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13-08-2019 - tuesday

Crystal Geometry - The Cyber Heresy

Crystal Geometry

The Cyber Heresy

Analog modular synth maestro Crystal Geometry fast returns to Sonic Groove for his second outing. Continuing on from where his “Red Faith Militia” rel... more...

12inch Sonic groove: SG1990 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lawrence Kurt & Monovsn - Chainsaw Massacre

Lawrence Kurt & Monovsn

Chainsaw Massacre

Oecus mayden voyage presents fresh energetic techno cuts aimed for the floor. more...

12inch Oecus: OCS001 € 11,99

12-08-2019 - monday

Francisco - Ultimo



Big track from the ''Music Business'' album. This one makes them move their butts big time. Slowly building tracks which explodes when the bass comes... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2132 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Maja - If You Love Me Tonight


If You Love Me Tonight

Surprising single on Nature by Maja. Maja is a singer from Sweden and she is being produced by Raiders of the Lost Arp and Marco Passarani. On the asi... more...

12inch Nature: Nat2139 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - SALT002

Various Artists


Salt Mines return with another selection of artists from it's birthplace of Australia and abroad. Astral house and ethereal techno drive this heavywei... more...

12inch Salt Mines: Salt002 € 12,99

Seixlack - Bed Bug Bites EP


Bed Bug Bites EP

Hot off the back of his debut LP for Delroy Edwards' LA Club Resource as alter-ego Innyster, Seixlack serves up an EP of trademark, super raw, machine... more...

12inch X-Kalay: XK004 € 11,99

Dmitry Distant - Lucifer & Lust

Dmitry Distant

Lucifer & Lust

Lucifer & Lust is a 10-inch mini album by Dmitry Distant, showcasing the diversity of his talent. The 6 tracks by the Russian-born artist who currentl... more...

10inch Electronic Emergencies: EE011rtm € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lou Karsh - Tribal Transition EP

Lou Karsh

Tribal Transition EP

Melbourne acid techno artist Lou Karsh is back with a second 12'' on his imprint LKR records. The ''Tribal Transition EP” features three original trac... more...

12inch Lou Karsh Rhythms: LKR002 € 12,99

Perm - Shtum 014


Shtum 014

Once again, Perm has turned just the right knobs to give you the perfect soundtrack for your personal journey into Techno wonderland. The Leipzig base... more...

12inch Shtum: Shtum014 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L




More hard hitting, glittering techno treasure to smash the Eastern Bloc from Private Persons and XAN - a fellow town compatriot of Tchaikovsky. more...

12inch Private Persons: Privatepersons005 € 12,99

Roma Zuckerman  - The Present Terminal

Roma Zuckerman

The Present Terminal

murky textures and sinister vocals across 4 delusional tracks. Glitchy percussion and scuzzy frequencies march with intent whilst uncanny voices mu... more...

12inch Trip: TRP018 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Svreca - Arquitectura del Sueno


Arquitectura del Sueno

Amazing deep techno compilation featuring Milena Kriegs, Claudio PRC, Hydrangea, Alan Backdrop, Ryo Murakami, Na Nich, Claudio PRC, Aleksi Perala, BLN... more...

2xCD Semantica: SEM100CD € 11,99

DJ Normal 4 - Exoticz

DJ Normal 4


Founding member and co-creator of 'Aiwo rec.' DJ Normal 4 delivers Second Circle’s eleventh release to date with the EP ‘Exoticz’. Raised close to Dü... more...

12inch Second Circle: SC011 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Deniro - Bhote Kukur Ep


Bhote Kukur Ep

After his successful double 12'' Mendoza on Nina Kraviz' Trip imprint, Deniro returns back home to his own Tape Records with a warm 4 track Detroit te... more...

12inch Tape: Tape012 € 9,99

Polytunnel - Time 2 Time


Time 2 Time

Cosmic supply of house and electro tinged sentiments!

