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07-09-2017 - thursday

DAVIS - Perle
12inch Live At Robert Johnson: Playrc046 remind

Function - Recompiled I/II


Recompiled I/II

Function retrospective landing on Ostgut Ton's sublabel A-Ton. Essential techno selection! more...

2LP A-TON: A-Ton LP02 remind

05-09-2017 - tuesday

Blood Sport - Harsh Realm /  Boiled In Dust

Blood Sport

Harsh Realm / Boiled In Dust

''I shall go to bed now - one day we shall all be shades. I adore you, I adore you, I adore you, but I'm fixated on making myself sick. Welcome to the... more...

12inch Return To Disorder: RTTD007 € 10,99

Datassette - Mannequin on the Run EP


Mannequin on the Run EP

*** 1 copy per customer *** Rebel Intelligence return with a new 4 track EP of electro from John Davies aka Datassette. *** 1 copy per customer ***

12inch Rebel Intelligence: RI005 remind

Sharif Laffrey - Always
One sided 12 Discos Capablanca: Discos One remind

Shamos - YOU2H



The 2nd release on Youth comes from London artist Shamos. With Lyster having met Shamos through NTS it wasn’t long before they were DJ’ing together ar... more...

12inch Youth: YO2TH € 11,99

DJ Bone - Riding The Thin Line

DJ Bone

Riding The Thin Line

Metroplex classic in the rebound on Another Day. Must buy!

12inch Another Day: 006AD remind

Troy Gunner - GUNNER 001

Troy Gunner


Rinse FM affiliate Troy Gunner drops a first one on his own label. LUSH!

12inch Troy Gunner: GUNNER001 € 8,99

04-09-2017 - monday

Heinrich Dressel - The Styx Swamp

Heinrich Dressel

The Styx Swamp

Roman producer (and a force behind MinimalRome label) Valerio Lombardozzi known as Heinrich Dressel returns to Barba with a second release for our lab... more...

EP Barba Records: BAR014 € 9,99

Hellboii - Darkest Hour - Part II


Darkest Hour - Part II

Part II - Operated under extreme psychosis, performed live in the dead of night at the studio of The Hague's pirate 'Radio Tonka', these two records c... more...

12inch Panzerkreuz: Panzer1019 € 10,99

It's Thinking - Afterglow

It's Thinking


After the acclaimed release of Nature Boy's Ruff Disco Volume One, Frame Of Mind is back with another re-issue of a 25 year old record. Gerd's very fi... more...

12inch Frame Of Mind: FOM002 € 9,99

Larry Heard presents: Mr. White - Virtual Emotion / Supernova

Larry Heard presents: Mr. White

Virtual Emotion / Supernova

Alleviated Records is proud to present another edition of the Larry Heard presents Mr. White sessions. These 2 selections, produced and mixed by Larry... more...

12inch Alleviated: ML2236 € 9,99

NEP - Decadance



NEP was a loose multimedia collective formed in 1982 Zagreb, ex-Yugoslavia. The founder Dejan Krsic collaborated with various artists in a quest of re... more...

12inch Fox & His Friends: FOX002EP € 11,99

E.R.P. - Evoked Potentials 1/3


Evoked Potentials 1/3

First Edition of the Evoked Potentials Series.

10inch Semantica: Sem014(2017) € 12,49



Rosten 2

Second gritty Techno release on Rosten by label owner SHXCXCHCXSH.

12inch Rosten: ROSTEN2 € 9,99

Gauss - Resonator EP


Resonator EP

Los Angeles based Natan H and Malta based artist Owen Jay return as Gauss with their first EP of 2017. Entitled Resonator it offers more deep music wi... more...

12inch Gauss Ltd.: GAUSS05 € 9,99

Why The Eye ? - Why The Eye ?

Why The Eye ?

Why The Eye ?

Cross out the all seeing eye and ears will open onto questions tracing the lithic grooves of an anachronic industrial. Why the Eye's paleo-futurism su... more...

LP + MP3 Plynt: APlynt016 € 15,00
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-09-2017 - friday

DJ Nature  - Ultimate Delusion Ep

DJ Nature

Ultimate Delusion Ep

“Born Lifted”, with its deft guitar licks and soulful vocal chops over lazy, hazy beats, is a great example of the Nature aesthetics that make his tra... more...

12inch Future boogie: FBR051 remind

Volruptus  - Alien Transmissions Ep


Alien Transmissions Ep

''Hailing from outer space via Reykjavik, Volruptus maps out intergalactic forms of communication on ‘Alien Transmissions’, the latest release from Bj... more...

12inch Bbbbbb: BBB008 remind

Sandboards - Miami 97


Miami 97

4 Sun drenched bangers merging the elements of Larry Heard-esc sounds with Shep Pettibone style basslines. Something for everyone on this EP.

12inch Cold Tonic: Tonic007 € 10,99

30-08-2017 - wednesday

Cron - Fragmented Identity


Fragmented Identity

New imprint Bogen Konzept Recordings first release comes from Todd Sines under his Cron alias. Two previously released cuts from 1994 and two immacul... more...

12inch Bogen Konzept Recordings: BKR001 € 10,99

28-08-2017 - monday

Rendered - Thedestroyerofallbeauty



Body Theorys first guest EP from the duo Rendered with Industrial and EBM flavoured killer tunes.

