Luca Piermattei - Carefree Sweetness

Luca Piermattei

Carefree Sweetness

Kontrast ascends to cosmic spheres with their fourth release. This time it’s Italian producer Luca Piermattei’s cloudy sonic movements venturing effor... more...

12inch Kontrast: KNTRST004 remind

Various Artists - Stilleben 056

Various Artists

Stilleben 056

Autumn is here and for Luke Eargoggles label Stilleben Records the favorite time of the year.... Another super strong V/A of the purest Electro. Check... more...

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben056 remind

Negroni Nails - Negroni Nails EP

Negroni Nails

Negroni Nails EP

Steffi and Privacy team up for a tough as nails 3 tracker on Klakson. High octane, fast paced Electro Techno in the best Detroit tradition.

12inch Klakson: kl-nr2 remind

Kiyadama - Quinta



HVL's acidic persona Kiyadama joins the Tabernacle offshoot.

12inch Ride The Gyroscope: GYRORIDE007 remind

Sumisonic - Flail EP


Flail EP

Kicked off by Japanese underground music veteran Keihin with Esoteric Communication EP, Prowler returns for its second instalment with Flail EP, whi... more...

12inch Prowler: PROW002 remind

Castel - Estrel



In late 1997, unsigned Melbourne producer Castel won a competition at a local club. The prize was certainly sought-after: a CD single release on leadi... more...

12inch Echovolt: EVRE008 remind

Various Artists - Treasure 3

Various Artists

Treasure 3

The Parisian Treasure team deliver you this time two Hot and crunchy vocal tracks.. Journey is a deep jacking that sound like something made in the l... more...

12inch Treasure: TREASURE003 remind

Chaton - Twin Freaks
12inch Useless Transmissions: USELESS000 remind

Various Artists - 10 Years of Bass Culture: Part 2

Various Artists

10 Years of Bass Culture: Part 2

Unveiling the second installment from Bass Culture’s 10th anniversary package. Over the past decade D’Julz has established Bass Culture as one of the... more...

12inch Bass Culture: BCR061T remind

Vazz - Cloud Over Maroma


Cloud Over Maroma

Maroma was there long before the Moors. The Moors were there long before man landed on the moon half a century ago. Drum machines meant you didn’t hav... more...

LP Stroom: STRLP-030 / FN075 remind

Steffi & Virginia - Work A Change
12inch Ostgut Ton: o-ton122 remind

Crystal Maze / R_A_G - Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

Crystal Maze / R_A_G

Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

For COS_MOS's next trick they serve up a special 12” that features a brand new single from M>O>S super group R-A-G, also known as MaSpaventi, Aroy Dee... more...

12inch Cos_Mos: Cosmos007 remind

Benoit B / Candido - Dupla Ritmica EP

Benoit B / Candido

Dupla Ritmica EP

Nice limited 7inch from Banilieue touching on 80's edit / dub mixes, ebm and latin freestyle.

12inch Banlieue: Banlieue11 remind

Sebastian Melmoth - The Dynamics

Sebastian Melmoth

The Dynamics

Since forming in 2006 post-punk experimentalists Sebastian Melmoth have been on a thoughtful and adventurous musical journey. In a constant state of a... more...

LP Artificial Dance: AD008 remind

Duane & Co - Hardcore Jazz

Duane & Co

Hardcore Jazz

DBH starts a new label and presents the first release which is the first ep which came out on legendary Dance Mania Records! 'Hardcore Jazz' by Duane... more...

12inch DBH Records: DBH001 remind

Mood II Swing - Call Me

Mood II Swing

Call Me

Power Music presents Mood II Swing - Call Me (12inch) This is the first re-issue ever on the original label 'Earth Moon & Sun' in this constellation o... more...

12inch Earth Moon & Sun Recordings: EMS010.1 remind

Circadian Rhythms - Basic Moves 011

Circadian Rhythms

Basic Moves 011

Combining emotional synth play with neck-breaking drum patterns, sequenced like dreams forever chasing the climax. more...

12inch Basic Moves: BM011 remind

Saverio Celestri - Early Rise (Obsolete Music Technology Remix)

Saverio Celestri

Early Rise (Obsolete Music Technology Remix)

Second release by Saverio’s Out Of Tune, this time including a remix from the Chicago based producer Steven Tang, under his alias Obsolete Music Techn... more...

12inch Out of Tune: OOT02 remind

Various Artists - Pacification

Various Artists


Latvia's Blind Allies continues its series of crucial various artist trips into the underbelly of ravey electro, with another cast of underground oper... more...

12inch Blind Allies: BAREC009 remind

Various Artists - Ama De Sol EP

Various Artists

Ama De Sol EP

A1 Starting off the Ep with D'Funks track Follow me with Jazzy Chords and his signature 909 Drums and humming bass. A2 Adam Collins from Omni A.M. an... more...

