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 Liquid Phonk - Was It Love EP

Liquid Phonk

Was It Love EP

Liquid Phonk present another truly sophisticated soulful house groover, a fine, timeless release for delicate dancers and music lovers including lush... more...

12inch Compost: COMP477-1 € 9,99

& me - F.I.R. / +++

& me

F.I.R. / +++

A new breed of labels and producers is popping up with some solid and effective tracks. Here another one.. & me with a double a-side house release. Es... more...

12inch Keinemusik: Keine002 € 9,99

&Me - Purple Rain


Purple Rain

Effective modern club tools on Keinemusik.

12inch Keinemusik: KM012 € 8,99

154 - Strike



154's cult 2004 album Strike is being re-issued on the producer's own NWAQ/APE label on heavyweight 180g vinyl. Mixing up ambient, techno and abstract... more...

2LP NWAQ: APE-LP01 € 20,99

18 Rays - 18 Rays EP

18 Rays

18 Rays EP

Summer has not officially kicked in yet but Antinote’s new addition to its roster will sure soundtrack perfectly its upcoming warm nights: encapsulati... more...

12inch antinote: ATN036 € 14,49

2 Bit Crew - Tdtav / To A Party

2 Bit Crew

Tdtav / To A Party

Classic House bombs by this Danish label crew!

12inch 2 Bit Crew: 2BC001 € 9,99

2 Bit Crew - 2 Bit Crew 03

2 Bit Crew

2 Bit Crew 03

Third 2 Bit in the repress! Taking a stroll towards techno this time.

12inch 2 Bit Crew: 2BC003 € 11,99

2 Bit Crew - Wanna See You Pop / Gonna Let You Go

2 Bit Crew

Wanna See You Pop / Gonna Let You Go

Second EP from the Danish duo containing two solid house tracks. Limited to 250 copies!

12inch 2 Bit Crew: 2BC002 € 9,49

2 Bitches From Queens - H.o.t. Records 002

2 Bitches From Queens

H.o.t. Records 002

2 Bitches From Queens this time in two different corners of the ballroom. 'E 4 Love' replays two monuments of sheer joy simultaneously. Inspired by th... more...

12inch H.o.t. Records: hot002 € 9,99

2 Responsible - Warm For a Long Time

2 Responsible

Warm For a Long Time

Three cuts from Max McFerren & Project Pablo as 2 Responsible.

12inch ASL Singles Club: ASL013 € 9,99

2000F - Mennesker I


Mennesker I

Inspired by Mjølner, the hammer of Thor, and Tandgrisner, one of Thor’s two mighty goats.

12inch Raske Plader: RASP010 € 12,49

2000F - Mennesker II


Mennesker II

Inspired by Sleipner, the eight-legged stallion of Odin, and Tandgnjost, the second of Thor’s two mighty goats.

12inch Raske Plader: RASP011 € 12,49

2562 - The New Today


The New Today

Dave Huismans (A Made Up Sound) returns under his 2562 codename with the oneiric ambient/concrète dancefloor states of 'The New Today', his 4th solo a... more...

2LP When In Doubt: Doubt003 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L




Secret Studio Records presents 2 unapologetic acid tracks by 2AMFM.

12inch SS Records: SCS007 € 10,99

2djur - The Great Beast


The Great Beast

Four strikingly hypnotic club tracks. Primitive and raw yet gentle and loving.

12inch Svedjebruk: Sved013 € 9,79
Also available @ D\G\T\L

2ndSun - Bespoked / Upshot


Bespoked / Upshot

Two prime time Uk club bangers on this new label. comes with remixes by Ben Pearce and Harry Wolfman.

12inch P&S: PS001 € 10,99

2ndSun - Solar Souls Ep


Solar Souls Ep

The 4th vinyl releases from Youngbloods by UK duo 2ndSUN. 4 distinct takes on downtempo house that range from soulful to subversive. 7 tracks in all... more...

12inch Youngbloods: YBZ006 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

3 A.M. - I Love This Place

3 A.M.

I Love This Place

This is one of those releases and one of the rarer titles to find from the label. Produced by Steve Kelly and Steve ‘lucky’ Benson as 3 A.M., this wa... more...

12inch Movin' Records: MR025 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

30/70 - Elevate



This collection of songs, their second studio effort after their debut LP, ‘Cold Radish Coma', is set to elevate them to the international stage. Unde... more...

LP Rhythm Section International: RS020 € 17,99

326 - Falling



One of the most underrated Chicago records in the rebound. 3.2.6. on Muzique records. Taking it's name from the address of Ron Hardy's seminal Muzic... more...

12inch Muzique Records: MR002RE € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

45 ACP - Graveyard Shift

45 ACP

Graveyard Shift

From scratchy ambience to dramatic slow tempo bpm cuts to melodic house tracks, 45 ACP shines on this ep showing his versatility and reinforcing his r... more...

12inch LIES: Lies083 € 11,49

60 Miles - Million dollar what?

60 Miles

Million dollar what?

Pure interstellar techno tracks from the most remote west coast of Europe by the talented John Daly and Frawl. Killer release on this new label which... more...

12inch 60 Miles Music: 60MLS02 € 9,99

60 Miles - 60 miles 1

60 Miles

60 miles 1

60 Miles are John Daly and Cian Frawley aka Frawl. They got together in the studio after one of the infamous Backwards parties in Limerick and 60 mile... more...

