03-04-2023 - monday

Model 500 - No UFO's  (Remastered Edition)

Model 500

No UFO's (Remastered Edition)

Legendary and genre-defining Detroit label Metroplex Records is rereleasing a run of carefully selected releases from its classic-studded catalogue.... more...

12inch Metroplex: M001 € 13,99

28-03-2023 - tuesday

Norbak - Res Extensa


Res Extensa

Norbak returns to HAYES with Res Extensa - four muscular, percussive workouts adorned with shaped noise and honed to lethality. Taken together, they r... more...

12inch Hayes: HYSEP40 € 13,99

Rod20 - Woobel EP


Woobel EP

ROD strikes back with 4 powerful Techno jams recorded in 1 take under his hardware-only Rod20 alias.

12inch Rod20: ROD2004 € 10,99

27-03-2023 - monday

Ex-Terrestrial - Urth Born


Urth Born

Pacific Rhythm returns with a slight deviation from the Vancouver sound to explore transmissions from the Eastern corners of Canada. Four introspectiv... more...

12inch Pacific Rhythm: PR003 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Regularfantasy - New Glow EP


New Glow EP

New mini album from Regular Fantasy who has previously released on Mood Hut and Total Stasis and is one half Plush Managements Inc with D Tiffany. more...

LP Specials Worldwide: Specials005 € 23,99

Yoofee - Lost Papers EP


Lost Papers EP

Soulful, jazz-infused broken beats from Berlin! Incredibly talented jazz pianist and producer Yoofee debuts on Casa Voyager! A must-have for both: sen... more...

EP Casa Voyager: TWR11 € 11,99

Froid Dub - Deep Blue Bass

Froid Dub

Deep Blue Bass

Froid Dub continues to explore its synth-lined slowed down digi-dub cave flooded with waves of echoes and acid bleeps. From begging to end, bass lines... more...

LP Delodio: DEL13 € 26,99

Cru Servers - EEL

Cru Servers


Part hexagonal lube-pool, part peatman’s gallbladder; EEL marks an encephalitic (onward) plowter for both of us. Like intractable flagellations hoiste... more...

LP + 7inch 12th Isle: Isle013 € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Soulscaper  - Inside Voices

The Soulscaper

Inside Voices

Animalia's exploration of the lesser known artists of Melbourne continues with the launch of new sublabel, Cirrus, focusing on non-club, downtempo, a... more...

2x12inch Animalia: CIRRUS1 € 17,99

ST. David - Timeless EP

ST. David

Timeless EP

Davide Disanto aka St. David is dj, producer and musician born in Bari, Italy in the early 90's. His production style is groovy and heavy stomping wit... more...

12inch Groovin Records: GRN05 € 15,99

Gayance - Mascarade



Gayance joins forces with Rhythm Section for her debut album ‘Mascarade’ - a swaying dance that moves between poetic, soulful odes to the past, accoun... more...

LP Rhythm Section International: RS055 € 27,99

Roundtree - Hit On You


Hit On You

First official reissue of the disco-funk classic tune produced by Kenny Lehman including original 1982 mixes by Tony Humphries and the new unreleased... more...

12inch Groovin Records: GR12101 € 15,99

Hard Ton feat. ROY INC. - Release

Hard Ton feat. ROY INC.


The Italian XXXL queer acid-disco duo Hard Ton are back, this time with guest vocals from legendary model & singer ROY INC. more...

12inch Balkan Vinyl: BV42 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

RBCHMBRS - Toe the Line EP


Toe the Line EP

Rough and rugged house for those who love Delroy Edwards, Omar S, Ace Mo & Moma Ready and the dirtier end of KDJ and Theo Parrish.

12inch 1432: 1432R021 € 15,99

Paleman - Exalted EP


Exalted EP

Very few electronic music artists can boast of spanning a wide musical spectrum as the UK producer Calum Lee aka Paleman / Fresnel Lens.Always emphasi... more...

12inch 30D Eyes Have It: 30DEYES-004 € 11,99

Ultra Random Analog Orchestra - EP3

Ultra Random Analog Orchestra


"When you cut into the present, the future leaks out" William S. Burroughs. Third Ear are proud and excited to release a new Brendon Moeller project e... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3ELP2020013 € 11,49

Glenn Underground - Afro Gente / 7th Trumpet
12inch Groovin Records: GR12102 € 15,99

Mr. G - Pearls Don't Lay On The Shore

Mr. G

Pearls Don't Lay On The Shore

This is another piece to my musical puzzle. After "The Forced..." album, I still felt there was further I could go in... So again, with David's su... more...

2x12inch CHILDHOOD: CH006LP € 22,99

Fallbeil - The Mockturtle


The Mockturtle

Hambourg’s electro duo Fallbeil composed by Wosto and Kluentah, is still pretty unknown despite they’ve been releasing a bunch of EP and a couple of... more...

LP Macadam Mambo: MMLPXX505 € 22,99

Non Punire - Espeletia

Non Punire


BT67 presents Colombian producer / promoter and DJ Non Punire with a mini-album entitled Espeletia. Member of the defunct Vltra Delta Drive, Espeletia... more...

Mini-LP Brokntoys: Brokntoys67 € 16,99

atxcrswx & Lolina - Untitled

atxcrswx & Lolina


Feedback Moves kicks off 2023 with a new record by @xcrswx and Lolina. @xcrswx are Crystabel Riley (drum-/human-skin) and Seymour Wright (saxophone)/... more...

10inch Feedback Moves: FM2 € 18,99

Alberto Lizarralde - Haizetxe

Alberto Lizarralde


Timeless minimalist approach to composition braced by repetition and playfulness. Alberto’s music reflects calm, focus and intimacy. Ethereal and atmo... more...

