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07-10-2019 - monday

ADT - Changes



Blue transparent vinyl with four fierce electro tracks characterized by powerful grooves and immersive emotive melodies. Inspired by life and its emot... more...

12inch R12 Records: R12002 € 9,99

Mike Dehnert - MD2.8

Mike Dehnert


MD2 strikes again with part 8 of the series, delivering some dubby club tools!

12inch MD2: MD2.8 € 9,99

Ryan James Ford - 3NVY

Ryan James Ford


Fierce kick drums, expertly cut up breakbeats and brain dance influenced melodies. 6 tracks of proper intelligent rave fuel by Ryan James Ford on this... more...

Mini-LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub041 € 11,99

Adriaan de Roover - Leaves

Adriaan de Roover


Grainy soundscapes flow smoothly together with rippling breakbeats. Dystopian rhythms vanish into horizontal noise. An ancient procession in the dark,... more...

LP Leaves: LEAF1 € 25,99

04-10-2019 - friday

Glenn Astro - Naturals

Glenn Astro


Glenn Astro conquers new territories with Naturals, fusing elements of Balearic and leftfield house with tribal and acid sounds on Tartelet Records.

12inch Tartelet: TART048 € 12,99

03-10-2019 - thursday

Dawl - Off World Odyssey


Off World Odyssey

Electro, techno, acid and breaks ready to rave!

12inch Tribe Recodings: TRB02 remind

AUX 88 - Direct Drive

AUX 88

Direct Drive

The Classic electronic funk Classic by the Detroit Techno Bass innovators AUX88. “Direct Drive” is the track that defines Detroit, Detroit radio and t... more...

12inch Direct beat: DBC4W-013 € 13,99

02-10-2019 - wednesday

Konduku - Lila



Amsterdam based producer Konduku makes a move to Bristol's Idle Hands. His Lila EP is the first release outside Nous'klaer Audio where he released his... more...

12inch Idle Hands: IDLE060 € 10,49

Occult Orientated Crime - Occult Orientated Crime Album

Occult Orientated Crime

Occult Orientated Crime Album

A full 5 years after its original digital-only release, the self-titled album by Occult Orientated Crime (AKA Legowelt) finally receives an opulent 3L... more...

3LP Solander Recording Company: SLN002 € 38,99

Greg Foat and James Thorpe - Photosynthesis

Greg Foat and James Thorpe


Part two of Athens Of The North's nod to the world of library. This time round Greg Foat journeys into the world of synthesis with good friend James T... more...

LP Athens Of The North: AOTN030 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pepe - Life Signs
12inch Church: CHURCHM006 remind

SnP 500 - Treasure

SnP 500


Acting Press affiliated space electronix.

12inch Doo: DOO360 remind

rRoxymore - Face to Phase


Face to Phase

Face to Phase, finds rRoxymore methodically and mindfully stripping back to fundamentals: rumbling minimalist dub, sparse polymetric drums, boldy unpr... more...

LP Don't Be Afraid: DBALP006 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Brioski - Mindless Sequence EP


Mindless Sequence EP

The Mindless Sequence EP is a selection of the industrial post-techno style Brioski iscurrently pioneering. Warm, trippy, synth heavy tracks with a st... more...

12inch Mad On The Moon: MOM023 € 11,49

01-10-2019 - tuesday

H-Fusion - Captured Entities


Captured Entities

Cult Detroit DJ/producer Howard Thomas aka H-Fusion supplies a crackshot debut album of psycho-jit-jazz and rugged raw house on The Death of Rave foll... more...

2LP The Death Of Rave: RAVE027 € 25,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ Firmeza - Ardeu

DJ Firmeza


From the crucible of Lisbon’s renowned club scene, DJ Firmeza fulminates four cuts of roiling Batida rhythm and free-spirited vocals in a kuduro (hard... more...

12inch Principe: P027 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kontravoid - Too Deep


Too Deep

Kontravoid aka Cameron Findlay marks his follow-up release on Fleisch with his second full-length LP, a cinematic distillation of the sounds that have... more...

LP Fleisch: F//015 remind

Chevel - Unlimited Drinks


Unlimited Drinks

Italian, Treviso-based composer Chevel — aka Dario Tronchin — returns to duty with “Unlimited Drinks” on the secretive Fracture imprint, following his... more...

12inch Fracture: Fract010 € 11,19
Also available @ D\G\T\L

30-09-2019 - monday

Species of Fishes  - Trip Trap

Species of Fishes

Trip Trap

Reissue of the 1996 release by Russian electronics producer Species Of Fishes on the new Trip sub label. more...

2LP GALAXIID: GXD001 € 23,99

Kosh - Vicious Love


Vicious Love

Sick Electro from Casa Voyager Head Honcho Kosh on 20/20 Vision!

12inch 20/20 Vision: VIS315 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Philou Louzolo - Shinobi Of Wokoundou

Philou Louzolo

Shinobi Of Wokoundou

Wokoundou is an electronic music label rooted in Afrofuturism and Sci-fi, raised by Philou Louzolo. Philou is an artist hailing for his audience to pe... more...

12inch Wokoundou: WOK01 € 9,99

D_Roots - Stream of data EP


Stream of data EP

Dolly welcomes D_Roots! The Italian producer drops 4 beautifully produced, lush, atmospheric, funky baseline oriented Detroit electro tracks. This is... more...

