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11-05-2017 - thursday

Actress - AZD



Darren Jordan Cunningham aka Actress returns with a new album and a new music system , 'AZD' (pronounced 'Azid'). An artist who has always preferred t... more...

2LP Ninja Tune: ZEN241 € 27,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Thoughts From Chicago Vol. 4

Various Artists

Thoughts From Chicago Vol. 4

Chicago's Eargasmic drops their 20th release with 8 strictly underground tracks from label boss Daryl Cura, Frique, Isoke, Chicago Skyway, and Dcook.... more...

2x12inch Eargasmic Recordings: EGC4020 remind

Theo Parrish - Parallel Dimensions

Theo Parrish

Parallel Dimensions

Theo Parrish's classic 'Parallel Dimensions' album redesigned and repressed for 2017. more...

2x12inch Sound Signature: SS-PD1 remind

Helena Hauff - A Tape

Helena Hauff

A Tape

Dark Entries is honored to present ‘A Tape’, a double LP of early work by Helena Hauff, a DJ and record producer based in Hamburg, Germany. At univers... more...

2LP Dark Entries: DE149 € 24,99

New York Disco (Various Artists) - Danceteria 1981-85

New York Disco (Various Artists)

Danceteria 1981-85

Fantastic 4 track EP of rare underground new wave disco tracks: John King ''Munich'', Klaus Schultz ''Macksy'', Escape from New York ''Save Our Love''... more...

12inch ZAUM: ZAUM27 remind

Solitary Dancer - Dualism

Solitary Dancer


Dark Entries is honored to release 'Dualism', the sophomore E.P. from contemporary Montreal-based duo, Solitary Dancer. They released an eponymously t... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE154 € 14,99

10-05-2017 - wednesday

DMX Krew - Artificial Gravity EP

DMX Krew

Artificial Gravity EP

DMX Krew and his arsenal of machines has touched on acid, electro, boogie, synth pop, techno, IDM, Italo disco and house of many different shades over... more...

12inch Modern Magic Records: MMR002 € 12,99

Nthng - The Traveller


The Traveller

Big debut release from Transatlantic as they unleash three storming techno numbers from nthng. You know the drill. Nobody is safe.

12inch Transatlantic: TAR001 € 13,99

Hymns - Waves of Nothing


Waves of Nothing

Making his return to Salt Mines, Hymns produces a debut 12” flecked with restrained breakbeats, off-kilter rhythms and glistening pads.

12inch Salt Mines: Salt005 remind

Martin Dupont - The Lights (Mick Wills Edits)

Martin Dupont

The Lights (Mick Wills Edits)

Another amazing round of edits by the legendary German DJ & producer Mick Wills! Big tip.

12inch Prego: PREGO004 remind

Synths Versus Me - Sex / Body / Touch

Synths Versus Me

Sex / Body / Touch

Recorded between October 2015 and September 2016 using real machines. more...

2LP Oraculo Records: OR-26SE-2017 € 57,99

09-05-2017 - tuesday

Raymond Scott - Soothing Sounds For Baby

Raymond Scott

Soothing Sounds For Baby

American composer Raymond Scott (1908-1994) had a long career as an innovator in the field of music. He formed the Raymond Scott Quintette in the 1930... more...

3LP Music On Vinyl: MOVLP1854 € 37,99

Armando Trovajoli - Brutti, Sporchi E Cattivi

Armando Trovajoli

Brutti, Sporchi E Cattivi

Goodfellas present a reissue of Armando Trovajoli's soundtrack for Brutti, Sporchi E Cattivi, originally released in 1976. The soundtrack composed by... more...

LP Goodfellas: GFOST004LP € 18,99

08-05-2017 - monday

Hexagon - Counter Utopia


Counter Utopia

Boris Bunnik dons his Hexagon scuba gear before diving into electronic abstraction and aquatic electricity. Counter Utopia brings together three works... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship046 € 9,99

Rhine - De Storm EP


De Storm EP

The ninth release on the DSR-C series comes from Rhine. A new name with his roots in atmospheric techno steps up for his first solo EP. 'De Storm'... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/C9 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kunst - Kunst



'Kunst' marks the first collaboration between these two heroes. John Cunnane, p.k.a. dgoHn & Jodey Kendrick, a.k.a J.K., Black Narcissus, Lord Of T... more...

