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Bobby Kondors - House rhythms

Bobby Kondors

House rhythms

Classic house!! Includes "Let there be house", "The Poem" and "Nervous acid"

12inch Nu groove: Nu groove 38 remind

Link - Link ep


Link ep

the second release in the the Evolution Remastered Series! Next one is the label’s most popular release – EVOO5 ‘Link EP’ by Mark Pritchard. Including... more...

12inch Evolution: Evo005 remind

Octave one - The Octivation Ep

Octave one

The Octivation Ep

Here it is: the promo version (which includes one different track compared to the official release) of one the most wanted Detroit techno records ever... more...

12inch 430 west: 430 West 100 (promo) remind

Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom

Twilight 22

Electric Kingdom

Electro slammer, very rare(repress)! One of the best electro tracks ever (originally released on Vanguard. Here some of the last copies of the Hot Cla... more...

12inch Hot Productions: HCL2203 remind

Aux 88 - Electro/Techno (remixes)

Aux 88

Electro/Techno (remixes)

Cool mixes by Microknox, Cirkit and Dijital of this famous electro track. Mint copy.

12inch Direct beat: DB4W-028 remind

Electronome - No Landscape


No Landscape

Raw electro tracks, various from hard to old style electro, last repress!! Featuring Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer. MUST HAVE!

12inch Inter-fered: Interr-Ference Communications HM 1203 remind

Freestyle - It's Automatic/Don't Stop the Rock


It's Automatic/Don't Stop the Rock

A must have for a the electro heads out there,cool electro from way back, must have!

12inch Hot Productions: Hot Classics 2299 remind

Ice-T, Chris ''The Glove'' Taylor & Dave Storrs - Reckless / Tibetan Jam

Ice-T, Chris ''The Glove'' Taylor & Dave Storrs

Reckless / Tibetan Jam

Absolute one of the best electrocuts ever!! Including unreleased instrumental versions, a very hard to find classic, MUST HAVE!

12inch Taxidermi rec.: XXX1 remind

The MD Connection - Tracks That Move Ya

The MD Connection

Tracks That Move Ya

Classic Chicago tracks by Mike Dunn, including the Magic Feet.

12inch Muzique Records: Muzique003 remind

Reese - Inside Out (Bassline / Funky Funk Funk)


Inside Out (Bassline / Funky Funk Funk)

Warehouse find!!! Sealed copied of one of the best Techno records of all time. Contains two of the most overwhelming and powefull Detroit techno track... more...

12inch Fragile: Frg004 € 10,99

Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak

Sexual Harrassment

I Need A Freak

Egyptian lover influenced track with a funky minimal bassline and great vocals, best price possible. Tip!!!!

12inch JDC: JDC116 remind

Speedy J - Patterns

Speedy J


Album with harder futurustic electronica and bombastic strings and effects, Speedy J is back!

12inch Novamute: Novamute remind

I-f vs Jungian Archetype - Test Pilot

I-f vs Jungian Archetype

Test Pilot

Dark analogue electro by I-F.

12inch Viewlexx: V12/002 remind

11-09-2012 - tuesday

DJ Slip and DJ Unknown / Professor X - X-Men / Professor X

DJ Slip and DJ Unknown / Professor X

X-Men / Professor X

Superior electro tracks! Rocking from the West coast by DJ Slip and DJ Unknown. Contains the amazing ''Professor X'', ''X-Men'' and ''Its More Fun To... more...

12inch X-files: XF2001 remind

Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat
12inch Tommy Boy: TommyB831 remind

24-05-2012 - thursday

Aphex twin - Classics

Aphex twin


(Ltd classic re-press) Collection of older Aphex Twin work. Harder raw analogue tracks that became standard works over the years!. more...

2LP R&S: RS95035 remind

I-f - Playstation #2


Playstation #2

Warehouse Find! - Classic 3 track electro ep produced by Lonny Eyes aka I-F. Tracklist: Playstation #2 (Featuring Helga La Blaque), Quest (Part 1), Sp... more...

12inch Disko B: DB079 remind

18-12-2012 - tuesday

The Martian - Stardancer / Cosmic Movement

The Martian

Stardancer / Cosmic Movement

The biggest slammer on Red planet, classic techno record.

12inch Red Planet: RP002 remind

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Aphex Twin


Crazy electronical sh*t, Afx pushing it to the limit (we didn't expect anything else), complex rhythms with crazy vocals samples and nice melodies. Hu... more...

12inch Warp: Warp105 remind

27-12-2018 - thursday

Ectomorph - Subsonic Vibrations


Subsonic Vibrations

The debut record from Ectomorph that launched it all, the project, and the label Interdimensional Transmissions in 1995. This is the first time it has... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT001 € 13,49

Hertsi - Kohina



Luxury reissue of long lost 1993 pre-Pan Sonic techno classic w/ original track listing - Essential Must Have!

12inch Sahko: Sahko004(10000) remind

01-03-2017 - wednesday

Silicon - Static ep


Static ep

Obscure four track ep from the Detroit Vmax crew. Minimal electro/tech. The BOMB!!

12inch Vmax Records: V988 remind

Silicon - Movement EP


Movement EP

Detroit techno bass. Two strong uptempo movers, BUY !

12inch Vmax Records: V986us € 9,99

Drexciya - Neptunes Lair


Neptunes Lair

Repress alert! Despite the levels of intense secrecy that has always surrounded Drexciya, the status of their legendary output as representing the mos... more...

