Slim Media Player - Quicksand

Slim Media Player


Slim Media Player returns to Pacific Rhythm with a wonderfully original EP, Quicksand, his first new material since 2016’s Rhythms Of The Pacific Volu... more...

12inch Rhythms Of The Pacific: PR005 remind

Molly - Waves



Molly's debut EP for Giegling with some tight modern club tracks Giegling style!

EP Giegling: glg022 remind

Various Artists - LMD 002

Various Artists

LMD 002

The second installment of Argentinean record shop and label 'La Montana Discos' includes one track of each of its founders. Four club tracks straight... more...

12inch La Montana Discos: LMD002 remind

Crown Heights Affair - Limited Edition Double Pack

Crown Heights Affair

Limited Edition Double Pack

Limited Edition Double Pack featuring four classic tracks from the Disco-Funk period. Fully licensed and remastered from the original tapes. more...

2x12inch Groovin Records: GR1244 remind

DJ Skull - Country Air EP

DJ Skull

Country Air EP

Chicago legend DJ Skull shines on the fourth Shift Imprint release with a brilliant 4 tracker that will make your mind travel far! From western movie... more...

12inch Shift Imprints: Shifimpr004 remind

Various Artists - Drome Tapes EP2

Various Artists

Drome Tapes EP2

A1 Tjeerd Verbeek - Praying Mantis A2 Paradize - Computerized Masturbation B1 Bitch & Bites - Exposed B2 Syndrome - Come On

12inch Tabernacle records: TABR044 remind

Epi Centrum - Excrescence

Epi Centrum


A massive dose of muscular-yet obsessively detailed acid funk techno! more...

LP Synewave: SWLP03 remind

Derek Carr - SA 002

Derek Carr

SA 002

Subconscious Algorithms release their second transmission from man machine Derek Carr. SA002 follows on from Derek's groundbreaking album on Subwax. I... more...

12inch Subconscious Algorithms: SA002 remind

Various Artists - From The Dark Volume 3

Various Artists

From The Dark Volume 3

Following volumes 1 & 2, Cultivated Electronics label-head Sync 24 hails another world-class line up to the helm to bring 'From The Dark' to a strong... more...

2LP Cultivated Electronics: CE028 remind

T N - 18B
12inch Flux: FXWL18B remind

R.E.M. - Computer Communication


Computer Communication

Limited remastered edition of one of the early eleCtro underground Italian releases that became a classic in the Chicago house movement

12inch Best: BSTX048 remind

Unknown Artist - WLSLTD08

Unknown Artist


8th edition of the Wilson Records limited series dedicated to physical record stores. 350 Hand-Numbered / Hand-Stamped copies.

12inch Wilson Records: WLSLTD08 remind

Intimacy - Earth Sciences EP


Earth Sciences EP

Lovely lush emotive dancetracks full of cosmic! vibes In the opening track, a male soothing voice warns us for a gravitational collapse, and he couldn... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL009 remind

Moomin - Concrete Grounds


Concrete Grounds

Moomin is back on his label 'Closer'. Following his album 'Yesterday’s Tomorrows', released last May on 'Wolf', the northern German Berliner-by-choice... more...

12inch Closer Music: Closer009 remind

Youkounkoun - Senorita



Youkounkoun is a new french duo, formed by Jeff Lasson (Get A Room) and Gaëtan Rossi (The Elricks)

12inch Edit du Plaisir: EDP004 remind

Jean-Georges - Sehnsucht



Giegling's Vril, Anno Stamm and Margaret Dygas remixing French experimentalist Luc Marianni.

12inch DDD: DDD-EEP-T03 remind

Vedit - Vedit 05


Vedit 05

Serious vibes for the loosest dancers.

10inch Vedit: VEDIT05 remind

AutoKinetic - In Search Of (Nimoy mix)


In Search Of (Nimoy mix)

AutoKinetic (Mike McClure) returns to Analog Records with an aural expedition through atmospheric synthscapes and elastic acid basslines. ''''In Searc... more...

12inch Analog Records: Analog047 remind

Boo Williams - A Little Something EP

Boo Williams

A Little Something EP

Originally released in 1998, this is one of the most iconic of Boo’s 90's records, showing his musical skill as a producer who can move between deep h... more...

12inch Groovin Records: GR1243 remind

MW Parsons & Marck - Altvornorge

MW Parsons & Marck


BORNEO 007 delivers four cuts of weird wave, leftfield and dance floor minded material in various BPM’s. TIP! . Mystery man MW Parsons takes care... more...

12inch Borneo: BORNEO007 remind

Succhiamo - Mani In Fuoco


Mani In Fuoco

New one on Antinote.. Broken glass, dogs barking & cats roaring: Succhiamo is back and gives us news from the scrapyarh with punkish synthpop traxx S... more...

