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20-06-2019 - thursday

Ioannis Savvaidis - Diataxis

Ioannis Savvaidis


Diataxis is an audio interplay between Optical Networks terminology and the main artwork of the release. The sound is transmitted throughout abstractl... more...

12inch June: June17 remind

Low Jack - Jingles du Lieu-dit

Low Jack

Jingles du Lieu-dit

Low Jack’s keenly awaited sequel to the acclaimed ‘Riddims du Lieu-dit’ smash is finally here, deploying 6 anti-nuke riddims inspired by radio jingles... more...

LP Editions Gravats: BZH007 € 19,99

Various Artists  - Hearse 001

Various Artists

Hearse 001

What have we here? A new label from UK electro stalwart Cestrian no doubt. This first ep kicks off in style with a heavy line up and some dark bangers... more...

12inch Hearse: Hearse001 € 11,99

18-06-2019 - tuesday

Various Artists - Incarn EP

Various Artists

Incarn EP

This is the first release of ODDiscos, the newborn label representing Sao Paulos' infamous ODD event series! The various arists release showcases the... more...

12inch ODDiscos: ODD001 € 13,99

17-06-2019 - monday

Seraphim Rytm - Prayers By The Lake

Seraphim Rytm

Prayers By The Lake

The debut 12” EP on Mirae Arts is called Prayers By The Lake, produced by Seraphim Rytm. Seraphim Rytm, based in Belgium, is the alias of Damaskin, th... more...

12inch + Download Mirae Arts: MA001 € 10,99

Abdul - TAX12004



Nightmarish R'n'B, Bassrock and arcade inspired action by Abdul. Very low business risk. Brought to you by Funkycan & Max Gee more...

12inch Tax Free Records: TAX12004 € 9,99

Norwell - New Physics EP


New Physics EP

Hungarian electro wizard, Norwell presents his first release on Lobster with his 'New Physics EP'. more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster061 € 13,99

DMX Krew - Malekko Phase Mod

DMX Krew

Malekko Phase Mod

Idiosyncratic producer DMX Krew offers up four playful acid-tinged tracks for the Malekko Phase Mod EP, released through eclectic Spanish label/club n... more...

12inch Fanzine records: FAN008 remind

Surgeon - Raw Trax 2


Raw Trax 2

Recorded live in the studio using only a PIN Electronics Portabella synthesiser and a Roland TR-909 drum machine direct to DAT tape. Road tested for m... more...

12inch Dynamic Tension: DTR014 remind

Flying Lotus - Flamagra

Flying Lotus


Drawing the lines between the galaxies of hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, global dance music, tribal poly-rhythms, IDM and the beat scene of his hometown L... more...

2LP Warp: WARPLP291 € 32,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Uforider - Ufotrackx I


Ufotrackx I

Wild rephlexian cuts from 1996, recorded in Rome during the illegal rave era _ 200 copies, vinyl only, no repress.

12inch SURVIVE Ltd.: H3000 remind

13-06-2019 - thursday

Dimitris Petsetakis - On Shores

Dimitris Petsetakis

On Shores

Buoyed by the success of Endless, their 2015 primer on forgotten electronic explorer Dimitris Petsetakis, Into The Light Records has worked with the G... more...

12inch Into The Light: ITL011 € 19,99

Sorrowbot - Qualkntrl



It’s electro, but definitely not as we know it. Sorrowbot arrives with a new perspective of the classic sound. Traditional frosted sounds are picked a... more...

12inch Schrödinger's Box: SBOX007 € 12,99

Levon Vincent - Seahorse
12inch Novel Sound: NS22 remind

Loud-E - Cherry Chocolat Chaud Vol. 1


Cherry Chocolat Chaud Vol. 1

One the true kings of obscure dancefloor records, Loud-E, fires three raunchy disco edits out the Discos Capablanca cannon.

12inch Discos Capablanca: DISCOS018 € 11,99

Jean-Luc - Des Litres De Essence


Des Litres De Essence

Hailing from different places in western Europe, Luc Bersier, Low Bat, Leonard Prochazka and Ariel Garcia created this vibrant EP. Their synergy tells... more...