12inch Childsplay: KID03 € 12,99

December - Night Of Nights


Night Of Nights

The newest offering on Pinkman Broken Dreams: Rough, noisy and cataclysmic machine music, seasoned with industrial and EBM influences, by Frenchman De... more...

12inch Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD15 € 9,99

Formally Unknown - Field

Formally Unknown


Following their latest EP on Dusky's 17 Steps, new release from Formally Unknown — the Saint-Petersburg duo — is an attempt to summarize and reflect o... more...

12inch Private Persons: Privatepersons012 € 12,99

Cage Suburbia - Lost Titles

Cage Suburbia

Lost Titles

Previously unreleased rave weapons from the iconic, Haunter Records affiliated Milanese duo's lost archive. 200 copies, vinyl only.

12inch SURVIVE Ltd.: H910 € 8,99

09-08-2019 - friday

Brian Bennett - Voyage – A Journey Into Discoid Funk

Brian Bennett

Voyage – A Journey Into Discoid Funk

Isle Of Jura’s first LP reissue, the highly sought after ‘Voyage – A Journey Into Discoid Funk’ by Brian Bennett originally released in 1978. A cosmic... more...

LP Isle Of Jura: ISLELP001 € 20,99

Clouds - Parkzicht



''Ravaged and warped breakbeats haunted by wailing euphoric noise, vivid and graphic reflections of fractured post-industrial hardcore, moments of poe... more...

12inch Electric Deluxe: EDLX057 € 9,99

Cristalli Liquidi - Cristalli Liquidi LP

Cristalli Liquidi

Cristalli Liquidi LP

In 2012 Bottin presented a mysterious neo-italo-wave band: Cristalli Liquidi. This album, finally, unveils the mystery: Cristalli Liquidi is not a ban... more...

LP Bordello A Parigi: BAP110 € 20,99

Q - The Voice Of Q


The Voice Of Q

The leftfield electro disco gem originally released in 1982 finally gets an official reissue. Bootlegged badly in recent years, Isle Of Jura does it r... more...

12inch Isle Of Jura: ISLE005 € 10,99

Ron Trent - Aquarhythmatica / City Beat

Ron Trent

Aquarhythmatica / City Beat

Two excellent production from Ron Trent finally back on vinyl. Aquarhythmatica comes from the Prescription era and it was produced together with Antho... more...

12inch Groovin Records: GR1241 € 13,99

Cardinal & Nun - Untitled

Cardinal & Nun


Cardinal & Nun from Marseille, France delivers his debut ep for L.I.E.S. with a four track no holds barred synth punk assault. Injecting energy into t... more...

12inch LIES: LIES132 € 14,99

Cold Front - Beyond The Beat

Cold Front

Beyond The Beat

Founded in 1990 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cold Front were what you'd call early adaptors, their music at the time of its inception an oddity. This fo... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH024/DZN01 € 14,49

Rapha - Room 353


Room 353

Next up on the fresh imprint is one half of the Chateau Royal, Rapha, who delivers his debut solo 12''. A powerfull and distorted electro flavored 6... more...

12inch Chateau Royal: CHR002 € 9,99

08-08-2019 - thursday

Various Artists - B9: Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983

Various Artists

B9: Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983

LTM presents a limited double vinyl gatefold edition (500 copies only) of B9, the definitive collection of cold wave and minimal electronica from Belg... more...

2x12inch LTM: LTMLP2486 € 25,99

Pev & Asusu / Pev & Kowton - MMM & Pangaea Remixes

Pev & Asusu / Pev & Kowton

MMM & Pangaea Remixes

The Livity Sound label announce a new series remixes of tracks from their acclaimed 2013 self titled compilation. The first 12″ will be release... more...

12inch Livity Sound: Livity009 € 9,99

Taraval - Streetways EP


Streetways EP

Say hello to Taraval, the new signing on Kieran Hebden's Text label, with their debut EP of mutant, misshapen house and techno trax. There's four cann... more...