2LP Kunst: Kunst002 € 19,99

Marco Shuttle - Systhema

Marco Shuttle


For its ninth release, Italian label Spazio Disponible looks to countryman Marco Shuttle for a first full length. 'Systhema' comes three years after h... more...

2LP Spazio Disponibile: Spazio009 € 19,99

Morah - #006



The eccentric producer and resident dj of the Phormix parties in Athens, Morah, after his releases on Return To Disorder, Berceuse Heroique and Lux Re... more...

12inch Vanila: VNL006 remind




Pleased to introduce you to our newborn SBC who got help from his friend Simi aus Frankfurt for this 4-tracker. Regular Dancefloor-Biz on A1 and B1, a... more...

EP Lackrec: LACK012 € 9,49

Various Artists - 10.IX

Various Artists


Ninth part of the series featuring Polar Inertia, Neel and Svreca first collab and DJ Nobu.

12inch Semantica: Sem10.IX € 9,99

Ligovskoi - Mana EP and Remixes


Mana EP and Remixes

Ligovksoi's new EP with remixes by Peder Mannerfelt, Abdulla Rashim, Polar Inertia and HBT. The duo Ligovskoi, between Bruxelles and Paris, has come... more...

2x12inch DEMENT3D: DM3D016 € 18,99

05-05-2017 - friday

Kilchhofer / Hainbach - Acosta

Kilchhofer / Hainbach


Little Mary strays from the pack, floating from one rock to another, in the midst of the narrow cascading river stream. Feeling the respirating leaves... more...

12inch Marionette: Marionette-LM01 remind

John Shima - Elements Unknown

John Shima

Elements Unknown

The EP entitled Elements Unknown, is pure techno for laying back in a dark room and floating away, highly detailed layers of electronic sounds interwe... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-05-2017 - thursday

Dont DJ - Gammellan (Dresvn Remix)

Dont DJ

Gammellan (Dresvn Remix)

Florian Meyer back on BH, with ten minutes of gamelan psychedelia, subtly and tensely minimalist as Terrence Dixon at his best. On the flip, Dresvn ta... more...

12inch Berceuse Heroique: BH029 € 15,49

EinKa & Terrence Dixon - Void

EinKa & Terrence Dixon


Post Detroit techno tracks. Less deliberately 'dark' than the one released last year but what we tend to call melancholy isn't obviously a negative fe... more...

12inch Goldmin: GMNV008 remind

Peter Westheimer - Cool Change LP

Peter Westheimer

Cool Change LP

If you walk into a record store you might discover Peter’s recordings filed under the usual headings: Electronic, Ambient, Experimental or New Age. Pe... more...

12inch Left Ear: LER1008 € 25,49

Dj Honesty - Remix EP (Dj Deep, Janaret, Sebo K)

Dj Honesty

Remix EP (Dj Deep, Janaret, Sebo K)

Remix session of the SCENARIO#5 release by DJ Honesty including Remixes by DJ Deep, Janeret and labelhead Sebo K. vinyl only, handstamped whitelabel.

12inch Scenario: Scenario007 remind

Cassegrain - ARCS03



Selected tracks from the first two releases, remixed by The Mover, Peder Mannerfelt and Shifted.

12inch Arcing Seas: ARCS03 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sean Dixon - Because EP

Sean Dixon

Because EP

Final Chapter return with an EP of deftly crafted house jams from Sean Dixon, that each tip their hat in the direction of Chicago.

12inch Final Chapter: Finalchapter007 remind

Brainwaltzera - Aescoba Ep


Aescoba Ep

Lovely new release by Brainwaltzera building onwards from the 00's modern electronica aesthetics. Must have for all fans of labels such as Rephlex, DU... more...

EP Film: FILM006 remind

JVXTA - Dream



JVXTA steps up to the plate fresh from his outing with Bokhari's Swamp Tape series to open the record with 'Dream', an atmospheric and jazzy number, u... more...

