11-05-2018 - friday

Marquis Hawkes - RSD 2018

Marquis Hawkes

RSD 2018

Two Marquis Hawkes edits exclusively for Record Store Day.

12inch Aus Music: Aus126 € 9,99

Rick Wade - Cognitive Ecstasy EP

Rick Wade

Cognitive Ecstasy EP

Here is Another’s second release, a 3 tracks EP from Chicago’s iconic house producer Rick Wade, who has reinvented himself in the recent years. This i... more...

12inch Another: ATR002 remind

Chris Brann - Deep Fall

Chris Brann

Deep Fall

Growing up in Atlanta, Chris Brann discovered house and electronic music by the somewhat longwinded way of getting sent tapes from Europe. He began as... more...

2LP Peacefrog: PF071(re) € 29,99

BACK FROM E - Black From Eternity


Black From Eternity

Copenhagen’s Tartelet is returning to their roots with a dancefloor-focused EP, Pizza Trance,from Dirk 81—a.k.a label head Emil M. Nyholm. Having prev... more...

12inch Tartelet: Tart042 € 11,99

Deadline Paranoia - 1/3

Deadline Paranoia


After the first release, ‘’Narwal-Nirvana’’, Ongehoord comes with a 2nd release. Featuring more material from the Dutch cassette culture! Big tip..... more...

LP Ongehoord: Ongehoord002 € 19,99

Various Artists - Mutable Minds

Various Artists

Mutable Minds

It’s been 4 years since the last music compilation on MindTrip. Mutable Minds brings together a mixture of five exceptional and talented artists whose... more...

12inch Mindtrip: Mindtrip18 € 9,99

Hugh B - Floating On A Trippy Biscuit

Hugh B

Floating On A Trippy Biscuit

Following on from OTIS002 Jon & Hugh - Another view, one half of the production duo and OTIS label boss Hugh B steps out on his own for OTIS003. Float... more...

12inch Outer Time Inner Space: OTIS003 € 12,99

Spacetravel - Metroname



Great pack of tracks on this most fine minimal imprint!

12inch Perlon: Perlon116 € 11,99

LK - Dreams EP


Dreams EP

Laid-back Soul and Motown influences. Direct nod to the slinky vibes of 70s disco.

12inch Onloop: Onloop007 € 11,99

Modula - Incontro al Club Ventuno


Incontro al Club Ventuno

The Italian producer, master of synthesis and oscillators sculptor, for his latest release is focusing on the obscure universe of soundtracks, taking... more...

7inch Futuribile: FTR1003 € 9,99

Yondo - Edits EP Vol.1


Edits EP Vol.1

Sick collection of 80's / 90's Boogie, Soul, R&B edits from Yondo on this new label run by Raji Rags from London.

12inch Family Affair Records: FAR001 € 16,99

Flora FM - Atomic Garden

Flora FM

Atomic Garden

Atomic Garden EP includes four of the album’s most danceable tracks, all wrapped in gorgeous artwork by Patrick Savile.

12inch Argot: Argot023 € 11,99

10-05-2018 - thursday

Zanagoria - Insight Modulation


Insight Modulation

Amazing electronics from the Italian sound library scene -- a record that's far darker and much more moody than other Italian albums of the time -- of... more...

LP Wah Wah: LPS112 € 27,99

09-05-2018 - wednesday

Cienfuegos - Autogolpe



Proper mixed bag this one.. Grinding, banging and disturbing! more...

LP LIES: LIES108 € 18,99

Central - Li'ud



A bit of perspective: This is fun, sincere, serious, unambiguous and friendly - unlike politics today. A bit of press-pective: Central wants these bla... more...

12inch Help Recordings: HELP011 remind

Stasis - Fromtheoldtothenew



Fromtheoldtothenew was originally released in 1996 and is the second full length on Peacefrog from Steve ‘Stasis’ Pickton. Growing up as a teenager in... more...

2LP Peacefrog: PF046(re) € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Doug Cooney - In Plane Sight EP

Doug Cooney

In Plane Sight EP

Doug Cooney has cultivated his knowledge of techno over many years. Doug's passion for this craft runs deep and his DJ sets span the full spectrum of... more...

12inch Orbis Records: ASGOR015 € 11,99

Aiken - Basic Principles


Basic Principles

Spanish techno artist Aiken is back on his own Timeline label with another EP that offers up four more of his evocative takes on the genre. It comes a... more...

12inch Timeline: TL004 € 9,99

Various Artists - Bassiani 005

Various Artists

Bassiani 005

In the 5th installment of our various EP series, we continue our journey through both international and Georgian soundscapes. Put the needle on the A... more...

12inch Bassiani: Bas005 € 10,49

Disk - 04



Ukranian minimalistic bits

12inch Unknown: BLACKLOOPS4 € 11,49

D. Carbone - C.M.S. Remixes

D. Carbone

C.M.S. Remixes

Hefty remix package of 'Carbone Master System' LP pressed on gold-coloured vinyl. Veterans and contemporary artists such as AnD, Ascion, CJ Bolland, H... more...