LP Hegoa Records: HEG006 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Peven Everett - Bluelight Love

Peven Everett

Bluelight Love

New unreleased 2023 production by the Chicago composer and producer. Definitely not to miss!

12inch Groovin Records: GR12103 € 15,99

Reedale Rise - Sesuvium

Reedale Rise


Landing on Delsin with a highly developed strain of emotionally inquisitive electro, Reedale Rise presents a new four-track EP which builds on his gro... more...

12inch Delsin: 155DSR € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Hacker - Red Team

The Hacker

Red Team

After a frenzied 2019 debut on Pinkman under his scarcely-used Amato alias, The Hacker brings his seminal sound to Mindri for the sublabel's 3rd relea... more...

Mini-LP Mindri: MIN303 € 14,99

Various Artists - Tone DropOut Vol.11

Various Artists

Tone DropOut Vol.11

Tone Drop welcomes back Samuel Padden and XOTR, and also see first collaboration release from label head honcho Sween and good friend Alphonse, and of... more...

12inch Tone Dropout: TD11 € 16,99

Kenny Hooper - Detroit Orbiter Vol.1

Kenny Hooper

Detroit Orbiter Vol.1

Young Detroit-native Kenny Hooper steps up for his debut release on Elypsia Records with not one, not two but three 12 inches full of prime Motor City... more...

12inch Elypsia: ELY110 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pugilist & Tamen   - Lithium EP

Pugilist & Tamen

Lithium EP

New Dext from Pugilist and Tamen plus a killer remix from the dons of new school jungle Dwarde and Tim Reaper.

12inch Dext Recordings: Dext017 € 18,99

Lew E - Touched / Teardrop

Lew E

Touched / Teardrop

For the third Basic Spirit release, Lew E turns in two stompers for a limited vinyl only release. Reimagining two big tracks from yesteryear with a do... more...

12inch Basic Spirit: SPRT003 remind

Daddario - Quinto Quarto


Quinto Quarto

Daddario debuts at Ragoo Records with the 'Quinto Quarto' EP, a record that fuses beatmaking attitude with funk, disco and electro vibes. more...

Mini-LP Ragoo Records: RGV02 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-03-2023 - friday

Pulso & Translate - Kortvag

Pulso & Translate


Inaugurating their first ever vinyl release, KEY Vinyl welcomes young Argentinian duo Translate & Pulso. Mischievous, sci-fi oriented, yet groovy a... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY030 € 11,99

Monoak - Go Flight


Go Flight

The quiet Irish mastermind is releasing new material on Tape Hiss. When he is not busy with his Monoak alterego, he works alongside Keith Tenniswood (... more...

12inch Tape Hiss: TAPEHISS011 € 14,99

Mtty - FREE003



Breakfree Records welcome Canberra’s Mtty to the label for his first vinyl release, expect wonky tech house.

12inch Breakfree Records: FREE003 € 12,99

Dax J - Brixton EP

Dax J

Brixton EP

Dax J presents a new EP of advanced percussive, acid techno & warehouse grooves.

12inch Monnom Black: MONNOM030 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cybernet - Druid EP


Druid EP

Upcoming Melbourne producer, Michael 'Cybernet' Giese debuts on Gestalt Records with a blistering 4 track EP full of neo-noir-esque Goa, progressive t... more...

12inch Gestalt Records: GST028 € 13,99

Lucita Octans / DJ Lifegoals - Ethereal Techno-Funk EP

Lucita Octans / DJ Lifegoals

Ethereal Techno-Funk EP

A split 12” with four soulful and danceable IDM jams by Lucita Octans and DJ Lifegoals. The opening track Aegian Chrome features phat bassline, funky... more...

12inch EABE: EABEVI remind

Jay Gadian - RM12020

Jay Gadian


R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings welcomes back Jay Gadian for his second EP. This time a 4-tracker of psychdelic progressive house.

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12020 € 13,49

Stanislav Karpenkov - EvpaTrans

Stanislav Karpenkov


After three years of deep work, Stas Karpenkov's debut album is released on Gost Zvuk in the form of an abstract, free-form study. The album is satura... more...

LP Gost Zvuk: GOST019 € 19,99



X-0F0 EP

A highly effective four-tracker, with 303's lined-up to gently pierce eardrums around the globe! All tracks are driven by energetic drums with a stead... more...

12inch Zodiak Commune Records: ZC030 € 12,99

SHDW & Obscure Shape - Vergessene Welt EP

SHDW & Obscure Shape

Vergessene Welt EP

Exhilarating ride through driving basslines, menacing synth lines and hard-hitting percussion to march towards the peak hours and set the tone for wha... more...

12inch From Another Mind: FAM009 € 15,49

Lamalice & Smooth Operators - Split EP 2

Lamalice & Smooth Operators

Split EP 2

Firing up the next outing on Anthea’s Partisan is the 2nd in the series of split EPs from the label. The A side made by French Producers Lamalice and... more...

12inch Partisan: PTN015B € 15,99

Pletnev - And You Never Come Back EP


And You Never Come Back EP

Four heady cuts, mind-bending and bold. For curious dancers, their stories to unfold. From Lithuanian maestro, Pletnev his name. Modular beats, a... more...

12inch Rand Muzik: RMECR001 € 12,99

PRG/M - Are We On The Run (Mod21 remix)


Are We On The Run (Mod21 remix)

Italian Producer and part of the r²? trio PRG/M lands on the label with a five track EP. With a mixture of deep and club orientated tracks the EP foll... more...

12inch Mnestic Records: MNSC003 € 13,99