Lord Tusk - Tell Me feat Tyson  / Healer

Lord Tusk

Tell Me feat Tyson / Healer

7 inch bizniz with the mighty Lord Tusk doing his thing.

7inch Outer Time Inner Space: OTIS006 remind

Circa 2000 - Faith Healer

Circa 2000

Faith Healer

Synth pop on Lapsus from CPU affiliate Circa 2000

2LP Lapsus: LPS20 remind

Cylob - Lobster Tracks


Lobster Tracks

IMPORTANT: These are limited warehouse finds and are often sealed, unplayed or barely played copies, but have been stored in a humid environment. Some... more...

12inch Rephlex: CAT076EP remind

Gloved Hands - A Great Long Pause

Gloved Hands

A Great Long Pause

Night Young is proud to present A Great Long Pause, an EP by California based musician Gloved Hands. This is his debut 12” and it is not to be missed.... more...

12inch Unknown: NTYG004 remind

Scan 7 - Between Worlds

Scan 7

Between Worlds

Of indisputable +313 vintage, Scan 7 with deep roots in the rich musical heritage of Detroit techno, announce their new triple vinyl album since 20 ye... more...

3x12inch Deeptrax: DPTX021 remind

Oni-Ki - Timephaser Ep


Timephaser Ep

Assemble music welcomes production duo Oni-Ki who deliver three genre-bending cuts flirting with Detroit and rave atmospheres, topped up by a classy r... more...

12inch Assemble Music: AS-23 remind

Liou - FH13



Four futuristic Chicago-influenced house cuts from Liou for his Finest Hour debut.

12inch Finest Hour: FH13 remind

Cando - Bleak / Sundown


Bleak / Sundown

Bristol duo Cando following in that lineage of purpose built dance floor tracks that Livity Sound's reverse label is known for. Cando's combination of... more...

12inch Livity Sound: 889YTIVIL remind

Tilliander - Expect Resistance


Expect Resistance

Swedish electro-dubstar Andreas Tilliander does a mean pair of acid dubs for Dub On Arrival, a new wing of Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL Recordings institu... more...

12inch Dub On Arrival: DAO001 remind

Anthony Rother - PSI49NET 103

Anthony Rother

PSI49NET 103

Anthony Rother returns to his label PSI49NET with the first EP since 2003. The new four-tracker is another sonic exploration of a twisted electro tech... more...

12inch PSI49NET: PSI103 remind

5713 - Gewelddadige Realiteit


Gewelddadige Realiteit

Amsterdam based artist 5713 creates a sound that is inspired by sci-fi and can be described as a mixture of Techno, EBM, Electro, Wave or whatever lie... more...

12inch Chem Club Records: CHEMC006 remind

Plastic Project - 7 A.M. (Incl. Verrina & Ventura Re-Shape)

Plastic Project

7 A.M. (Incl. Verrina & Ventura Re-Shape)

The legendary WildFlower Records repressed the 001 Plastic Project - 7 A.M., a real manifesto of Italo Deep House Music movement proudly made back in... more...

12inch WildFlower: WLD001R remind

Kosh - Endless Quest


Endless Quest

Next up on eudemonia is moroccan born and based Kosh. The 28-year-old who has previously released some highly acclaimed music on his home label Casa V... more...

12inch Eudemonia: Eudemonia003 remind

Employee - Bonus 12


Bonus 12

First time on vinyl! Official bonus 12 inch with songs from "Temple of Glendor", originally released on Tape via Plaque from Bristol + 2 New Bonus cut... more...


Samo DJ - To Apeiron

Samo DJ

To Apeiron

To Apeiron is a versatile record, and one that thoughtfully taps into a texture that truly feels indebted to cinema. Sometimes dazed, sometimes deeply... more...

12inch Bizarro: BZR002 remind

Memphis - Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)


Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)

Memphis is back on Mirror Zone! In unlocking the stoic DAT tapes we open a direct channel from 1993 to this now; three tracks which are meditative, es... more...

12inch Mirror Zone: MZ004 remind

Various Artists - Worm Hole Battle EP

Various Artists

Worm Hole Battle EP

Four artists gather their frequencies on this various to defeat the galactic worm: the live performers Oden & Fatzo, the young Italian talent Solidwoo... more...

12inch Antam Records: Antam004 remind

Bejenec - Ruslan Tislenko Ep


Ruslan Tislenko Ep

Moscow community System 108 representing new vinyl series, showcasing the sound of label residents. First to go is Kyiv-based producer Daniil Syenichk... more...

12inch System 108: S108001 remind

Ian MacFarlane - Planetarium

Ian MacFarlane


Post-Nuclear Mind Music? Lizard Strategies? Void Spirit...? These bizarre titles are just a few of the self-coined terms that Australian electronic mu... more...

