Various Artists - Space Disco

Various Artists

Space Disco

A pretty interesting find for La Bella Di Notte who digs this super rare and weird white label offering with some retro-futurist imagery. Things ki... more...

12inch La Bella Di Notte: LBDN005 remind

Zadig - Takara-Machine



For years, Rhythm Buro and Zadig have maintained a special relationship. The French DJ and producer (real name Sylvain Peltier,) became involved with... more...

12inch Rhythm Buro: RB006 remind

Wheez-Ie - Negative Zone EP


Negative Zone EP

USA based Wheez-ie lands at THEM with an EP ft. pounding breaks that you can hear with your ears and brain.

12inch THEM: THEM015 remind

Paris - I Can Feel It (Juan Atkins remix)


I Can Feel It (Juan Atkins remix)

From ''Tomorrow'' and back to plus thirty years, more precisely in 1987, a teenager named Thomas, Thomas Barnett the full name, released the track ''I... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO011 remind

Perdu - Finding Life on Planet Rash


Finding Life on Planet Rash

This Is Our Time is thrilled to announce its first international artist, Perdu from Amsterdam. On his EP called 'Finding Life on Planet Rash' he launc... more...

12inch This Is Our Time: TIOT004 remind

ButterBandz - Legacy EP


Legacy EP

New Detroit House and Techno from Big Strick's youngest kid ButterBandz

12inch 7 Days Ent: 7daysBBZ001 remind

2 Bit Crew - Danske Byer

2 Bit Crew

Danske Byer

After two and a half years of silence we are now ready to present the tenth release on 2 Bit Crew - ''Danske Byer'' - a twelve inch single containing... more...

12inch 2 Bit Crew: 2BC010 remind

Chris Mitchell - SOF 006

Chris Mitchell

SOF 006

Known for its 808s, Bass, Alligators, & Cocaine Cowboys, Florida is the home of Vanguard Sound's Chris Mitchell, who follows his contribution to Squir... more...

12inch Squirrels On Film: SOF006 remind

Rico Casazza - Purplewave EP

Rico Casazza

Purplewave EP

Purple wave is the manifestation of Rico Casazza. An EP awash in sea of emotional overtones from bittersweet to electro punk, with a contemplative ges... more...

12inch Dionysian Mysteries: DM005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Mega Wave Orchestra

Various Artists

Mega Wave Orchestra

The music on this compilation was, for the most part, originally released privately in Geneva as a box set containing five LPs by The Mega Wave Orches... more...

LP Libreville Records: LVLP-1905 remind

R T Factor (Ron Trent) - E.B.S. 1

R T Factor (Ron Trent)

E.B.S. 1

Electric Blue presents another outstanding and timeless release by Ron Trent aka RT Factor! E.B.S. 1 is a 15 minutes musical journey by the Chicago Ma... more...

12inch Electric Blue: EB010 remind

Sleep D - Smoke Haze

Sleep D

Smoke Haze

Melbourne's finest Sleep D take a trip to Planet Euphorique.

12inch Planet Euphorique: PE010 remind

Fotoplastikon - Kontury



Poland, early 80's. Lieutenant Miosz Szwajcer is assigned to the young student's murder case. Struggling with his personal life and unclear releations... more...

LP Endless Illusion: ENDILLP01 remind

Clouds - Opera 2001


Opera 2001

Clouds are back with the first Headstrong release of 2020 with the rave infected Opera 2001

12inch Headstrong Records: HS005 remind

Global Communication - 76:14

Global Communication


English electronic part-time music duo Global Communication released their second album 76:14 in 1994, one of the most famous and widely-loved albums... more...

2LP Music On Vinyl: MOVLP2546 remind

St. Theodore - Night Transmission

St. Theodore

Night Transmission

St. Theodore is back! Pure EBM, Electro and Acid trax! Supported by: Helena Hauff, Ancient Methods, Terence Fixmer, Phase Fatale, Mick Wills and Extr... more...

12inch Land Of Dance Records: LOD015 remind

Organisation - Tone Float


Tone Float

Pre Kraftwerk, Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter formed Organisation in 1968. Their music was a mixture of sounds, feedback and rhythm, with the line... more...

LP Inner Space: ISPLP2201 remind

Pablo R. Ruiz - Estados Criminales

Pablo R. Ruiz

Estados Criminales

New hot stuff from Detroit! After previous outing Bad Hombre, Pablo R. Ruiz returns to the label for some serious 707-infected goodness. Five tracks,... more...

