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SRC - Gold Coinz


Gold Coinz

SRC merges the influences old school Electro, Grime and 8 Bit video game soundtracks, adding his signature irresistible melodies and tough UK riddims... more...

12inch Numbers: NMBRS005 € 8,49

Former Descent - My Life in the Box of Ghosts ep

Former Descent

My Life in the Box of Ghosts ep

With Former Descent, Bas Welling (Neurobit) is taking his music into a new direction. More than the breakcore, noise and digital hardcore he got know... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship012 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Becket & Tailor - Wood For The Fire (Spandex remix)

Becket & Tailor

Wood For The Fire (Spandex remix)

Beckett & Taylor surface from the wilderness once more, taking control of the mic for the 10th transmission in their inimitable Hand on the Plow ser... more...

12inch Hotplate: Hotp010 € 4,49

Slaughter Mob - Techno Skank
12inch Halo Beats: HALO009 € 9,99

Falty DL - Bravery E.P.

Falty DL

Bravery E.P.

Drew Lustman follows up his critically acclaimed album on Planet Mu with a wonderful double twelve of more dancefloor orientated material. In places B... more...

2x12inch Planet-mu: ZIQ244 € 16,99

Ultrasound  - Heavy Roll


Heavy Roll

After the success of the debut Deadboy EP, Well Rounded Records return to the fray with a seriously funky three-tracker by Brighton's Ultrasound. ''H... more...

12inch Well Rounded: Wrnd02 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce - Tripped Up

Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce

Tripped Up

After popping down The Nags Head to pick up his buddy Mickey Pearce, Shortstuff follows 2009’s A Rustling with a 12 of future funky, bass drops, and c... more...

12inch Ramp: Ramp031 € 6,99

Mizz Beats - My World / The Jester

Mizz Beats

My World / The Jester

Mizz Beats previously made her presence felt on the anthemic 'Purple Love' with Silkie but asserts herself as an unique solo prospect with the unteste... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi026 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Chesus x Divers Concept / C.R.S.T. - Baduka / Bump

Chesus x Divers Concept / C.R.S.T.

Baduka / Bump

Two new heavy bass riddims from the current hotbed of Welsh production talent. Both tracks have had Radio One support from Mary Anne Hobbes and Gille... more...

10inch Ten Thousand yen: TTY002 € 9,99

Guido - Orchestral Lab / Way U Make Me Feel


Orchestral Lab / Way U Make Me Feel

One of the biggest dubstep tunes of 2009 when we may decide... Orchestral Dub is one sick tune that grabs ones attention straight away! Explosive subb... more...

12inch Punch Drunk: Drunk011 € 8,99

The Panamax Project - Maximum Height

The Panamax Project

Maximum Height

The SubSolo imprint drops another indispensable release. On the A side we have ‘Maximum Height’: a electroesque static bass tune with cryptic ambience... more...

12inch Subsolo: subsolo006 € 6,99

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus


Further reaches into a musical space that Flying Lotus had been exploring, however other collaborators such as Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke help deliver... more...

CD Warp: WARP195CDX € 13,99

Hackman - Bodies ep


Bodies ep

For their 3rd release Well Rounded bring you the imaginative and playful funky-influenced house sound of Hackman. This EP is packed with punchy & poli... more...

12inch Well Rounded: Wrnd03 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Komonazmuk  - Dance Too (Lee Jones Rmx)


Dance Too (Lee Jones Rmx)

Komonazmuk drops a tough slice of deep, stepping, and melodic dubstep for Applepips 11th release. With strong Detroit-esque remix by Lee Jones.

12inch Apple Pips: Pips011 € 4,99

Milyoo - Dasein



Dasein is going to avoid easy categorisation.

12inch Opit: OPT002 € 8,49

Ghostleigh - Play Cool


Play Cool

Ghostleigh flirting with hi-tech afro rhythms topped by warm layers of chords as used in many Detroit techno classics. cool hybrid of Dubstep, Techno... more...