12inch Crayon Records: CRAY08 remind

Kolja Gerstenberg - Anna Melara

Kolja Gerstenberg

Anna Melara

Kolja Gerstenberg serves up a funky four track lo fi House and Disco EP for Lumberjacks in Hell. The German drummer has previously released on Suol an... more...

12inch Lumberjacks In Hell: LIH037 remind

Fenella - Fenella



‘Fenella’ is the latest project from Jane Weaver - musical polymath and one of the most respected electronic composers of recent times - and her long-... more...

12inch Fire Records: FIRELP576 remind

Nemesis - Xcelsior



For the first time on vinyl! The Finnish ambient techno classic from 1994 that many people regard to be the most sophisticated Nemesis album of them a... more...

2LP Svart Records: SRE353 remind

Various Artists - Human Capital EP

Various Artists

Human Capital EP

Human Capital EP is the second release of the Barcelona-based label Kommuna. The A-side reveals a well-crafted breakbeat piece by emerging Catalan art... more...

12inch Kommuna: KMN002 remind

Floating Points - Crush

Floating Points


Floating Points' first album in four years, Crush, twists whatever you think you know about him on its head again. A tempestuous blast of electronic e... more...

LP + Download Ninja Tune: ZEN259 remind

Gerry Franke - Ulam Spiral

Gerry Franke

Ulam Spiral

A collection of bedroom-engineered rhythms, psyched out slow jams and 4-dimensional steppers by GF. Very low business risk. Brought to you by Max & Ca... more...

12inch Tax Free Records: TAX12005 remind

Strings Of Death - Streicher des Todes

Strings Of Death

Streicher des Todes

/DL/MS/ teams up with Dave Tarrida as Strings of Death. Beware!

12inch Vigram: Vigram003 remind

B. Calloway - 3000 b.c.

B. Calloway

3000 b.c.

Classy detroit techno and electro by Electrofunk's B.Calloway. 6 tracks ranging from 4/4 driven detroit hi-tech funk to phat rolling electro funk. Hot... more...

EP Bhives Music: Bhive002 remind

Erell Ranson - Awaken Dreams
12inch Subwax: SUBWAXE-X-C-Green remind

Various Artists - The Belligerents Vol.2

Various Artists

The Belligerents Vol.2

The second installment in the Gravitational Waves series, The Belligerents Vol. 2 puts the label's experimental and always forward-thinking sound on d... more...

12inch Gravitational Waves: GRTW008 remind

H.Takahashi - Sonne und Wasser


Sonne und Wasser

Tokyo based H.Takahashi follows up his ‘Raum’ LP for Where To Now? with ‘Sonne und Wasser’, a continuation & development of his unmistakable brand of... more...

LP Where To Now: WTNLP11 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yak - Gerudo EP


Gerudo EP

Sheffield-based Yak (John Randall) is a classically trained instrumentalist whose releases for the likes of R&S, 3024 and Black Beacon have all receiv... more...

12inch Phonica: Phonica027 remind

Kettel - Myam James Part II


Myam James Part II

Lapsus Records proudly presents the fourth release in its 'Perennial' series, dedicated to reissuing classic and timeless pieces from established cont... more...

2LP Lapsus: LPSPS04 remind

Franck Kartell - Science Fiction EP

Franck Kartell

Science Fiction EP

Deep space electro by French producer Franck Kartell. Known for his releases on labels such as "Bass Agenda Recordings", "Transient Force" or "New Fle... more...

12inch Between Places: BP007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ixindamix - Libertine Traditions 12


Libertine Traditions 12

Spiral Tribe member Ixindamix on the next Libertine Traditions... Underground Anthem Alert!

12inch Libertine: TRAD012 remind

The Gerogerigegege - Uguisudani Apocalypse

The Gerogerigegege

Uguisudani Apocalypse

This record is a soundtrack for Uganisudani. Uganisudani is JR Yamanote line running in Tokyo and has the fewest number of users per day but, the deep... more...

LP The Trilogy Tapes: TTT080 remind

Photonz - Nuit



Photonz is the alias of Marco Rodrigues a DJ, producer and driving force of Lisbon's underground scene. For little over a decade now, he's been crafti... more...

2x12inch Dark Entries: DE257 remind

Gemini / Spencer Kincy - Hidden Agenda / Tangled Thoughts

Gemini / Spencer Kincy

Hidden Agenda / Tangled Thoughts

Gemini is one of the biggest Chicago producers of the 90's, who released over 200 tracks from 1994 to 1999 with some of the best labels in the game. H... more...

12inch Dark Groove Records: DG06 remind

Electro Force - Getting High

Electro Force

Getting High

Another timeless Electro Force release by the genious DJ Duke in the rebound. This time it's ''Getting High'' on 303 Records from 1995. It will be ava... more...

12inch 303 Records: 303-07 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L