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Legowelt - Classics 1998 - 2003


Classics 1998 - 2003

Repress of the now classic compilation of Classics 1998 - 2003, presented with the original artwork. Twelve tracks for those who like it the easy way... more...

2LP Bunker: B3028 € 22,49

Dijf Sanders - Dijf

Dijf Sanders


4 brilliant tracks maybe best described as sweet indie tronix with strange but nice vocals mixed with abstract electronical stuctures.. Tip!

12inch Dub: DUB028 € 7,99

AMBit3 - Enwrapped



Ambit3, a new band from Rome. Contemporary melangolic electronica.. 7 tracks.. Tip!! more...

CD Nature: NAT2122MCD € 8,99

Via Tania - Under a Different Sky

Via Tania

Under a Different Sky

Nice indie-electronics lp produced by Casey Rice & Tania Bowers ft. Tortoise, Prefuse 73 a.o.

LP Chocolate ind.: Chocolate ind. 038 € 21,50

Nynack - Pattern Errors


Pattern Errors

6 track fast pacing advanced idm/dsp madness with nice melodies.. Check..!!

12inch On: On 103 € 4,99

Kadah Vresky - Tomato Weirdo; best before end + toujours comestible
CD Dub: DUBcd008 € 9,99

Kadah Vresky - Tomato Weirdo; best before end + toujours comestible
LP Dub: Dublp008 € 7,99

Autechre - Draft 7.30


Draft 7.30

ae comes with another full length filled with MAX madness.. Instant classic!! more...

CD Warp: Warp111CD € 19,99

Mira Calix - Skimskitta

Mira Calix


Atmospheric electronica tracks…

2LP Warp: Warp104LP € 21,90

Jello - Lungbone ep (Bola)


Lungbone ep (Bola)

Reworks of the title track boasting the vocal talents of Dennis Bourne, funk fueled metalbeats with lush eerie strings. The flip has remixes from some... more...

12inch Peacefrog: Peacefrog 028 € 4,99

Studio Pressure  - Relics remixes

Studio Pressure

Relics remixes

Plaid & Natural Mystic (Digital) remixes of the original Relics by Studio Pressure (aka Photek).

12inch Certificate 18: Cert1817 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kadah Vresky present Tomato Weirdo - Toujours comestible

Kadah Vresky present Tomato Weirdo

Toujours comestible

The limited pre-release of the forthcoming Kadah Vresky/Tomato Wierdo album.. Acoustics versus electronica..

EP Dub: Dublpsamp8 € 4,99

E.O.G. -


Advanced electronic trickery wich will challenge and satisfy your ears. 4 track release of advanced beat programming. Limited of 500 copies..

12inch Dub: DUB027 € 9,99

Aphex Twin - Drukqs
2xCD Warp: Warp092CD € 23,99

V/A - Documenta.II



This time Agenda brings us the more acoustic side of modern electronica. Lali Puna, Savath & Savalas, M+m, The American Analog Set and many others.

12inch Agenda: Agenda 002lp € 22,90

V/A - Metametics remixes


Metametics remixes

Neo Ouija brings us a new Delikatessen plate with nice crunchy electronics by Sense, Lgb, Xela and Setzer..

12inch Delikatessen: Delikatessen plate 3 € 9,99

Mitchell Akiyama - Meridial

Mitchell Akiyama


Pan sonic, Ratser-Noton, Basic Channel like minimalistics by this talented Canadian..

12inch Eat This Records: ETR010 € 8,00

Phako - Shipyards and engineering co. ltd.


Shipyards and engineering co. ltd.

Great release from the harbours of Bolnes Rotterdam. From Jazzy IDM to more abstract electronica.. Tip!! more...

12inch Dub: DUB022 € 7,99

Phako - Bolnes-Shipyards and engineering co. ltd.


Bolnes-Shipyards and engineering co. ltd.

A collection of tracks from his Dub releases and some remix stuff he did. Incl. 2 video's by MinusZero.. Check!! more...

CD Dub: DUBcd006 € 5,99

The Black Dog with Black Sifichi - Unsavoury Products (cd)

The Black Dog with Black Sifichi

Unsavoury Products (cd)

Finaly some new material, wich is pretty dark, beautiful and with spoken words on most of the tracks. Sounds a lot like the ''bytes'' and ''bolts'' of... more...

CD Duke: Duke cd € 9,90

Greg Davis - Arbor

Greg Davis


Modern electronica versus the acoustic guitar. Great album with deep atmospheric soundscapes based on minimal idm rhythms and nice guitar riffs.

12inch Carpark: Carpark 12lp € 13,99

E.O.G. - EOG 2



One of the most obscure acts in the electronica scene... Experimental dark electronica with advanced beat programming.. MUST HAVE!!