Mini-LP Knekelhuis: KH023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-06-2019 - tuesday

Frtis Wentink - Space Babe EP

Frtis Wentink

Space Babe EP

Frits Wentink branches out on Clone Royal Oak!! 3 spaced out wobbly house cuts from the man Wentink ranging from the deep burner Filtboi69 to the funk... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal047 € 9,99

Julian Edwardes - Consonance

Julian Edwardes


Always one to explore, Shipwrec have set sail and discovered a new isle of musical experimentation. Phainomena is a terrain for ambient introspection,... more...

12inch Phainomena: Phainomena01 € 12,99

JEANS / Younger Than Me - BAR Records 03

JEANS / Younger Than Me

BAR Records 03

BAR03 is BAR Records' very first spring release. With 2 tracks by The Hague's JEANS and 2 more by Italian duo Younger Than Me this one is dedicated t... more...

12inch BAR Records: BAR03 € 9,99

Various Artists - Human Abstracts Vol. 1

Various Artists

Human Abstracts Vol. 1

Having collaborated over the years in several projects, Endless Illusion and brokntoys join forces for a trilogy of EPs to showcase unique talent acro... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL012/BT36 € 11,99

Crossing Avenue - Carmaleonte EP

Crossing Avenue

Carmaleonte EP

Experimental Italian techno duo Crossing Avenue return to Spazio Disponibile for their third EP on the label. Once again their four track effort explo... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio018 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rapha - Room 353


Room 353

Next up on the fresh imprint is one half of the Chateau Royal, Rapha, who delivers his debut solo 12''. A powerfull and distorted electro flavored 6... more...

12inch Chateau Royal: CHR002 € 9,99

07-06-2019 - friday

Datawave - Physical Sensor - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series


Physical Sensor - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series

Modern electro tracks on Fundamental Record that comes with nice silkscreen printed sleeves in the same color of the vinyl record. more...

12inch Fundamental records: FUND018EE021 € 19,99

06-06-2019 - thursday

03-06-2019 - monday

Meetsysteem - Geen Signaal


Geen Signaal

Nous'klaer presents a new path on it's sedentary listening series Oemoemenoe. Geen Signaal is the oddball pop debut album by young producer Meetsystee... more...

LP Nous klaer Audio: OEMOEMENOE3LP € 15,99

Marcus Paulson and Bohm - Commuter EP

Marcus Paulson and Bohm

Commuter EP

Bohm (030303 Records) and Marcus Paulson (aka Kid Machine) deliver four classic cuts of quality house. Inspired by Manchester and Utrecht commutes, th... more...

12inch Purewaxx: Pure001 € 8,99

Credit 00 - Deep In the Jungle

Credit 00

Deep In the Jungle

Two years ago Credit 00 was lucky enough to find a flat with a winter garden in the midst of the city's concrete vastness. Setting up his studio there... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV053 remind

31-05-2019 - friday

Daniel Holt - Untitled

Daniel Holt


One half of the group Vault, Daniel Holt makes his solo 12 inch debut on L.I.E.S. with a killer three tracker. Holt immediately locks in on the a-side... more...

12inch LIES: LIES130 € 14,99

28-05-2019 - tuesday

Various Artists - Elevated Jit Vol.1

Various Artists

Elevated Jit Vol.1

Elevated Jit is dedicated to the jitters and and to the loving memory of Andre 'Erotek' Brown. Jit the Planet! more...

12inch FTP: EJ001 remind

Funky Doodle - Live From Yellowknife

Funky Doodle

Live From Yellowknife

Mysterious one-off project from DJ Richard, James K and Draveng.

12inch Anno: ANNO003 € 20,99

27-05-2019 - monday

Second Storey - The Cusp

Second Storey

The Cusp

Brexit or not, London just isn't easy. Frustrated Funk, high drama by design... Na mean?

