Various Artist - The Elements

Various Artist

The Elements

The 5th Spillway release comes in the form of a Various Artists EP, where Kellon welcomes tunes from Neuron Network and Polycron. ‘The Elements’ provi... more...

12inch Spillway: Spill05 remind

Spacetravel - Labirinto 2020


Labirinto 2020

The EP labirinto 2020 marks a welcome back from Spacetravel that combined the tough, futuristic groove with a solid techno influence full off effect. more...

12inch Traveling Without Moving: TWM003 remind

Various Artists - Bolo Represent 004

Various Artists

Bolo Represent 004

The city of Bologna (BOLO for locals) has been always a crucial junction for the underground music scene in Italy. Over the last few years a small gro... more...

12inch Bolo Represent: Bolorep004 remind

The Chi Factory  - Travel in Peace

The Chi Factory

Travel in Peace

J.Derwort (15/07/1952 - 11/02/2019) left all his flutes, old guitars, strange percussion and some weird found objects at the Chi Factory studio. Hanyo... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI18 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Legowelt - Sammy Osmo sweater grey XL


Sammy Osmo sweater grey XL

Exclusive Legowelt Sammy Osmo sweater grey.

Merchandise d-Wolfrero: Sammy-Osmo-sweater-grey-XL remind

Gamayun - Filterealism



''Filterealism'' starts from the territories where Gamayun haven't stepped before, from the music that only seems to be simple, but in fact it turns o... more...

12inch Gost Zvuk: GOST014 remind

Marcelus - Regeneration



''Regeneration'' is the new EP by Marcelus, back on the Out-Er label with a 4 track EP consisting of loopy, hypnotic but driven techno. As you progres... more...

12inch Out-Er: OUT029 remind

Sinfol - Personal Change


Personal Change

Label head Sinfol steps up for the third edition of Anagram's vinyl-only series. With a title that refers to the hectic process of evolution that one... more...

12inch Anagram: NGRMW03 remind

Teslasonic - BAR Records 05


BAR Records 05

BAR05 by Italian MinimalRome affiliate Teslasonic. Stunning Electro cuts including a mesmerizing remix by Rotterdam favourites Animistic Beliefs. more...

12inch BAR Records: BAR05 remind

Mike Broers - SM-002

Mike Broers


Ground out industrial four tracker by Mike Broers (CLEAR, US) on Justin Long's (1/2 Circling Vultures) new imprint, Soft Machine. 250 copies only!

12inch Soft Machine: SM002 remind

TBZ - Clocked / Rude Beat


Clocked / Rude Beat

Currently kicking around in NYC like he's in a never ending Group Home video, b-boy minded basshead, TBZ, cranks out the beats with so much class. Hav... more...

7inch R=A: R=A+7=7 remind

Leisure Connection - March Of The Imbecilles

Leisure Connection

March Of The Imbecilles

A pair of high voltage fairy-tales from the ever psychedelic Leisure Connection crew (responsible for the classic frolicking, sloth adorned Jungle Dan... more...

7inch R=A: R=A+7=6 remind

William Eaton - Music by William Eaton

William Eaton

Music by William Eaton

Originally released in 1978, Music By William Eaton is a private-press album from the accomplished experimental stringed instrument builder. The atmos... more...

LP Morning Trip: MT005 remind

Ben Bertrand - Manes

Ben Bertrand


There is an endless abundance of variations that the clarinet can use in changing the colour of a single note. Ben creates a web of sounds that are ha... more...

LP Stroom: STRLP-038 remind

The Chaplin Band - Il Verliero
12inch Groovin Records: GR1264 remind

Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle

''Marcos Valle is one of the few artists you cannot miss if you have the slightest interest in Brazilian music. Whether your taste is focused on bossa... more...

LP Vampi Soul: VAMPI215 remind

Delroy Edwards - Slap Happy LP

Delroy Edwards

Slap Happy LP

Delroy Edwards keeps the old school fire burning, returning to L.I.E.S. with a new 8 track lp titled ''Slap Happy''. Once again this is back to basics... more...

LP LIES: LIES150 remind

Agony - Raua 12 EP


Raua 12 EP

Estonia has never been the epitome of electronic music, but there might be an exception here: In the early to mid nineties Jaanus Veerberk aka Agony i... more...

12inch Unknown: MOL002 remind

Kid Sublime - The Umami EP

Kid Sublime

The Umami EP

Amsterdam based Kid Sublime returns in 2020 with his new record: “The Umami EP” on his own Ballroom Radio Records.

12inch Ballroom: BBR001 remind

Rhythm In Progress - Dangerous Vol. 1 EP

Rhythm In Progress

Dangerous Vol. 1 EP

When Torbjorn Brange aka Rhythm In Progress released his first EP in 1996 he called it 'Dangerous Vol. 2' for fun and confusion. 23 years later the fo... more...

12inch Unknown: MOL001 remind

Deniro, Rene Wise - Liquid Shards

Deniro, Rene Wise

Liquid Shards

Some proper straight forward techno on Reclaim Your City. Their first 2020 release 'Liquid Shards' - a split 12" epic courtesy of Den Haag's TAPE co-f... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL012 remind

Various Artists - Uzelli Elektro Saz

Various Artists

Uzelli Elektro Saz

Uzelli Kaset was established in 1971 by Muammer and Yavuz Uzelli in Frankfurt, Germany. Their music resonated not only with the longing that Gastarbei... more...

