Steven Legget - Bathhouse

Steven Legget


It’s safe to say that Steven Legget has been somewhat measured in his approach to releasing music. The Newcastle native was behind the Four Hands mo... more...

12inch Firecracker: FIREC024LP remind

Paul du Lac - Dubbelbrein EP

Paul du Lac

Dubbelbrein EP

The return of Bio Rhythm label boss Paul du Lac aka Mirror Man, delivering a brand new collection of autistic jack trax for ADD.

12inch ADD: ADD001 remind

V-Sor X - Authors 2

V-Sor X

Authors 2

Coming to Peripheral Minimal is a classic of the synth-pop scene (at the time received criticism for alleged lack of emotion and musicianship), that e... more...

7inch Peripheral Minimal: PM022 remind

Conforce - Terra Modis EP


Terra Modis EP

Conforce is back on his home label with four more of his richly detailed and hugely atmospheric techno tracks. It's his first release on Delsin since... more...

12inch Delsin: 129DSR remind

Freeway - No More / Coming From The Heart


No More / Coming From The Heart

Freeway was a US modern soul group from the Oregon area, active from 1979 to 1984. This is a personal favourite here at Preservation HQ. First release... more...

7inch Preservation Records: P0022 remind

Pete Knutsen - Operasjon Cobra

Pete Knutsen

Operasjon Cobra

Never before released Norwegian cult late 70's raregroove soundtrack from 1978 featuring all-star lineup with talents like Knut Riisnæs, Henryk Lysiak... more...

LP Moving Music: MM02 remind

Aqueduct Ensemble - Improvisations on an Apricot

Aqueduct Ensemble

Improvisations on an Apricot

''Hi again! It's been a couple years, but I've put together a new record, this time with my neighbor Stu and a few other friends. Stu's been tuning th... more...

LP Last Resort: LR002LP remind

Kevin Arnemann - NxNW

Kevin Arnemann


GlassTalk Records return, only 6 months after their debut release, with 'NxNW' from Kevin Arnemann. The Taped Artifact founder delivers a 4-track of i... more...

12inch Glass Talk Records: GLASS002 remind

Derek Carr - Pioneers EP

Derek Carr

Pioneers EP

Derek Carr has flown back onto the radar after reissues on Ben Boe's 'For Those That Knoe' imprint and a string of newly released music through 2017 a... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP10 remind

Kimiko Kasai With Herbie Hancock - Butterfly

Kimiko Kasai With Herbie Hancock


Oh yes! First ever official reissue of the positively sublime and very rare Butterfly LP, recorded in Tokyo in 1979 by Japanese songstress Kimiko Kasa... more...

LP Be With Records: BEWITH028LP remind

Dj Nephil - The War of Gods and Man

Dj Nephil

The War of Gods and Man

Dj Nephil returns for the 5th installment on his Gravitational Waves imprint. 6 uncompromising cuts of eerie synth lines, vocal samples and growling b... more...

12inch Gravitational Waves: GRTW005 remind

Pasiphae - Siphax EP


Siphax EP

To kick-start Artificial Dance’s 2018 release programme, the label has once again delved deep into the darkest corners of the Dutch electronic undergr... more...

Mini-LP Artificial Dance: AD003 remind

Jimi Tenor - Quantum Connection

Jimi Tenor

Quantum Connection

Named after the tenor saxophone, actually, Jimi Tenor is not just Jimi Tenor - he's as well Jimi Keys, Jimi Flute, Jimi Vox and Jimi Composer. Yeah, h... more...

7inch Philophon: PH45015 remind

Will Saul - Bugs

Will Saul


Swinging drum fueled techno.

12inch Aus Music: Aus125 remind

Anna - Razor EP


Razor EP

Simple but effective techno bangers.

12inch Novamute: 12NOMU182 remind

SNTS - Cruel Opacity


Cruel Opacity

After 3 years SNTS releases on his label SNTS Records a 4-track EP , getting back to his initial and characteristic sound. Textures, voices, percussio... more...

