AFAMoo - You Called And Told Me


You Called And Told Me

More super secret house + edits coming up via AFAMoo on UGONGETIT! Only on wax, imported from Tokyo via Helsinki.

12inch UGONGETIT: UGONGETIT004 remind

CoastDream - Shine



CoastDream returns to X-Kalay with the summer heaters! After over a year’s hiatus and much hard labour in the studio he follows up his hugely successf... more...

12inch X-Kalay: XK014 remind

Freddy Fresh - Moving Forward

Freddy Fresh

Moving Forward

Where We Met is proud to present its new sublabel Spaziotempo. The first release is from the Minneapolis techno legend Freddy Fresh and it's a banging... more...

12inch Spaziotempo: SPTM001 remind

S.A.M. - Prolific Trilogy 009.2


Prolific Trilogy 009.2

Second part of the Prolific Trilogy series from S.A.M. on Delaphine. 'Money Blues' is a monster banger reminiscent of mid 90's french house but with a... more...

12inch Delaphine: Delaphine009.2 remind

Vedelius - Vedelius EP


Vedelius EP

What a wonderful outlier on Holland's 030303 label, this one! Lush breaks, with hints of UK hardcore and classic bleep house inhabit this wonderful EP... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP014 remind

Antoni Maiovvi - The Ken Russell EP

Antoni Maiovvi

The Ken Russell EP

Maiovvi makes his omnidisc debut with a 3 tracker exploring a world made of lo-fi, hi-nrg horror dance.

12inch Omnidisc: OMD019 remind

O Yama O - O Yama O

O Yama O

O Yama O

O YAMA O explores a certain domestic and democratic quality of everyday life, born through associations to folk music of Japan and a folding of myth,... more...

LP Mana: Mana007 remind

Robert Hood - DJ Kicks

Robert Hood

DJ Kicks

Detroit’s pioneering techno giant Robert Hood is next to take the reins of the DJ-Kicks mix series. It’s hard to talk about techno without Robert Hood... more...

2x12inch + Download !K7: K7376LP remind

Bobby Analog - BF004

Bobby Analog


Bobby Analog brings the grooves once again on the latest for his own imprint Body Fusion. Pulsing, feel-good house throughout!

12inch Body Fusion: BF004 remind

Reto A Ichi - The Lapse Of The Exchange / Alone Moving Often

Reto A Ichi

The Lapse Of The Exchange / Alone Moving Often

The act of escaping that which is predestined. / A hustle Reto A Ichi is a sonic tabula rasa for Guillermo Herren AKA Prefuse 73. There are dentifiabl... more...

2x12inch + Download !K7: K7363LP remind

Ellen Allien - Take A Stand Remixes

Ellen Allien

Take A Stand Remixes

Ellen Allien’s “Take a Stand” receives four remixes that highlight and amplify the original track’s unrestrained power. From Kobosil’s anthemic rave b... more...

12inch Bpitch Control: BPC338 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Peverelist - Bluez (Classic mix) / Und_92


Bluez (Classic mix) / Und_92

Pev re-masters and re-issues a lead track from his debut LP 'Jarvik Mindstate' on Punch Drunk alongside a newly unearthed and previously unreleased tr... more...

12inch Punch Drunk: Drunk035 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Eric Maltz presents Cristina Valentina - Naked Broken

Eric Maltz presents Cristina Valentina

Naked Broken

New York producer and pianist Eric Maltz recently moved to Berlin. In 2017, he released his first record on Levon Vincent’s Novel Sound, including the... more...

12inch Possible Futures: WCH004 remind

TM404 - Endor Trico


Endor Trico

You know that warm feeling of anticipation, standing on a platform waiting for the train to bring a loved one home to you? That's what a new Tilliande... more...

