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15-02-2019 - friday

The Problems - Moustache Italo Anthem

The Problems

Moustache Italo Anthem

Moustache Italo Anthem. Well known in the clubscene, a classic italo track from this underground dark wave italo band The Problems from Holland. Trac... more...

12inch Moustache: MST023 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Ron Hardy Edits #17

Various Artists

Ron Hardy Edits #17

Santos - Beat The Knuckles, Fiona Franklyn - Busted Up On Love, Ron Hardy - Sensation (unreleased mix 1).

12inch RDY Edits: RDY017 € 9,99

Armando - Overload



6 tracks from Armando vaults. This time on Housetime - a lesser known Trax sub label. Minimal and raw jacking Chicago house in all forms. Check 'Da... more...

12inch Trax: HT1016 € 10,99

Kris Wadsworth - Uranus 555

Kris Wadsworth

Uranus 555

Modern Detroit influenced acid injected floor friendly dj tools on Uranus!

12inch Uranus: KW555 € 10,99

Gerry Read - Stand By The Bomb

Gerry Read

Stand By The Bomb

Mental jacktrax by Gerry Read. Easy to resist these non-formulaic jack tracks in the days of conformist dance music cause its not the tunes that will... more...

12inch Clone Jack For Daze: CJFD26 € 8,99

Muzik Boxx - Deep Circa EP

Muzik Boxx

Deep Circa EP

Mint copy with some very nice mid-nineties house/techno vibes by L.A. and Nate Williams.

12inch Clashvoxx: CLSHVOXX002 € 7,99

Borgie - Ad Astra Per Aspera


Ad Astra Per Aspera

From the ashes of socialism, below the Bosnian olympic mountains, rises the star of Sarajevo's electrotech producer Borgie. "Ad Astra Per Aspera" is E... more...

12inch Electronic Emergencies: EE007rtm € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kris Wadsworth - 666

Kris Wadsworth


The sixth release in this series of forward thinking modern techno releases. 2X12 inch with a selection of 6 versatile warm grooving techno cuts. Stro... more...

2x12inch Uranus: KW666 € 23,99

Norwell - Death Of A Star


Death Of A Star

Pinkman cast their net eastwards. The latest finding, Hungary's Norwell, offers up four genre splicing cuts. Rhythms are from the golden age of electr... more...

12inch Pinkman: Pnkmn014 € 9,99

Voitax - Acid Dedication


Acid Dedication

The sixth release on Voitax 'Acid Dedication' is on the cutting edge between fast running 90's acid revivals and deep timeless pieces. The first four... more...

12inch Voitax: VOI006 € 8,99

DJ Overdose & Varum - Orphra Clipz EP

DJ Overdose & Varum

Orphra Clipz EP

Orphra Clipz are dark synth techno tracks from varum (Leipzig) vs. edgy Electrotunes from overdose (Rotterdam). Hypress based in Connewitz-Leipzig. Te... more...

12inch Hypress: REEN001 € 9,99

Iury Lech - Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos

Iury Lech

Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos

Iury Lech is a transdisciplinary artist of Ukrainian origin part of the few pioneers in the Spanish electronic and digital audio-visual scene that beg... more...

LP Cocktail D'amore: CDALP002 € 19,99

M_Step - Cold Dust


Cold Dust

M_Step's roots go back to the heyday of Vienna's Cheap Records, and the echoes of that label's seminal style can still be heard on his TRUST debut: St... more...

12inch Trust: Trust028 € 8,99

Mark Van Hoen - The Last Flowers From The Darkness

Mark Van Hoen

The Last Flowers From The Darkness

Medical Records presents another gem with an expanded reissue of The Last Flowers From The Darkness by Mr. Mark Van Hoen. Continuing our fascination w... more...

2LP Medical Records: MR-065 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Talismann - 005



Nature never sleeps.... For the fifth release TALISMANN arose and harvested the life-force energies of the oldest and biggest trees known to man. Th... more...

12inch Talismann: Talismann005 € 9,99

Innershades - Kerrebroek Memories


Kerrebroek Memories

After inaugurating the label with a first EP in december of 2014, Innershades returns home to deliver what will be the 6th release on 9300 Records. Ke... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL006 € 9,99

Ghettohousedrummachine - My Own / Suadade


My Own / Suadade

Ghettohousedrummachine's second release and also Infinite Pleasure's second slice.

12inch Infinite Pleasure: INPL002 € 9,99

Anthony Rother  - Omnitronic

Anthony Rother


Anthony Rother, a staple when it comes to Electro, debuts on Omnidisc with 2 tape saturated tracks covered in his signature sound.

12inch Omnidisc: OMD014 € 9,99

Marc Pinol / Charlotte Bendiks - HVN A/B

Marc Pinol / Charlotte Bendiks


There are tracks that only deploy their full meaning when pumping through the speakers of a dark club. To give shelter to the latter, Hivern kick star... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVNab € 9,99

AUX 88 - Bass Magnetic

AUX 88

Bass Magnetic

AUX88 Bass Magnetic re-Issue 1993-2018. Back by popular demand, the same unique spirits that brought forth the sound of Detroit streets and turned it... more...

2x12inch Direct beat: DBC4W-190 € 29,99

Stare 5 - Datakill EP

Stare 5

Datakill EP

Warehouse find! This old record on Felix Da housecat's label is proof of the talented producer Bryan Zentz was and still is.. Nice techno cuts!

