Terekke - Plant Age


Plant Age

After numerous eps through the years, we are pleased to announce the debut LP from one of the cornerstone's of the L.I.E.S. label, Terekke. We asked t... more...

LP LIES: LIES100 remind

florian Kupfer - S/T

florian Kupfer


Florian is back on L.I.E.S. with another massive release. This one runs the gamut from the epic PWOG styled opener Contact, to industrialized beat tra... more...

12inch Unknown: LIES099 remind

Yaleesa Hall X Malin - Artin Brown Cahen EP (Zenker Brothers Remix)

Yaleesa Hall X Malin

Artin Brown Cahen EP (Zenker Brothers Remix)

Shuffling hats, dense kicks and dubby stabs that ping pong across this fierce production mark this EP as a real killer cut. Dario & Marco Zenker, AKA... more...

12inch Hypercolour: Hype067 remind

Jeroen Search - Endless Circles

Jeroen Search

Endless Circles

After solemnly closing out the SPC-series in 2016, Jeroen Search hands in his second EP of the year for Figure. Carrying his signature style, these tu... more...

12inch Figure: Figure092 remind

Rick Wade - Deep N Moody Ep (Liem & Eddie Ness Remix)

Rick Wade

Deep N Moody Ep (Liem & Eddie Ness Remix)

The long-term legend of the Detroit scene, Rick Wade is presenting three deep and organic house cuts on Moody Records.

12inch Moody Records: Moody003 remind

Sebo K - Scenario #9 (D'julz & Dj Honesty Remix)

Sebo K

Scenario #9 (D'julz & Dj Honesty Remix)

2 original tracks by Labelhead Sebo K, incl. Remixes by D’julz and DJ Honesty, vinyl only, handstamped whitelabel.

12inch Scenario: Scenario009 remind

Joe Hisaishi - Kissho Tennyo

Joe Hisaishi

Kissho Tennyo

Following the success in 2017 of the Koharu Kisaragi/Ryuichi Sakamoto collaboration Neo-plant, Lag Records continues its revival of vintage electronic... more...

LP + MP3 Lag Records: LAGREC002 remind

Roberto - Pecten Gibbus


Pecten Gibbus

Roberto is back on Fossil Archive with two club bangers.

12inch Fossil Archive: FAUK007 remind

dj Silver - LCR001

dj Silver


First release from dj Silver on Lisbon based Light Channel Recordings. more...

12inch Light Channel Recordings: LCR001 remind

SC-164 - Clone & Conceal


Clone & Conceal

Scientists. White lab coats. The whirr of computers. SC-164 was a sonic experiment. Greg Schappert, an electronic musician known as Donor, was the wil... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship045 remind

Amotik - Amotik 007


Amotik 007

7th release on Amotik's self titled imprint with 3 new tracks.

12inch Amotik: AMTK007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

2000F - Mennesker I


Mennesker I

Inspired by Mjølner, the hammer of Thor, and Tandgrisner, one of Thor’s two mighty goats.

12inch Raske Plader: RASP010 remind

2000F - Mennesker II


Mennesker II

Inspired by Sleipner, the eight-legged stallion of Odin, and Tandgnjost, the second of Thor’s two mighty goats.

12inch Raske Plader: RASP011 remind

Lucchesi  - Burro EP


Burro EP

The second release for Glasgow label Full Dose features two dancehall laced productions from Ayrshire via Kingston by Lucchesi. The Burro EP is uncomp... more...

12inch Full Dose: FD002 remind

6D22 - Dragons Path


Dragons Path

Enter the Dragon. Adding mystique to the techno are these pulsating, arpeggiated, snarling beasts from the Italian producer with an ominous-sounding r... more...

12inch Midnight Shift: MNSX011 remind

Jeff Hess - Cherubim EP

Jeff Hess

Cherubim EP

DeepLabs happily welcomes Jeff Hess for his debut release Cherubim EP. Eagerly anticipated, this record encompasses Jeff's sound inspired by mid-90's... more...

12inch Deeplabs: Deeplabs008 remind

SKD - Surges



Industrial electronix on Metaphysik with a hint to industrial techno.

12inch Metaphysik: MP203 remind

Saville - Compersion



Saville, resident DJ at Chicago's legendary club Smart Bar lands on 2MR

12inch 2M: 2MR-031 remind

Paka - Lairs



Abstract modern electronica release by Paka on the exciting Metaphysik label.

12inch Metaphysik: MP311 remind

User Engine - A New World Order EP

User Engine

A New World Order EP

1st vinyl outing from the mysterious new User Engine project coming soon. Celebrating various aspects of house and techno, the new world order EP char... more...

12inch Stepback Records: Stepback002 remind

Woo - A La Luna


A La Luna

For the label's 50th release, Emotional Rescue returns to the music of Woo to close a trilogy of reissue collaboration albums, in A La Luna. Following... more...

LP Emotional Rescue: ERC050 remind

Various Artists - Archive Trax Vol.1

Various Artists

Archive Trax Vol.1

The first in a series of special 12's to mark the 20th anniversary of the labels inception sees much sought after tracks from Mark Ambrose , Kumquat K... more...

12inch Mosaic: Mosaic020a remind

Victoria Lukas - Spectrographies: Music from the Motion Picture by Smith

Victoria Lukas

Spectrographies: Music from the Motion Picture by Smith

''During one long winter's night in a neon-lit Paris, a restless young man wanders around to let himself be found by something that most people othe... more...

