Howl Ensemble - Be Punk As Fuck EP

Howl Ensemble

Be Punk As Fuck EP

Italian duo Howl Ensemble team up with Turquoise Blue to release four infectious cuts entitled ‘Be Punk As Fuck’ EP.

12inch Turquoise Blue: TQR022 remind

DMX Krew - Malekko Phase Mod

DMX Krew

Malekko Phase Mod

Idiosyncratic producer DMX Krew offers up four playful acid-tinged tracks for the Malekko Phase Mod EP, released through eclectic Spanish label/club n... more...

12inch Fanzine records: FAN008 remind

Swoy - 011
12inch Oge: OGE011 remind

Gaia Tones - Lychees / Wonkadonk

Gaia Tones

Lychees / Wonkadonk

In a landscape increasingly dominated by surface-level sonics and a lack of true organic – man-made-machine-driven - sound, the newly found and London... more...

12inch Gaia Tones: GT001 remind

Espen T. Hangard - Elementaer

Espen T. Hangard


Only three months after the release of the solo debut Primaer, Oslo based producer Espen T. Hangard presents his second LP Elementaer. Bristling with... more...

LP Galleberg Forlag: GFLP03 remind

Memorial Home - Earth

Memorial Home


After the last release of the Berlin-based producer Glos, Flyance Records comes back with with its eleventh release and a Memorial Home EP. After t... more...

12inch Flyance: FLY011 remind

Julian Muller - Frustration

Julian Muller


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Julian Muller joins the Collective with a brilliant release that exposes at the... more...

12inch Arts Collective: ARTSCOLLECTIVE029 remind

Anthony Naples - Fog FM

Anthony Naples

Fog FM

Fog FM is a house music transmission filtered through fluorescent static, from a station out of place and time. more...

12inch ANS: ANS3000 remind

Massimo Amato - Lost Sunsets

Massimo Amato

Lost Sunsets

The ever forward-thinking and experimental Pregnant Void label welcomes electroacoustic sound sculptor Massimo Amato for a spellbinding new album, Los... more...

2x12inch Pregnant Void: OUT-PV05 remind

Upsammy - Branches On Ice


Branches On Ice

Upsammy returns to Die Orakel for her second EP entitled Branches On Ice – four tracks full with crystal clear, multi-layered textures.

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL13 remind

P.E.A.R.L. - Life Of Pleasures EP
12inch Mord: MORD061 remind

Andrew Renew - Dark Memories

Andrew Renew

Dark Memories

Three electro cuts from 90’s by Andrew Renew

12inch Renew: RENEW000 remind

Zak Moon - Mineral

Zak Moon


A highly classified government file recently revealed that Zak Moon, a prodigious astronaut from NYC, has established contact with extraterrestrial li... more...

12inch Mineral: MINERAL003 remind

Komodo Kolektif - Sundada

Komodo Kolektif


Stunning debut LP from Komodo Kolektif featuring contributions from the legendary Jon Keliehor

LP Invisible Inc: Invinc22 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DAWL - Time To Throw Down EP


Time To Throw Down EP

UK hardcore alumni DAWL joins Craigie Knowes for the 19th EP on the varied Scottish imprint. 'Let's Go' blends breaks and acid while 'Drop It' and 'He... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP19 remind

ITPDWIP - Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0

Greek producer ITPDWIP (Lobster Theremin / brokntoys) is in charge of the third release of NNY Records, a mini LP comprised of seven magnificent songs... more...

12inch NNY: NNY003 remind

Nene H - Feast

Nene H


SPFDJ's Intrepid Skin label returns with this blistering 4 tracker from Nene H

12inch Intrepid Skin: SKIN002 remind

62nd Cell - The Wood For The Trees

62nd Cell

The Wood For The Trees

62ND CELL (reads sixty-second-cell) is the latest alias of UK producer Dave Campbell aka Hi-RYZE but also Ubik, Timenet, Kibu, Autonation and other so... more...

12inch Yozmaz: YOZMAZ003 remind

Employee, Funkycan - Windy Pipes / Surfing Swan

Employee, Funkycan

Windy Pipes / Surfing Swan

Two magical fantasy tracks from next week, written and produced by Max Graef (A-side) and Am Kinem (B-side)

7inch Beatbude: BB015 remind

Silent Witness - Year of The Snake

Silent Witness

Year of The Snake

Two Bleep-tastic masterpieces re-mastered from a lost DAT tape, courtesy of this infamous producer AKA Silent Witness. This is the first in a four-pa... more...

12inch Silent Witness: SW001 remind

DJ Nature - Comforting Fantasies EP

DJ Nature

Comforting Fantasies EP

Breezy MPC house jams of the highest quality, ‘Flutter’ manages to fuse David Lynch style pads and earthy vocals with a marching rhythm, whilst ‘A Mom... more...

12inch Future boogie: FBR066 remind

Etienne Jaumet - Etienne Jaumet in Dub Part 1 (DJ Sotofett / I:Cube Remixes)

Etienne Jaumet

Etienne Jaumet in Dub Part 1 (DJ Sotofett / I:Cube Remixes)

Versatile presents part one of a two-part 7 inch series featuring dub versions of selected tracks from Etienne Jaumet's latest album, ''8 regards obli... more...

