AAAA - Jazz D


Jazz D

We welcome Gabo Barranco to the Omnidisc Family. Gabo has a recklessly curious ear for distortion. An enthusiast and creator of electronic music rangi... more...

12inch Omnidisc: OMD013 remind

Perseus Traxx - More songs About Girls

Perseus Traxx

More songs About Girls

''A great pairing here as the rugged basslines, emotional melodies, and vintage percussion of Perseus Traxx seem right at home on the Love Notes stabe... more...

12inch Love Notes: LVNO011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sun Of Arqa - Magic

Sun Of Arqa


Spearheaded by Stuart Leath, Emotional Rescue is a label committed to unearthing forgotten gems and giving them the exposure they richly deserve, with... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC002 remind

December - 64 Ways To Rob A Friend


64 Ways To Rob A Friend

Austere factory techno with a distinct Gallic swagger on Helena Hauff's RTTD label.

12inch Return To Disorder: RTTD009 remind

Various Artists - Various Artists Vol.4

Various Artists

Various Artists Vol.4

The fourth release of Bassiani was dedicated to various artists. Starting from Cassegrain's track ''Departure Seven'', we encounter a completely new a... more...

12inch Bassiani: Bas004 remind

Nuel - Replica



For Kontra-Musik White Label's 10th release we give you none other than Nuel. The Italian producer is closely connected to the Aquaplano label run by... more...

12inch Kontra Musik: KMWL010 remind

nas1 - Stone Cat EP (Marcellus Pittman Remix)


Stone Cat EP (Marcellus Pittman Remix)

Eclectic, multi-layered 4 track EP that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with such minimalist kit to the extreme and includes a remix from So... more...

12inch Sorry For This: SFT006 remind

Al Zanders - There Is Rhythm

Al Zanders

There Is Rhythm

The double A-side kicks off with ‘There is Rhythm’, a percussive house anthem with plenty of momemtum, a tom-tom bassline and ‘rhythm’ vocal samples a... more...

12inch Phonica: Phonica019 remind

Valerie Dore - Get Closer (Tiger&woods / Gerd Janson / Dj Oyster Remix)

Valerie Dore

Get Closer (Tiger&woods / Gerd Janson / Dj Oyster Remix)

Courtesy of Valerie Dore. Numero due in the Super Sound Singles series on Running Back continues on the re-issue/update tip of inexpensive records. Bi... more...

12inch Running Back: RBSSS2 remind

Reflection Port Assembly - Retribution EP

Reflection Port Assembly

Retribution EP

Second First Cut release is featuring three cuts, it spans house, electro, boogie and even some Detroit techno influences.

12inch First Cut: Firstcut002 remind

Octal Step - Toner Head

Octal Step

Toner Head

Made in Dublin, limited to 100 copies worldwide

12inch First Cut: Firstcut001 remind

J Slusher - Ground Clone Spells

J Slusher

Ground Clone Spells

J Slusher speaks through Partial Magic. These four cyborgian utterances contained herein shall pursue you along the corridors of your mindframe. Their... more...

12inch Partial Magic: PM003 remind

30/70 - Elevate



This collection of songs, their second studio effort after their debut LP, ‘Cold Radish Coma', is set to elevate them to the international stage. Unde... more...

LP Rhythm Section International: RS020 remind

Blue Maxx - Private Life Ep

Blue Maxx

Private Life Ep

DRIVE001 sees us step back to 1998 and into the hands of the duo of Damon Wild and Mederic Nebinger, recording together as Blue Maxx they quietly unle... more...

12inch Midnight Drive: DRIVE001 remind




Lil brother from Paris, Security first solo release. They make burgers & vinyls.

12inch KKY: KKYWL07 remind

Unknown - Untitled



The obscure sister of Wandering Eye. Strictly limited musical oddities with no artist or title.

12inch Wandering Eye: Eye01 remind

Im Kellar - Im Kellar EP

Im Kellar

Im Kellar EP

Four tight EBM nowave techno electro tracks made in a concrete bunker in the old city of Bern in Swiss by the infamous IM KELLAR High energy dark and... more...

12inch Moustache: MST033 remind

Gamma Intel - Drama In Decay

Gamma Intel

Drama In Decay

brokntoys opens its monochrome series with a debut EP from Gamma Intel. Across 4 tracks, the Dutch producer presents a workout in jagged body music... more...

12inch Brokntoys: BTMNC01 remind

Various Artists - BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21

Various Artists

BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21

Originally released in 1979, a retrospective of the previous 21 years of the Radiophonic Workshop, crammed with early electronic experimental themes a... more...

