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03-06-2019 - monday

Vin Sol - Planet Trash

Vin Sol

Planet Trash

Dark Entries announces the debut album from Vin Sol, who’s taken club-goers on a trip with his tracks and sets for the past two decades. Vin Sol is a... more...

2LP Dark Entries: DE246 € 25,99

Sonar Base  - Transmissions From Beyond Hoag's Object

Sonar Base

Transmissions From Beyond Hoag's Object

For the 4th emission in the Sonar Base Transmissions series, Deeptrax Records turns back to the 2005 release on the now defunct UK label SCSI AV. Like... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX017 € 11,99

02-06-2019 - sunday

Juju & Jordash - Clean-Cut (Album Sampler)

Juju & Jordash

Clean-Cut (Album Sampler)

One-sided window into the new album from two of the most unpredictable on the scene.

12inch Dekmantel: DKMNTL020 € 8,99

01-06-2019 - saturday

31-05-2019 - friday

Stranger - Warehouse Memoires


Warehouse Memoires

Based in the industrial harbour of Rotterdam, the fresh started 'Self Reflektion' techno imprint presents its first release. The title 'Warehouse Memo... more...

12inch Self Reflektion: Reflekt001 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dax J - The Infinite Abyss

Dax J

The Infinite Abyss

4 new original tracks from Dax J. Dark, Acidic, rave, dance-floor weapons ready to do some damage. Proper stuff as with all the recent Dax J releases!

12inch Monnom Black: Monnom003 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cleric & Dax J - Lost In Bermuda

Cleric & Dax J

Lost In Bermuda

CRG005 is the first of our collaborative EP's, this time from Cleric and Dax J.

12inch Clergy: CRG005 € 9,49

Stranger - Highest Sense EP


Highest Sense EP

Monnom Black 008 comes from Stranger, one of Rotterdams fast rising talents. Known for his love of classic Techno, Stranger delivers 4 peak-time Rave... more...

12inch Monnom Black: Monnom008 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Equiknoxx - Bird Sound Power


Bird Sound Power

Something special from DDS - the long awaited album debut of avant-Dancehall mutations from Jamaica’s Equiknoxx, already tipped by everyone from Jon K... more...

2LP Distort Decay Sustain: DDS020 € 23,99

Cleric - Voices of Control EP
12inch Clergy: CRG003RP € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music Album Teaser

Thomas P. Heckmann

Body Music Album Teaser

Body Music Album Teaser is produced by a man who needs little introduction. Thomas P. Heckmann has flexed his prowess across all shades of electronic... more...

12inch Monnom Black: Monnom012 € 10,25

Equiknoxx - Colon Man


Colon Man

Equiknoxx’s debut album proper, following the hugely acclaimed 'Bird Sound Power' (Number 2 in both RA and FACT albums of the year 2016), featuring 13... more...

2LP Distort Decay Sustain: DDS027 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yan Cook - Graphite EP

Yan Cook

Graphite EP

The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing. In the case of Yan Cook, all come together in harmony, Yan joins the label with 4 ve... more...

12inch Arts: ARTS032 € 10,49

Ultra Satan - Freedom Rock / Anti-Clock

Ultra Satan

Freedom Rock / Anti-Clock

On Ultra Satans second 7inch release on Hoga Nord Rekords, the band is developing a new genre and concept: 'Freedom Rock', which is also the title on... more...

7inch Hoga Nord Rekords: HNR026 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cai - Cai's Power Tools


Cai's Power Tools

Cai Bojsen-Møller made one of the blueprints for minimal techno with this ultra rare 1997 EP for Multiplex. OG copies!! Warehouse find, grab one befor... more...

12inch Multiplex: CPT1 store only

Dial Tone - Lucid EP

Dial Tone

Lucid EP

After a more than well-received first release, Interstate Records is back with a shimmering and diverse EP. Featuring two original cuts by the label h... more...

12inch Interstate Records: INS002 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Beau Wanzer - Untitled (2)

Beau Wanzer

Untitled (2)

comes with a huge 22x28 newprint poster in japanese sealed poly sleeve . Chicago's Beau Wanzer returns to the label with his signature sound of crunch... more...

12inch LIES: LIES121 € 15,99

Anetha - Bionic Romance EP


Bionic Romance EP

Bionic Romance EP is Anetha's second release on Blocaus series following 2017's very successful ''Leftover Love EP''. Once again, Anetha continues... more...

12inch Blocaus: BLCS006 € 10,99

Ivan Mamao Conti - Poison Fruit

Ivan Mamao Conti

Poison Fruit

From an artist in their seventies, you probably wouldn’t expect to hear an album like this. But Brazilian drumming legend Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti has been... more...

LP Far Out: FARO208LP € 24,99

Fret - Untitled



Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn) is back on L.I.E.S. with his second ep under his FRET moniker. Harris who has arguably pioneered the template for... more...

12inch LIES: LIES128 € 14,99

Tata - It's A Mess


It's A Mess

Two sizzling South African boogie tracks from Kabasa’s Tata Sibeko. A killer producer, arranger and bass wizard, Tata channels the gloomy current affa... more...

12inch Sharp Flat: SF004 € 15,99

Keith Tucker - Automaton EP

Keith Tucker

Automaton EP

Rocking minimal Detroit electro-techno tracks by DJ K-1 (AUX 88). Now available in the 2019 re-press!) --- ''Nemesis'' - An instant classic, which br... more...