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR046 € 9,99

OC* - -Health+$



Digital Metal by OC. No real guitars have been used. Logic Vintage Strat & Acoustic Guitar only. music by oc. ad. voc. by jc more...

Cassette Tape Tax Free Records: HATE1 € 9,99

Luxus Varta - Colder

Luxus Varta


Stone-cold, harsh but melodic electro mini-album by Luxus Varta, who joins up with TRUST after releases on Solar One, Shipwrec, and Brokntoys. Transpa... more...

Mini-LP Trust: Trust036 € 11,99

Zohar - Zohar



90's rooted industrial beats and atmospheric tracks that reminds a bit of early Reload and Afx tracks and even some Sahko. Produced by Amsterdam based... more...

12inch Zohar: Zhr001 € 9,99

Dmitry Distant ft. Beta Evers - Delirious Pains (Cestrian Remix)

Dmitry Distant ft. Beta Evers

Delirious Pains (Cestrian Remix)

Goth-ful electro by the illustrious Dmitry Distant in trouble up by notorious vocalist & electro producerette Beta Evers. Comes with a rad Cestrian re... more...

12inch Baltermore: BAL004 € 9,99

SC-164 - Human Grid EP


Human Grid EP

CE welcomes Brooklyn based SC-164 to the fold. 3 tracks of dark sub heavy industrial electro to shake warehouses and basements alike. Complete with a... more...

EP Cultivated Electronics: CE030 € 10,49

Various Artists - Outro Tempo II

Various Artists

Outro Tempo II

Outro Tempo II: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1984-1996 is the second installment of Music From Memory’s Brazilian series. This volum... more...

2LP Music From Memory: MFM041 € 28,99

24-05-2019 - friday

Bourbonese Qualk - Laughing Afternoon

Bourbonese Qualk

Laughing Afternoon

Mannequin Records and Platform 23 come together to start a series of stand-alone reissues of the music of post-punk / industrialists Bourbonese Qualk,... more...

12inch Platform 23: PLA030 / MNQ 111 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ronald Langestraat - Apollo

Ronald Langestraat


''Apollo'' is a compilation of an Apollo Hotel CD box, that Ronald made himself, for family and friends. From 1986 until 1992, Ronald had a residen... more...

LP South of North: SONLP02 remind

Yu Su - Roll With The Punches

Yu Su

Roll With The Punches

Second Circle are delighted to announce a five track EP from Kaifeng born, Vancouver based musician Yu Su, titled ‘?????? / Roll With The Punches'... more...

12inch Second Circle: SC012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-05-2019 - thursday

Pardon Moi - Rodeo Star

Pardon Moi

Rodeo Star

A new face on Wrong Era - sounding, Berlin based duo of James Brook and Thomas Freudenthal. Three original tracks of peak-time new wave and electronic... more...

12inch Wrong Era: WE009 € 12,99

22-05-2019 - wednesday

Fith - Swamp



The new record by Paris / Manchester / Berlin based poet / musician collective FITH. An extended EP of haunting, oneiric & macabre psychedelia featuri... more...

12inch Outer Reaches: OUT004 remind

Galaxian - Golden Armageddon


Golden Armageddon

Galaxian's ''Golden Armageddon'' on Natural Sciences pulls at the virus that is lodged deep within the collective consciousness of mankind. A recor... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural028 € 13,99

Ambien Baby - Tack

Ambien Baby


The subversive electronics duo is back at it again for the sixth release on Planet Euphorique. Ambien Baby brings you another slab of total sonic diso... more...

12inch Planet Euphorique: PE006 remind

21-05-2019 - tuesday

Muscles & Hate - Untitled

Muscles & Hate


Second round is bound for this wicked label from St. Petersburg. Tip! more...

12inch Bore Hole: Hole002 € 11,99

Chris Barg - Stille Plage EP

Chris Barg

Stille Plage EP

The next four Zeitnot releases are coming in thick and fast. ZEIT005 is courtesy of Chris Barg aka Tilo Manig from 90s Italian Electro outfit analogue... more...

12inch Zeitnot: ZEIT005 € 13,99