12inch Dub: DUB019 € 7,99

Like A Tim - Slector

Like A Tim


Tim van Leijden with his own crazy & original sound.. 8 track mini lp... Check! Original copies.

12inch Djax Up Beats: Djax Up Beats 351 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Smith n Hack - Tribute

Smith n Hack


Cut-up disco / funk stuff on this cool dubble ep by the guys from Sounstream / Soundhack / MMM... more...

2x12inch Smith n Hack: Smith001 € 17,99

V/A - Men with boxes


Men with boxes

Great album full of modern electronica from artists such as Speedy J , Funckarma , Eog!! , Phako , Funkstorung , Passarani , D'arcangelo , A.Estermann more...

CD Dub: DUBcd005 € 6,99

Quench - Exclude



Quench with its 2nd CD release (Hi-tech advance electronica).

CD Eat This Records: ETR009CD € 15,99

V/A - Aurora



Another nice compilation on Merck. Artists such as Syndrone , EU , Pandorabox and loads of new unknown bedroom artists!! Nice job!

CD Merck: Merck 004 cd € 9,99

MD - Appelsap



MD creatted a nice fuzz around this record full of abstract computer electronics. Check it yourself!!

CD Merck: Merck 003 cd € 9,99

Kid606/Joseph Nothing - Clubbed to death/Gegege no ge

Kid606/Joseph Nothing

Clubbed to death/Gegege no ge

Obscure IDM reworks of wellknown hiphop tracks. Limited 7"

12inch Tigerbeat: Tigerbeat6 - $ vol.4 € 8,99

Mike Ink - Rosengranz

Mike Ink


2007 re-issue of a Wolfgang Voigt production. Minimal blueprint techno - Must Have!

12inch Sahko: Sahko008(00266) € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Autechre - Tri Repetae


Tri Repetae

Tri Repetae, the third album from Autechre finally made available again on vinyl, having been out of print on vinyl since 2001. On reflection, Tri Rep... more...

2LP + Download Warp: Warp038LP € 29,99

Autechre - Amber



Amber, the second full-length from Autechre and considered by many to be their ambient opus (though we imagine they wouldn't call it that!) having bee... more...

2LP + Download Warp: Warp025LP € 29,99

Otto Von Schirach - 8000 b.c.

Otto Von Schirach

8000 b.c.

What can I say about this... This is a really crazy advanced strongly cut-up electronica double lp (bonus 7''). Those Schematic guys can't be stopped!... more...

2LP Schematic: Schematic 017 lp € 19,99

V/A - Plug Tunes vol.1


Plug Tunes vol.1

Down tempo advanced electronix from the Miami camp. 5 tracks produced by Supersoul, Push Button Objects, Calamalka a.o. Cool stuff!

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 2108 € 11,90

Hamijama - Ancient Cities 2


Ancient Cities 2

Experimental techno electronics. Again a strong release from the BBC agency. Mush respect. Tip!

12inch Beta Bodega: Beta Bodega 7.5 € 11,49

Various Artists - Nummer Drie

Various Artists

Nummer Drie

This just might one of the best IDM/electronica compilations of all-time. Released and un-released modern electronica from Funckarma, L'usine, Swap, Q... more...

CD Dub: DUBcd003 € 7,99

Quench - Bender



Deep modern electronica on limited vinyl after the cd album 'journey into electronics'. The best 4 tracks now on solid vinyl. TIP!

12inch Dub: DUB012.2 € 7,99

Aphex twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II

Aphex twin

Selected Ambient Works Volume II

Great double CD of this masterpiece by Richard D. James. Essential for anyone claiming to be into electronic music! more...

2xCD Warp: Warp021CD € 17,99

Quench - A Journey Into Electonix


A Journey Into Electonix

Experimental modern electronica. Limited cd (555 copies).

CD U-cover: U-cover 002cd € 13,61

V/A - Nummer een


Nummer een

collection of released and unreleased tracks of the DUB label. One of the better Cd'sin the field. 12 tracks of abstract modern music. TIP !! more...

CD Dub: DUBcd001 € 9,99

Syncom Data - 50 pop or an envelope

Syncom Data

50 pop or an envelope

More crazy stuff from the sewers of the Hague. Darker electro stuff. Must for all Bunker fans! A 2010 repress with the standard new bunker label and h... more...

12inch Bunker: B3005 € 10,99

Nukubus - Survival Of The Funkiest


Survival Of The Funkiest

Strange but cool electrofied tracks with some weird moods. Reminds a bit of old Irdial stuff. A 2010 repress with the standard new bunker label and ha... more...

12inch Bunker: B3004 € 10,99

Guineo - Tosstones ep


Tosstones ep

4 tracks of complex beats and strange noises and a remix by Push Button Objects. Very nice one.

12inch Chocolate ind.: Chocolate ind. 013 € 4,99