12inch SNTS: SNTS12 remind

Rhyw - ARCS06



Smoul-dering alien techno.

12inch Arcing Seas: ARCS06 remind

Relaxer - Relaxer 5


Relaxer 5

Relaxer’s fifth EP is the final edition in the self titled series that began in early 2016. Th six tracks are split between viscous, serpentine techno... more...

12inch Relaxer: Tranquility005 remind

Bleak & Oliver Deutschmann - The Source 1/4

Bleak & Oliver Deutschmann

The Source 1/4

Her Damit Tonarchiv aims to document the sound of the Her Damit festival and kicks things off with a four-part vinyl series. Located on the logo side... more...

12inch Her Damit Tonarchiv: HDT01 remind

Loidis (Huerco S) - A Parade

Loidis (Huerco S)

A Parade

New twelve on Hank Jacksons Anno label by Loidis aka Huerco S. aka Pendant aka The Royal Crown of Sweden.

12inch Anno: ANNO002 remind

Dawit - Corona EP


Corona EP

Dawit follows up his recent Future Times Dawit & Dolo single with a stunner of an EP on his own label. Stretched out soul, dizzy hand drums, and silky... more...

12inch 1432: 1432R014 remind

Shea - Forest Flame


Forest Flame

Forest Flame is the debut solo effort of the Texas-based Shea McGilvray. His previous works have been featured in compilation and remix releases on la... more...

12inch Online Conversations: OCV002 remind

Pat & Pats.  - Tobago
12inch Disco Segreta: DSM006 remind

Milan W - Envelope

Milan W


Milan W (AKA Milan Warmoeskerken) is an Antwerp-based musician. In 2015 he released the Slo Mo cassette, on local label JJ Funhouse. The Intact LP a y... more...

LP Ekster: EKS016 remind

Alma Construct - Circulator

Alma Construct


Intelligent Techno from R&S alumni Alma Construct touching on classic 90's A.R.T, B12, Rephlex and Detroit electro vibes. more...

2LP Power Vacuum: Powvac020 remind

Max Fowler - Max Fowler (Samo DJ Remix)

Max Fowler

Max Fowler (Samo DJ Remix)

The artist run gallery Schloss, inhabiting the space of a defunct Porsche repair shop in Oslo, has birthed a record label under the same name. Run by... more...

12inch Schloss Records: SCHL001 remind

Betonkust & Palmbomen II - Center Parcs

Betonkust & Palmbomen II

Center Parcs

Recorded in an ageing holiday park during off-season, Center Parcs is the debut LP by Dutch artists Betonkust & Palmbomen II; a conceptual, musical-tr... more...

2x12inch Dekmantel: DKMNTL058 remind

Freda - Mad Dancer


Mad Dancer

Zen in space makes a prominent debut for Moonshoe Records with 'Yellow Jazz EP'. The record captivates the feeling of a jam session when the vibe is o... more...

12inch Moonshoe Records: MSH004 remind

Delroy Edwards - Aftershock

Delroy Edwards


In the traditon of classic Chicago beat track records like Jesse Velez's ''Super Rhythm Tracks'' or Duane Thamm's D-Rail and R-Trax comes Delroy Edwar... more...

2LP + Download LIES: LIES110 remind

Benedek - Earlyman Dance


Earlyman Dance

We're a big fan of Benedek's involvement with PPU and the man in subject strikes on Music From Memory's club sub Second Circle this time. Just as good... more...

12inch Second Circle: SC010 remind

Various Artists - East 6th Street EP

Various Artists

East 6th Street EP

Cedar Sound Workshop two individuals who are magnetically attracted to the deeper sounds of New York, Chicago and Detroit. Bradford James and Monchan;... more...