2LP Tresor: Tresor129LP remind

Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt

Egyptian Lover

Egypt Egypt

Probably the best Egyptian Empire! Slamming electro from the past.

12inch Egyptian Empire: DMSR00661 € 10,99

Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin RMX)


Falling Free (Aphex Twin RMX)

Back in!! Very rare one-sided Aphex Twin remix for the band Curve.

12inch Curved: Curved 01 remind

Drexciya - Hydro Doorways


Hydro Doorways

The “Hydro Doorways” EP complements the vinyl edition of the “Neptune’s Lair” album, a masterpiece of originality and invention, the legacy created by... more...

12inch Tresor: Tresor137 remind

31-05-2013 - friday

MMM - Erik & Fiedel - Donna


Erik & Fiedel - Donna

Powerfull cut up disco tracks, rockin tracks !!

12inch MMM: MMM002(15900) remind

SoundStream - Good Soul


Good Soul

Funky house tracks from Berlin, follow up of the Soundhack. Great stuff and a wonderful dj tool!

12inch Soundstream: SST01(26485) remind

Theo Parrish - Took Me All The Way Back

Theo Parrish

Took Me All The Way Back

Repress! Great funkin' housemonster in the typical Theo Parrish / Moodymann etc. way. Don't sleep!

One sided 12 KDJ: KDJ018/Took1 remind

Theo Parrish - Overyohead

Theo Parrish


BACK IN!!! Great release with one deep experimental dub track and one great funkin' house groove. Dope stuff!!

12inch Sound Signature: SS006 € 14,99

Aphex twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II

Aphex twin

Selected Ambient Works Volume II

Great double CD of this masterpiece by Richard D. James. Essential for anyone claiming to be into electronic music! more...

2xCD Warp: Warp021CD € 17,99

33 1/3 Queen - Searching

33 1/3 Queen


Classic house anthem!

12inch Nuchicks: Nuchicks remind

D.I.E. (Detroit In Effect) - The Men You'll Never See

D.I.E. (Detroit In Effect)

The Men You'll Never See

Straight from the ghetto... One of the best technobass tracks ever! Must have!

12inch M.A.P.: Map004 remind

D.I.E. (Detroit In Effect) - The Unseen

D.I.E. (Detroit In Effect)

The Unseen

Great follow up of the ultra cool Men you'll never see ep. Six great electro tracks with cool vocals. Pure Detroit music!

12inch M.A.P.: Map002 remind

Caustic Window - Compilation

Caustic Window


Harder old analogue tracks by Aphex Twin. Very rare but for those who missed out on it.. Here is your second chance! more...

3x12inch Rephlex: Rephlex 009lp remind

Novamen - The Hague City


The Hague City

Funky oldschool electro minialbum by DJ Overdose and homies. The follow up on their ''Try to be a novamen'' ep on Murdercapital records. Tip!! A 2010... more...

12inch Bunker: B3009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea

Future Sound of London

Papua New Guinea

REPRESS..Biggest hit for FSOL. getting more rare!

12inch Jumpin&Pumpin: Jumpin&Pumpin remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alden Tyrell - Krenk Box

Alden Tyrell

Krenk Box

Partial re-isseu of Alden Tyrell's Krenk-Box ep. For everyone who missed out on the first pressing. Featuring new mastered and edited versions (Mx and... more...

12inch Clone: C#17 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

I-f - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass / You And Yours


Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass / You And Yours

The classic I-f tracks. Including Secret Desire, Playstation#2 and the new and never released ''You and yours-us and ours''...

12inch Viewlexx: V002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Newworldaquarium - Trespassers



Re-press alert!!!!!! Excellent intense deep house tracks galore in a definite Theo Parrish / Moodymann vein.

12inch Delsin: 13DSR/NWA2 remind

30-04-2014 - wednesday

01-02-2017 - wednesday

Titonton Duvante - Voyeurism

Titonton Duvante


Titonton's first album repressed with 2 extra tracks! Mad science melodic techno tracks on this double pack. Minimal raw techno funk!

2x12inch Starbaby: SB01LP remind

Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier

Underground Resistance

The Final Frontier

Trip through space and time. Essential 303 electro techno from Underground Resistance. Raw, intense and one of the outstanding and unique records in T... more...

12inch Underground Resistance: UR003 remind

09-04-2015 - thursday

Theo Parrish - Lights down low

Theo Parrish

Lights down low

And again it's crazy dope stuff! Deep smoking, down tempo, slow building house grooves. Must!!

12inch Sound Signature: SS011 € 12,99

07-09-2017 - thursday

M5003MB - Jazz Is The Teacher


Jazz Is The Teacher

Superb techno classic from Detroit techno leader Juan Atkins in colleboration with the Basic Channel posse. Must have!!!

12inch Metroplex: M020us € 14,99

Vainqueur - Lyot



From the legendary M series. An ultimate dancefloor killer. Including a Maurizio remix. Must have!

12inch Maurizio: MAU002(00002) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Maurizio - Domina



From the legendary Maurizio series. Killer minimalistics for the dancefloor. Incl. Carl Craig mix. Must have!

12inch Maurizio: MAU003(00003) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cyrus - Inversion



From the legendary Basic channel series. Deep mind blowing techno minimalistics. Killer!

12inch Basic Channel: BC05(00035) remind