DMX Krew -

DMX Krew

New Order/Depeche Mode like electro tracks.. but in an Ersatz style..

EP Ersatz Audio: Ersatz audio 022 remind

Kopernik -


Ambientish tripppin' indietronics and folk song like lounge sound collages.. Massive release!!!

12inch Eastern Developments: Eastern Developments 004 remind

Kettel / Setzer -

Kettel / Setzer

Split ep. Nice melodic electronics, 4 tracks.. clear vinyl..

12inch Civik: CVK003 remind

LCD Soundsystem -

LCD Soundsystem

Punk rock experimental 7" release by the DFA crew…

12inch Dfa: Dfa004output remind

Liz Torrez/Master C&J -

Liz Torrez/Master C&J

Incl No more mindgames/Face it/in the city

12inch Jack trax: Jack trax remind

Ed Rush&Optical -

Ed Rush&Optical

Brilliant D&B album, one of the highlights of this year.

12inch Virus lp1 (5lp): Virus lp1 (5lp) remind

Arovane -


Berlins Arovane with the first record on Eevolute"s new sub label Forward. 4 great tracks with that special Arovane flavor. Relaxed and atmospheric!..

12inch [fwd:: [fwd: 9901 remind

Airlocktronics -


Dark newschool electro 4 track ep. Nice melodies and much spacy afx.. there 3rd record and a great one it is.. Tip!!

12inch Airlock: Airlock 1213 remind

a.d.s.r. -


3 very cool '8-BIT' Commodorestyle electro/disco tracks on this release.

12inch a.d.s.r.: a.d.s.r. 011 remind

Unknown -
12inch Cheap: Cheap 06 remind

V/A -


re-issue of 80's italo discoclassics including Hypnosis, Laserdance, J.Carpenter.

12inch ZYX/cc: ZYX/cc 0006 remind

V/A -


re-issue of 80's italo discoclassics by Mr. Flagio, Koto and Doctor's Cat.

12inch ZYX/cc: ZYX/cc 0007 remind

Kraftwerk -


First Kraftwerk release...

12inch Crown: Crown 0424-1 remind

Dj Slugo vs. Disco D -

Dj Slugo vs. Disco D

Dance Mania's Slugo is doin' his thing on Disco D's GTI imprint from tha D'.. Straight up booty shit from the ghetto don!!

12inch GTI: GTI 005 remind

V/A -


Great reggae/dub reissiu from Carl Bradney, Big Youth, Leroy Smart..

12inch PK: PK04 remind

E.O.G. -


Advanced electronic trickery wich will challenge and satisfy your ears. 4 track release of advanced beat programming. Limited of 500 copies..

12inch Dub: DUB027 remind

System -


Crispy laptop dub-experiments.. You know the score.. Again great stuff on this 8 track lp.

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 013lp remind

John Selway -

John Selway

nice deep tech-house grooves..

12inch CSM: CSM 8 remind

Cowles vs Denham -

Cowles vs Denham

Harder uptempo techno tracks by Jay Denham and Allary Cowles, usual BlackNation quality

12inch Black nation: Black Nation 300 remind

Sterac -


2 minimal (Hood styled) techno tracks. Good DJ tool!!

12inch M-plant: M-plant 314 remind

Dynamic Wave -

Dynamic Wave

Hard dark electronics produced by F. Gambino & N. Barbati from the Rome Nature posse..

12inch Nature: Nature 2102 remind

V/A -


Compilation with various new school electro tracks by Carl Finlow/Dmx crew/Tobias Schmit and the Sketchers, cool stuff!

12inch Penalty/Sativae: Penalty/Sativae remind

Swap -


New talent offcourse with some nice moody modern electronica

12inch Musik aus strom: Musik aus strom 12 remind

Finalfrontier -


A new label from Italian underground with the finest dark to more moody electronix. Limited of 500 copies. MUST HAVE!!

12inch Finalfrontier: Final Frontier 001 remind

Kitbuilders -


4 tracks of punkwave styled electro on there own new label.

12inch Vertical: Vertical 01 remind

Lux / A601-2 -

Lux / A601-2

Basic channel like 4 track release on Detroits DC imprint. You must have this!!!

12inch Deepchord: Deepchord 09 remind

Magnetophone -


Minimal melangolic noisy stuff. Strainge 4 track ep with excellent cover artwork! Tip!!

12inch 4AD: 4AD remind

V/A -


4 killer newskool electro tracks produced by: Jamie Lidell, The Hacker, Ectomorph & dj Godfather and Steve Glencross. Cool stuff on sub/Sativea.

12inch Penalty: Penalty 005 remind


12inch Unknown: remind



Obscure 7" from the IP camp.. Analogue experiments with strainge vocals.. Limited!

12inch N.E.S.S. Obscur: N.E.S.S. Obscur 002 remind

SpyMusic -


Limited 1 sided deeeeeeeeep house track.. Tip!

12inch 2000 black: 2000 Black 2023 remind

E.R.P. -


2007 REMASTERED RE-RELEASE. Convextion returns! Working under his E.R.P. alias (unseen since releases in the mid-90’s on the Detroit label Matrix), he... more...

12inch Down low: DLVEXT002 remind

12 Tech Mobb -

12 Tech Mobb

Straight up Detroit ghetto tracks on the obscure NFD imprint. Rumors are this is a KDJ label...? super obscure and especially the a-side is super nice... more...

12inch NFD: NFD04 remind

Efdemin / Lawrence / Meise & Jensen -

Efdemin / Lawrence / Meise & Jensen

With a great Efdemin track and good smooth tracks by Lawrence (He is doing great stuff at the moment! Kind of Kettel meet Michael Mayer) and Meise & J... more...

12inch Dial: Dial030 remind

Shitcluster -


4 sinister soundtracks of mental degradation, unless you really believe that 'paranoia is the highest state of consciousness'! I dare say it's pretty... more...

12inch Bunker: B3073 remind

Shemale -


8 track 12'' with dark and slow electro, very ambient and chilling (or should I say thrilling?) horror soundtracks of a failed polar expedition! more...

12inch Bunker: B3074 € 10,99

Hadamard -


6 tracker with more dark robot music and ambient soundtrack electro, heavy stuff! more...

12inch Bunker: B3077 € 9,99

Loktibrada (ft. Regis, Female Ian J. Richardson remixes) -

Loktibrada (ft. Regis, Female Ian J. Richardson remixes)

3 awesome remixes from the Downwards boys of top Slovakian producer Loktibrada aka the U-Club's finest DJ Dalo . Dalo also records as or as part of Dr... more...

12inch RSB: RSB2 remind

Various Artists -

Various Artists

Mysterious release by... who knows. Very dark stuff. You won't find this somewhere else. Limited white vinyl. Store only.

12inch RUR: RUR04 store only

Ray Rock & Say Nothing -

Ray Rock & Say Nothing

2 ill cuts of old school hip house madness. Ray Rock takes us back to the old skool with a straight up house feel and total undercooled beats that can... more...

12inch Baffin Island Beat Brigade: BIBB05 remind



NYC’s acclaimed duo comprised of Justin Vandervolgen (Golf Channel) and NYC disco don Lee Douglas with a strong 2 new massive tracks that will undoubt... more...

12inch TBD sounds: TBDsounds003 remind


Unknown: remind

E.R.P. -


NM copy of this essential release! Working under his E.R.P. alias Gerard Hanson presents a six-pack of deeply chilled and beautiful electro-techno on... more...

12inch Down low: DLVEXT002 (Near Mint) remind