Javonntte - Melange ep


Melange ep

Detroit's Javonntte steps up for the next installment from Earl Jeffers' Melange label with some warm grooving house cuts!

12inch Melange: Mel004 remind

Chez Damier - Speechless

Chez Damier


Adeen Records is back with it's follow up to Alton Miller's ''More Positive Things'' with Chez Damier's parisian outfit French Connection. This Chines... more...

12inch Adeen Records: AR002 remind

Signalweiss - Feelings



Loopy Techno by Signallweiss, comes with a Pablo Mateo Remix!

12inch Fracture: FRACT 008 remind

Chesus - Special



Chesus Aka Earl Jeffers with a Special Disco Edit!

12inch Beer: BEER004 remind

The Patchouli Brothers - Edits Vol.2

The Patchouli Brothers

Edits Vol.2

The Patchouli Brothers strike back with a second edition of their edits for Basic Fingers.On the A-side we get a big dancefloor bullet with piano luxu... more...

12inch Basic Fingers: FINGERS031 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Otis - Mutual Bliss EP


Mutual Bliss EP

Four dazzling cuts of future-minded machine funk. From swinging techno to breakbeat and electro, all glued together by that 909 house vibe

12inch Partisan: PTN009 remind

LT - Forest Floor


Forest Floor

After a debut outing on International Black last year with his best friend Mallard, LT graduates onto Rhythm Section INTL with a stunning debut solo e... more...

12inch Rhythm Section International: RS023 remind

Larry Heard - Heaven Dub

Larry Heard

Heaven Dub

Few artists have taken us to heaven quite as much as Larry Heard. The blueprint setter who remains as relevant and resonant now as he did in 86 makes... more...

12inch Dailysession: DSR018 remind

DJ Skull - The Internet Server

DJ Skull

The Internet Server

Ron Maney aka Dj Skulll continues his very own series on RAWAX/ CHIWAX called ''The DJ Skull Saga'' with the 4th part. This time its's the 1999 ground... more...

12inch Chiwax: CDJS004 remind

Various Artists - Motorcity Wine Recordings #2

Various Artists

Motorcity Wine Recordings #2

MotorCity Wine Recordings returns in fine style with its second EP featuring a swashbuckling blend of house and jazz sounds from Detroiters and their... more...

12inch Motorcity Wine Recordings: MCWR002 remind

Emre Can Swim - ARS002

Emre Can Swim


A year from its inception, Artesian Sounds proudly presents ARS002: a debut EP from Emre Can Swim introducing his unique brand of dubby, atmospheric l... more...

12inch Artesian Sounds: ARS002 remind

Low Flung - Blow Waves

Low Flung

Blow Waves

Following on from Angophora's beautiful long player, Ken Oath is back with another full length LP from Low Flung. Friends of the label will note that... more...

LP Ken Oath Records: KEN008 remind

Ayce Bio / Borbo / Turenne - House Al Dente

Ayce Bio / Borbo / Turenne

House Al Dente

The group started in 2016 and their artistic practice ranges from video art to documentary films, sound and environmental installations, as well as ph... more...

12inch Funclab Records: FR001 remind

Rex Ilusivii - Selected Works
12inch Versatile: VERLP36 remind

Mr. Tophat - Only One ep

Mr. Tophat

Only One ep

Fierce straight forward house burners by Mr Tophat celebrating the 10th and final KRLVK release! After nine successful releases on the KRLVK series of... more...

12inch Karlovak Records: KRLVK010 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sanasol - Long Lost Thoughts


Long Lost Thoughts

R-Time Records releases two tracks from Iceland’s Sanasol, aka Thor and Yagya, entitled ‘Long Lost Thoughts’ - originally appearing on ‘Deep Thoughts’... more...

12inch R-Time Records: RTM004 remind

Joey Anderson/ DJ QU - Neutrino
12inch Inimeg Recordings: INMR007 remind

 MSRG - Khazar EP


Khazar EP

Splendid debut from the new fresh MSRG for SolarOneMusic's Between Places sub label. The russian guy shows off some of the finest tunes we heard recen... more...

12inch Between Places: BP004 remind

Automat - Automat EP
12inch Karat: Karat59 remind

Various Artists - Connwax 05

Various Artists

Connwax 05

Full on no-nonsense techno tracks compiled on the trustworthy Connwax label! Tracks from Arnaud Le Texier, Jeff Rushin, Perm and Tsorn. Limited to 250... more...

12inch Connwax: Connwax05 remind

Too Smooth Christ - With You In Mind

Too Smooth Christ

With You In Mind

Too Smooth Christ returns to Supergenius Records and widens his singular approach to introspective dance music to new musical horizons. 'Infinite... more...

12inch Supergenius Records: SGR006 remind

Jerome Hill - WOD004

Jerome Hill


We welcome Jerome Hill with his stomping acid monster Mole Hole Acid plus an insane remix from Auto Sound City. Pressed on a one-sided, hand stamped a... more...

12inch Weapons Of Desire: WOD004 remind

Youandewan - Ideal Passage


Ideal Passage

Following the release of 2017’s ‘The Brane’ EP, Youandewan returns with ‘Ideal Passage’.

12inch Aus Music: Aus131 remind

Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui) - Realm

Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui)


Realistic Monk is the new performance project from Carl Stone in collaboration with artist and composer Miki Yui. Carl Stone is one of the pioneers of... more...

