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25-02-2019 - monday

Repeat - Repeats



Delsin's first reissue album of 2019 is the album 'Repeats', an important techno and IDM record from collaborative outfit Repeat, which originally lan... more...

2LP Delsin: DSR/X19 € 18,99

The Hacker - Lost & Found EP

The Hacker

Lost & Found EP

Re-release alert! Remastered version of a valuable electro must have!

12inch Klakson: kl-rr3 € 9,99

Detroit's Filthiest - Private Stock

Detroit's Filthiest

Private Stock

Trans World Railways is the new international serie curated by the casa voyager crew. First stop in motor city, with legend Detroit's Filthiest. Born... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR01 € 10,99

Kumulus - Cloud Chaser


Cloud Chaser

Re-issue of this sought after Kumulus rarity originally released as a one-off on Electric Soul in 1992. Belgium pioneer Jan Van den Berghe is responsi... more...

12inch Frame Of Mind: FOM008 € 9,99

Umwelt - Ecopoiesis



Umwelt is the latest to join the VOITAX catalogue with his EP Ecopoiesis. The French producer had a strong 2018, and follows suit this year offering u... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI014 remind

Ruffien - N.A.D.A.



Deep introvert yet powerful groovers by Ruffien on his second Deeptrax EP. In this one, he finds a perfect balance between club and bedroom-oriented h... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX018 € 9,99

22-02-2019 - friday

Lenson - TAR003
12inch Tar Hallow: TAR003 € 9,49

ESS - Capsule Collection


Capsule Collection

ESS - Sometimes we need to revisit the past to discover the future. That's why we are so happy to present the incredible Electronic Speech Systems 'Ca... more...

12inch International Chrome: INTLC003 € 9,99

Various Artists - We Are Electric: Gary Numan Revisited

Various Artists

We Are Electric: Gary Numan Revisited

The electronic pioneer and founding father of synthpop, Gary Numan, celebrates his 40th anniversary as recording artist. During these 40 years, Numan’... more...

12inch Wave Tension Records: W10.03 remind

21-02-2019 - thursday

Stratis - New Face LP


New Face LP

Stratis is an electronic duo from Cologne, Germany, formed by Antonios Stratis and Albert Klein in 1981. They took inspiration from the progressive el... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE241 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

MR TC - The Depths Of Haze


The Depths Of Haze

The Hard Fist label notches up release number five from a fresh new family member in the form of Mr TC, with remixes from Lokier and Khidja. At the fo... more...

12inch Hard Fist: HRDF05 € 15,49

Dawl - Libertine 11


Libertine 11

Dawl debut on Libertine Records with 4 killer ravey cuts

12inch Libertine: LIB11 remind

Basses Terres - Naked Light

Basses Terres

Naked Light

Lifted from Basses-Terres highly-anticipated followup to the superb 'Counting Pulsations'. A precious 6-track mini-album designed in diverses influenc... more...

12inch Brothers From Different Mothers: BFDM019 € 15,99

20-02-2019 - wednesday

Klein & MBO / Warrior - The MBO Theme (Original + South African mix)

Klein & MBO / Warrior

The MBO Theme (Original + South African mix)

The 80s Italo disco /proto-house classic ‘MBO Theme’ by the mighty Klein & MBO, repressed! Comes with an heavy (and unheard) South African version on... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHRSS24 € 15,99

Audiosport 8 - De Diepe Wereld

Audiosport 8

De Diepe Wereld

This Animistic Beliefs & Legowelt collaboration tape started out as a scene in Anna Bogomolova’& Dammes Kieft’s upcoming full length ‘Stroboscopes & S... more...

Cassette Tape Nightwind Records: NW018TAPE € 10,99

Telephones - From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol.1


From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol.1

Telephones is back! This time with true norwegian underground vibe-archaeology, rescued from a humid attic on the rural island of Sotra, outside Berge... more...

12inch European Carryall: EC01/TLF01 remind

De Fabriek - Made In Spain

De Fabriek

Made In Spain

Reissue of the first De Fabriek album originally self-released in 1982. A masterpiece of minimal experimental music. It has been remastered and includ... more...

LP B.F.E. Records: BFE049 € 21,99

Sarin - Psychic Stress


Psychic Stress

Just listen and enjoy the travel into a jungle of cables, wires and grease more...

LP B.F.E. Records: BFE042 € 13,99

19-02-2019 - tuesday

Photonz & Shcuro - Shermanworx

Photonz & Shcuro


Lisbon pals Photonz and Shcuro are two of the city's most active DJs and music makers, sharing a penchant for a moody yet electrifying brand of dance... more...

12inch Future Deja Vu: FDV004 € 11,49

18-02-2019 - monday

Lucas Croon - Lucas Croon EP

Lucas Croon

Lucas Croon EP

Lucas Croon half of Bar and also known for his work with D?sseldorf projects like Stabil Elite and our uncle Themes For Great Cities delivers a four t... more...

12inch Aiwo Records: Aiwo006 € 10,99

Credit 00 - Tilt

Credit 00


Alex Dorn aka Credit 00 takes a sidestep from his Uncanny Valley/Rat Life camp to showcase his rumbling, industrial machine funk and bad-ass attitude... more...

12inch Pinkman: Pnkmn024 € 10,99

Jeremiah R - Far Away from Everything

Jeremiah R

Far Away from Everything

Jeremiah R is back again on Voodoo Gold with a collection of intergalactic machine funk tracks. more...