2LP antinote: ATN044 remind

Tim Jackiw - Endless Cycles

Tim Jackiw

Endless Cycles

More archival techno and deep electronics from Australian producer Tim Jackiw via Offworld Records. Limited release on orange translucent vinyl! TIP!... more...

12inch Offworld: OFFWORLD004 remind

Unknown Artists - Wave Emoji / Fuoriorario

Unknown Artists

Wave Emoji / Fuoriorario

New series of limited, special and secret 7inches on Art-Aud. Various artists will contribute to this new chapter by remaining anonymous. 2 artists -... more...

7inch Art-Aud: XXX01 remind

Sol Ortega - The Blue Club Ep

Sol Ortega

The Blue Club Ep

Sol Ortega (Buenos Aires) provides an epic Detroit Techno release with Motor City chord stabs and string orchestration with The Blue Club EP. Both The... more...

12inch Rhythmnation: RHYTHMNATION100 remind

Alton Miller - Afro Patterns Ep

Alton Miller

Afro Patterns Ep

Detroit's Alton Miller bares his soul through the ''Afro Patterns'' EP on Division 81. Based on his South African travels, Alton transmits tribal vibr... more...

12inch DIVISION81 RECORDS: DIV-002 remind

Kalim Shabazz - Pressure Cooked Ep

Kalim Shabazz

Pressure Cooked Ep

Dailysession's 20th vinyl release is this 3 track EP of deep soulful house from New Yorker Kalim Shabazz (who has had releases on Wave Music, King Str... more...

12inch Dailysession: DSR020 remind

FFT - In-side



FFT returns with his follow up EP to the impressive debut 'fft1' that was released on Uncertainty Principle. 'in-side' showcases FFT's refined approac... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH004 remind

Soundwalk Collective - Death Must Die

Soundwalk Collective

Death Must Die

Soundwalk Collective is a multi-disciplinary audio-visual collective founded by Stephan Crasneanscki, including members Simone Merli and Kamran Sadegh... more...

12inch Marionette: Marionette08 remind

Luc Ferrari - L'Escalier Des Aveugles

Luc Ferrari

L'Escalier Des Aveugles

L’Escalier des Aveugles, or The Stairway of the Blind, was commissioned in November 1990 by Spanish National Radio (Radio Nacional de España). Asked... more...

LP Mana: Mana006 remind

Linkwood - System



Linkwood's debut album System from way back in 2010 finally gets a timely reissue on his own imprint Night Theatre. Fresh with a new two colour screen... more...

2x12inch Night Theatre: NT202 remind

Jazz Community - Revisited

Jazz Community


A compilation of lost tracks by the Zurich based ''Jazz Community''. One of the most important Post-Bop and Modal Jazz bands from Europe. The Sextet f... more...

LP Sonorama: SONOL109 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

O' Girl - Street Roller

O' Girl

Street Roller

This is a special release... Sometimes you just feel right about it... O'girl is Ellinor Jackson P, hailing from Karlskrona - Sweden. Her experiments... more...

12inch Borft: og100 remind

Jocelyn - Other Heights


Other Heights

Jocelyn is next up on the ESHU label with three tracks of deep and smoky techno that mark his solo debut. He is one of the co-founders of the ESHU col... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU013 remind

Gerd - Easin' In The S-System


Easin' In The S-System

Re-issue of Gerd's atmopsheric & mysterious techno track "Easin' In The S-System" originally released on Brave New World in 1994. Package includes pre... more...

12inch Frame Of Mind: FOM011 remind

Various Artists - Scientia

Various Artists


In this record you can find cosmic electro with more experimental and melodic electronica. Intelligent electronic music in its purest form. more...

12inch Blind Allies: BAREC008 remind

Bodyjack - Twice Bitten EP


Twice Bitten EP

Fresh off his recent "Nataraja EP" for DEXT and an upcoming appearance on Sunil Sharpe's "Eel Behaviour" series on Earwiggle, Bodyjack's Bodytrax labe... more...

12inch Bodytrax: Bodytrax005 remind

La Batterie - Let There Be Drums

La Batterie

Let There Be Drums

First opus of the new series is La Batterie, by the UK’s Richard Podolor and Sandy Nelson in 1983 in the hypnotic shimmering disco of “Let There Be Dr... more...

12inch Kalahari Oyster Cult: OYSTERTRIBE1 remind

Secret Squirrel - Secret Squirrel no19

Secret Squirrel

Secret Squirrel no19

No19 in the secret squirrel edits series.

12inch Secret Squirrel: SS19 remind

Joutro Mundo / JKriv - Greetings From The Bin

Joutro Mundo / JKriv

Greetings From The Bin

The end of the year signals the time when Brazilians start to think about heading to the beach and those all important Barefoot Beats. The euphoric an... more...

10inch Barefoot Beats: BB09 remind

Gary Beck - Dal Riata

Gary Beck

Dal Riata

Proper big room techno!

2LP Bek Audio: Beklp01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L