12inch Clashbackk Recordings: CLASH009 € 6,99

Takaaki Itoh - Disciplinary Synthetics EP

Takaaki Itoh

Disciplinary Synthetics EP

*** silence a deeper sea hear me sigh night sky nobody ever finds the one ***

12inch Mord: MORD047 € 10,25

FBK - Eclipse EP (incl. Claude Young Remix)


Eclipse EP (incl. Claude Young Remix)

15th release of the strong Barba records! And its FBK who's back featuring a remix by none other than Claude Young - a Detroit heavy-weight who's bee... more...

EP Barba Records: BAR015 € 9,99

INIT - Wildcard



INIT's music has the rare quality of transforming bleakness into a soothing experience. In the duo's new EP, 'Wildcard', this mechanism is more intens... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN049 € 9,99

DJ Steaw - Heaven EP

DJ Steaw

Heaven EP

DJ Steaw returns to Hot Haus with 3 low slung deep house jackers for the club!

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit037 € 11,99

DMX Krew - What Happened To Peace?

DMX Krew

What Happened To Peace?

Epic dancefloor techno and High Tech Funk from DMX Krew on his own label Breakin' Records!

12inch Breakin' Records: BRK60 € 9,99

Steve Pepe - Danza Moderna

Steve Pepe

Danza Moderna

Steve Pepe's 'Danza Moderna' takes cues of all Manuel Cascone's musical experiences (from no wave to weird pop, from sound scores to abstract ethno mu... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN047 € 9,99

Lion's Drums - -

Lion's Drums


When Harold Boue aka Abstraxion invited Fantastic Man into his studio after playing together the night before he didn't knew he was planting the seed... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN048 € 9,99

Joakim Cosmo - Morgontag fran Malmo

Joakim Cosmo

Morgontag fran Malmo

Borft's resident DJ on a floor run for Spazio. Joakim Cosmo is one of the finest old school disk-jock's Sweden has to offer, dig into this guy! more...

12inch Spazio Records: SPZ006 € 9,99

Sanasol - Long Lost Thoughts


Long Lost Thoughts

R-Time Records releases two tracks from Iceland’s Sanasol, aka Thor and Yagya, entitled ‘Long Lost Thoughts’ - originally appearing on ‘Deep Thoughts’... more...

12inch R-Time Records: RTM004 € 11,99

Shokh - Smoke



Shokh makes his return to the Omnidisc family with a sizzling hot electro/techno 3 tracker. Lets not talk to much... just listen!

12inch Omnidisc: OMD017 € 9,99

Headnoaks - Illumination - Spirited City


Illumination - Spirited City

New five track LP from Leipzig based Headnoaks on Possblthings. Exceptional futuristic Detroit Electro science! more...

12inch PossblThings Records: PT-04 € 9,49

M&G - When I let you down


When I let you down

Italo classics remastered! When I Let You Down on the a-side, Boogie Tonight on the flip! Lmtd White vinyl.

12inch Mr. Disc Organization: MD31805 € 10,99

999999999 - 000000002 EP


000000002 EP

Mysterious duo 999999999 finally make their debut on their own new label, NineTimesNine, delivering three hypnotic and deadly acid techno stormers.

12inch NineTimesNine: NTN001 € 9,49

DJ Di'jital - ElectroHop1

DJ Di'jital


One of the original Detroit electro innovators jumpstarts 2019 with a banging techno bass EP for TRUST: Former AUX88 affiliate and legendary Direct Be... more...

12inch Trust: Trust034 € 9,99

Block Sistem  - Don't Leave Me Now

Block Sistem

Don't Leave Me Now

Limited remastered edition of an all time italo classic gem from 1983. Today is one of the rarest italo releases in big demand by collectors, now reis... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX050 € 21,99

14-02-2019 - thursday

Various Artists - Connwax 05

Various Artists

Connwax 05

Full on no-nonsense techno tracks compiled on the trustworthy Connwax label! Tracks from Arnaud Le Texier, Jeff Rushin, Perm and Tsorn. Limited to 250... more...

12inch Connwax: Connwax05 € 9,99

Ink & Gremlinz - The Light

Ink & Gremlinz

The Light

Tempo Records is proud to release three brand new tracks by Ink & Gremlinz. Sinister & Raw Drum & Bass. This release comes as a limited 140g clear... more...

12inch + Download Tempo Records: Tempo1209 € 9,99

ASSAILANTS - Chase Sequences


Chase Sequences

Four tracks of taut, relentless techno grooves rooted in the late 90's tradition of energetic and ravey & jacking tracks to rock the dancefloor. No su... more...

12inch Obscurity Is Infinite: OII001 € 9,99

13-02-2019 - wednesday

Al Dobson Jr. - Rye Lane Volume One

Al Dobson Jr.

Rye Lane Volume One

Sprung up from his much-fêted clubnight of the same name, Bradley Zero has enlisted fellow Peckham local Al Dobson Jr to inaugurate Rhythm Section Int... more...

12inch Rhythm Section International: RS001 € 14,49

Lord Of The D - Dunstable Trax EP

Lord Of The D

Dunstable Trax EP

The legendary Rewind Records has returned with a new 12'' from the one known as Lord Of The D.

12inch Rewind: Rew005.5 € 13,99

Ron Trent - Orbit 01

Ron Trent

Orbit 01

As always, Ron Trent masters the underground art of deep, bringing the vibe to a next level of craft...

12inch Orbit Bass Cadet Records: OBCR01 € 11,99

Truncate - Terminal 5


Terminal 5

Having released on many labels such 50 Weapons, Mote Evolver, Droid, Modularz and of course his own Truncate imprint. Deep, raw techno that the LA bas... more...

12inch Blueprint: BP049 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

New Frames - RNF1

New Frames


Hard hitting, ‘no-prisoners-taking’, slightly 1990s EBM infected Techno banger.

12inch R - Label Group: RNF1 (80050) € 13,99