12-03-2018 - monday

Polarius - Talking Smack


Talking Smack

Re-issue of the legendary Polarius on Bunker. 8 The Hague smack trax! Comes with whitelabels. more...

12inch Bunker: B3029 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Erotek - E:ectro-bytes.exe



10 short tracks of essential Detroit sounds from booty to deep techno to minimal electro..

12inch Afro Syntrix: Afro Syntrix 002 remind

Legowelt - Klaus Kinski


Klaus Kinski

Great release with 808 rocking electro/disco tracks and some dirty Italian soundtrack style soundscapes.. 2020 Repress without original artwork.

12inch Bunker: B3023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dj Technician - My Beat Is A Monster

Dj Technician

My Beat Is A Monster

2019 Re-issue! Another part in the limited Bunker Robot Dystopia series. Blunt minimal '80's electro/miami bass funk from The Hague's notorious Dj Tec... more...

12inch Bunker: B3060 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Elec Pt.1 - Acid Coloniae

Elec Pt.1

Acid Coloniae

Dark cologne acid house tracks! 2020 Recut! more...

LP Bunker: B3061 remind

Mantra - The Second Age


The Second Age

2020 Repress! Very wild (lean and mean!) old-school '88 acid house! more...

12inch Bunker: B3063 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Composite Profuse - Roma Aeterna

Composite Profuse

Roma Aeterna

2020 Repress! Dopplereffekt-style sinister robot electro by MinimalRome's head honcho... more...

12inch Bunker: B3065 remind

Gay Marvine - Bath House Etiquette Vol. 1

Gay Marvine

Bath House Etiquette Vol. 1

Gay Marvine from the Secret Fixes series with a new batch of fit reworks of disco evergreens. Sister Sledge 'Lost In Music', Shalamar 'Make That Move'... more...

12inch Bath House Etiquette: BHE001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L




Kevin Lukacs aka LL/DJ, is a native of Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. He's a regular DJ at Düsseldorf's infamous Salon Des Amateurs and operates as par... more...

12inch Bushes: BS-01 remind

Various Artists - Thank Your Freaks Part 2
12inch Quintessentials: Quint033 remind

Djrum - Seven Lies


Seven Lies

2nd Drop Records release Seven Lies, the debut album by Felix Manuel aka Djrum (pronounced Drum). Its sounds are inspired by the rawness of urban Lond... more...

3x12inch 2nd drop records: 2NDRPLP001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Werkha - Beacon



Great hybrid of house, dubstep, bass, broken beat and modern electronica on this Tru Thoughts sub label. Tip! more...

EP Vindig: VINDIG040 remind

Boy 8-Bit - Jungle Gym / Timeworks

Boy 8-Bit

Jungle Gym / Timeworks

The straight up dance floor oriented house shuffle of 'Jungle Gym' sits on the A-Side, with its modulated FM bass, descending harps and the repeated c... more...

12inch Vindig: VINDIG0291 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Caio - Arcane ep


Arcane ep

New label from Italy bringing raw analog jack tracks.

12inch Mental Distortion: Mdt001 remind

John Foxx - Underpass

John Foxx


Electro/Wave hero John Foxx with a double A side 12'' single. Limited to 500 copies. Artwork by Jonathan Barnbrook. Numbered and hand-stamped by Jona... more...

12inch Metametic: Meta32v(Del) remind

Ed Congreave  - Heal

Ed Congreave


DEEP SHIT is brought to you by Jack Savidge of Friendly Fires and Edwin Congreave of Foals. Deep Shit is the newly founded DJ collective, promotor an... more...

12inch Deep Shit: DPSHT001 remind

Ben Sims - Joyrider (Massimo di Lena remix)
12inch Theory: Theory remind

Fold - Upstairs For Thinking, DownStairs For Dancing EP


Upstairs For Thinking, DownStairs For Dancing EP

After years of honing his craft as one half of UK House duo Homepark, newcomer Fold continues his prolific run of solo work following on from his debu... more...

12inch Elp: Eminds027 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Signal Life #5

Various Artists

Signal Life #5

More upfront bass excursions from this cool Helsinki label... By Bristol’s praised Kowton, the shocking young Finnish talent that is LAS, as well as... more...

12inch Signal Life: Sgnllf005 remind

24-01-2014 - friday

Legowelt - Blue Tearz


Blue Tearz

Amazing release from Legowelt , three tracks full of house and techno vibes like only he can do. A vinyl only release. Highly recommended.