LP Last Known Trajectory: Vita01 remind

CN - The Expedition Beyond


The Expedition Beyond

Originally a cassette release on Wil-Ru Records in 2011 CN's ''The Expedition Beyond'' is a musical narrative that chronicles the astral travels of a... more...

12inch Future Primitive Record: Fpr003 remind

Other Lands - Pattern Transform

Other Lands

Pattern Transform

Abandon all expectations ye who enter here, Other Lands (previous, druid-like incantations on FIREC015 Mac-Talla Nan Creag) got you covered with a tru... more...

12inch Firecracker: FIREC025 remind

Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorf - Remixed

Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorf


Remixes by DVS1, Sterac, Ryan Elliott - This 20th EP finds heavyweights all remixing some released and unreleased originals by label owners Japser Wol... more...

12inch Indigo Aera: Aera020 remind

Secret Studio Ft KiNK - Secret Studio Ft KiNK & Friends

Secret Studio Ft KiNK

Secret Studio Ft KiNK & Friends

'Black Friday' – Secret Studio Ft. KiNK – Recorded in San Francisco, the impromptu incarnation of analog sounds and human voices with KiNK and friends... more...

12inch SS Records: SCS008 remind

Nature Boy - Necessary Ruffness

Nature Boy

Necessary Ruffness

With Necessary Ruffness DJ Nature presents some of his finest works recorded as 'Nature Boy' during the early 90's. Real, Whatchusay and Philly Bound... more...

12inch Frame Of Mind: FOM004 remind

Shlomo - In Absentia: Tome 2


In Absentia: Tome 2

Shlomo takes a step away from his own Taapion Records to return to Delsin for his second full EP for the label. The Parisian producer serves up two of... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/C12 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

J&L - Tides



Deep Sound Channel delve deeper into the waters of ESHU. Following releases from ARC# and Tom Liem comes J&L, the team of Jocelyn Abell and Tom Liem,... more...

12inch Deep Sound Channel: DSC014 remind

Desroi - Indifferent (Phase Fatal Remix)


Indifferent (Phase Fatal Remix)

Following on a trio of successes with established talent, for our fourth release MANHIGH takes an excursion to lesser-known regions with experimentali... more...

12inch Manhigh: MANHIGH004 remind

Forte - OEN Rec



Danish producer and Regelbau family member Forte follows up his outstanding debut album Techne with a four track EP on ØEN REC. Transcending the tradi... more...

12inch OEN Rec: OEN007 remind

DJ Psychiatre - Delirium

DJ Psychiatre


DJ Psychiatre is the France-based doctor who is willing to listen to all of your problems and give you the prescription for all you need. Delirium... more...

12inch Gasp: Gasp005 remind

Mount Analogue - Spacious Present

Mount Analogue

Spacious Present

Most welcome to a world of handdrums and synthezisers. Spacious Present is the second release by Mount Analogue on Sunken Rock. A four track EP both s... more...

12inch Sunken Rock: SR12004 remind

Ceephax Acid Crew - Byron's Ballads EP

Ceephax Acid Crew

Byron's Ballads EP

Byron's Ballads is a dance treat on the housey-ish vibe showing Ceephax's melodic skills in full flow. Citylink is a smooth house/disco track ideal f... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe045 remind

Ceephax Acid Crew - Acid Fourniture

Ceephax Acid Crew

Acid Fourniture

Acid Fourniture is a journey into the darker recesses of Ceephax's acidic mind. Simple 303 lines pulsate alongside sinister chords and detuned synths... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe047 remind

Shampoo - Katarsis EP


Katarsis EP

Get ready for the 4th wax release from Mood Of The ERA with Shampoo and his emotion packed heavy hitter EP titled Katarsis.

12inch Mood of the Era: MOTE004 remind

Karl Lumont & Ray Kandinski  - Natural Beauty

Karl Lumont & Ray Kandinski

Natural Beauty

For its 4th release, The Other Planet presents Karl Lumont & Ray Kandinski. Pioneers of the modern world with a touch of Lo-Fi and Dance.

12inch The Other Planet: TOP003 remind

MANIQIN - I Am Maniqin EP
12inch The Nail Shop: Nails002 remind

Ben Kaczor - Mind Fiction EP

Ben Kaczor

Mind Fiction EP

Ben Kaczor seeds the tropical creepers on his own imprint KCZ bringing tumbling rhythms and dark forest tracks to the fog.

12inch KCZ: KCZ001 remind

Samo DJ - Born Free 31

Samo DJ

Born Free 31

Three long lost gems found deep down in Samo's bomb shelter. Fresh oldschool-not-oldschool music for days and nights, nights and days!

12inch Born Free: BF031 remind

Various Artists - Digital Zandoli Vol. 2

Various Artists

Digital Zandoli Vol. 2

The follow up of the acclaimed first volume of this compilation, a real discovery for many DJs and music lovers worldwide who didn’t know that much ab... more...

LP Heavenly Sweetness: HS169VL remind

Betonkust - 0% Swing EP


0% Swing EP

Betonkust immediately blended in with the 9300 family and it felt like we've been knowing each other for years and years. After his characteristic rem... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL007 remind




CEM3340 continues the Lunar Orbiter Program with a second mission: Polaris 2°. Raw Electro cuts Mastered at Reel Mastering, London

12inch Lunar Orbiter Program: LOP02 remind