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05-02-2019 - tuesday

Robert Hood - Internal Empire

Robert Hood

Internal Empire

Originally released in 1994, Tresor Records is proud to announce the reissue of Robert Hood’s ''Internal Empire''. A masterwork, then and now. ''Inter... more...

2x12inch Tresor: Tresor027LP € 29,99

Short-Term Memory - Plus or Minus Two

Short-Term Memory

Plus or Minus Two

Plus or Minus Two compiles four songs from Kansas City wave pioneers Short-Term Memory’s first cassette album, Every Head Needs Cleaning, with two pre... more...

12inch Seance Center: 12SC € 24,49

Nocturnal Emissions - Spiritflesh

Nocturnal Emissions


Mannequin Records is elated to start a serie of re-presses dedicated to the legendary Nocturnal Emissions, one of the best kept secrets of the industr... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ103 € 24,99

Decadance - On and On (Fears Keep On)


On and On (Fears Keep On)

Mannequin Records is proud to announce a new press of Decadance ''On And On (Fears Keep On)'', one of the most iconic underground Italo-wave track eve... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ055 remind

04-02-2019 - monday

Antena  - Camino del Sol


Camino del Sol

1982, Brussels: Living on busking wages and next door to Tuxedo Moon, Antena manage to make a contemporary bossa nova record that provides the missing... more...

Mini-LP Numero Group: NUM802LP remind

Various Artists - The Belligerents Vol.1

Various Artists

The Belligerents Vol.1

In 3 years DJ Nephil has taken Gravitational Waves into the contemporary dance music paradigm with tenacity. Nephil has built Gravitational Waves int... more...

12inch Gravitational Waves: GRTW006 € 9,99

PRZ - Blue Box


Blue Box

Emerging From the notorious H-town, PRZ & RAPHA open the gates of their own 'Chateau Royal' Imprint ! First up is PRZ, with Blue Box EP. A strong 6... more...

12inch Chateau Royal: CHR001 € 9,99

Ellen Allien - UFO

Ellen Allien


Ellen Allien launches her UFO Inc. label with an EP that features the epic 'UFO' which has been on heavy rotation in her DJ sets all summer long. Bet... more...

12inch UFO Inc.: UFO1 € 9,99

Jocelyn - Other Heights EP


Other Heights EP

Jocelyn is next up on the ESHU label with three tracks of deep and smoky techno that mark his solo debut. He is one of the co-founders of the ESHU col... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU013 € 9,99

CEM3340 / DJ Overdose - When Cities Collide V

CEM3340 / DJ Overdose

When Cities Collide V

Ear piercing highs with Earthquake bass on the fifth instalment of When Cities Collide by DJ Overdose and CEM3340

12inch RotterHague Records: RHR005 remind

Aleksi Perala - Sunshine 3

Aleksi Perala

Sunshine 3

Aleksi Perala with the last installment of the Sunshine series! Beautiful and bright modern electronix based on the Colundi musical tuning system. (qu... more...

2LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub038 € 21,99

Panoptique United Assholes  - Objectif Jeune, La, Les Chachats, La, Les

Panoptique United Assholes

Objectif Jeune, La, Les Chachats, La, Les

Panoptique is probably one the most prolific guy from the electronic punk scene in France, member of the collective Simple Music Experience, member of... more...

7inch Macadam Mambo: MMS202 € 14,49

Danny Daze + DeFeKt - Pulmotor

Danny Daze + DeFeKt


Danny Daze & DeFeKT cybernetically collaborate on this EP finalizing into two fierce electro tracks. Also includes two exclusive locked grooves which... more...

12inch Omnidisc: OMD020 € 9,99

Various Artists - Clear Memory 001

Various Artists

Clear Memory 001

Knock Knock – after three years of think tanking, digging records, talking gear and hosting events in and out of Leipzig, Clear Memory is showing up a... more...

12inch Clear Memory: CM001 remind

LNS & E-GZR - Crypto Stock / Beatdown (Wania 12inch Mix)


Crypto Stock / Beatdown (Wania 12inch Mix)

Silvery sharp & bouncy 12''. Techno-head E-GZR meets LNS on the A-side for stylistically and precise electro – where a globbing bassline competes with... more...

12inch Wania: WaniaPRE12-1 € 9,99

Mikron - Severance



Mikron return to CPU with their second album 'Severance'. The Corcoran brothers refine their critically acclaimed sound which has evolved to be more h... more...

2LP Central Processing Unit: CPU01000110 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sleep D - U+Zone / Centro

Sleep D

U+Zone / Centro

First of the year on Butter Sessions sees label heads Sleep D return with their first solo EP since 2017. Two unclassifiable, deep and euphoric banger... more...

12inch Butter Sessions: BSR021 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Transllusion - L.I.F.E.



Sealed copy! IMPORTANT: These are limited warehouse finds and are often unplayed, sealed or barely played copies, but have been stored in a humid envi... more...

LP Rephlex: CAT128LP (Warehouse find - box 08) € 59,99

Various Artists - Grime 2

Various Artists

Grime 2

Warehouse find! IMPORTANT: These are sealed copies but have been stored in a humid environment. Some copies might have slight storage damage like defo... more...

2LP Rephlex: CAT160LP (Warehouse find - box 08) € 49,99

01-02-2019 - friday

Black Merlin - Kode

Black Merlin


George Thompson also known as Black Merlin has finally come to forgather with the prophetic spheres of Die Orakel. His three-track EP called 'Kode' co... more...

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL12 € 9,99

31-01-2019 - thursday

Various Artists - Life & Death On A New York Dance Floor, 1980-1983 Part 2

Various Artists

Life & Death On A New York Dance Floor, 1980-1983 Part 2

For the last 20 years London-based author and party organiser Tim Lawrence has dedicated himself to excavating the history of New York City party cult... more...