12inch Portage Garage Sounds: PGS012 remind

E.R.P. - Evoked Potentials 3/3


Evoked Potentials 3/3

Third part of the Evoked Potentials Series. 2019 repress! Comes with new artwork.

10inch Semantica: Sem016(2020) remind

Pugilist - Horizon



Three bass heavy tracks from the Australian producer Pugilist on Nous'klaer Audio. After amazing releases on labels like Whities, Modern Hypnosis and... more...

12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUS016 remind

Dj SCSI - Digital City


Digital City

one of Detroits most working artist, Mr. Gari Romalis. Under his SCSI moniker he delivered here an outstanding elctro release reminding us the glory d... more...

12inch Rawax: RMCE014 remind

Carl Finlow - Descent

Carl Finlow


Electro elegance from the masterful Carl Finlow on his third outing on Craigie Knowes with 4 deep and unique electro tracks. 'Descent' bringing us bel... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP24 remind

Electro Nation - Electro Nation

Electro Nation

Electro Nation

Essential Electro from 1996 the mighty Thomas P. Heckmann aka Electro Nation!

12inch Afu ltd: AFU009R remind

Various Artists - DE:10.10

Various Artists


The Belgian party organisation and record label De:tuned presents the final outing of their 10 year anniversary vinyl series.

12inch De:tuned: ASGDE030 remind

Thundercat - It Is What It Is


It Is What It Is

''It Is What It Is'' follows his game-changing third album ''Drunk''. That record completed his transition from virtuoso bassist to bonafide star and... more...

LP Brainfeeder: BF100LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) - The Professionals (Instrumentals)

The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No)

The Professionals (Instrumentals)

On The Professionals, Madlib joined forces with fellow rapper/producer and biological brother Oh No, unleashing tracks of trippy, frequently psychede... more...

LP Madlib Invazion: MMS035LP remind

Dijf Sanders - Puja

Dijf Sanders


Multi-instrumentalist and composer Dijf Sanders combines a broad mix of styles with a boundless approach full of multicultural blends. Dijf, who wa... more...

LP Unday: Unday115lpltd remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - CCCP Edits

Unknown Artist

CCCP Edits

Edits from the Land Of The Lost - USSR. Russian classics in modern interpretation.

12inch CCCP Edits: CCCP1 remind

Shine Grooves - Hanagasumi 01

Shine Grooves

Hanagasumi 01

Hanagasumi - hazy curtain of flowers, cherry blossoms appearing from a far like a white mist - this phenomenon can be seen during the sakura blossom i... more...

12inch Hanagasumi: HANAGASUMI01 remind

Nina Simmons - Madera Negra

Nina Simmons

Madera Negra

Tribal journey into psychedelics grooves, voodoo incursions and exotic atmospheres.

12inch Musica Altra / Salgari Records: MA003/SR001 remind

Lack - Satin



'Satin is the first solo EP from Lack, the alias of Manchester based artist Charlie Foy - having previously featured on various twelves for the Cong B... more...

12inch Blank Mind: BLNK012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - VA1

Various Artists


Classic braindance / Rephlex style IDM, Drill & Bass etc featuring the legendary D'Arcangelo. Must have for fans of classic Aphex, Squarepusher & Bogd... more...

LP Massage Brain Cult: MBC001 remind

VV.AA - Fragments 6


Fragments 6

Part six of Hivern Discs' Fragments compilation. While compilations tend to look backwards, 'Fragments' is far from being a retrospective. Since its l... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVNCOMP6/6 remind

VV.AA - Fragments 5


Fragments 5

Part five of Hivern Discs' Fragments compilation. While compilations tend to look backwards, 'Fragments' is far from being a retrospective. Since its... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVNCOMP5/6 remind

Borusiade - Fortunate Isolation


Fortunate Isolation

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started DJ-ing in 2002 as one of the very few female DJs in the city’s emerging... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE266 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bengoa - Forest Law EP


Forest Law EP

After the first classy, deep and aetherial 12" back in May 2019, B2 Recordings is back with it's second release, and here we see the labelowner Bengoa... more...

12inch B2 Recordings: B2R002 remind

Vanligt Folk - Allt Ente

Vanligt Folk

Allt Ente

Allt E'nte is a reaction to the emerging expectation on politicization of music. a respons to the demand and implicit condition to be current, relevan... more...

LP Kontra Musik: KM056/KESS12 remind

Troy - Klockworks 029


Klockworks 029

Troy returns to Klockworks with a powerful 4 track EP following his contribution to the 'Klockworks 20' compilation and his debut solo EP on the label... more...

12inch Klockworks: Klock029 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L