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09-09-2019 - monday

Odopt - Sociopath EP


Sociopath EP

Odopt once defined their music as 'peak time bangers with a twist', and it's easy to grasp why. Their tracks have the kind of propulsive energy that c... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN056 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rolando Simmons - Human Touch

Rolando Simmons

Human Touch

It was about time for a full album to be released by one of our favourite 030303 artists, the great Rolando Simmons, who's already fed us some amazing... more...

2LP 030303: 030LP006 € 19,99

Driftmachine - Driftmachine Plays Marien van Oers


Driftmachine Plays Marien van Oers

'Driftmachine Plays Marien van Oers' is a parallel physical output to the concert 'Massive Trance: Inter- preted by Driftmachine,' which was performed... more...

LP Ongehoord: Ongehoord004 € 18,99

Bochum Welt - Seafire

Bochum Welt


For this new album, Gianluigi Di Costanzo, aka Bochum Welt, devoted himself to the pursuit of creating new sounds, using old monster synthesizers to p... more...

LP Central Processing Unit: CPU01001111 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

06-09-2019 - friday

Barker - Utility



On his debut solo LP Utility, Barker turns his focus toward melding experimentation and dancefloor pragmatism with the psychology behind the musical d... more...

2LP Ostgut Ton: TonLP32 remind

PS+ISF  - Untitled



Dutch powerhouses Parrish Smith and Interstellar Funk team up for their debut collaboration on L.I.E.S. with a new four track ep. Striking up the perf... more...

12inch LIES: LIES135 € 14,99

05-09-2019 - thursday

Datawave - Implant



_,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,__,.-‘~’-.,_ more...

12inch Vortex Traks: VTX011 remind

Memphis - Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)


Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)

Memphis is back on Mirror Zone! In unlocking the stoic DAT tapes we open a direct channel from 1993 to this now; three tracks which are meditative, es... more...

12inch Mirror Zone: MZ004 € 12,49

Frust - Stone I EP


Stone I EP

Oraculo Records is proud to resent the new side project of Blind Delon and a remix of Antoni Maiovvi of Giallo Disco Records. Dark Italo or minimal sy... more...

12inch Oraculo: OR61SE € 21,99

Dive - True Lies


True Lies

Limited edition of 550 copies on double blue vinyl with gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeves and numbered card. more...

2LP Mecanica: MEC049 € 32,99

04-09-2019 - wednesday

Passarani - Ignition



Roman producer, DJ and label head Marco Passarani's rich catalogue of releases fuse techno, boogie, electronica and funk into evocative soundscapes. H... more...

12inch Unrelatable: NRTL001 remind

02-09-2019 - monday

Fastgraph - Pull The Plug EP


Pull The Plug EP

Re-release alert! Remastered version of a valuable electro must have! more...

12inch Klakson: kl-rr4 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bud Burroughs - Habit of Mind EP

Bud Burroughs

Habit of Mind EP

Bud Burroughs emerges strong with this very fine follow up to 2017's Mail Art EP. Growing with each release, Bud is one to watch.

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR031 € 9,99

Simi - Erste Begegnung


Erste Begegnung

Nous'klaer welcomes back Simi aka SBC aka S. Hoffmann from the LACKRec. crew. Two driving jams for the bigger rooms, probably the most techno techno o... more...

12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUSWS2 € 9,99

Deesigner - CY-39



For those wondering what DJ Slyngshot 's been up to for the past one and a half years - well, let us enlighten you: New studio, new gear, new techniqu... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-007 € 9,99

Project Pablo - Sofware

Project Pablo


Release #4 on Verdicchio Music Publishing arrives close behind pop driven single "All I Need" in contrasting fashion. Sliding away from robust stabs,... more...

12inch Verdicchio Music Publishing: VMP004 € 9,99

Shadowax - Nikolai Reptile


Nikolai Reptile

Shadowax's debut EP on TRIP Nikolai Reptile is a fun-filled package of effervescent techno and mutant bass jams.

12inch Trip: TRP026 € 10,99

DJ Fettburger & DJ Speckgurtel - Red Scorpions Remixes

DJ Fettburger & DJ Speckgurtel

Red Scorpions Remixes

DJ Fett Burger and DJ Speckgurtel remix 3 tracks from the Red Scorpions album. Hotter than the summer! Garantueed to make you sweat! Limited run, hand... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal046.1 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

30-08-2019 - friday

Various Artists - Montreal Pleiades

Various Artists

Montreal Pleiades

Various Artists EP showcasing the work of six talented producers from the Canadian underground. more...

12inch Cosmic Tones Records: CT002 remind

Various Artists - The Orbitants 2

Various Artists

The Orbitants 2

High impact sonic weaponry from Heinrich Dressel, Galaxian, Foreign Sequence, Lake Haze and Jensen Interceptor. more...

12inch Future Me: FU-ME010 remind




A new collaboration between Physical Therapy & Ambivalent 4 tracks of wall shaking warehouse techno with a rhythmic percussive groove summoning the 90... more...

12inch The Corner: COR-18 remind

29-08-2019 - thursday

Matteo - THREADS002



The mysterious label from Italy is back with a 4 track EP signed by matteo.

12inch Threads: THREADS002 € 11,49

Norwell - Fuzio EP


Fuzio EP

Norwell returns to Mechatronica with a haunting set of electro driven sounds, fusing acid-soaked electro for the floor, atmospheric breaks and etherea... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON014 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-08-2019 - wednesday

Karenn - Voam Club Archive Volume 1


Voam Club Archive Volume 1

The first in a series of records made up of live tracks cut from our archive of club recordings from over the years. Volume 1 is made up of 8 tracks -... more...