12inch Ghostleigh dubz: Ghostleigh007 € 7,99

Cosmic Revenge - Cold Hearted EP

Cosmic Revenge

Cold Hearted EP

Hailing from San Francisco, Cosmic Revenge explores his far-reaching range of tastes and influences, keeping the usual crisp 2-Step beats and vibes wh... more...

12inch Fortified Audio: Elim003 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

AstroPoser - Meet My Brother


Meet My Brother

6 track debut ep of young dutch producer AstroPoser! After a period of silence this was a great reason to get Clone's sub label specialized in the fin... more...

12inch + Download Dub: DUB036 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Throwing Snow - un vingt/cronos

Throwing Snow

un vingt/cronos

Ho_Tep is a new label by Alexander Nut's (Eglo/Rinse Fm) debutting with this debut release from young UK producer Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow. His s... more...

12inch Ho_Tep Records: Hotep001 € 8,49

Ikonika & Optimum  - Aqueos Cream / Ampersand

Ikonika & Optimum

Aqueos Cream / Ampersand

konika & Optimum are proud to introduce their highly anticipated new venture: Hum + Buzz Records. This double A side debut release is right at the cen... more...

12inch Hum & Buzz records: HBR001 € 4,99

Maxmillion Dunbar - Cool Water

Maxmillion Dunbar

Cool Water

Sweet album thats simply not to be catogrized. Somehow Ramp is specialized in this category and became ne of our favorite labels! Maxmillion Dunbar al... more...

CD Ramp: Ramp038cd € 17,99

KingThing  - Mad Hatter EP


Mad Hatter EP

Glasgow's own Fortified crew welcome KingThing into the fold. London swing, raw chi-town off the wall gritty madness and hands in the air diva vocal's... more...

12inch Fortified Audio: Elim004 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lol - Part 1


Part 1

Lol is a bit of an unusual project, it's just a thing in it's own right, it's not ‘for’ anything or anyone in particular, it's just an LP made by thre... more...

LP Nonplus: NonplusLP002pt1 € 7,49

Various Artists - Good Foundations

Various Artists

Good Foundations

Blunted Robots have done another record. If we say it’s Future Garage, will you like it more? contributors Brackles & Shortstuff, Doc Daneeka

12inch Blunted Robots: BLR005 € 5,49

Dodger Man - Mango Tree / 2_12

Dodger Man

Mango Tree / 2_12

Smart dubstep on this two-track twelve by Dodger Man from London. Both the more elaborate Mango Tree on the a-side and the heavily simplified 2_12 on... more...

12inch Awkward Movements: AWK002 € 7,99

Shackleton - Deadman



Sam Shackleton stalks deeper into the sub-loaded unknown, with two Valentine's Day releases for Honest Jon's, loaded with spectacular remixes by Kevin... more...

12inch Honest Jons: HJP052 € 8,99

Terugklap - Gister



Dutch artist TerugKlap delivers some heavy abstract in-your-face beat action, fusing glitch, dubstep, IDM, wonky or whatever you wanna call it... ''Dr... more...

12inch LoMechanik: Lomek018 € 8,99

Instra:mental  - Resolution 653


Resolution 653

The new the album! we are treated to the complete gamut of Instra:mental’s ability. Tracks like ‘Aggro Acid’ and ‘Talkin Mono’ give us crude analogue... more...

3x12inch + Download Nonplus: NonplusLP003 € 23,99

Egyptrixx - Bible Eyes


Bible Eyes

Cult London label Night Slugs brings you Bible Eyes, a complete work that brings together elements of techno, house, hip hop and pop, while possessing... more...

CD Night Slugs: NSCD001 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - DSCNTD001

Various Artists


Disconnected Sounds launches with a one off pressing of 300 hand stamped and individually numbered white labels. DSCNTD 001 is a four track EP featur... more...

12inch Disconnected Sounds: DSCNTD001 € 9,99

O Samuli A - Part Man, Part Bartman

O Samuli A

Part Man, Part Bartman

Finnish sound artist O Samuli A gets back to work after 6 silent years, adding a single-length of minimal, computerized, Detrechno-like, electro track... more...