LP Roundtable: PM004LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

M Jupiter - Tent Tidy

M Jupiter

Tent Tidy

Next up from Borft's hometown artist M Jupiter is this 12" which begins the A-side with a chord stabbin' dubby minimal workout "Over all rokky" follo... more...

12inch Borft: Borft169 remind

Blue Mondays feat Javonntte - Something about you

Blue Mondays feat Javonntte

Something about you

TFBM is back with some esoteric madness from Blue Mondays featuring vocals from detroit's Javonntte, including three super-tasty remixes from: Vincen... more...

12inch Tunes from Blue Mondays: TFBM007 remind

The Patchouli Brothers / Bernardo Pinheiro - Barefoot Beats 10

The Patchouli Brothers / Bernardo Pinheiro

Barefoot Beats 10

More dreamy stuff from the Barefoot Beats family as they continue to look up at the stars while they dance in the sand. Blending the daytime vibes of... more...

10inch Barefoot Beats: BB10 remind

Tee Mango - 50 Songs - EP#1

Tee Mango

50 Songs - EP#1

Ahead of his second artist album on his own Millionhands label in July, Tee Mango teases with a first EP taken from it. The album finds the UK artist... more...

12inch Millionhands Black: MH-50S-EP1 remind

Hugo Massien  - Dance Trax Vol. 21

Hugo Massien

Dance Trax Vol. 21

Hugo Massien drops his sought after grime-tech-house anthem - one of Annie Mac’s top tips for the summer! Hugo Massien debuts on Dance Trax after pre... more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown Dancetraxx: Dancetrax021 remind

Marquis Hawkes & DJ Haus  - Haus Vs Hawkes EP

Marquis Hawkes & DJ Haus

Haus Vs Hawkes EP

4 club trax cooked up in a scorching non stop studio session at Marquis Hawkes’s Berlin studio last summer, finally seeing the light of day on super l... more...

12inch Not On Label: UNTITLED000 remind

Dusky - Life Signs Vol. 1


Life Signs Vol. 1

British bass science applied on classic house tropes, breakbeats underpin transcendent melodies, IDM meets UKG.

12inch Running Back: RB082 remind

Sammy Massamba - Azali (inc. Aroop Roy edit)

Sammy Massamba

Azali (inc. Aroop Roy edit)

Vive La Musique burst onto the scene last year with the hugely successful ''Tabala Mouv''. For the follow-up, they present two songs from prolific Con... more...

12inch Vive La Musique: VLM002 remind

Kosh - Vicious Love


Vicious Love

Sick Electro from Casa Voyager Head Honcho Kosh on 20/20 Vision!

12inch 20/20 Vision: VIS315 remind

Sies - Basic Differences


Basic Differences

Versatile techno tracks all with lots of energy and pumping big room dancefloor spirit! Vinyl only

12inch Scraps: Scraps003 remind

Non Reversible - Destructive Bounderies
12inch Non Reversible: NRS01 remind

Masis  - No War Dub // Unearthed Dub


No War Dub // Unearthed Dub

Masis pushes through with his debut vinyl release. His up-setting, yet eyes down anti-war protest aligns perfectly with the expanding Challenger Deep... more...

12inch Challenger Deep: PSI003 remind

Otakhee - OTX



Seoul's Otakhee breaks all rules on OTX, with unconventional & raw creative structures. OTX I & II features neurotic hi-hats & distorted pressure-heav... more...

12inch Ironshop: IRS4805 remind

Prince De Takicardie - A Man's Hurt Ep

Prince De Takicardie

A Man's Hurt Ep

The journey starts with Space Dandy, an adventurous 4x4 minimalistic track with those typical razor sharped drums that defines his sound. Usefull tool... more...

12inch Lumbago: Lumbago 07 remind

Mirlaqi - Systeme Ep


Systeme Ep

Telescope Buyers Guide, is a spin-off from Chicago's Star Creature. The debut record is from Switzerland's Mirlaqi with a deep space approach to funkt... more...

12inch Telesco Buyers Guide: TBGVOL01 remind

Maus & Stolle - Adore

Maus & Stolle


Frankfurter oldschool house cuts by Maus & Stolle. The groundbreaking release which came out on legendary Klang Elektronik in 1997, will be soon avail... more...

12inch Parallel: Parallel02 remind

Chontane & J.Manuel - Magic Power 02

Chontane & J.Manuel

Magic Power 02

Chontane & J.Manuel started making music together and after they finished these tracks the picked up the phone & rang the Magic Power HQ - and its a m... more...

12inch Magic Power: MP02 remind

Svreca - Narita (Rephased by Valentino Mora)
12inch Semantica: Sem44R remind

Aki Aki - Dishjockey

Aki Aki


Lekker music served by Chef Aki, Sous Chef Rasputin and Gardemanger Kaschiel. *Sans Amuse-Gueule. Comes in cool gatefold sleeve with lyrics!

LP candomblé: CNDMBLE04 remind