collaborative EP that comes with two originals and remixes by Bas... more...

12inch Nightime Drama: NTD009 € 10,99

AQXDM - Aegis



Jacking industrial knees-up meets formal idiosyncrasy in this banging collaboration between Deapmash and Aquarian, with massive kicks, quaking breakbe... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN019 € 13,99

Somewhen - AFL



On Somewhens first solo EP for Ostgut Ton he offers his own take on distorted techno, combining squelchy, ultra-saturated drums with chromatic basslin... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton110 € 10,99

Cyspe - After This World EP


After This World EP

Up next from the Rhythm Buro label is an EP from Cyspe, who might be better known as Robin Koek or for being one half of the almighty Dutch techno duo... more...

12inch Rhythm Buro: RB003 € 10,25

BS-1 - Age Of Agression


Age Of Agression

DISCOS ATO?NICOS proudly presents the label’s second release: Age of Aggression by BS-1. This new record was produced by Dutch veteran Roland van Oor... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT002 € 12,99

T.J Hustler - Age Of Individualism

T.J Hustler

Age Of Individualism

The first and only licensed reissue of this rare 1979 two disc set rescued from obscurity by Chris Veltri (Groove Merchant Records, SF) back in 2004.... more...

2LP Companion Records: CR12 remind

Rhythm of Paradise - Age of White

Rhythm of Paradise

Age of White

Kalahari Oyster Cult proudly welcomes South Italian Cosmic Rhythm label co-runner Rhythm Of Paradise. Features 3 version of the title track and a remi... more...

12inch Kalahari Oyster Cult: OYSTER7 € 9,99

Amrint Keen - AK OK

Amrint Keen


Amrint Keen is the new alias of Lake People, reserved for his dance music productions with a rather Electro feel to it. And he has something to tell..... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV044 € 9,99

Pedrinho - Aleluia



Mar & Sol first release Is Aleluia Lp from the Cabo Verde singer Pedrinho. At the time, late 70's, this Lp was one of the biggest successes from Cabo... more...

LP Mar & Sol: MSR001 € 24,49

Troy - Algol



Fast paced, uplifting, driving big room Techno power trips

12inch Klockworks: Klock021 (02100) € 10,99

d.e.t. 90 - All About

d.e.t. 90

All About

Deep, pulsing and moving grooves from d.e.t. 90 on TRNST Records.

12inch TRNST Records: TRNST002 € 12,99

K. Alexi Shelby* - All For Lee-Sah

K. Alexi Shelby*

All For Lee-Sah

Repress of the highly sought after Transmat Classic by K. Alexi Shelby*

12inch Transmat: MS008 € 9,99

Maelstrom - ALPH4



With releases on BNR Trax, Minimal Wave's Cititrax and a regular on Zone Records, French producer and RAAR co-founder Maelstrom makes his debut on CPU... more...

LP Central Processing Unit: CPU00111000 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Marvis Dee - Alpha (Inc Orgue Electronique rmx)

Marvis Dee

Alpha (Inc Orgue Electronique rmx)

On the Alpha EP, Marvis Dee has ample space to explore the boundaries of his sound across six original productions that strike a unique, curious chord... more...

EP Organic Analogue Records: OA006 € 13,99

Stallone The Reducer - Always Late

Stallone The Reducer

Always Late

Stallone The Reducer is back. He's always late, but he's back. Stallone takes you on a one way trip that will make your head rattle, clattle and clank... more...

12inch EST. 83': Est83-08 remind

Das Ding / Dj Overdose - Am PM

Das Ding / Dj Overdose


Go! Finger returns to the vinyl grooves again! And this time showing a more dramatic and darkest side. Holland's underground legends Das Ding and DJ O... more...

EP Go Finger: GFEP04 € 11,99

Franck Gerard - Ambios
12inch Groovedge Records: GRVDG003 € 13,99

Kiwi  - Amityville Ep


Amityville Ep

Creepy modern disco inspired by soundtracks such as the work by Lalo Shifrin. Comes with Dj Tennis remix

12inch Future boogie: FBR056 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Margot - Amore A Bordo Pista


Amore A Bordo Pista

Contemporary Italo-Disco and foggy Rave culture mark Margot’s first 12? on Life and Death, Amore a Bordo Pista - a welcomed surprise. Machines breath... more...

12inch Life And Death: LAD036 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L