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01-05-2018 - tuesday

154 - Wherever You Go, I Will Follow


Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

Jochem Peteri a.k.a. Newworldaquarium a.k.a. 154 blesses Boomkat with their 12x12 series (already home to releases by Kara-Lis Coverdale, Beatrice Dil... more...

12inch Boomkat Editions: BK12X1206 € 16,99

SSaliva - WYIN



The label that gave us that killer LP of Iranian Classical music from Morteza Hannaneh last year return with this curveball album of midnight anxiety... more...

LP Collapsing Market: CM005LP € 16,99

Elg - Vu Du Dome


Vu Du Dome

Vu Du Dome is a staggeringly strange, brilliantly kaleidoscopic album resembling a sort of dramaturgy of a waking dream. It feels like a stroll around... more...

LP Editions Gravats: GRVTS012 € 19,99

Fléau - II



Brooding and complex, totally immersive, sometimes aggressive but mostly cerebral, Fléau’s music draws a labyrinthine course through the twilight hour... more...

2LP Anywave: ANYVIN008 / AC38 € 24,99

30-04-2018 - monday

Komarken Electronics - Humanity plus

Komarken Electronics

Humanity plus

Deep space electro tracks on the Solar One Music sublabel Between Places. After his debut on several years Komarken Electronics comes back to the Sola... more...

12inch Between Places: BP003 remind

Ersatz Olfolks - Heliopolis

Ersatz Olfolks


Transcendent records is proud to present a new immersive cinematic techno release by a French producer who goes under the name of Ersatz Olfolks. Some... more...

12inch Transcendent: TRSD006 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anthony Linell - Alienation from Self

Anthony Linell

Alienation from Self

The foreboding title of Anthony Linell's latest EP doesn't come as an unnecessary warning. If you're inclined, 'Alienation From Self' presents a stern... more...

12inch Northern Electronics: NE53 € 9,99

RNXRX - Ninja Scroll


Ninja Scroll

25 years later, the legend of Drexciya still lives on, and a clear example is this new EP by the young RNXRX. While the title of the second song is... more...

12inch Struments: Musa01 remind

Whodamanny - Dancing Ritual


Dancing Ritual

Another double-tracker out from the Napoli's West Hill Studio, this time by the hands of Whodamanny delivering two Italian funk-disco jams entirely ma... more...

7inch Periodica: PRD1009 € 9,99

Privacy - New Product EP


New Product EP

Privacy returns to Klasse Wrecks after a 3 year hiatus and the wait has most certainly been worth the while. Four original tracks make up the 'New Pr... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks018 € 9,99

Buttechno - ZCAPRI



Killer stuf on Klasse Wrecks Sub label Zodiac! Frozen Russian plains rich with moondust and cybo-fog lie still, a faint rumble is heard from behind th... more...

12inch Zodiac 44: ZCAPRI remind

26-04-2018 - thursday

Volition Immanent - Volition Immanent

Volition Immanent

Volition Immanent

Since first joining forces in 2014, hardware freak Parrish Smith and former punk activist Mark van de Maat (founder of Amsterdam’s admirable Knekelhu... more...

LP Mind: MINDLP005 € 25,99

Miki The Dolphin - Life Of Marvin Vol. 3

Miki The Dolphin

Life Of Marvin Vol. 3

Alongside Farfa and Roby J, Miki The Dolphin kicked Italy’s Tuscan Techno movement into high-gear during the 1990’s. Lead track, Apple, incorporates... more...

12inch Life Of Marvin: LOM003 € 11,99

DJ Maaco / DJ Overdose - When Cities Collide II

DJ Maaco / DJ Overdose

When Cities Collide II

For the second release on RotterHague Records two new tracks from DJ Maaco, known for the unbeatable Detroit In Effect and also the illustrious Cyboni... more...

12inch RotterHague Records: RHR002 € 10,99

A Hand - Slow Injection EP

A Hand

Slow Injection EP

After leaving his noise-soaked techno signature on Details Sound with the uncompromising ‘Informations’ 12”, A Hand is returning to the label with a h... more...

