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Aqsak Maboul - Un Peu De L'ame Des Bandits

Aqsak Maboul

Un Peu De L'ame Des Bandits

Reissue of killer album from 1980 - the album's first reissue on vinyl, it will include a booklet with various documents, as well as previously-unrele... more...

2LP Crammed Discs: CRAM002LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Willers Brothers - Piv Limited 001
12inch Piv Limited: PIVLIM001 remind

Roswell - Nation
12inch Dance Arena Productions: DAP014 remind

Pearson Sound - Rubble

Pearson Sound


Pearson Sound returns to his own label with 3 varied club tracks. ''All three began during a solitary week spent at Devon Analogue Studio, and then th... more...

12inch Pearson Sound: PEARS3 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anthony Rother - 3L3C7RO COMMANDO
2x12inch Psi 49net: PSI102 remind

Schacke - To The Outer Limits And Back


To The Outer Limits And Back

Schacke transmits a 4 track EP of erotically charged techno, pulsing with soundscapes & textures that evoke at once both the interior of the body and... more...

12inch Instruments of Discipline: IOD038 remind

Dante - What Cha Been Up To?


What Cha Been Up To?

First release from Palace Outfitters presents two tracks of 1980s bedroom drum machine soul. These songs were recorded to four track by teenage brothe... more...

7inch Palce Outfitters: PAL001 remind

LHASA - The Attic / SEXXOR


The Attic / SEXXOR

One of Nosedrip's favourite Belgium releases, this 1990 track laid the blueprint for what would become trance from '93' onwards, without too much suga... more...

12inch Stroom: STR120-20 remind

... - No Title


No Title

Sparse, focused, noisy & ghost choruses centered pure Electronics.

EP Sahko: Sahko030 remind

Various Artists - Inside Me / Geist Bahn

Various Artists

Inside Me / Geist Bahn

Two mind melting acidic drippers that Ron Hardy would've been proud of by rvds & sneaker and a katrina fairlee, joshua cordova & sneaker collab on the... more...

12inch Fit: Fit022 remind

Chel White - Automaton

Chel White


The music of Chel White is celebrated in Automaton, a collection of mostly unreleased recordings from 1985 to 1991, by this innovative animator, film... more...

LP Platform 23: PLA037 remind

214 - Everything Changed


Everything Changed

Bob finds himself in a world for which he has no understanding.

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR047 remind

Various Artists - Various IV

Various Artists

Various IV

The fourth various artists compilation album on Netherlands based 030303 Records... Splitradix has been given the honour to kick off with a wonderfull... more...

2LP 030303: 030LP005 remind

Hieroglyphic Being - Synthetic Love Life Vol. 2

Hieroglyphic Being

Synthetic Love Life Vol. 2

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING'S Volume 2 of 9 ''A Synthetic Love Life Vol 2'' features uptempo electronics & simmering circuit boards stamped with Chicago rhythm... more...

12inch Mathematics: Mathplus016 remind

Test Dept.  - Disturbance
12inch One Little Indian: TLP1443 remind

Anna Homler - Deliquium in C
12inch Prasens Editionen: PE-016 remind

Dome - Dome 1


Dome 1

12inch Dome: DOME1 remind

Piska Power - Irma Infekt

Piska Power

Irma Infekt

Cassette Tape Kess Kills: KECS003 remind

The Mail Coif - Medieval Dities Compendium

The Mail Coif

Medieval Dities Compendium

The drawbridge finally comes down, and The Mail Coif’s “Medieval Ditties Compendium” label takes physical shape in the form a heavyweight 7'' availab... more...

7inch Herald RY: HERALDRY01 remind

Gaia Tones - Lychees / Wonkadonk

Gaia Tones

Lychees / Wonkadonk

In a landscape increasingly dominated by surface-level sonics and a lack of true organic – man-made-machine-driven - sound, the newly found and London... more...

12inch Gaia Tones: GT001 remind

Betek - Junior Flutuante


Junior Flutuante

Powerful EBM tinged Techno cuts by Betek who's becoming one of the labels mainstays. Junior Flutuante is opening up the vaults of Bernardo's harder an... more...