LP Uzelli: UZELLI13243 remind

Fear-E  - Grey Skies In A Dear Green Place


Grey Skies In A Dear Green Place

We are proud to welcome Fear-E for his Dark Entries debut 'Grey Skies In A Dear Green Place' out February 28th. Fear-E is the moniker of Scott McKay a... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE271 remind

Marcelus - Nyx



After his first appearance on Evod during last year, Marcelus returns with a solo EP, called Nyx. The first (main) track is characterized by a bright... more...

12inch Evod: EVODLTD014 remind

James Andrew - Thinking Backwards

James Andrew

Thinking Backwards

A four-track genre-spanning release. Rolling basslines, crisp highs, floaty synths, and acid leads define the records sound, creating four spacey danc... more...

12inch Nothing But Nice: NBN001 remind

Warwick - Thinking Of You EP


Thinking Of You EP

Upcoming talent Warwick steps up to Distant Hawaii with a slick colourful EP of raw-edged house, rattling garage and big room club weapons. Bringing t... more...

12inch Distant Hawaii: Hawaii020 remind

Pushmaster Discs - Celestial Path EP (Deniro / Cadency Remix)

Pushmaster Discs

Celestial Path EP (Deniro / Cadency Remix)

First track is from V111 from the roster, second track is a big trippy minimal mills inspired bomb by newcomer Barbara Ford. A3 from new Italian artis... more...

12inch Pushmaster: PM023 remind

Schacke - There’s Something Inside Me
12inch Intrepid Skin: SKIN003 remind

Herb LF  - Payday

Herb LF


Herb LF’s legacy in the garage scene is immense. With his work retaining class and style over more than twenty years. He returns to this integral spir... more...

12inch Unknown: IEMV001 remind

Mutant Joe - Operation Chaos

Mutant Joe

Operation Chaos

Mutant Joe returns on Natural Sciences with his debut vinyl release 'Operation Chaos' merging underground trap and hoop electronics. Guest collaborati... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural039 remind

Velocette - Discotheque Saudades


Discotheque Saudades

A Colourful Storm presents the first ever compilation of work by Velocette, the nom de plume of Jason Williams and one of the most unique producers fr... more...

12inch A Colourful Storm: ACOLOUR015 remind

Various Artists - Alien Transmissions Vol.1

Various Artists

Alien Transmissions Vol.1

Pyramid Transmissions are back with a brand new collection of electro slammers to celebrate their 20th birthday

12inch Pyramid Transmissions: PTV015 remind

Wild Sugar - Messin' Around

Wild Sugar

Messin' Around

Known as an early Hip Hop sample on such tracks as Brass Monkey, a classic in the b-boy cyphers and a hit on the disqoteque dancefloors.

7inch Funky Delicacies: DEL0107 remind

Dj Hollywood - Hollywood's World

Dj Hollywood

Hollywood's World

The fifth release on wax by legendary Harlem Dj and Mc, Dj Hollywood.

12inch Tuff City: TUF128084 remind

Spoonie Gee - The Godfather

Spoonie Gee

The Godfather

Sample heavy Hip Hop/Electro from 1987 by the godfather Spoonie Gee. Produced and mixed by Marley Marl.

7inch Tuff City: TUF458019 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Micronawts - Smurph Across The Surf

The Micronawts

Smurph Across The Surf

Classic Boogie Electro from 1982 including a massive Dub Version by Dj Afrika Bambaataa.

12inch Tuff City: TC0002 remind

LOR - Versions 1


Versions 1

We received in distribution the second release of NVH, with three tracks by LOR. Vinyl only limited release. A1. Moon B1. Compute B2. Clash

12inch Hivern Discs: NVH002 remind

Lost Scripts - Giske / Mozart

Lost Scripts

Giske / Mozart

John Talabot and Pional bring back their Lost Scripts project to start a series of 12" with some of the jams the duo has been recording during these p... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN055R remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sunlit - Circus



Experience and freshness come together for our fifth vinyl release at Melcure, produced by the enigmatic french american new duo project SUNLIT. They... more...

12inch Unknown: Melcure005 remind

Various Artists - Ninja Tools Vol.4

Various Artists

Ninja Tools Vol.4

It’s that time of the year again! The ninja tools series continues and this time it’s double pleasure on the menu. 10 Different dishes cooked by 10 di... more...

2x12inch Lumbago: LMBG08 remind

L&M - Kaiser Schnitt EP


Kaiser Schnitt EP

A new chapter from the L&M analog-machine-driven jam series. Raw Techno performed live and slightly edited.

12inch L&M: L&M002 remind

Muzikalist - Bizarre Feeling EP


Bizarre Feeling EP

Four tracks of robust drums, sharp melodies and acid doused bass.

12inch Chem Club Records: CHEMC007 remind

ELLES - Summers Of Love


Summers Of Love

Skipping beats and heavy bass permeate the EP, a four-track mixture of deep lows and smooth highs, as well as reverb-drenched vocals from ELLES hers... more...

12inch Naive: NAIVE010 remind