12inch Details: DTLSND008 remind

25-04-2018 - wednesday

Essential Tremors - Discorporation

Essential Tremors


This is Essential Tremor's second and final album of all time. The band broke up after the recording of this record but still managed to play one fina... more...

Cassette Tape Tram Planet Records: TP006 € 9,99

23-04-2018 - monday

Jensen Interceptor - Nocturnal Fabric EP

Jensen Interceptor

Nocturnal Fabric EP

Here we go 2018! Luke Eargoggles Stilleben records is very proud to release the Australian producer "Jensen Interceptor" with his EP Nocturnal Fabric.... more...

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben050 remind

Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - Hyper Reality

Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code

Hyper Reality

Australian wunderkind's Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code step for CE024. 4 tracks of dark driving electro with a robotic stomper of a remix from CE... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CE024 € 9,99

Nu Guinea - Nuova Napoli

Nu Guinea

Nuova Napoli

Nu Guinea return to the scene with a new LP published by their newborn label NG RECORDS. NUOVA NAPOLI is the result of a long musical research that ha... more...

LP NG records: NG01 € 20,99

Planet Underground - Shtum 015

Planet Underground

Shtum 015

The new shtum comes from Planet Underground, a veteran Dresden resident who already contributed to the fact that the city was called "Little Detroit f... more...

12inch Shtum: Shtum015 € 9,99

Bernard Baschet, Michel Deneuve, Alain Dumont - 4 Espaces Sonores

Bernard Baschet, Michel Deneuve, Alain Dumont

4 Espaces Sonores

Rare 1979 recording of Bernard Baschet performing on his Sound Sculptures. The Baschet brothers are known worldwide as creators of Sound Sculptures, f... more...

2LP Transversales Disques: TRS04 € 25,99

Donato Dozzy - Mindless Fullness

Donato Dozzy

Mindless Fullness

''I and Donato always send each others the tracks we make and exchange feedbacks on what we do, but when He sent me this music for the first time for... more...

12inch Eerie: EE13 € 9,99

Bot1500 - Keeper of the Password EP
12inch Analogical Force: AF013 € 11,99

Melatonin Man - Cruise Control Love

Melatonin Man

Cruise Control Love

After last year's track Garrol on the Paerels compilation for island trips, Tammo Hesselink aka Melatonin Man is back with Cruise Control Love. The ti... more...

12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUS012 € 9,99

Noord Halle - Jefre

Noord Halle


Arising from the outskirts of Brussel is Noord Halle, a young and promising source of hard to beat fast paced electro tracks. Jefre EP might be his de... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK012 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pom Pom - Untitled

Pom Pom


Black strikes back. Pom Pom. Boom Boom. Ja Ja. more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton111 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Chinaski - Unruhe



Robert Johnson resident Chinaski makes his Omnidisc debut with 4 power cuts on the Polyester Series sub-label. Including a remix by Shokh.

12inch Omnidisc Polyester Series: OMDP003 remind

20-04-2018 - friday

Lokier - Last One


Last One

Distortion, static electricity & drum machines turned up to eleven, your next Punk-E Rave Party can be appropriately soundtracked with SQUIRRELS ON FI... more...

12inch Squirrels On Film: SOF003 € 11,49

Lena Willikens - Selectors 005

Lena Willikens

Selectors 005

Lena Willikens is the kind of artist who’s only capable of following one path – her own. In many ways, she’s the archetypal selector, an unpredictable... more...

2LP Dekmantel: DKMNTL-SLCTRS005 € 27,49

Pablo's Eye - Spring Break

Pablo's Eye

Spring Break

''Pablo’s Eye is the science of studio pressure, when engineer becomes artist. Appropriating left and right as well as front and back, Pablo’s Eye use... more...