12inch Carbone Records: CRBN003 remind

Various Artists - Mechatronica White 1

Various Artists

Mechatronica White 1

Mechatronica launches their new White series, dedicated to limited edition white label records across synth, wave, EBM and italo with a VA release fea... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRONW001 € 9,99

Nexda - Words & Numbers


Words & Numbers

Mannequin, Emotional Rescue and Blowpipe come together to release the music of Dutch post-punk, industrial outsiders Nexda, by releasing a collection... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ097 € 24,49

Various Artists - Planet Rhythm Pack incl. 72 / 91RE / WHT004

Various Artists

Planet Rhythm Pack incl. 72 / 91RE / WHT004

After the massive 'Propaganda' doublepack on the 69th cut, Bas Mooy is back with another appearance on the legendary Planet Rhythm imprint. His Play D... more...

3x12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKPACK004 remind

Various Artists - WHXT003

Various Artists


What NxT returns with the 3rd release of Rich NxT's sister label with another VA of outstanding quality. 4 unique tracks which bring nothing but good... more...

12inch What NxT: WHXT003 remind

Garcon Taupe - Kiklop EP

Garcon Taupe

Kiklop EP

Eight years after releasing his renowned Narrominded Split LP with Legowelt, Garcon Taupe returned with acid drenched EP 'The White Spider' that came... more...

12inch Narrominded: NM077 € 8,99

Pierre Sandwidi - Le Troubadour De La Savane

Pierre Sandwidi

Le Troubadour De La Savane

For many decades until quite recently, little was known about music from Burkina Faso (which was formerly known as the Upper Volta). It is still one o... more...

LP Unknown: BB104LP € 23,99

Dreamcast - The Lost Tape


The Lost Tape

Traded for promotional use only at Dreamcast's live venues. THIS IS NOT A CD, label just looks like the original demo CD-R. This album celebrates all... more...

LP Bury Me In Am Ink: BURYMEINAMINK 1 € 23,99

Reggie Dokes / Gari Romalis - Feel Me Deep EP

Reggie Dokes / Gari Romalis

Feel Me Deep EP

On this joint EP with Reggie Dokes, Gari Romalis explores the world of deepness without hesitation. He takes us on an intergalactic mind trip, while k... more...

12inch Psychostasia: PSY016 € 11,99

Various Artists - HYS 002

Various Artists

HYS 002

HYS002 captures an introspective and resolute frame of warmful colors filled with tiny spaces.

12inch Unknown: HYS002 € 9,99

Setaoc Mass - Solid Void EP

Setaoc Mass

Solid Void EP

This British producer plays to his strengths and delivers four tracks - rich in depth, texture and hypnotism.

12inch SK Eleven: SK11006 € 10,49

Le Pendu - Raar

Le Pendu


Second EP from Raar on his own label, with his recognisable sound signature he continue to show us his vision. From the delicate and lush pads of the... more...

12inch Vaerel Records: VAEREL002 remind

Demuir / Melodymann - MMLTD006

Demuir / Melodymann


Following up on Melodymathics' latest 12 , Demuir s vibe is back on a limited 10 with a rather unique track called Howz Your Body? One the flipside la... more...

10inch Melodymathics: MMLTD006 € 9,49

Etienne  - Combat EP


Combat EP

Latest Traffic by Etienne.

12inch Traffic Records Frankfurt: Traffic013 remind

John Coltrane - My Favorite Things

John Coltrane

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things is the seventh studio album by jazz musician John Coltrane, released in 1961 on Atlantic Records. It was the first album to feature... more...

LP WaxTime: WaxTime771969 € 21,99

Burnier & Cartier - Burnier & Cartier

Burnier & Cartier

Burnier & Cartier

Sought-after Brazilian LP from 1974 that touches on MPB, soul, jazz, disco and boogie, reminiscent of Steely Dan in places. Deep guitar arrangements i... more...

LP Mr Bongo: MRBLP153 € 37,99

08-05-2018 - tuesday

Rocco Universal  - Fleeting Eternity

Rocco Universal

Fleeting Eternity

Funk driven tracks by Rocco Universal, based in Tokyo on When I Met You Records. h a slick disco work out with that phat boogie funk drive.

12inch When I Met You: WIMY002 € 10,99

Fixmer - The God


The God

Effectively banging, craftily executed EBM Techno EP

12inch Aufnahme + Wiedergabe: A+WXXI (20300) € 12,49

Doc Severinsen  - I Wanna Be With You (DJ Harvey Edit)

Doc Severinsen

I Wanna Be With You (DJ Harvey Edit)

Monstrous mid-tempo Disco groovings on this one, giving the Avergae White Band a run for their money.... Doc Severinsen, the renowned Jazz hornsman dr... more...

12inch Epic: ASD220AB € 10,99

I:Cube - Double Pack


Double Pack

Versatile's main man (alongside Gilb'R) returns to the fray with a hot set of tracks on the 120th release on Versatile. From the late night cosmic-bal... more...

2x12inch Versatile: Ver120 € 21,99

Waffles  - Waffles 007


Waffles 007

Limited information on this release, it contains two super edits that have been heavily road tested on a certain soundsytem that is currently doing th... more...

12inch Various UK Re-edits: Waffles007 € 10,99

Stojche - Magnitude EP


Magnitude EP

Uplifting, classy, mid 1990s Detroit school trained Techno EP.

12inch Artless: Artless2181 (20021) remind

Breaka - Rory's Theme / Puffer Jackets


Rory's Theme / Puffer Jackets

The fourth release is a big one for Holding Hands as they branch out into brand new territory with their first new signing on the label. Breaka usuall... more...

12inch Holding Hands: Hhands004 € 9,99