12inch Hardmatter: HM001 € 11,99

Alderaan - The Idea Of Having A Soul EP


The Idea Of Having A Soul EP

Alderaan (Mindtrip, Weekend Circuit) with some dreamy techno straight from Buenos Aeres.

12inch White Rose Records: WHITEROSE06 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

03-05-2017 - wednesday

Frankie Bones - Bonesbreaks Volume 16-1

Frankie Bones

Bonesbreaks Volume 16-1

The legendary Bonesbreaks serie started back in 1988 on Underworld Records and are elaborated irresistible sample-based tools for the working D.J.'s a... more...

12inch Musique Pour La Danse: MPD004 € 10,99

Differ-Ent - It's Good To Be Differ-Ent


It's Good To Be Differ-Ent

New project by DJ Bone. Solid album release with cool Detroit Tchno tracks. more...

3LP Don't Be Afraid: DBALP002 € 27,49

Ai Aso - Lone

Ai Aso


Tokyo's Ai Aso (???, As? Ai) is a Japanese psychedelic pop singer-songwriter whose work has a whisper-thin acid folk quality to it. She started perfor... more...

LP Ideologic Organ: IdeologicOrganSOMA017 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-05-2017 - monday

Nyra - Canoe 001


Canoe 001

Low profile retro break beat rave and Detroit inspired tracks. Vinyl only

12inch Canoe: Canoe001 € 9,99

Loss Of Gravity - Sotterranea

Loss Of Gravity


Mystic Deepness only for the aficionados.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM04 € 9,49

Trus'me - Planet 4 Remix EP 2


Planet 4 Remix EP 2

Andrés, DJ Seinfeld & Osunlade make up the second EP of remixes from the Trus'me Planet 4 LP. Andrés steps up in fine form with a beautifully subtle... more...

12inch Prime Numbers: PN35 € 9,99

Various Artists - Transmission Europa

Various Artists

Transmission Europa

Showcasing state-of-the-art Electro in varied stylistic facets, this is a transmission of some of Europe's finest Electronic Dance Music. From Germany... more...

12inch Pulse Drift Recordings: PDR002 € 10,99

Credit 00 - Recordings From Schonbrunn Strasse 2009 - 2012

Credit 00

Recordings From Schonbrunn Strasse 2009 - 2012

Having established himself through a consistent stream of quality releases for Uncanny Valley and the immaculate collection of Rat Life, Credit 00 - r... more...

Cassette Tape New York Haunted: NYH81 € 7,99

28-04-2017 - friday

Christopher Joseph - Space Crime Pt. 1
12inch Flexxseal: Flexxseal007 € 10,99

26-04-2017 - wednesday

25-04-2017 - tuesday

FBK  - From The Escaped Planets EP


From The Escaped Planets EP

Ohio-based producer FBK, real name Kevin M. Kennedy, who has a career spanning three decades and after a seminal release on Frictional Recordings back... more...

12inch REKIDS: RSPX01 € 10,99

Frak - Diseases



Femur Rec makes its debut as a recording label with a 12" by the Scandinavian trio, Frak. There is not much we can add about these three brilliant Swe... more...

12inch Femur: FMR001 € 11,99

24-04-2017 - monday

Various Artists - Datafunk v2.0 Sampler 1

Various Artists

Datafunk v2.0 Sampler 1

One of two very limited samplers of the Datafunk 2.0 project. Due to the project being considerably delayed a couple of artists pulled their tracks so... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS-DJS1 € 12,49

Mihail P - Sleeper EP

Mihail P

Sleeper EP

Breakthrough artist Mihail P's debut presents two stunning original tracks alongside mixes by young Hungarian wizard Gnork and the label's own Hutton... more...

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR028 € 9,49

Opuswerk / Lee Holman - Split EP 303

Opuswerk / Lee Holman

Split EP 303

The third release of the vinyl only label Another Earth is upon us and it's all about techno. Esther Duijn combines 2 acts together in a Split EP seri... more...

12inch Another Earth: AE303 € 8,99