12inch Unknown: VER126 remind

Mall Grab & Nite Fleit - Moogie EP

Mall Grab & Nite Fleit

Moogie EP

LFT003 is an introduction to the music that Jordon Alexander (Mall Grab) and long-time friend, housemate and sometimes-DJ-partner Alysha Fleiter (Nite... more...

12inch Looking For Trouble: LFT003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Simone de Kunovich - Mondo Nuovo Vol. 1

Simone de Kunovich

Mondo Nuovo Vol. 1

Venetian born Simone de Kunovich takes the Superconscious sound into refreshingly bizarre territory with his debut 12” Mondo Nuovo Vol. 1. A student o... more...

12inch Superconscious Records: SCR012 remind

Various Artists - Trust Issues

Various Artists

Trust Issues

Banoffee Pies Records ninth edition to their original series lands on BP009 featuring Vancouver duo Plush Managements Inc. aka D. Tiffany, rising prod... more...

12inch Banoffee Pies: BP009 remind

Lost Souls of Saturn - The Awakening (James Holden Remix)

Lost Souls of Saturn

The Awakening (James Holden Remix)

Following the release of their short film 'The Awakening' and its accompanying single, Lost Souls Of Saturn share the first remix in 9 years by revere... more...

12inch R&S: RS1908 remind

Chris Moss Acid - Lill Chill

Chris Moss Acid

Lill Chill

No many words needed for this record except that we are more than pleased to welcome into our home an artist that we always admired a lot, who always... more...

12inch Art-Aud: A-A04 remind

Octave One - Locus of Control Vol. 1

Octave One

Locus of Control Vol. 1

Side One kicks off with ‘Lies In Truth’, euphoric piano meets melodic stabs layered with feel good crescendos and a positive uplifting baseline. Intel... more...

12inch 430 west: 4W715 remind

Yak - Termina EP


Termina EP

R&S welcome emerging UK bass and techno producer Yak AKA John Randall for a 5 track EP of rugged broken beat techno, following up stellar EPs for Vers... more...

12inch R&S: RS1906 remind

Kris Baha - My Master

Kris Baha

My Master

Kris Baha is back on Pinkman Records following up his 'Can't Keep The Fact' EP last year with another great release rich in energy, rhythm and under t... more...

Mini-LP Pinkman: Pnkmn033 remind

Dreams - Beacon Of Power


Beacon Of Power

Private Selection Records founder and curator Dreams comes crashing in with a 6-tracker falling between thick body music and gnarly, frenzied electro.... more...

Mini-LP Pinkman: Pnkmn032 remind

Eliphino - Realistic Sex EP


Realistic Sex EP

A stunning EP of thunderous breaks, 303’s and serious sub-bass pressure.

12inch Meda Fury: MF1901 remind

Unknown - The Lost Chicago Beat Traxx (1988) Vol. 2


The Lost Chicago Beat Traxx (1988) Vol. 2

Another batch of jacked up beat traxxtaken from some tapes found in some basement or so... Classic material! (Jerome Derradji Remix)

12inch Stilove4music: STILOVE4MUSIC050 remind

Frisk - Untitled



Frisk - A shortlived, late 90's project brought to you by the team of Terry Francis, Jiten Acharya & Gideon Jackson, all active members of South Londo... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC026 remind

Innercore Project - Volume 1

Innercore Project

Volume 1

4 excellent old skool but modern Jungle Tekno tunes

12inch Innercore Project: ICP001 remind

Matrixxman & Physical Therapy - Threads EP

Matrixxman & Physical Therapy

Threads EP

An alienating, sinister take on techno that somehow manages to not fully lose faith in dire times. more...

12inch Nonplus: NONPLUS048 remind

B.U.M. - Feel Alright


Feel Alright

Cosmic Rhythm is proud to release 4 cuts of superb piano house found on an old cassette tape recorded years ago and believed lost.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM13 remind

Pacou / X319 / Anja Zaube / Fragmentiert - Connwax 06

Pacou / X319 / Anja Zaube / Fragmentiert

Connwax 06

Versatile techno compliation with some real killer tunes from the eastern parts of Germany on Leipzig's Connwax label. Tracks by Tresor veteran Pacou,... more...

12inch Connwax: Connwax06 remind

Credit 00 - Deep In the Jungle

Credit 00

Deep In the Jungle

Two years ago Credit 00 was lucky enough to find a flat with a winter garden in the midst of the city's concrete vastness. Setting up his studio there... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV053 remind

rhr - Nocturnal Fear


Nocturnal Fear

Forward thinking electro/techno cuts with crushed sound and distinctive rhythms by RHR who's makes his omnidisc debut with this 4 track Ep. Another s... more...

12inch Omnidisc: OMD021 remind

Piska Power - Irma Infekt

Piska Power

Irma Infekt

Cassette Tape Kess Kills: KECS003 remind