12inch Daily Session: DSR017 remind

Paolo Di Nicolantonio - Close To Me EP

Paolo Di Nicolantonio

Close To Me EP

Those with an internet connection may be familiar with Paolo Di Nicolantonio through his incredible YouTube channel, SynthMania. His channel is hub sh... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP9 remind

Secret Werewolf - Yage

Secret Werewolf


Re-issue of forgotten minimal techno abstraction from Hamilton, Ontario. The unsung genius of Secret Werewolf is fully on display on this 1996 gem.... more...

12inch Geej: GJ008 remind

Facta - Dumb Hummer / All The Time


Dumb Hummer / All The Time

Facta delivers two lithe new cuts for the latest Livity Sound 12”, featuring fresh artwork from Tess Redburn. The Wisdom Teeth label boss and Bristol... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY030 remind

Opgang 2 - De Chirico

Opgang 2

De Chirico

Unearthed 1997 techno grail from Hamilton, Ontario. Remastered from the original recordings this 12'', created by David Foster of Teste (''The Wipe'')... more...

12inch Geej: GJ009 remind

Bell Towers - Ikea Hack (incl. Baba Stiltz Remix)

Bell Towers

Ikea Hack (incl. Baba Stiltz Remix)

Bell Towers is finally back with a new record for Public Possession. IKEA HACK origi-nally produced for the runway, was too good not to explore furthe... more...

12inch Public Possession: PP027 remind

Shorelights - Ancient Lights


Ancient Lights

Shorelights is a collaborative ambient techno project feat. Rod Modell (Deepchord, Echospace, Waveform Transmission, Transformations), and Walter Wasa... more...

2LP Subwax: SubwaxBCNLP03 remind

Kreggo - Introspective Dance Music


Introspective Dance Music

Lobster Theremin present another mind-bending LP this time the brainchild of Italian producer and epic talent Kreggo. more...

LP Lobster Theremin: Lobster048 remind

/DL/MS/ - Exit Ghost


Exit Ghost

Deep space techno electro on TRUST celebrating the label's year XX. /DL/MS/ is the viennese duo behind recent Frustrated Funk outing, 'Omakuda', l... more...

12inch Trust: Trust031 remind

Route 8 - Come Home

Route 8

Come Home

After a three year hiatus, Route 8 returns to christen Lobster Theremin's 50th release with a diverse package of bumping house gems - something for ev... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster050 remind

Michael Clause - Ice Pick

Michael Clause

Ice Pick

Bay Area troublemaker Michael Claus brings some hard hitting, floor stomping techno works to Left Hand Path. Ice cold!

12inch Left Hand Path: LHP-004 remind

Reptant - Illusory



Reptant joins Salt Mines for their second record, Illusory. A teched out step into the sewers of acid, break-beat & deep house.

12inch Salt Mines: Salt008 remind

Various Artists - Family Matters Vol.1

Various Artists

Family Matters Vol.1

Belgian New Beat and trance influenced tracks by Betonkust, Innershades, Robert D and Deris. 'Familly Matters Vol.1 is a 5 track EP that counts as the... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL008 remind

Grant - Grant 004


Grant 004

Marseille-based producer Grant returns to his self-released white label series with an ever more expansive EP of deep, rolling house.

12inch Grant: Grant004 remind

Somewhen - 6



Heavy big room bangers! The inverted concept contains four tracks. A-side opener „TR440“ with his steadily pounding synth followed by „Veidt’s“ uncan... more...

12inch Sana: Sana003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Khotin - Aloe Drink


Aloe Drink

''The record begins with “Aloe Drink,” a tune, which, like the beverage it’s named after, is both specifically familiar and vaguely mysterious; it beg... more...

12inch Public Release Recordings: PR017 remind

Andrew Red Hand - Spiritual Capital EP

Andrew Red Hand

Spiritual Capital EP

Dubbed by Igloo Magazine as the “Romanian Detroit electro/techno pioneer” and by the late Aaron Carl as “the Romanian Underground Resistance himself”,... more...

12inch Chiwax: Chiwax019LTD remind