12inch Body Theory: BT004 € 9,99

L'estasi Dell'oro - Aut Delectare Aut Prodesse Est

L'estasi Dell'oro

Aut Delectare Aut Prodesse Est

Field Records looks to L'estasi Dell'oro (Christopher Ernst, aka Penalune) for a new three-track EP for sound systems that once again takes us down th... more...

12inch Field Records: Field023 € 9,99

Villa Abo - Straight Forward Acid and Low Bit Swing

Villa Abo

Straight Forward Acid and Low Bit Swing

"Feeling numb from all the electronic dancemusic coming out?, moaning about how its become a bit samey, or are you just tired of your shitster frien... more...

12inch Borft: Borft150 € 10,99

De Ambassade - Verloren

De Ambassade


*** 1 copy per customer *** ‘Verloren’ is like a late night pink Dutch sky after a long day of heavy rain, a sign that a warm summer’s day is just ahe... more...

7inch Knekelhuis: KH010 remind

YobKiss - Asexual EP


Asexual EP

With the Asexual EP by YobKiss, Electronic Emergencies is back with a true electronic delight. YobKiss consists of Dutch instrumentalist and producer... more...

12inch Electronic Emergencies: EE017rtm € 10,99

Innershades - Kerrebroek Memories


Kerrebroek Memories

After inaugurating the label with a first EP in december of 2014, Innershades returns home to deliver what will be the 6th release on 9300 Records. Ke... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL006 € 9,99

Caron - Shifted Reality


Shifted Reality

Next up on our beloved Dutch acidic label is Caron's Shifted Reality EP. Caron is a gearfreak from Leeuwarden and really twisted the knobs on his gea... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP012 remind

25-08-2017 - friday

Marcos Cabral - Pest Control

Marcos Cabral

Pest Control

NYC producer Marcos Cabral (L.I.E.S., Creme) giving birth to 3 tracks with punchy energetic machine-ism.

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule213 € 10,99

B12 - Electro-Soma II


Electro-Soma II

B12 and Warp unearth the previously unknown missing piece to their soundtrack of space Electro-Soma. Reaching even further out into the deepest recess... more...

2LP + Download Warp: WARP9X remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

B12 - Electro-Soma



Warp unearth one of their earliest albums, B12's soundtrack of space Electro-Soma. Compiled by Warp co-founder Rob Mitchell from a range of tracks pr... more...

2LP + Download Warp: WARPLP9R € 24,99

22-08-2017 - tuesday

Detromental - Move



Ahead of their 5th anniversary CPU announce 50th release with rebuilds of 2 rare bleep techno tracks from 1990 - in a one-off purple sleeve! Originall... more...

12inch Central Processing Unit: CPU00110001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

21-08-2017 - monday

Space Knight - Vox Boss Staying In

Space Knight

Vox Boss Staying In

One Synth-pop powertrack & One darker acid track....

7inch Djuring Phonogram: DP17 € 8,49

Alden Tyrell - Vorm Variaties 2

Alden Tyrell

Vorm Variaties 2

Part two in Alden Tyrell's latest project: ''Vorm Variaties'', a 5 release series consisting of tracks recorded in the last 2 years. The ''Vorm Variat... more...

12inch Clone Basement Series: CBS026.2 remind

17-08-2017 - thursday

Phil Asher & Dwala  - Sparkle (AJ’s Dance) / Today’s Tomorrow

Phil Asher & Dwala

Sparkle (AJ’s Dance) / Today’s Tomorrow

Phil Asher & Dwala return with two tracks for moreaboutmusic on a London meets Detroit tip.

12inch More About Music: MAMSW17 € 11,99

Ashtrejinkins - Root Beer EP


Root Beer EP

The Root Beer EP by LA based producer Ashtrejinkins is NCA's first venture from cassette to vinyl. Having released a split cassette on NCA last winter... more...

12inch NCA: NCA004 remind

Locked Club & RLGN - Forever Punk

Locked Club & RLGN

Forever Punk

Locked Club is the new Russian electronic punk music. A wild combination of the legacy of classic house music, new-wave acid and techno sounds and the... more...

12inch Private Persons: Privatepersons004 remind

15-08-2017 - tuesday

14-08-2017 - monday

10-08-2017 - thursday

Parrish Smith - Esplendor

Parrish Smith


Dutch distortion wizzard Parrish Smith welcomed on U.S.A. based L.I.E.S.

12inch LIES: Lies095 € 14,99

08-08-2017 - tuesday

K.O.T. - Da Jit


Da Jit

Official reissue of some ultra rare electro tracks produced by Anthony ''Shake'' Shakir. Raw Detroit electro with a nod to Miami bass!

12inch Black Bottom Records: BBR-313 remind

04-08-2017 - friday

P. Relief / D. - PD002

P. Relief / D.


Second instalment on P and D Records. More deep esoteric bizniz!

12inch P and D Records: PD002 € 11,99

Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play

Blake Baxter

When We Used To Play

Coming on strong way back in '87 on the legendary KMS label 'When we used to play' is 4 solid as cuts, stripped back box jams, sleazy vocals and sampl... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC011 € 10,99