12inch Puzzlebox: PBXC004 € 13,99

29-05-2019 - wednesday

Francisco - Esplanade '97


Esplanade '97

Powerful crossover between italo disco and techno.. Super effective funking tracks that will defenitly rule the dance floor..

12inch Nature: NAT2131 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Harvey Presents Locussolus - Tan Sedan / Throwdown

Harvey Presents Locussolus

Tan Sedan / Throwdown

Harvey with a new project.. His mission to create 'what the fuck' records continues and the secret weapon this time around is vocals.... Harvey's voca... more...

12inch International Feel: Ifeel008 € 8,99

Sirko Muller - Urban Fear Ep

Sirko Muller

Urban Fear Ep

Crafty, classic mid 1990s Detroit minimal techno school influenced, storming Techno EP.

12inch Tokomat: Tokomak008 (74515) € 5,99

Etapp Kyle - Alpha

Etapp Kyle


It goes without saying that space has always been central to Techno, both in terms of its cosmic and futuristic trajectory, as well as in the spatial... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton107 € 10,99

Fourth Kind - Fourth Kind

Fourth Kind

Fourth Kind

Fourth Kind the self titled mini album on Omniverse Records. It's hard to pinpoint a genre with records like this; produced by Marc Mac of 4hero and s... more...

LP Omniverse Records: OMNILP05 € 11,99

Various Artists - Panorama Bar 07 Part 2

Various Artists

Panorama Bar 07 Part 2

The Panorama Bar mix series strikes back for its 7th installment with club veteran and psych- house maestro Andreas Baumecker aka nd_baumecker. Ross F... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Oton118 € 10,99

28-05-2019 - tuesday

Headless Ghost - Backend Remixes

Headless Ghost

Backend Remixes

Gerd under his NY Stomp alias is shaking up the almost already underground classic The Journey and Detroit rising star North Lake brings Neverending S... more...

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMQ008 € 8,49

Galaxian - Uprising



Scotland's premier electro alchemist is back on Shipwrec and this time flying solo with five shards of sharpened machine music. Beats rain down in sol... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship047 € 9,99

Borgie - Kosmostrator On Venus EP


Kosmostrator On Venus EP

Electronic Emergencies kicks off 2018 with its 20th release. On the Kosmostrator On Venus EP, Bosnian DJ and producer Borgie has rocketed himself into... more...

EP Electronic Emergencies: EE020rtm € 10,99

Paal - Fitz Roy


Fitz Roy

Paal is passionate about hardware - analog drum machines, synths and pedals are tracked through a mixing desk, raw and unedited. Imperfections intrins... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI011 € 8,99

Shokh - Smoke



Shokh makes his return to the Omnidisc family with a sizzling hot electro/techno 3 tracker. Lets not talk to much... just listen!

12inch Omnidisc: OMD017 € 9,99

David Vunk - Omega Strap EP

David Vunk

Omega Strap EP

David Vunk is on the roll as a dj but also he lives the true spirt studio life in his atomic bunker downtown Rotterdam city. His newest work is a 12 i... more...

12inch Moustache: MTECHS008 € 10,99

Mark Ambrose - Smoky Clinic EP

Mark Ambrose

Smoky Clinic EP

Originally released back in 1997, Smoky Clinic EP is a stone cold classic and one of the most essential underground house records out there. All the t... more...

12inch Curated by Time: Bytime003 € 13,99

Photonz - Etheric Body Music EP


Etheric Body Music EP

Photonz is the alias of Marco Rodrigues a DJ, producer and driving force of Lisbon's underground scene. For little over a decade now, he's been crafti... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE239 € 14,49

Microthol - Transmissions



2019 marks the return of Austrian electro duo Microthol with the project's first EP in 8 years. Don't be fooled by its unassuming title: 'Transmission... more...

12inch Trust: Trust035 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Repeat - Repeats



Delsin's first reissue album of 2019 is the album 'Repeats', an important techno and IDM record from collaborative outfit Repeat, which originally lan... more...

2LP Delsin: DSR/X19 € 18,99

Ellen Allien - UFO

Ellen Allien


Ellen Allien launches her UFO Inc. label with an EP that features the epic 'UFO' which has been on heavy rotation in her DJ sets all summer long. Bet... more...

12inch UFO Inc.: UFO1 € 9,99

Telephones - From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol.2


From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol.2

Digging deeper into rescued attic-material, Telephones offers even more genre-wobbly, and inspired sounds, featuring bipolar detroit techno/bongo-disc... more...

12inch European Carryall: EC02/TLF02 € 10,49

27-05-2019 - monday

Univac - Untitled



New Spanish talent, industrial/EBM mixed with dark robot electro, very menacing! Black vinyl version. more...

12inch Bunker: B3092 € 10,99

Jeroen - Vespertine



First solo release by label head Jeroen with a Deniro remix on the bside.. Pure techno for club use!

12inch Tape: Tape010 € 9,99

Gerd - Planet F.M.D.X. pt. 1


Planet F.M.D.X. pt. 1

Gerd's return to Royal Oak! For the occasion he dusted of the classic gear and especially the Yamaha DX100. Four techno tracks skillfully crafted on P... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal034 € 9,49