12inch Kontra Musik: KMWL011 remind

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt - Desert Sessions

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt

Desert Sessions

Hazy, psychedelic, left-field club music by L.I.E.S affiliate Delroy Edwards and avant-pop provocateur Dean Blunt

LP L.A. Club Resource: LACR024 remind

Radial - Tympana EP


Tympana EP

*** ex nihilo, twelve, cash, moonwalker, wolf, pyro, knives, flesh, sun, doors, death, whistle, doves, two, postcard, skies, mice, you. *** more...

2x12inch Mord: MORD056 remind

Various Artists - The World Of Monnom Black

Various Artists

The World Of Monnom Black

Monnom Black marks its 17th release with its first various artist compilation presented on triple vinyl. Keeping with the label's modus operandi, the... more...

3x12inch Monnom Black: MONNOM017 remind

Various Artists - On (The Sound Of On Records 87-89)

Various Artists

On (The Sound Of On Records 87-89)

This is a compilation of tracks from The ON label which was active in South Africa between 1987-1992, an era following the end of the apartheid regime... more...

3LP Egoli Records: EGOLI002 remind

Carola Baer - The Story Of Valerie

Carola Baer

The Story Of Valerie

First up is Carola Baer's The Story of Valery, which is comprised of music from a one-off demo cassette found in a thrift store. Beautiful personal &... more...

LP Concentric Circles: CC001 remind

Thabang Tabane - Matjale

Thabang Tabane


Beautiful contemporary African music. Deep percussion with great guitar playing and vocal chants on top. Driving basslines all over the album. Spiritu... more...

LP Mushroom Hour Half Hour: M3H ART003 remind

San Proper, Hreno & The Mole - Friendly Tears EP

San Proper, Hreno & The Mole

Friendly Tears EP

Here we see San Proper and The Mole make a welcome return to the imprint following solo EP’s, this time they join forces with Hreno for a three track... more...

12inch Sound Of Vast: SOV014 remind

Ourra - Crystal Palms


Crystal Palms

After his two 7'' releases on Star Creature, Ourra drops an 8 track Lp full of lush soundscapes composed of vintage synths and thematic astro vibes. T... more...

LP Star Creature: SC1214 remind

Nonetheless - Nonetheless LP


Nonetheless LP

Welcome to the seductive groove of Nonetheless, a new duo formed of Florian Bocksrucker and Felix Bergleiter, and the first LP on Neubau. Across four... more...

LP Neubau: BAU010 remind

Jordan GCZ - Pinball Lizard EP

Jordan GCZ

Pinball Lizard EP

Flippers at the ready... High Scoring EP from one of the hardest working producers we know. The A side is a pacey affair - a multi-ball dancefloor bat... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHM029 remind

Aswa - Leftlovers



Tape Archive presents ASWA's first project: leftlovers. A computer music selection collected from 2014 to 2018, built in 2 parts (Études and Attempts) more...

12inch Tape Archive: Tac1 remind

Various Artists - Binoclorized Ep

Various Artists

Binoclorized Ep

Hearing Colours is a new imprint based between Berlin and Miami. The label's debut release is a stunning V/A features the talents of Pohl, Onirik, Fel... more...

12inch Hearing Colours: HC001 remind

Chymera - Noise Tool


Noise Tool

Noise Tool is a pair of techno cuts, each almost breaching 10 minutes and custom fit to the dancefloor dedicated sound Maeve has become known for. The... more...

12inch Maeve: Maeve14 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Musumeci & Phunkadelica / Stereocalypse - Romantico Disco EP

Musumeci & Phunkadelica / Stereocalypse

Romantico Disco EP

The long musical tradition of electro-disco, Italo style, foregrounds Innervisions’ newest release. Bringing together five producers for a celebration... more...

12inch Innervisions: IV82 remind

Jamal Moss  - R-Spirits Will Not Be Broken Ep

Jamal Moss

R-Spirits Will Not Be Broken Ep

''This double pack vinyl release opens up with the uniquely raw deep house of ‘Salvation is the Cure’, featuring icy hi hats and jacking drums which a... more...

