Surgeon - Pet 2000


Pet 2000

12inch Techno: DownwardsLINO010 remind

Rio Padice - Grooveapocalypse

Rio Padice


Chi-town's in the house as Rio Padice returns with some vintage grooves for Metroline. Grooveapocalypse is a relentless Chicago builder with dominant... more...

12inch Metroline Limited: MLTD033 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jens-Uwe Beyer - Red Book

Jens-Uwe Beyer

Red Book

'Red Book' is a live mixed 80 minutes pulsating mantra for home and dancefloor meditation, a DJ tool as well as avantgardistic liturgy. A clubtrack u... more...

CD Magazine: Magazine008 remind

HE3 Project - Chapter 3

HE3 Project

Chapter 3

Beautiful packed and mastered release by Herman Eberizsch on Family Groove records! Mr. Eberitzsch recorded hours of bluesy soul fueled by funky jaz... more...

2LP Family Groove: FG5000LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jason - 7 Track Ep


7 Track Ep

Don Froth drops this dope 7 track (22 mins) Ep of jazz, funk and disco influenced tracks from his friend Jason. Some tracks will appeal to downtempo f... more...

EP Froth: FROTHN003 remind

Pacific Horizons - Club Med

Pacific Horizons

Club Med

Strictly limited (only 200 worldwide) 1-sided white label 12'' featuring a brand new remix of ''Club Meds''. The ''Ixtapa Mix'' rework eschews the br... more...

One sided 12 Pacific Horizon: PWF007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mango - Edits #1


Edits #1

Hand stickered, stamped & numbered, in a protective plastic sleeve. 2 edits from Mango. Think: Trax, Dj International, Clone Jack for Daze. A side is... more...

12inch Various UK re-releases: BLK001 remind

John Barera  - Walk Right In

John Barera

Walk Right In

One half of B-tracks with 5 strong house tracks on their own Supply label. Traditional house cuts ranging from moody, soulful, catchy to more bumping... more...

12inch Supply: Supply004 remind

Desiree West - BOTF

Desiree West


New release from the Mr Saturday Night folks. Limited release on the Misterio sublabel by Brooklyn based artist Desiree West. No repressings!

12inch Mr Saturday Night: MST001 remind

Regal - Mute



Three track ep ranging from dubby stripped down to fist pump action techno tools.

12inch Enemy Records: Enemyltd007 remind

Boddika - Beats Me


Beats Me


12inch Nonplus: Nonplus remind

Peverelist - Aztec Chant
12inch Unknown: remind

Wraetlic  - Wraetlic



Alex Menzies, better known as Alex Smoke, will release a new album under a new name, Wraetlic. The Scottish DJ and producer has always had a moody edg... more...

CD Convex Industries: ConvexCD002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Arno E Mathieu  - Cycle Project II

Arno E Mathieu

Cycle Project II

Powerfull melodic techno. the kind we dont hear that often anymore... post detroit, with bouncy melodies and layers of strings. Nice!!

12inch Clima Records: CLR016SRM remind

Moody aka Moodymann - I Guess U Never Been Lonely EP
12inch KDJ: KDJ041 remind

Unknown Artist - Unknown comment

Unknown Artist

Unknown comment

No Comment white label. Highly limited single-sided white label release, artist unknown.

12inch No Comment: NCWL#001 remind

Tom Noble - Liger Music volume Three

Tom Noble

Liger Music volume Three

A tape of 80s synth soul and funk, mixed by Tom Noble & Eddie Funkster. Check!

Cassette Tape UStape: USTAPELVMTAPE remind

Sinkane  - Mars



There's a place for us scattered and uprooted peoples,'' says Sinkane mainman Ahmed Gallab, ''a place we can all know as home, with elements of all ou... more...

2LP City Slang: SLANG50036 remind

Skudge  - Lost Archives I


Lost Archives I

Limited to 377 copies, hand stamped vinyl. A four-part series focusing on unreleased material from those close to the label, with the first 12'' featu... more...