12inch Text Records: Text031 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anthony Naples - Body Pill

Anthony Naples

Body Pill

Body Pill is a surprising album for Anthony, his most understated and mature release to date. Body Pill opens with a wall of ambient noise on ''Ris'',... more...

LP Text Records: Text034 € 15,99

David Vunk & Mima - Dov'e l'amore

David Vunk & Mima

Dov'e l'amore

Spring has arrived just in time for "Dov'e l'amore", a four track 12inch by David Vunk & Mima. This special collaboration of Rotterdam's main Italo pr... more...

12inch Electronic Emergencies: EE009rtm € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Randomer & Hodge - Second Freeze / Simple As

Randomer & Hodge

Second Freeze / Simple As

Metallic percussion contorts and splinters throughout the maximalised “Second Freeze”, whilst “Simple As” courses with a transcendental bare bone rhyt... more...

12inch Livity Sound: 099YTIVIL € 10,49

Surgeon - Convenience Trap


Convenience Trap

Suregeon has taken the techniques and inspiration from this live creative process and distilled them into these four tracks. ‘Convenience Trap’ follow... more...

12inch Dynamic Tension: DTR012 € 10,99

Peverelist - Tessellations



‘Tessellations’ is his first long player for Livity Sound; a succinct nine tracks demonstrating the breadth of his work and scope of his influences th... more...

2x12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY024 € 20,49

Voiski - Disconnections, Music For Clouds


Disconnections, Music For Clouds

First album from the french emotional techno producer, voiski presents a collection of tracks made on airplanes. A special edition including a photogr... more...

LP SUPER95: SUPER95-001 € 16,49

Via Maris - Glow Wall / CU2

Via Maris

Glow Wall / CU2

Following up his 2017 debut, Bristol's Via Maris is back on Livity Sound with an enigmatic two tracker pairing Glow Wall's aquatic reverie with the de... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY031 € 9,99

Traxmen - Basement Traxx Vol. II


Basement Traxx Vol. II

Relentless Chicago Techno and Ghetto House pressed as they were meant to sound – 4 acidic, hissing drum machine workouts by two of the originators. Le... more...

12inch Another Day: 008AD-2 € 10,99

Surgeon - Raw Trax 1


Raw Trax 1

Recorded live in the studio using only a PIN Electronics Portabella synthesiser and a Roland TR-909 drum machine direct to DAT tape. Road tested for m... more...

12inch Dynamic Tension: DTR013 € 10,99

Refracted - Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted


Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

After a stunning debut on Sublunar last year with the “Meta”, Refracted is back on the label run by Sciahri and Dagdrom with “Nothing is True, Everyth... more...

12inch Sublunar: SUBL007 € 12,49

07-08-2019 - wednesday

Admas - Kalatashew Waga (Andras Fox Remix)


Kalatashew Waga (Andras Fox Remix)

Ethiopian funk mob Admas’s accidental houser ‘Kalatashew Waga’ from 1984 gets a reissue (and a remix from long-time fan Andras Fox). Restored and mast... more...

12inch Major Problems: MPR007 € 13,99

Too Smooth Christ - TSC 1

Too Smooth Christ


TSC 1 is Too Smooth Christ’s first release on AVA. Records. Five fine dance tracks straight from Paris, great for every occasion. more...

12inch AVA Records: AVA016 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lowell - No Matter


No Matter

'Made in Switzerland for use in Italy'. Lowell’s charming Italo-ish oddity from 1985 gets a proper reissue, courtesy of Compassion Crew and MPR. B/w t... more...

12inch Major Problems: MPR019/CC004 € 14,99

Compassion Crew - Altar

Compassion Crew


Compassion Crew bows down with three wildly different prayers for the faithful. Mastered by Thomas P Heckmann at Trope. Cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Sc... more...

12inch Major Problems: MPR018 € 13,99

06-08-2019 - tuesday

Victrola - Maritime Tatami


Maritime Tatami

A special series called Dark Entries Editions, dedicated to 12'' singles made for the dance floor. The first release in this series is Victrola, the d... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE055 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L