2x12inch Tuskegee Music: TKG012 remind

DJ Nature  - Conflicted Interests EP

DJ Nature

Conflicted Interests EP

Bristol's Milo Johnson aka DJ Nature has long been the man for those lowdown, dusted-out late night jams that simply ooze soul and atmosphere. Having... more...

12inch FWD EVR: FwdEvr001 remind

Psyk - Voiceprint remixes


Voiceprint remixes

Peter Van Hoesen, Shifted, Neel rmxs

12inch Non Series: Non033 remind

Younger Than Me - XXX006

Younger Than Me


XXX006 is created by the upcoming duo Younger Than Me. With stellar releases on Bordello A Parigi and Tusk Wax with diverse music that ranges from dis... more...

12inch XXX The Label: XXX006 remind

Various Artists - Bunk001

Various Artists


First release on the new Copenhagen imprint, featuring tracks by DJ IBON, Lund&Rønde and Stealth Boys, all from the local BunkerBauer crew. The releas... more...

12inch Bunkerbauer: Bunk001 remind

Deep Dimension  - So 1992

Deep Dimension

So 1992

Banging ravey techno by this Dutch duo.incl Radio Slave & P. Leone Remixes

12inch REKIDS: REKIDS127 remind

Free Love - Luxury Hits

Free Love

Luxury Hits

Luxury Hits is an open-hearted love letter to possible futures. Trans-temporal projection through pop music for dancefloors. The music is about breaki... more...

LP Full Ashram: FULL001 remind

Agnarkea - Black Helicopters


Black Helicopters

Black Helicopters is Agnarkea (Keaton Transue); a 20 year old producer from Richmond, Virginia, whose debut album is forthcoming on Manchester-based l... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural023 remind

Various Artists - Touched Electronix 001

Various Artists

Touched Electronix 001

Touched Music and Furthur Electronix two forward thinking labels have merged together to put out exclusive compilations. Putting some of the best musi... more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: TE001 remind

Various Artists - Furthur Journeys Into Electronix 1

Various Artists

Furthur Journeys Into Electronix 1

Taking you on a journey into some of the best electronix on one 12'', showcasing known and unknown artists with unreleased material. more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE011 remind

B12 - Time Tourist (reissue)


Time Tourist (reissue)

Warp travel back to the lost futures of 1996 with this first-ever reissue of Time Tourist, the second album from the pioneering ambient techno produce... more...

2LP + Download Warp: WARPLP37R remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Blutch  - 4 My Peeps


4 My Peeps

After the noticed 'L'île' with Terrence Parker then 'Last Dance With Lolea' with Red Rack' em, this new adventure stamped '4 My Peeps' invites Strip S... more...

12inch Barbeque: BBQ003 remind

Peverelist - IDLE050



The Bristol label ran from the record shop the same name reaches its 50th release. Peverelist returns to mark the occasion having put out the first 12... more...

12inch Idle Hands: IDLE050 remind

Nous'klaer Audio - NOUS/KLAER Tote Bag

Nous'klaer Audio


Doublesided print on 170grs fair trade and organic cotton tote bag by EarthPositive.

Merchandise Nous klaer Audio: NOUSTOTE2 remind

ASOK - To Think I Hesitated


To Think I Hesitated

Northern DJ & producer ASOK returns to Lobster following a 1.5 year break from the grind, getting right back in the deep with four deep, brooding club... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LT-UNDR-03 remind

616 - Amor Amor Amor


Amor Amor Amor

Lots of Love from South of Italy...the 7th release of seekers sublabel Twig comes from 616....all tracks are produced and recorded in 2018.

12inch Twig: SSL007 remind

Wolves Bay - There & Back EP

Wolves Bay

There & Back EP

Out of early mornings & contemplation come 3 tracks of sheer beauty ready to reunite with urban dancefloors.

12inch Wolves Bay: WB002 remind

Cromie - Cromie’s Habit


Cromie’s Habit

Supreme breakbeat house, floor-focused leftfield grooves, and a rhythmic ambient chiller.

12inch Material Image: MATIMG06 remind