12inch Indigo Aera: Aera007.1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ Sotofett presents Fran Benitez - Lagrimas Negras
12inch Wania: Ani121 remind

Various Artists - Thank Your Freaks Part 2
12inch Quintessentials: Quint033 remind

Various Artists - BDH001

Various Artists


At this stage Untzz is an avenue for five friends from Adelaide to release their music in a DJ's format. Following a path travelled by many contempora... more...

12inch Untzz: BDOH001 remind

Paul Mac - Sometimes It's That Simple
12inch Stimulus: Stim046 remind

Butch - Rawhide



Butch's first release on Villalobos' imprint. Going back to the future. Rawhide´s frequencies are out of control. Gray: tension bomb. I Love You: pian... more...

12inch SED: Sed005 remind

Adult. - The Way Things Fall


The Way Things Fall

The Way Things Fall is an album that looked like it might never happen, because since the release of Miller and his partner Nicola Kuperus' last recor... more...

LP Ghostly International: GI181lp remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Holdie Gawn / Micawber - Distinc / Satellite Systems

Holdie Gawn / Micawber

Distinc / Satellite Systems

London's Holdie Gawn & Micawber are coming back 2 months after their debut release in Sylphe. The second instalment follows the pattern of the first w... more...

12inch Sylphe: Sylphe02 remind

Various Artists - Blank Slate 001

Various Artists

Blank Slate 001

Raw, analogue, crunchy, percussive, dancefloor-minded house music. Slowly building tracks that master the tension. Opening track Griswolr by North Lak... more...

12inch Blank Slate: BS001 remind

C.o.m.b.i. - W & X


W & X

Emanating from Japan, and discovered by Erid D (of RUB 'N TUG fame) These Re-edit masterclasses would never have gotten outside of their native marke... more...

12inch C.o.m.b.i.: Combi012 remind

Rory Phillips - Mixed Fortunes Volume 3

Rory Phillips

Mixed Fortunes Volume 3

Rory Phillips’ ‘Mixed Fortunes’ singles series returns for a third outing. Heard at the top of Rory’s recent mix for Beats In Space, 'Don't Stop' i... more...

12inch Mixed fortunes: MixedF003 remind

Anton Garcia Abril - Musica cinematografica / Film Music

Anton Garcia Abril

Musica cinematografica / Film Music

Between 1974 and 2003, Anton Garcia Abril was the head of the department of Compositions and Musical Forms (Composicion y Formas Musicales) of the Rea... more...

LP Vinilo: VND1034 remind

Various Artists - TRXEp

Various Artists


Nice versatile modern house ep leaning towards the UK garage sound and the Classic New Jersey vibe on the NeedWant label. Tracks by Rhythm Operator ,T... more...

12inch Needwant: TRXep01 remind

Djrum - Seven Lies


Seven Lies

2nd Drop Records release Seven Lies, the debut album by Felix Manuel aka Djrum (pronounced Drum). Its sounds are inspired by the rawness of urban Lond... more...

3x12inch 2nd drop records: 2NDRPLP001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kobosil - RK3



Dark brooding techno / electronica.

12inch RK: RK3 remind

Werkha - Beacon



Great hybrid of house, dubstep, bass, broken beat and modern electronica on this Tru Thoughts sub label. Tip! more...

EP Vindig: VINDIG040 remind

Boy 8-Bit - Jungle Gym / Timeworks

Boy 8-Bit

Jungle Gym / Timeworks

The straight up dance floor oriented house shuffle of 'Jungle Gym' sits on the A-Side, with its modulated FM bass, descending harps and the repeated c... more...

12inch Vindig: VINDIG0291 remind

Caio - Arcane ep


Arcane ep

New label from Italy bringing raw analog jack tracks.

12inch Mental Distortion: Mdt001 remind

The Cult of Dom Keller - The Cult of Dom Keller

The Cult of Dom Keller

The Cult of Dom Keller

We are very pleased to be releasing the long awaited debut LP by Nottingham's finest purveyors of psychedelic noise, The Cult Of Dom Keller. Partiall... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ037 remind