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13-03-2014 - thursday

Hieroglyphic Being - Acid Rain Under The Stars

Hieroglyphic Being

Acid Rain Under The Stars

An explosive caustic acid concoction awaits from within the grooves of this gargantuan twelve inch from Chicago heavyweight, Hieroglyphic Being. 'Fre... more...

EP Last Known Trajectory: Trajectory1009 € 11,99

28-02-2014 - friday

Answer Code Request - Breathe ep

Answer Code Request

Breathe ep

The first Answer Code Request EP on Ostgut Ton. Patrick Gräser has already caused a stir with his recent releases for MDR and his own ACR label. His... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton075 € 9,99

13-02-2014 - thursday

Actress - Ghettoville



Ghettoville is the bleached out and black tinted conclusion of the Actress image. Where the demands of writing caught the artist slumped and reclin... more...

3x12inch Werk Discs: WDNT006 € 19,99

05-02-2014 - wednesday

Svreca - Overgang ep


Overgang ep

If you are into techno, Svreca needs no introduction. This Spanish DJ and producer has been travelling around the world for a while and his label Sema... more...

12inch Warm Up Recordings: WU036 € 8,99

24-01-2014 - friday

Margot - Trentaseitrenta



A few words by Steffen Bennemann: ''When I heard Margot for the first time, I instantly fell in love with their synth-driven free-form kraut-techno. S... more...

12inch Holger: Holger1 € 9,99

23-01-2014 - thursday

14-12-2013 - saturday

Echologist - Storming Heaven


Storming Heaven

10th album of Echologist aka Brendon Moeller. more...

3x12inch Prologue Music: PRGLP005 € 27,99

11-12-2013 - wednesday

Various Artists - Music for Shut Ins

Various Artists

Music for Shut Ins

A collection of hits, misses, new loves, and future head scratchers running the gamut from floor ready beat tracks (Legowelt) to post chill out room b... more...

2xCD LIES: Lies041 € 17,99

20-11-2013 - wednesday

Rod - Klockworks 11


Klockworks 11

Staight forward banging acid techno.

12inch Klockworks: Klock011(69591) € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-11-2013 - friday

Aebeloe - Manon EP


Manon EP

Natal Zaks is the 22 year old hypertalented Danish wunderkind behind a multitude of monikers and projects that can each be easily classified as state-... more...

12inch Farver: Farv006 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-11-2013 - wednesday

Mosca - A Thousand's Year Wait


A Thousand's Year Wait

This one comes from UK tastemaker and Radio 1 presenter Mosca, and is his first release of the year after previous releases on labels like Martyn

12inch Ann Aimee: ANN018 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

11-11-2013 - monday

Shlomo - The Harvest EP (Stephen Brown, Conforce remix)


The Harvest EP (Stephen Brown, Conforce remix)

Some quality techno on this new label from Paris including a beauty of a rmx by Conforce! For this first vinyl only EP, Shlomo, one of the label's own... more...

12inch Taapion Records: TPN001 € 10,99

01-11-2013 - friday

Dmx Krew  - Micro Life

Dmx Krew

Micro Life

DMX Krew debuts on Abstract Forms, showing us just what can be done with a collection of vintage synths, impeccable programming skills and a heavy dos... more...

EP Abstract Forms: AFS0.16 € 10,99

08-10-2013 - tuesday

Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena ep


Tetrahymena ep

3 Brand new sonic experiments from the Dataphysix lab! Detroit enigma Dopplereffekt has been resurrected, emerging from a grave of jagged detritus and... more...

12inch Leisure System: LSR007 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

03-10-2013 - thursday

Quadrant - Dub



From the legendary Basic channel series. Very deep almost jazzy chords, with on the flip some far away vocals added. Beautful.

12inch Basic Channel: BC06(00036) € 9,99

24-06-2013 - monday

Various Artists - Field 10

Various Artists

Field 10

Marking the 10th release on the imprint, Field Records presents five upstanding Dutch artists and an exceptional assembly of ambient waves, melodic sy... more...

12inch Field Records: Field010 € 10,99

31-05-2013 - friday

Delta Funktionen - Traces

Delta Funktionen


After four years of techno EPs for Delsin and Ann Aimee, Niels Luinenburg has finished his debut full length. Though still very much couched in techno... more...