LP Silva Screen: SILLP1503 remind

Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus - Electronic

Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus


Originally released in 1969, this LP features music by BBC Radiophonic Workshop members Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson alongside David Vorhaus, a... more...

12inch Silva Screen: SILLP1539 remind

Koharu Kisaragi - Neo-plant

Koharu Kisaragi


Lag Records announces its debut release, a reissue of the 1986 single Neo-plant by Koharu Kisaragi, co-written and produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

12inch Lag Records: LAG001 remind

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Pier & Loft

Hiroshi Yoshimura

Pier & Loft

Gorgeous and essential archive material from this master of mood. The latest unearthing on Chee Shimizu's 17853 - previously only available on a limit... more...

LP 17853 Records: RFLP004 remind

Ron Blanco & TRP - Live Slow

Ron Blanco & TRP

Live Slow

Live Slow is the result of 2 young fellows teaming up after a drunken night in Berlin to dive into the hazy beats. After solo releases on labels like... more...

12inch Down By The Lake: DBTL02 remind

Various Artists - Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973
2LP Light In The Attic: LITA156 remind

FYI Chris  - Spirit Animal

FYI Chris

Spirit Animal

The dust settles on the inaugural release... We immediately swipe the dust away and prepare a triple-shot salvo from FYI Chris: two west friends from... more...

12inch West Friends: WEST002 remind

Deepspace - Shinjuku Lights


Shinjuku Lights

Deepspace weaves a course through the Shinjuku cityscape on the second Clave House release with atmospheric dubbed out techno, warm neon-soaked house,... more...

12inch Clave House: CLAVE002 remind

Kyle Hall - Eutrophia Sevan

Kyle Hall

Eutrophia Sevan

Wild Oats proudly presents a new 7 inch from Kyle Hall entitled ‘Eutrophia Sevan’. This project is an ode to the earth and its plant based life forms... more...

7inch Wild Oats: WO-KH01 remind

Youandewan - The Brane 001


The Brane 001

Following his debut full length in 2016, Youandewan returns in 2017 with four pacey club tracks on his own label, The Brane.

12inch The Brane: BRANE001 remind

X-Coast - Transformations EP


Transformations EP

X-Coast helps to launch brand new label UNDERTHESEA. The New York-based artist delivers three fresh original cuts complemented with a remix by Berlin’... more...

12inch Under The Sea: Underthesea001 remind

Harmonious Thelonious - Ayranman EP

Harmonious Thelonious

Ayranman EP

Deep and delicate infectious rhythms. Each record includes one of two risograph prints featuring a lino cut by the artist.

12inch Diskant: DISK12 remind

One Man’s Quest - Smiling Faces 95

One Man’s Quest

Smiling Faces 95

The first reissue in the World Building catalog! An under-the-radar white label gets a second chance at life! One Man’s Quest released Smiling Faces “... more...

12inch World Building: WB003-12 remind

DJ Spinna - Refreaks

DJ Spinna


NYCs finest DJ Spinna makes his long overdue debut on GAMM with a soulful two track EP where he selected two of his personal 80s jams to refreak for c... more...

12inch Gamm: GAMM113 remind

Borrowed CS - BCS EP

Borrowed CS


New Zealands Borrowed CS deliver a Deep-House EP on the notorious Oye affiliated Money Sex Records Label, hosted by Max Graef, Glenn Astro, Delfonic.... more...

12inch Money Sex Records: MS011 remind

Admin - Sweet Island Jam


Sweet Island Jam

Bristol native Admin comes to the rescue and joins the Take Away team for a serving of three tasty cuts.

12inch Take Away: TA004 remind

Sam De La Rosa - Earth Wart

Sam De La Rosa

Earth Wart

Sam de la Rosa, best known under the alias Samuel Kklovenhoof of the band Led Er Est and with Karen Sharkey of The Coombe, is back on Mannequin Record... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ109 remind

SW  - The Album


The Album

SW's lush sound design and hypnotic arrangements nestles snugly alongside the classic 90’s Apollo releases of Biosphere and Robert Leiner in all their... more...

2LP Apollo: AMB1706-SUE015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Juan Atkins / Moritz von Oswald - Angles

Juan Atkins / Moritz von Oswald


Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald – the two vital proponents of Detroit-Berlin axis, return to the mothership following their 2016 full length effort... more...

12inch Tresor: Tresor296 remind

Waage - W



Spacious, texturally intoxicating and hypnotic minimal dubby techno a journey through rhythmatic musical landscapes.

12inch Thule: THL022 remind

Anz - Anz Ep


Anz Ep

These are tracks shaped by a good few encounters with Manchester's roiling 2 A.M. crowds. This isn't to suggest a uniform sound - Anz' ear for interpl... more...

12inch Chow Down: Chow001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L