03-11-2023 - friday


Blue Voices

Balmat co-founders Philip Sherburne and Albert Salinas have been fans of Shy Layers' lilting, Balearic pop for years, so when Shy Layers' JD Walsh ask... more...

LP Balmat: BALMAT08 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-11-2023 - wednesday



727 directives : 1.''Serve the public trust'' 2.''Protect the innocent'' 3.''Uphold the law'' 4.''Classified'' 5.''Restrain hostile feelings''... more...

2LP WeMe Records: WeMe078 remind

30-10-2023 - monday


Maktub Remixes

It is our pleasure to announce an exciting collaboration born out of the resounding success of UMAY and BASHKKA's iconic EP, "Maktub." Together, we ar... more...

12inch UMAY: UMAY004 remind

22-10-2023 - sunday

Various Artists

weaponized fuel on the acid playa

Klakson drops another hot various artist EP with an ultra fresh team; DJ ????????? & DJ DISAPPOINTED, Driven By Attraction, Shcuro and Decent Damage &... more...

12inch Klakson: kl-nr16 remind

16-10-2023 - monday



Nantes-based Tom Ferreira (Fasme) joins AF with his first and highly anticipated album titled 'Bloom'. Well known in underground circles for an impres... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF051LP remind

06-10-2023 - friday

29-09-2023 - friday

Luke Sanger

Languid Gongue

Balmat is a new label with a cloudy outline. Jointly shepherded by Philip Sherburne and Albert Salinas, two friends living in Cardedeu, Catalonia, and... more...

LP Balmat: Balmat01 € 22,99

26-09-2023 - tuesday

Paolo Mosca

Metaphysics EP

Inspired by the early club sound pushed by the pioneers from his home region Veneto, Paolo Mosca fuses house, trance and ambient - and moves forward.... more...

EP Altered Circuits: ALT008 € 17,49

25-09-2023 - monday


Resonancia LP

Industrial Music Producer Geistform Releases New Album "Resonancia". Renowned industrial music producer Geistform has released a brand new album titl... more...

LP 30D ExoPlanets: 30DEXOLP-002 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Machine Woman

When Elegance Becomes Violence

Delsin is pleased to welcome the unique sound experimentalist Machine Woman, presenting a captivating five-track journey out to the glitchy fringes of... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/E14 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Tote Bag

6 years after their first merch collab Rotterdam outfits WOEI and CLONE team up once again for their ‘’Always Connected’’ drop! Way back in ’95 whe... more...

Merchandise Woei: WOEIXCLONEToteBlack € 13,99


Collapse Phase

Proper full-length outing from Naarm quartet and venerable live show Polito, self-described as ''a meeting of improvised contemporary dance and live i... more...

LP Butter Sessions: BSR039 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Blotter Trax


While rooted in electro and acid, ''Superconductor'' is impressively low-slung, stylish and funky, with nods towards Blotter Trax' mutual love of Arth... more...

2LP Optimo Music: OMLP027 € 29,99


Anata EP (Incl. Levon Vincent remix)

Echocord welcomes the return of Mathimidori to the imprint with his ''Anata EP'', accompanied by a remix from New Yorker and Novel Sound boss Levon Vi... more...

12inch Echocord: ECHO092 € 14,99


Silent Treatment

Dive into the captivating world of Lenxi with her electrifying debut EP, Silent Treatment. This mesmerizing blend of Acid, Electro, and melancholic p... more...

EP Magnetron Music: MAG206 € 15,99



For her second release on Northern Electronics, Vallmo (appellation of Melina ?kerman Kvie) strengthens her proficiency towards an electronic elevatio... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE90 € 23,99

Credit 00


Credit 00 arrives at the peak of festival season with a sadboi singalong to soundtrack the long summer evenings we spend all year looking forward to.... more...

7inch Pinkman: PNKMN049.5 € 14,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Lights Out (Chris Mitchell & C.L.A.W.S. Remixes)

Bertram debuts on Dutch cult label Pinkman Records. Fueled by nostalgia, 'Lights Out' aims to execute industrial old school dancehall and dub within a... more...

Mini-LP Pinkman: PNKMN048 € 18,99

P.A. Presents

Lost Voices

SoHaSo keeps finding lost gems in the rich soil of the Dutch electronic underground. You might know P.A. Presents from his epic Entangled EP (1995) or... more...

12inch Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo042 € 12,99


Costly Blooms On The Eve Of Collapse

Dust-e-1 & Priori are back with a 4 track EP of dreamy, atmospheric electronica via their ANF alias. Thanks for listening & enjoy!

12inch Dust World: DWLD006 € 12,49


Genetic Cluster EP

London based label Natural Selection present their forthcoming release in the form of a 4-track 12'' EP, courtesy of Versalife (aka Conforce), entitle... more...

12inch Natural Selection: NS004 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Omon Breaker


Omon Breaker aka Maksym Nazarov is a DJ and musician who grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine originally from Dnipro. Now he presents his first ever full EP, Comp... more...

12inch BITE: BITE029 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Waves Of Change

On his fifth album as VC-118A, Samuel van Dijk is using his evolved electro practice to explore the notion of change - a universal constant which keep... more...

2LP + Download Delsin: 157DSR € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Make Electro Dark Again

Tough, Dark and energetic electro from Robodroid. Comes with two remixes from Human Rebellion and Code Rising. Limited Picture Disc pressing. more...

12inch picture disc Warehouse Manifesto: WMR003 € 16,99