CD Delsin: 93DSR/DTF-CD1 € 12,99

21-05-2013 - tuesday

Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo - Blue Love

Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo

Blue Love

Blue love featuring the vocals of Erika Tele is Aux 88 black Tokyo love theme for the dance floor. In the vein of Detroitís 4/4 classics from the p... more...

12inch Puzzlebox: PBX024 € 9,49

09-04-2013 - tuesday

Dj Overdose - Bizarro World

Dj Overdose

Bizarro World

The bomb that should have dropped way back when. After a career spanning almost two decades DJ Overdose debuts on Creme with his first full length alb... more...

2LP Creme: CrecLP01 € 16,99

03-04-2013 - wednesday

Omar-S - Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself


Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Omar-S' new album is Alex Smith's best album to date. The fourteen tracks on this disc demonstrate Smith's studio prowess and his dynamic range as a p... more...

CD Fxhe: FXHE-AOS7000CD € 19,99

05-03-2013 - tuesday

E.R.P. - Pith



2017 Repress with alternate label-art. Collectable FF release alert by E.R.P. aka Convextion aka Gerard Hanson.. The man with the tear-jerking string... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR024 € 9,49

26-02-2013 - tuesday

Reckless Ron - Lost Tapes

Reckless Ron

Lost Tapes

Lost recordings from Ron Cook aka Reckless Ron. Classic early techno probably found as the title suggest on some Lost Tapes. Great find!

12inch 7 Days Ent: 7DAYSentRR1001 € 8,99

12-02-2013 - tuesday

Donnie - Olmec Save Us


Olmec Save Us

Just in time for the new cycle of transformation that the ancient Mayan calendar says is underway, Kai KZR Alce of NDATL announces the upcoming relea... more...

12inch Ndatl Muzik: NDATL009 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-01-2013 - tuesday

The  Exaltics / Elec PT.1 - The Exaltics meets Elec PT.1

The Exaltics / Elec PT.1

The Exaltics meets Elec PT.1

SolarOneMusic present the third chapter of "The Exaltics meets.." Series. After Gosub and Morphology this time The Exaltics meets Andreas Gehm aka E... more...

12inch Solar One Music: SOM022 € 9,99

19-12-2012 - wednesday

Trus'me - Remixes (Ben Klock, Vakula & Ryan Elliot)


Remixes (Ben Klock, Vakula & Ryan Elliot)

Once again Berlin is in the house with Berghain master Ben Klock taking the Trus'me classic 'W.A.R Dub' into deep & dark dancefloor territory. In his... more...

12inch Prime Numbers: PN16 € 8,99

12-12-2012 - wednesday

Dynamo Dreesen - Back In The Mists Of Time

Dynamo Dreesen

Back In The Mists Of Time

Dreesen in full effect! Extremely cool stripped down, pure, warm original house traxx. Highly Recommended! more...

12inch Acido Records: Acido011(67264) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-11-2012 - monday

Roman Lindau - Source d'Inspiration

Roman Lindau

Source d'Inspiration

One bare killer Berlin flavoured techno track and a more house flavoured track. Roman Lindau quality as usual!

12inch Fachwerk: FW027 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-11-2012 - thursday

War Easy Made - The Internecine Truth (101 808)

War Easy Made

The Internecine Truth (101 808)

Subtle, nasty, sub heavy, effective DJ tool Techno cuts.

12inch War Easy Made: WarEasyMade001 (66666) € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-10-2012 - monday

David Vunk & Ben La Desh - Turner / Deep Valley

David Vunk & Ben La Desh

Turner / Deep Valley

The top futuristic year is 12006: next up on label-owner David Vunk’s Moustache Recordings label is a collaboration between him and fellow Rotterdam r... more...

12inch Moustache: MST021 € 7,99

11-09-2012 - tuesday

Egyptian Lover - The Lover

Egyptian Lover

The Lover

BACK IN!! Rocking electro by The Lover in original printed sleeve.. must have!

12inch Egyptian Empire: DMSR771 € 9,99

Egyptian Lover - On The Nile

Egyptian Lover

On The Nile

The Lover's first LP including the hit ''Egypt Egypt'' and ''Girls''.

LP Egyptian Empire: DMSR663LP € 19,99

30-08-2012 - thursday

VC-118A - International Airlines


International Airlines

Lunar Disko Records presents its first LP from Dutch artist VC-118A. 'International Airlines' is based on a retro-futuristic concept of aircrafts, dra... more...