LP Voodoo Gold Records: VG008 € 11,49

Jensen Interceptor - The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle

Jensen Interceptor

The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle

One of Jensen Interceptor's strongest releases to date, and no wonder, it's on Craigie Knowes! Everything that Jensen's followers enjoy in terms of hi... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP14 € 9,99

Waveguide - Quod EP


Quod EP

Ken Sumitani aka Stereociti prod. blinding set of Electro futurism & Dub Techno

12inch Artless: Artless2179 (00701) € 10,99

Jodey Kendrick - EDM vol.1

Jodey Kendrick

EDM vol.1

A near perfect soundtrack for an illegal rave on a remote south England beach. Quirky Electronix to full on High Tech Electro Funk. The Rephlex legacy... more...

2LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub039 € 21,99

Blotter Trax - Blotter Trax 2.0

Blotter Trax

Blotter Trax 2.0

Much needed re-issue of this psychedelic Detroit rooted 4th release on the (312) label which only surfaced as a 50 unit run back in the spring of 2018... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR045 € 9,99

Jonas Palzer - Human Scale

Jonas Palzer

Human Scale

Jonas Palzer returns to LACKRec. with something more bodily than scales and dimensions. Something you've always been interested in but never knew you... more...

EP Lackrec: LACK017 € 9,99

Tred  - Planet Perth EP


Planet Perth EP

Sydney label Doe Dee continues it's exploration of Australia's outer limits with Tred's 'Planet Perth' EP delving into the realm of fast paced electro... more...

12inch Doe Dee: Dee002 remind

December - Night Of Nights


Night Of Nights

The newest offering on Pinkman Broken Dreams: Rough, noisy and cataclysmic machine music, seasoned with industrial and EBM influences, by Frenchman De... more...

12inch Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD15 € 9,99

Sonar Base  - We Attack At Dawn

Sonar Base

We Attack At Dawn

'We Attack Before Dawn' is the 3rd instalment in the 'Sonar Base Transmissions' series on Deeptrax created by the long standing Dutch Electro pioneer... more...

EP Deeptrax: DPTX016 remind

Dresvn - 3 Trax


3 Trax

The crew at its best: raw, pure House rhythm jams recorded live to tape while touring out there in 2018.

12inch Acido: Acido029 (02900) € 11,99

15-02-2019 - friday

Das Ding - I Am Not A Robot

Das Ding

I Am Not A Robot

Rotterdam fuses with Berlin, as Das Ding lands on Mechatronica for the third record in the label's White series, dedicated to limited vinyl-only press... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRONW003 € 9,99

DJ Overdose / Sematic4  - DDS02 EP

DJ Overdose / Sematic4


DJ Overdose is back again on your favorite record label, Dalmata Daniel, this time sharing a record with an old-school legend from the land of Dalmata... more...

12inch Dalmata Daniel: DDS02 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-02-2019 - wednesday

T N - 18B
12inch Flux: FXWL18B remind

Delta Rain Dance - Trancemission / Transmission

Delta Rain Dance

Trancemission / Transmission

Brand new project from Glenn Astro. One side is deep immersive ambient soundscapes and on the flip is twisted rhythm tracks for the dancers, heads and... more...

LP Delta Rain Dance: Delta1 € 19,99

Strange Birds - Bird Shit

Strange Birds

Bird Shit

Willie Burns and Ron Morelli got together over a weekend or so in Paris a at the end of 2015 and busted this one out. The record includes a sonic jour... more...

EP Verge of Tears: VOT01 € 16,99

Adiel / Donato Dozzy - Cavallina EP
12inch Danza Tribale: DNZT005 € 12,99

12-02-2019 - tuesday

51717 - Paranoia Star


Paranoia Star

Releases on Silent Servant’s Jealous God imprint in 2015 and the 6-1-6 cassette on Total Black in 2016 served as formative sonic gateways leading up t... more...

LP LIES: LIES119 € 19,99

MW Parsons & Marck - Altvornorge

MW Parsons & Marck


BORNEO 007 delivers four cuts of weird wave, leftfield and dance floor minded material in various BPM’s. TIP! . Mystery man MW Parsons takes care... more...

12inch Borneo: Borneo007 € 10,99

Jeff Mills - The Directors Cut chapter 1

Jeff Mills

The Directors Cut chapter 1

(180g Axis Audiophile Series / color label/ black generic jacket) ''Looking back in hindsight to the activity and accomplishments of Axis is with much... more...

12inch Axis: Ax078dc € 13,99

11-02-2019 - monday

D.I.E feat. The Men You'll Never See - The Unseen

D.I.E feat. The Men You'll Never See

The Unseen

The Men You'll Never See are back once again! Detroit In Effect's classic Unseen EP updated for 2019. Includes the Detroit Electrotechno anthem ''R U... more...

EP Clone West Coast Series: CWCSxMAP002 € 10,99

Morphology - Collective Memory EP


Collective Memory EP

Hot on the heels of their acclaimed album "Traveller", finnish duo Morphology delivers four new electro/nix killer cuts for your pleasure. Conceptuali... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF020 remind

AFX - Analord 09


Analord 09

IMPORTANT: These are often unplayed, sealed or barely played copies, but have been stored in a humid environment. Some copies might have slight storag... more...

12inch Rephlex: ANALORD09 (Warehouse find - box 20) remind

08-02-2019 - friday

Don patron LP - Smooth Lp

Don patron LP

Smooth Lp

Waxtefacts number 8 is by Don Patron! Intends to carry you on his back through a large spectrum of beats. A sort of tribute to samplers and beat tap... more...

LP Waxtefacts: WXTFX008 € 15,99