12inch 60 Miles Music: 60MLS01 € 9,49

60 Miles - Satisfy

60 Miles


60 Miles presents 2 more transmissions of Swamp Techno from John Daly and Frawl, AKA 60 Miles. Not a long distance to travel for such hot shit. As alw... more...

12inch 60 Miles Music: 60MLS03 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

70s Network - Daze Of My Youth

70s Network

Daze Of My Youth

70s Network brings some fresh faced club melancholy and West Coast synths to the UGONGETIT edits series. more...

12inch UGONGETIT: UGONGETIT003 € 13,99

76-79 / Vibration White Fingers - One Night

76-79 / Vibration White Fingers

One Night

76-79 and Vibration White Fingers. Two different names, two different aliases, one person behind, are back again with 4 amazing tracks from Techno to... more...

12inch Bar Musica: BARM002 € 11,49

7th Movement  - Odyssey

7th Movement


7th Movement's 'Odyssey' is one of those mythical beasts, a record that transcended scenes and genres. 'Odyssey' obviously spoke to DJ's effortlessly... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC016 € 10,99

99Letters - Drawing Days


Drawing Days

A collection of chugging, otherworldly house and techno excursions. Tape saturated machines groan under ghostly synth pads and layers of static, whils... more...

Cassette Tape THRHNDRDSVNTNN: THNS005 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

99LETTERS - Untold Future


Untold Future

Dalmata Daniel presents it's own second release from the Japan based producer 99LETTERS. His has been active for 8 years now and his several music cam... more...

12inch Dalmata Daniel: DD002 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

A Drummer From Detroit - Drums 1

A Drummer From Detroit

Drums 1

Deep percussive house tracks by A Drummer From Detroit. Jazzy funk inspired Dance floor heat from this well known producer from Detroit (who released... more...

12inch Fit: Fit004 € 12,49

A Drummer From Detroit - Drums 2

A Drummer From Detroit

Drums 2

Andrés revisits his A Drummer From Detroit alias for FIT SOUND. Three heavy house tracks steeped deep in that afro-cuban sound that only this drummer... more...

12inch Fit: Fit017 € 12,49

A La Carte - 001

A La Carte


Nice atmospheric release! Long pads and driven grooves is what makes these tunes the perfect choice for a well and deep warm up.

12inch A La Carte: ALC001 € 12,19

A Race Of Angels - Just Begin

A Race Of Angels

Just Begin

Spiritualised jazz-funk from the Los Angeleno — collaborator of Gifted And Blessed — astutely revived by Theo Parrish. Dego and Akwasi Mensah wig out... more...

12inch Wildheart: WHR002 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

A Sagittariun - Pseudo Science

A Sagittariun

Pseudo Science

What started out as an anonymous project has since been revealed as the handiwork of Nick Harris, a long time champion of the Bristol house and techno... more...

12inch Idle Hands: IDLE047 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

A Thousand Years - Patterns Colours Textures Emotions

A Thousand Years

Patterns Colours Textures Emotions

New artist on Black Market, A Thousand Years (real name Zeke Africa) grew up in Devon. As son of a jazz pianist... he started producing with Dance Eja... more...

12inch Black Market Records: BM020 € 8,49

A-Eno-Acid - Tank Jack


Tank Jack

After putting 1990s record label Emote to bed and a 17 year break from making music Mark Churcher has now knocked out 2 rasping acid house discs withi... more...

12inch Chicago Bee Records: CB1988-02 € 10,99

A5 - Udacha 1


Udacha 1

Warmer than warm deephouse tracks from unknown source...

12inch Udacha: Udacha1 € 8,99

A5 - Udacha 8


Udacha 8

Spaced-out house excursions on the ever forward-thinking Udacha label... for everyone into leftliefd stuff like on Wania & Acido and the likes. more...

12inch Udacha: Udacha8 € 8,99

Aardvarck - Co In Ci


Co In Ci

The long awaited album with The Pig on firing form! Double vinyl set. The LP features more pacey excursions while the additional 10'' features more ex... more...

LP + 10inch Skudge: SkudgePTLP01 € 16,99

Aaron Carl - Switch

Aaron Carl


Double pack with cool house/club tracks and some crazy electro edits for the freaks..

12inch Wallshaker: Wallshaker002 € 16,99

Aaron Carl - Tribute To Aaron Carl (Wallshaker)

Aaron Carl

Tribute To Aaron Carl (Wallshaker)

MOM pays tribute to Aaron Carl with this rissue of his Wallshaker release. Comes with a remixe by Sven Weisemann.

12inch Millions Of Moments: Mom003 tribute € 10,99

Aaron Fit Siegel - Tonite Ft. L Renee - O.G.

Aaron Fit Siegel

Tonite Ft. L Renee - O.G.

Two previously unreleased mixes of ''Tonite'' by Aaron ''FIT'' Siegel, with vocals by L'Renee. The O.G. mix is a version Fit started working on to be... more...

12inch Fit: Fit007 € 9,99

Accent - Reflections ep


Reflections ep

Accent is a brand new House & Techno project from well established British producers Craggz & Parallel. ‘Reflection’ opens the new account with hugel... more...

12inch Accent: Accent001 € 9,49

Access Denied - Ifrit

Access Denied


Belarus duo Access Denied dropping some smooth clubby techno tunes in the style of Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenham and added a little Detroit flavor... more...

12inch Rize Radical: Rize002(Arck001) € 7,99