12inch Meakusma: MEA025 remind

Cold Beat - A Simple Reflection EP

Cold Beat

A Simple Reflection EP

Cold Beat is a San Francisco-based quartet fronted by Hannah Lew (synths, vocals) with Kyle King (synths, guitar), Luciano Talpini Aita (synths) and S... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE223 remind

Art Crime - Memoirs of Naive

Art Crime

Memoirs of Naive

After a short pause, Arthur returns with a new six-tracker EP on Private Persons. Art Crime is one of the more enigmatic figures in the Moscow music s... more...

12inch Private Persons: Privatepersons008 remind

Native Cruise - Calypso

Native Cruise


Fruit Merchant is back. This time offering up some fresh talent in the form of ‘Native Cruise’. With one previous release under his belt this year on... more...

12inch Fruit Merchant: FM003 remind

90 Process - No Warehouse Needed EP

90 Process

No Warehouse Needed EP

90 Process follow up their rollicking Gatecrasher bothering EPs for Pushmaster Discs and 1Ø Pills Mate with a ferociously epic five track trance-techn... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster052 remind

Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - Music And Poetry Of The Kesh

Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton

Music And Poetry Of The Kesh

Music and Poetry of the Kesh is the documentation of an invented Pacific Coast peoples from a far distant time, and the soundtrack of famed science fi... more...

LP Freedom To Spend: FTS009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Richard Horowitz - Eros In Arabia

Richard Horowitz

Eros In Arabia

Reissue of this 1981 private press masterpiece, which bridges the territories of free-jazz, high Minimalism, and ambient flirtations with New Age. more...

LP Freedom To Spend: FTS004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pep Llopis - Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes

Pep Llopis

Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes

Originally out in 1987 through the Grabaciones Accidentales label, beautiful excursion through vast, dream-like polyphonies that manage to create a wo... more...

LP Freedom To Spend: FTS003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kamal Keila - Muslims And Christians

Kamal Keila

Muslims And Christians

Songs about the unity of Sudan, peace between Muslims and Christians and the fate of war orphans, backed by grooves equally taking influence from Arab... more...

2x12inch + Download Habibi Funk: HABIBI008 remind

Quickly Quickly - Over Skies

Quickly Quickly

Over Skies

Having now made beats for around six years, quickly, quickly is producing at the top of his game. The production on his debut EP “Over Skies” is as ea... more...

LP + MP3 823 Records: 823R002 remind

Seafoam - The Lost Tape 98 Project


The Lost Tape 98 Project

Seafoam is back and will stay with us for a little while. After the revelation of his latest productions, ''Lost tape 98 project'' presents some speci... more...

12inch Rue De Plaisance Re-issue: R2PRI002 remind

Brieuc - Larmor EP


Larmor EP

Comic Sans Records welcomes Brieuc to their family on his first 12 inch release, a young artist and photographer delivering a taste of a warm summer n... more...

12inch Comic Sans: COMICSANS4 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Shelter - BIGMOVE



80's Electro & Italo inspired tracks by Shelter!

12inch Plaisir Partagé: PP003 remind

Bruce Haack - Preservation Tapes

Bruce Haack

Preservation Tapes

In 2016, after reissuing two Bruce Haack albums, Haackula and Electric Lucifer Book II, Telephone Explosion began speaking with Ted Pandel (Bruce’s li... more...

LP Telephone Explosion: TER050 remind

R. Girardin - Emotional Music

R. Girardin

Emotional Music

R. Girardin – Emotional Music is a collaborative release from Palto Flats and Zero Grow, a contemporary rendering of synthetic midi-fusion and DAW exp... more...

LP Palto Flats: PF008 / ZG002 remind

Calvin Carr & Company - Without Christ

Calvin Carr & Company

Without Christ

Superb, heartwarming and spirit lifting gospel disco modern soul 45 first released in 1978 on Philadelphia United Records. Calvin Carr & Company are... more...

7inch High Jazz: HJ45002 remind

Mystica Tribe - Love Is All Right

Mystica Tribe

Love Is All Right

Solar Phenomena continues a high quality and high rate of releases after EP's from the likes of STL and Fluxion with a new one from Mystica Tribe - th... more...

12inch Solar Phenomena: SOLAR10 remind

Vizar - The Time EP


The Time EP

The desired by many and sought after 'The Time' by Vizar is getting a re-release. The hypnotic and sweeping track originally released in 2011 is still... more...

12inch Repeat Repeat Repeat: RRR001 remind

Various Artists - Nachtdigital 21

Various Artists

Nachtdigital 21

The yearly festival record of Nachtdigital 2018 with great tracks by Kann, Johanna Knuttson, Vai, Manuel Stallbaumer & Stefan Schmidt-Dichte. 4 Collag... more...

12inch Nachtdigital: ND21 remind

Stefan Ringer - FWM001

Stefan Ringer


With an arsenal of releases on labels like NDATL, PPU, Black Catalogue, 2MR, and Harsh Riddims, Atlanta artist Stefan Ringer presents the first releas... more...

12inch FWM Entertainment: FWM001 remind

Bambounou - Parametr Perkusja


Parametr Perkusja

DISK is more than pleased to welcome Bambounou on the label!! He sent us 3 or 4 tracks of superior quality: the music on Parametr Pureskja has a stron... more...

12inch DISK: DISK14 remind

Muslimgauze - Maroon



Separated from both its reputation and its sleeve art, the music of Muslimgauze explores the relationship of visual sensations - space, colour, depth,... more...

LP Staalplaat: ARCHIVEFORTYTWO remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Testimony

Various Artists


This 12” is a document of modern contemporary music, containing future artifacts made by a selection of old friends and new faces. All of them deviate... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH018 remind