2LP Lunar Disko Records: LDR011LP € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Boonlorm - String Figures


String Figures

Wilde Calm is proud to present String Figures, the latest project from Pocketknife working under his new moniker Boonlorm. A ten track album featuring... more...

12inch Wide Calm Records: WC002 € 12,99

11-07-2012 - wednesday

Eduardo De La Calle - Suprawax 004

Eduardo De La Calle

Suprawax 004

Effective dub inspired house/techno tracks by this Analogue Solutions offspring by Eduardo De La Calle.

12inch Analogue Solutions Records: Suprawax004 € 9,99

04-07-2012 - wednesday

Ø (Phase) - Reprocessed Part 2 (Planetary Assault Systems / Ctrls remixes)

Ø (Phase)

Reprocessed Part 2 (Planetary Assault Systems / Ctrls remixes)

Heavyweight remix package for Phase's 'Binary Opposition, for part 2 Planetary Assault Systems and Ctrls ae doing the job. Especially the Planetary As... more...

12inch Token: TOKEN020Y € 11,99

19-04-2012 - thursday

Dream 2 Science - Dream 2 Science

Dream 2 Science

Dream 2 Science

Official re-release of this 'lost' 6-track mini album by New Yorker Ben Cenac (of Newcleus fame). Recorded and released in 1990 and is an absolute gem... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHRSS4 € 12,99

07-02-2012 - tuesday

Kerri Chandler - Atmosphere

Kerri Chandler


Warehouse find! Check this one out!! For those who want to learn about the early/mid 90's house vibe from New York! Loose grooving, chord driven track... more...

12inch Shelter records: SHL1004 € 10,99

16-01-2012 - monday

D. Carred - I Want To Know The World

D. Carred

I Want To Know The World

After 25 years Bordello A Parigi offers you these mid-80's italo-disco-bangers on vinyl again. Three old killer releases transformed in one reissue. T... more...

2x12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP002 € 14,99

23-11-2011 - wednesday

17-11-2011 - thursday

EQD - Equalized #005


Equalized #005

Cool techno tracks with a ravey feel to it... another strong EQD. No further info on who produced it.

12inch Equalized: EQD005 (64531) € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

31-10-2011 - monday

Erik Travis - Big Spender

Erik Travis

Big Spender

From the Mind of Erik! Dropping the dopest tunes since 1987, Erik is back on the radar in 2011 with these 4 brand new tunes! This gets every Detroit p... more...

12inch + Download Clone Crown ltd: CCrown06 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-09-2011 - friday

Floorplan - Sanctified Ep


Sanctified Ep

For the next release on M-Plant, Robert Hood revisits his Floorplan moniker, delivering three new tracks as the 'Sanctified' extended player. With Flo... more...

12inch M-plant: MPM013 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-07-2011 - thursday

Murphy Jax - Kevin Spacy / Smoove Drama (Orgue Electronique rmx)

Murphy Jax

Kevin Spacy / Smoove Drama (Orgue Electronique rmx)

Murphy Jax returns with his 2nd twelve inch for Clone after his big debut release, Its The Music, ft Mike Dunn. No surprise that its retro Chicago ins... more...

12inch + Download Clone Jack For Daze: CJFD09 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

30-05-2011 - monday

Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb - La Sorciere Doctoresse ep

Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb

La Sorciere Doctoresse ep

Crowdpleaser and St. Plomb on Third Ear... what a nice surprise! Four cuts of twisted, skewed, earthy House Music veering to Techno. Served up with Ap... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eep201103 € 7,99

20-05-2011 - friday

Various Artists - Uncanny Valley 4

Various Artists

Uncanny Valley 4

The Uncanny Valley-quartet is rounded up by the Ace of Spades. Before starting to release its first Artist-EPs, the compilation-series is rounded up f... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV004 € 7,99

22-03-2011 - tuesday

Versalife - Night Time Activities pt.1


Night Time Activities pt.1

First part in the triptych of Versalife! Pure intense atmospheric electro techno tracks constructed on the costal areas of the dutch west coast. Hope... more...

12inch Clone West Coast Series: CWCS006.1 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-10-2010 - friday

SoundStream - All Night


All Night

Brand new tracks by Soundstream with awesome cut and paste hooklines.

12inch Soundstream: SST05(61931) € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

EQD - Equalized #004


Equalized #004

Strong forward thinking techno tracks on this cool german label done by Shed.

12inch Equalized: EQD004(61930) € 8,99