12inch Dolly: Dolly033 € 10,49

YYYY -  El Tamano de Mi Silencio


El Tamano de Mi Silencio

This is the first LP of YYYY. Entitled "El Tamano de Mi Silencio" (The Extension of My Silence) the album is inspired in the landscapes of eternal pra... more...

LP + Download Eerie: EELP02 € 19,99

Employee / Delta Rain Dance - Hypno

Employee / Delta Rain Dance


A split venture of hypnotic polyrhythms and sequences from Employee and Delta Rain Dance, limited to 100 copies. Modulations included. HEAVY!

12inch Delta Rain Dance: DELTA2 € 15,99

Antenna - Quiet fx


Quiet fx

After writing pop-based music under the name Renkas, Sasha Renkas searched for a more carefree and direct approach to making and recording music. His... more...

2LP + Download World Of Paint: WOP001 € 22,99

Betonkust & Innershades - Benelux Connection

Betonkust & Innershades

Benelux Connection

A true lowlands collaboration on the Clone jack For Daze Series. Betonkust and Innershades team up for the Benelux Connection EP. Harking back to the... more...

12inch Clone Jack For Daze: CJFD33 € 9,99

RAFF - Stella



RAFF debuts with a solid assembly of made-to-measure club tracks. Be it new life dawning or physical pain, these productions drip character, finding t... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK016 € 10,99

27-09-2019 - friday

Motoko & Myers - Plover / Whimbrel

Motoko & Myers

Plover / Whimbrel

Future Times is very pleased to announce that our next release will be a 7'' single from Oakland's Motoko & Myers! This duo is made up of Wonja & DJML... more...

7inch Future Times: FT052 € 11,99

Reeko - Fat Punko


Fat Punko

Where La Mala Educacio?n made driven, low slung rhythmic components & warping feedback signals the focus of the music – Fat Punko finds the Spanish pr... more...

12inch Avian: AVN038 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-09-2019 - thursday

Afrodeutsche - Break Before Make


Break Before Make

Afrodeutsche’s polyrhythmic compositions integrate a wide array of musical genres, including Afrofuturistic electro and techno, classical solo piano a... more...

2LP Skam: SKALP035 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

25-09-2019 - wednesday

CZ Wang and Neo Image - Just Off Wave / Open Mic Beat

CZ Wang and Neo Image

Just Off Wave / Open Mic Beat

Mood Hut’s CZ Wang and Neo Image officially release MH006, a 12-inch that features their long-leaked and celebrated west coast party starter Just Off... more...

12inch Mood Hut: MH006 remind

23-09-2019 - monday

Ekman - Midnight Hillside


Midnight Hillside

New CE sub label. Limited run vinyl only. The first release comes from Dutch artist Ekman (Creme, Bunker, Solar One, Shipwrec). 4 tracks of spooky... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CELTD001 € 10,99

Debussy  - Nocturnes



Meet the intoxicating, meditative sounds of Claude Debussy (1862-1918), one of the greatest innovators of Western music. The impressionist composer wa... more...

LP + Download Edit.Futurum: OPUS1 € 29,99

Cygnus - Liquid Sunlight


Liquid Sunlight

Texas-based electro producer Cygnus broke the post "Cosmos" LP hiatus with 2018's "ne0 ge0" EP on Barba. Now, less than a year since, it feels like a... more...

EP Barba Records: BAR020 € 10,99

Animistic Beliefs - Mindset:Reset

Animistic Beliefs


"Surfing on the crest of a whirlwind year, Animistic Beliefs are releasing their 8- track debut album Mindset:Reset on the inimitable SolarOneMusic. T... more...

2LP Solar One Music: SOM049 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vince Watson - DnA - LP

Vince Watson

DnA - LP

Following two sampler EPs in April and June this year, Vince Watson finally releases this double LP as last part of his 'DnA' album. A project focusin... more...

2LP Everysoul: ESOL016 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Newworldaquarium - The Dead Bears


The Dead Bears

As Jochem Peteri returns his attention to the jewels buried in his back catalogue, including last year's reissue of the 154 LP Strike, it's a relief t... more...

3x12inch NWAQ APE: APE-LP02 € 23,99

Kendal - Manifesto EP


Manifesto EP

We welcome to the mighty Moustache records family: Kendal a french producer based in Toulouse. His 4 tracker hits Manifesto Ep bring us a dystopian it... more...

12inch Moustache: MST042 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sjamsoedin - Research



Marguerita marks the next stage of Cosmic Force's recalibration and he's rolling deep with kindred spirits such as fellow Dutchman Sjamsoedin who has... more...

12inch Marguerita: Mar069 € 10,99

20-09-2019 - friday

Velodrome - DE256



Velodrome need no introduction to most, but for the uninitiated, they are the duo of Krishna Goineau (Electronics + Vocals) and Jordi Guber (Electroni... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE256 € 15,99

Konstruktivists - Glennascaul



Konstruktivists is the Industrial project of Glenn Michael Wallis from Kent, England. In the late ’70s Wallis was a “control agent” for Throbbing Gris... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE258 remind

19-09-2019 - thursday

Gene Tellem - The Inner Dance EP

Gene Tellem

The Inner Dance EP

Gene Tellem launches her own label Bienvenue Records with some smooth House!

12inch Bienvenue: BIENV001 € 12,49

Free Range - King Of Snake

Free Range

King Of Snake

Uniting under the moniker of Free Range, prolific US underground producer Matt Weiner (2MR, Night People) and Lithuanian experimentalist Ernestas Sada... more...

Mini-LP Osare Editions: OE01 € 19,99