2LP Reappearing Records: Reappearlp001PT2 remind

Locust - Red



Mark Van Hoen (prior jaunts in Seefeel, Scala, Autocreation among others) as Locust emerges with the first of a series of EPs for Transfusions that di... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-014 € 12,99

30-01-2019 - wednesday

Digital Tsunami - Digital Tsunami Tote Bag

Digital Tsunami

Digital Tsunami Tote Bag

Nice well crafted tote bag. Fits about 2 / 3 records, some pills and a book.

Merchandise Digital Tsunami: DT-TOTE € 27,99

Torn Hawk - Time Is A Scam

Torn Hawk

Time Is A Scam

Torn Hawk returns to L.I.E.S. and flips everything on its head broadcasting live and direct from a New Jersey basement. That's right, you can't make t... more...

LP + Download LIES: LIES127 € 26,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Buttechno - Minimal Cuts


Minimal Cuts

Buttechno explores minimal techno via a psychedelic filter of his own design. Gently modulating, dubwise, fun-spirited and most of all, funky bangers... more...

12inch Incienso: INC-005 remind

Kris Baha -  In Your Arms

Kris Baha

In Your Arms

No stranger to the darkness, Kris Baha takes us by the heart this time for the 8th she lost kontrol’s release. The sound of this 12? extended EP is s... more...

12inch She Lost Kontrol: SLK005 remind

Gossiwor - Domestic Saga


Domestic Saga

A selection of tracks from the excellent Gossiwar project (London's John T. Gast and Copenhagen's Boli ) gets a much appreciated vinyl outing. Huge ti... more...

12inch 5 Gate Temple: 5GT4SAGA € 17,49

28-01-2019 - monday

Tilliander - Cleanse And Manipulate


Cleanse And Manipulate

New label based from Madrid starts with the mighty Andreas Tilliander for their first 12"

12inch Fold: FOLD01 € 9,99

DJ Neumann - Rare Appearance

DJ Neumann

Rare Appearance

Mad, hypnotic rhythms and darker ambient by DJ Neumann. Contactless over Bank Transfer. Zero EUR paid. Brought to you by Funkycan & Max Gee. Double 1... more...

2x12inch Tax Free Records: TAX12003 € 18,99

Binh - Lost N Rex EP


Lost N Rex EP

Label head Binh with a double LP consisting of his own work and some collabs with Evan Baggs, Dj Masda and more more...

2x12inch Time Passages: TP10 € 24,49

Dibek - Frantic



/DL/MS/ have been shaking up Vienna's electro scene over the past two years with their idiosyncratic approach to techno bass music - be it in their d... more...

12inch Vigram: Vigram002 € 9,99

FFT - In-side



FFT returns with his follow up EP to the impressive debut 'fft1' that was released on Uncertainty Principle. 'in-side' showcases FFT's refined approac... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH004 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Intimacy - Earth Sciences EP


Earth Sciences EP

Lovely lush emotive dancetracks full of cosmic! vibes In the opening track, a male soothing voice warns us for a gravitational collapse, and he couldn... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL009 € 10,90

DMX Krew - Sweatisfaction

DMX Krew


More High Tech grooves and Electro-Wigglers from Breakin' boss Ed DMX including the live-set favourite ''Sweatisfaction''.

12inch Breakin' Records: BRK61 € 9,99

5ive - Planet Be EP


Planet Be EP

Sick Techno/Electronix by 5ive on the first release of Thinner Groove run by Powder

12inch Thinner Groove: THINNER001 remind

Svreca - An Unfolding Portrait


An Unfolding Portrait

New Svreca 12'' will appears on January 2019, completing an hiatus of almost 4 years from his last EP on Semantica. 'An Unfolding Portrait' is a colle... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem082 remind

25-01-2019 - friday

Various Artists - Alternative Funk: Volume 2

Various Artists

Alternative Funk: Volume 2

Platform 23 presents the 2nd collection of songs selected from the Alternative Funk series released Vox Man and VP 231 Records. Originally appearing i... more...

LP Platform 23: PLA024 remind

24-01-2019 - thursday

Thanos Hana - Ahead Dystopia LP

Thanos Hana

Ahead Dystopia LP

Raw and aggressive techno/electro, Tar Hallow's first cassette release is a full length album by Thanos Hana. more...

Cassette Tape + MP3 Tar Hallow: Hallow1 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Mover - Final Sickness (Remastered 2017)

The Mover

Final Sickness (Remastered 2017)

'The Final Sickness', originally released in 1993, is another The Mover masterpiece and its ten tracks transmit a crunchy thick and cold tone. Edging... more...

LP Phuture Planet: PP004V remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cestrian - Gradients



Cestrian (aka Ali Renault) lands on Mechatronica for the Berlin label's 10th release with a remarkably wide electro-driven EP, exploring different rim... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON010 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sonar Base - Sonar Bases 4 - 10

Sonar Base

Sonar Bases 4 - 10

The second release in January to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Frank de Groodt s career as a recording artist is a re-press of his legendary Sonar... more...

2x12inch U-Trax: 17UTRQDM2 € 21,49

23-01-2019 - wednesday

22-01-2019 - tuesday

Passarani - W.O.W.



Marco Passarani has been at it for over 25 yrs. Masterclass business from the Roman machine wizard - another special one for Dusseldorf's OFFEN. more...

2LP Offen Music: OFFEN010 € 19,99

Michael O Shea - Untitled

Michael O Shea


Having sold his instruments to fund a nomadic 1970s lifestyle, eccentric Irish experimentalist Michael O’Shea was forced to create his own handmade an... more...

LP Allchival: ACMOSLPX1 remind