LP Stroom: STRLP012 € 27,49

Quirke - Whities 015


Whities 015

Quirke returns with three introspective tracks that take inspiration from philosophical queries and wonderment related to both the world we live in no... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT015 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Agrippa - Mygraine Urgraine


Mygraine Urgraine

Rhythm adventures somewhere in between Grime, developed Electro & leftfield Techno

12inch Version.: Version011 (21336) € 11,99

Doris Norton - Norton Computer For Peace

Doris Norton

Norton Computer For Peace

Mannequin Records is proud to present a trilogy of reissues from the avantgarde Italian-born producer Doris Norton, ''Norton Computer For Peace'' (198... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ116 € 24,49

19-04-2018 - thursday

Kris Baha - Autora

Kris Baha


pinging deviant synths around nasty drum bite and channeling the gods of industrial darkness to make some rugged body music for the darker kind of dan... more...

EP Cocktail D'amore: CDA020 remind

Globex - Inversia 2
12inch Acting Press: PRESS010 € 9,99

18-04-2018 - wednesday

The Prince Stoner - Stoner's Dub
7inch The Prince Stoner: GRVDG004 remind

Cabaret Du Ciel - Skies In The Mirror

Cabaret Du Ciel

Skies In The Mirror

Cabaret Du Ciel was an electronic research project based on atmospheric ambient and harmonic textures. Luigi Morosin explores electric guitar soundsca... more...

LP Hybride Sentimento: HYB001 € 23,49

XOR Gate - Conic Sections

XOR Gate

Conic Sections

Gerald Donald frequently draws inspiration and references from wave theory and physics in his music. The former Drexciya member's latest alias, XOR Ga... more...

LP Tresor: Tresor299 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Umwelt - Abandon in place


Abandon in place

To celebrate New Flesh Records 20th release to date, French veteran DJ Umwelt (Shipwrec, Falling Ethics, Rave Or Die) returns to his own label with a... more...

LP New Flesh: NF20 remind

Various Artists - Trap Configurations

Various Artists

Trap Configurations

June Records presents a new compilation with live electronics, featuring music from Svengalisghost, Manie Sans Délire, newcomer Bruce Roach, Trenton C... more...

LP June: June13 remind

Ludgate Squatter  - U.K. Steel EP

Ludgate Squatter

U.K. Steel EP

Ludgate returns to West End Communications with a high energy, maximum impakt, club record. Ranging from fast paced techno to distorted electro, showc... more...

12inch West End Communications: WEC007 remind

16-04-2018 - monday

Beta Evers / Heinrich Mueller / Spatial Relation - Split

Beta Evers / Heinrich Mueller / Spatial Relation


Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the imminent release of, 'Beta Evers / Spatial Relation', a six-track 12'' E.P., that also features, Heinrich... more...

12inch Peripheral Minimal: PM020 € 12,99

Various - ACID FIKA



ACID FIKA, a slice of the Swedish Acid scene. Here we have an absolute massive compilation of current Acid from Sweden. Featuring Robert Leiner, Dunge... more...

2x12inch RE-303 Records: RE30303 € 21,99

Mr. Fingers - Cerebral Hemispheres

Mr. Fingers

Cerebral Hemispheres

Under one of his most notable guises, Larry Heard is pleased to present a new album for 2018. 'Cerebral Hemispheres' is his first full length album as... more...

3LP Alleviated: ML9017 € 25,99

De Sluwe Vos - Judas EP

De Sluwe Vos

Judas EP

Thick breakbeats, rolling drums and groovy acid lines combined with a ghostly background theme make this EP into straight-up clubready material. After... more...

12inch Patron: Patron004 € 9,99

Aleksi Perala - Colundi 17 (Europe)

Aleksi Perala

Colundi 17 (Europe)

** If you are located in Europe, please select this version, otherwise select Colundi 17 (World) ** Please read carefully. This limited edition (250 p... more...

Colundi 17 Colundi: APMU021eu € 134,58

Credit 00 - The Metal Beat EP

Credit 00

The Metal Beat EP

From Conrad Schnitzler in the 1960s to the pioneers of Detroit techno in the 1980s, experimental sonic artists were often inspired by the metallic noi... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat14 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L