12inch Rotterdam Electronix: RET005 remind

Kosh - Vicious Love


Vicious Love

Sick Electro from Casa Voyager Head Honcho Kosh on 20/20 Vision!

12inch 20/20 Vision: VIS315 remind

Memphis - Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)


Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)

Memphis is back on Mirror Zone! In unlocking the stoic DAT tapes we open a direct channel from 1993 to this now; three tracks which are meditative, es... more...

12inch Mirror Zone: MZ004 remind

Tilliander - Expect Resistance


Expect Resistance

Swedish electro-dubstar Andreas Tilliander does a mean pair of acid dubs for Dub On Arrival, a new wing of Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL Recordings institu... more...

12inch Dub On Arrival: DAO001 remind

Employee - Bonus 12


Bonus 12

First time on vinyl! Official bonus 12 inch with songs from "Temple of Glendor", originally released on Tape via Plaque from Bristol + 2 New Bonus cut... more...


Vivian Koch - Insomiami

Vivian Koch


Omnidisc welcomes Vivian Koch to the family with a proper 3 tracker. Electro influenced melodic power

EP Omnidisc: OMD022 remind

Norwell - Fuzio EP


Fuzio EP

Norwell returns to Mechatronica with a haunting set of electro driven sounds, fusing acid-soaked electro for the floor, atmospheric breaks and etherea... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON014 remind

Unknown Artist - Creature 004
12inch Creature: CREATURE004 remind

Paolo Rocco - PIV Limited 003
12inch Piv Limited: PIVLIM003 remind

Don Stan - The Slotes EP
12inch Birthportal: BTPTL001 remind

Darshan Jesrani  - Gotta Do
12inch Imogen: IMO010 remind

Various Artists - RM12004

Various Artists


House music compilation from Leipzig vinyl pressing plant R.A.N.D. Muzik featuring Rudolf C, Salomo, Tim Schlockermann and Carmel.

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12004 remind

Foreign Guest & Wewerka - Human Sequencer EP (Inc. Nuno Dos Santos Remix)

Foreign Guest & Wewerka

Human Sequencer EP (Inc. Nuno Dos Santos Remix)

Foreign Guest & Wewerka debut on Outcast Oddity with their Human Sequencer EP. Featuring a Nuno Dos Santos Remix on the flip side!

12inch Outcast Oddity 011: OO011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

MR TC & Lo Kindre - PHASE 01

MR TC & Lo Kindre


Four analogue tracks that courageously link cold waving synth-shocks, neon-light nonchalance and haunted spoken words; deep hypnotic musical witchcraf... more...

12inch Phase Group: PHASE01 remind

D_Roots - Stream of data EP


Stream of data EP

Dolly welcomes D_Roots! The Italian producer drops 4 beautifully produced, lush, atmospheric, funky baseline oriented Detroit electro tracks. This is... more...

12inch Dolly: Dolly033 remind

Various Artists - DE:10.08

Various Artists


EP number eight of the ''10 Years De:tuned'' series is centered around the 303 tinged acidic sound. This release kicks off with a new and innovative v... more...

12inch De:tuned: ASGDE027 remind

Roy Of The Ravers  - Who Are Ya??

Roy Of The Ravers

Who Are Ya??

Lock up your 303s, Roy Of The Ravers is back with a brand spanking new album and it's quite possibly his strongest and wrongest to date! Following a l... more...

LP Acid Waxa: ACIWAX18 remind

Juu & G. Jee - New Luk Thung

Juu & G. Jee

New Luk Thung

Never colonized, Thailand has remained purely itself across the years even while developing, evolving and selectively adopting international influence... more...

LP EM Japan: EM1186LP remind

Neu Verboten - Certified Euro Terror EP

Neu Verboten

Certified Euro Terror EP

This (Certified Euro Terror) EP is the aftermath of present worldwide necropolitics. It's @neuverboten advice to a faster apocalypse, an arsenic wish.... more...

12inch Infoline: ILG002 remind

Velodrome - DE256



Velodrome need no introduction to most, but for the uninitiated, they are the duo of Krishna Goineau (Electronics + Vocals) and Jordi Guber (Electroni... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE256 remind