7inch Power Nap Productions: PERNA001 € 6,99

Kode9 And The Spaceape  - Black Sun

Kode9 And The Spaceape

Black Sun

It has been five years since the release of Kode9 and The Spaceape's searing first album ‘Memories Of The Future’. On this new recording, named after... more...

CD Hyperdub: HYPCD002 € 17,99

Darkhouse Family / C.R.S.T. - Stabwound / Redeye

Darkhouse Family / C.R.S.T.

Stabwound / Redeye

The first release on newly forged Catapult Records is a double A side featuring two of South Wales’ brightest rising stars, Darkhouse Family and CRST.... more...

12inch Catapult: Catapult001 € 8,99

Distal  - Android Tourism Ep


Android Tourism Ep

For ELIM009 we bring you a very special EP from Atlantan live wire Distal. Making his mark on the current underground scene with tracks such as ''Grap... more...

12inch Fortified Audio: Elim009 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dom - Blakelock EP


Blakelock EP

Fresh label 877 Records are proud to announce the launch of their first EP from Blakelock. The EP features three solid tracks including 2 remixes from... more...

12inch 877 records: 887001 € 8,99

Martyn - Masks / Viper


Masks / Viper

Masks / Viper' is the first single from the Ghost People album, a taste into what’s to come with Martyn’s new – and, naturally, unexpected – sonic dir... more...

12inch Brainfeeder: BF024 € 8,49

Martyn - Ghost people


Ghost people

Martyn is a beacon of hope through leagues of passion-less DJs and producers, the “ghost people”: plastic, hollow shells that focus only on the in-the... more...

2LP Brainfeeder: BF025 € 19,99

PRPLX - Fabric Of Space (Part 2/2)


Fabric Of Space (Part 2/2)

PRPLX's entitled Fabric Of Space album explores the deeper side of the Breakbeat spectre. Clever drum programming as well as going in a bass shakin' d... more...

2x12inch + Download Tempo Records: TempoLP01.2 € 18,99

Oktored - Future Sound Of 8 Mile ep


Future Sound Of 8 Mile ep

Killer release from this new Detroit artist and label that blurs the line between Detroit house and the current sound coming from the UK. Fans of Sha... more...

12inch Yo Sucka: YO100 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ango - Another City Now


Another City Now

Another City Now is the debut ep from Ango aka Andrew Gordon Macpherson, the next fresh voice hailing from Montreal, Canada on the LuckyMe label. A fr... more...

12inch LuckyMe: LM010 € 8,49

Scuba - Personality



Scuba is the production and DJ alias of Paul Rose, the curator of Hotflush Recordings. Personality’ features 11 brand new tracks, it takes in a wealth... more...

CD Hotflush: HFCD07 € 14,99

Mieux - Next Episode


Next Episode

Sophisticated Bass Re-Rubs on two classic tracks by Mieux, club material par excellence. 200 hand-stamped Whitelabels only, no digital. Act fast.

12inch Up My alley: ALLEYX001 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pavan - Holy Volt


Holy Volt

Pavan is Frans Carlqvist (aka Limonious), head of premier Swedish Skweee outlet, Flogsta Danshall. 'Holy Volt' is his debut album of nine squirming el... more...

LP Unknown: HRMN014 € 14,99

Komonazmuk - Underground / Underground (Paul Woolford Remix)


Underground / Underground (Paul Woolford Remix)

Bristol born Keiren Lomax (aka) Komonazmuk formally part of Ice Minus started producing as Komonazmuk in 2006 and has released on some of the biggest... more...

12inch Hench: Hench034 € 6,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Die Roh - Van Draft Ep

Die Roh

Van Draft Ep

New release and new debut on Vae Victis, this time from the italian duo Die Roh. Three original tracks plus an additional remix from Uk rising star Te... more...

12inch Vae Victis Records: VVR003 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Face + Heel - No Stars ep

Face + Heel

No Stars ep

New label, new artist. Fusuion between dubstep, house and more indie pop sounds. Especially the b-side is a big tune! great vocals and a kindof Boards... more...

10inch Warm: Warm001 € 4,99