12inch Voam: VCA001 remind

26-08-2019 - monday

Los Hermanos Rodriguez - Gymnasty

Los Hermanos Rodriguez


Electrobass from the city of The Hague (La Haia Bass) in effect. Ruff, nasty and punk.

12inch Bunker: B3020 remind

DAWL - Time To Throw Down EP


Time To Throw Down EP

UK hardcore alumni DAWL joins Craigie Knowes for the 19th EP on the varied Scottish imprint. 'Let's Go' blends breaks and acid while 'Drop It' and 'He... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP19 remind

Vivian Koch - Insomiami

Vivian Koch


Omnidisc welcomes Vivian Koch to the family with a proper 3 tracker. Electro influenced melodic power

EP Omnidisc: OMD022 € 9,99

X.Y.R. - Robinson Crusoe


Robinson Crusoe

St. Petersburg seeker Vladimir Karpov's first ever release as X.Y.R., initially issued on a almost-private run of 30 tapes via his own Singapore Sling... more...

2LP Mixed Up: MIXEDUP15 € 19,99

Lewski - A Bicameral Mind


A Bicameral Mind

Lewski returns on the label with a four track EP, covering a broad spectrum of electro with spaced-out sounds.

12inch Patron: PATRONV007 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-08-2019 - friday

Various Artists - RM12004

Various Artists


House music compilation from Leipzig vinyl pressing plant R.A.N.D. Muzik featuring Rudolf C, Salomo, Tim Schlockermann and Carmel.

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12004 € 10,99

22-08-2019 - thursday

Alfie - Plastic Entertainment


Plastic Entertainment

Guided by yet another of La Cheetah Club’s family members, Alfie leads us through the third Outer Zone with four homage laden techno cuts, all oblique... more...

12inch Outer Zone: OUZ03 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

MR TC & Lo Kindre - PHASE 001

MR TC & Lo Kindre


Four analogue tracks that courageously link cold waving synth-shocks, neon-light nonchalance and haunted spoken words; deep hypnotic musical witchcraf... more...

12inch Phase Group: PHASE01 remind

21-08-2019 - wednesday

Denaila - From Den with Love


From Den with Love

For her very first release, Denaila hands out a very rich EP, blending her fascination for 90’s techno with her italian ravy roots. She presents her... more...

12inch RA+RE: RARE007 € 12,99

Various Artists - Raising Ancestors

Various Artists

Raising Ancestors

For it’s second release ,Khoi Khoi‘s focus is on the fag bearers of South African electronic music. Each track draws from this miriad and vibrant elec... more...

12inch Khoi Khoi: KHOI002 € 14,49

Dj Octopus - Quattordici

Dj Octopus


3 direct pure DJ tool House jams with a remix from Lucretio.

12inch Howl: HOWL014 € 12,99

Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man - Are We It

Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man

Are We It

Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man, Finnish legends and everything-but-grey eminences of electronic music, return to Studio Barnhus for another four-tracker f... more...

12inch Studio Barnhus: Barn059 remind

20-08-2019 - tuesday

Baz Reznik - No Cameras Allowed

Baz Reznik

No Cameras Allowed

Be yourself without reservation or fear. The night does not discriminate and at the club there are No Cameras Allowed. Navigating between jak-house, t... more...

12inch DYFR records: DYFR008 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-08-2019 - monday

Various Artists - Various IV

Various Artists

Various IV

The fourth various artists compilation album on Netherlands based 030303 Records... Splitradix has been given the honour to kick off with a wonderfull... more...

2LP 030303: 030LP005 € 19,99

Various Artists - Nous'klaer Summer Sampler '19
12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUSSS19 remind

Betek - Junior Flutuante


Junior Flutuante

Powerful EBM tinged Techno cuts by Betek who's becoming one of the labels mainstays. Junior Flutuante is opening up the vaults of Bernardo's harder an... more...

12inch Rotterdam Electronix: RET005 € 9,99

Scan 7 - Between Worlds

Scan 7

Between Worlds

Of indisputable +313 vintage, Scan 7 with deep roots in the rich musical heritage of Detroit techno, announce their new triple vinyl album since 20 ye... more...

3x12inch Deeptrax: DPTX021 € 29,99

DJ DOG & Double Dancer - Rebound Lounge 3

DJ DOG & Double Dancer

Rebound Lounge 3

The label and production project from DJ DOG (aka DJ Fett Burger) & Double Dancer is back! Uplifting house, emotional Ibiza and free flowing grooves i... more...

12inch Rebound Lounge: RELO003 remind

15-08-2019 - thursday

Brainwaltzera - Marzipan EP


Marzipan EP

Emotional Response continues with this 'archival' release of Brainwaltzera's Marzipan EP. As can occur in the nature of electronic music, the self-rel... more...

12inch Emotional Response: ERS041 € 12,49

13-08-2019 - tuesday

Rob - Revenge (Music From The Motion Picture)


Revenge (Music From The Motion Picture)

Pressed on 180g 'Sand Brown' & 'Blood Red' transparent vinyl. Gatefold sleeve with obi-strip and download card. more...

2LP + Download Death Waltz: DW118 € 44,49

J.D. Jaber - Don't Stop Lovin

J.D. Jaber

Don't Stop Lovin

Re-press of the original 1983 Italo classic including both original Long and Short versions. Plus two new mixes by Flemming Dalum and Victor Ark.

12inch ZYX Music: ZYX1023-12 € 17,99

09-08-2019 - friday

Dazion - A Bridge Between Lovers


A Bridge Between Lovers

On his latest EP; 'A Bridge Between Lovers’, we hear the Dutch multi -instrumentalist take even more unexpected swerves and turns in the form of fi ve... more...

12inch Second Circle: SC013 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L