12inch Riverette: RVRT001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-11-2013 - friday

KWC 92 - Dream Of The Walled City O.S.T. (2018 reissue)

KWC 92

Dream Of The Walled City O.S.T. (2018 reissue)

The duo of Samo DJ and Max Stenerudh have billed the record as a conceptual soundtrack set in Kowloon’s Walled City, an ex military fort in Hong Kong... more...

LP LIES: Lies027 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-04-2014 - wednesday

Witch - Movin' On


Movin' On

''Known for their psychedelic fuzz masterpiece Lazy Bones, this is another side of Witch. This time around the band created another masterpiece, but t... more...

LP Invisible City Editions: ICE005 remind

Joey Kay - Love Revolution 004

Joey Kay

Love Revolution 004

The Brooklyn based label is back with their fourth release, this time from Chicago's underground legen Joey Kay. 4 tracks from '91-'03 that have never... more...

12inch Love Revolution: Loverev004 remind

Pellegrino - Zodyaco



Inspired by the ancient mythology of the stars and their deep influence on the sea life, the record is the result of nocturnal jams in the wake of the... more...

12inch Early Sounds: EAS019 remind

Severn Beach - We Continue EP

Severn Beach

We Continue EP

The lead track, We Continue, is a hypnotic roller with tough, punchy kicks which pays tribute to his Bristolian roots. On the flip Severn Beach teams... more...

12inch Audio Culture Label: ACLBL011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Bolo Represent 004

Various Artists

Bolo Represent 004

The city of Bologna (BOLO for locals) has been always a crucial junction for the underground music scene in Italy. Over the last few years a small gro... more...

12inch Bolo Represent: Bolorep004 remind

Various Artists - Earth Tones 5

Various Artists

Earth Tones 5

Earth Tones reaches number 5 as Fred P continues to compile future dance music on his second sub label. This episode includes veteran Beat Pharmacy a... more...

12inch Soul People Music: SPMETV005 remind

Axs - Rosewood Secrets


Rosewood Secrets

For the 25th entry in the long-running Bedroom Compost series, we have a special set of three Axs albums, packed to the brim with unreleased works fro... more...

CDr Recycled Plastics: RPBC025A remind

Zander One / Echonine - Echonine (Coppice Halifax & Textural Being remixes)

Zander One / Echonine

Echonine (Coppice Halifax & Textural Being remixes)

Echonine is the aptly titled remix album for 2012's ambient techno odyssey Echoate, although upon closer inspection, it also contains remixes of track... more...

CDr Recycled Plastics: Recycled Plastics BC 026 remind

AQ Acid Crew - Live Cuts Vol. 1

AQ Acid Crew

Live Cuts Vol. 1

AQ Acid Crew debuts at Recycled Plastics with the evocative Live Cuts Vol. 1. AQ is a talented young man named Erik who has a lovely way with his mach... more...

CDr Recycled Plastics: RPAQ001 remind

Milieu - Academy Stripes


Academy Stripes

Academy Stripes is Milieu's 36th full-length album of original material, and the first at Recycled Plastics. So what should you expect to hear? A colo... more...

CDr Recycled Plastics: RP005 remind

Ben Sims feat. Tyree Cooper - Get Behind The Groove

Ben Sims feat. Tyree Cooper

Get Behind The Groove

This time around it's a bold 303 mission, with Ben Sims on the machines, Tyree Cooper on the vocals and the illusive Geeeman on the remix duties, only... more...

12inch Retro-Vert: Retrovert002 remind

Donal Byrd - Chant

Donal Byrd


Donald Byrd treasure – and an album that was almost left in the vaults by Blue Note, until they briefly released it at the end of the 70s! The cover... more...

12inch Unknown: HS077VL remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Holdie Gawn  Micawber - Thron  F7

Holdie Gawn Micawber

Thron F7

Thron ia an acid influenced deep groover which expands over 11 minutes and builds up slowly with stomping sub-bass notes, combined with smooth sonic t... more...

12inch Sylphe: Sylphe05 remind

Theme - Theme EP


Theme EP

Who is Theme? Theme is a well known Berlin producer focused on creating a new entity and sound that exists separately to his main production output. T... more...

12inch Horo: Horo013 remind

Various Artists - 1978 - 1980 Edits

Various Artists

1978 - 1980 Edits

The years are 1978 - 1980, Wuss + Lamb and Nick Monaco join forces to bring you edits of two mega hits to relaunch the infamous Wolf + Lamb Black Labe... more...

12inch Wolfandlamb: WLB014 remind