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Hugo Massien  - Almost Becoming Lucid E.P

Hugo Massien

Almost Becoming Lucid E.P

Hugo Massien returns to E-Beamz after last years massive debut 'No Return'. 4 stripped back deep dark house joints, light em up!!

12inch E-Beamz Records: Ebeamz019 € 10,49

Round One - I'm Your Brother

Round One

I'm Your Brother

Club mover from the Basic Channel camp with beautiful vocals... Added production by Ron Trent & Chez Damier.

12inch Main Street Records: Main002 (01776) € 9,99

Round Two - New Day

Round Two

New Day

Minimal Basic Channel stuff with beautiful vocals...

12inch Main Street Records: Main004 (04993) € 9,99

Round Three - Acting Crazy

Round Three

Acting Crazy

Beaytiful Basic Channel minimalistics with vocals by Tikiman...

12inch Main Street Records: Main006 (10860) € 8,49

Skitungen - Ofrivilliga Rorelser
7inch Kaften: Kaften004 € 9,99

Subjoi - Love Shy


Love Shy

Sublime sonic vibrations emanate from ‘down under’, our man Subjoi cuts his teeth on heart to heart’s first departure from the great white north. Expe... more...

12inch Heart To Heart Records: HTH08 € 12,99

Octa Octa - My Feelings Towards You Ep

Octa Octa

My Feelings Towards You Ep

From the opening, echoed chords and unique percussive qualities of Eyes Low, through the spaced out funk of Touch Formation, to the early morning vibe... more...

12inch Love Notes: LVNO009 € 10,99

Theo Parrish - Location of Lost Colors

Theo Parrish

Location of Lost Colors

Nice warm sounding jazzy house from Theo Parrish and friends...Including the tracks: ''Suns Of Osiris'' and ''Violet Green''.

12inch Sound Signature: SS013 € 14,99

Theo Parrish - Natural Aspirations

Theo Parrish

Natural Aspirations

Already heard on one of his mix cd's ''friendly children'' combines his trademark blunt 4/4 bass-drum with a stripped down afro groove, sparse latin p... more...

12inch Sound Signature: SS018 € 15,99

V/A - FXHE Compulation #1


FXHE Compulation #1

First 4-tracker compilation from Detroit label FXHE with a hypnotic disco-loop groover by main man Omar-S and more Detroit jewels by DJ Snotburger, Ju... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-COMP1 € 12,49

Bastian - Flight of the Starglider


Flight of the Starglider

Comtron's Bastian (aka Seymour Bits & de Neger des Heils) drops a 2 track p-funk electro/tech-house release on Quick and Brite's Supertracks imprint.... more...

12inch Supertracks: ST1015 € 3,99

Strong Souls - Hums

Strong Souls


Nice and deep, some Mr Fingers style bassline samples and good strings.

12inch Dance Mania: DM105 € 11,99

Delgui - Highlights (Charles Webster remix)


Highlights (Charles Webster remix)

Another new project from Gerd who is probably one of the most underrated producers in the dance scene. Delgui is the new artist name he uses for his c... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx021 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - The House of Muzique


The House of Muzique

Stunning five track ep with pure Chicago track works by Steve Poindexter, Armando, DJ Traxx, The Sun God and others. Big one!! more...

12inch Muzique Records: MR003(est1989) € 7,99

Omar S & Shadow Ray - Oasis Collaborating

Omar S & Shadow Ray

Oasis Collaborating

This fat double pack includes diverse remixes of the AOS catalogue (different to the cd version!!!!!), plus an unreleased track. Deep detroit house mu... more...

2LP Fxhe: FXHE-OAS1100LP € 19,99

Howard Thomas - Experiment #1

Howard Thomas

Experiment #1

Four tracks from Howard that all veer towards the quirkier end of the tech-house spectrum, with gnarled and twisted analog elements pitted against cri... more...

12inch Sound Signature: SS022 € 14,99

Acid Boy Gold Chair Soundz - 1987

Acid Boy Gold Chair Soundz


Two egyptiology students who felt that it made no sense to keep on being musicwise pretentious, knew that the time is high for a change. The music the... more...

LP Erkrankung durch Musique: EDM1016 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rusty Waters - Illumination

Rusty Waters


Long stretched and building house grooves by Theo Parrish + live band..

12inch Sound Signature: SS017 € 14,99

Pirahna Head / Diviniti - Love

Pirahna Head / Diviniti


Pirahnahead teams up with house vocalist, Diviniti. Serving the perfect lead in to their upcoming album, Pirahnahead lay down a bed of creamy analog k... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM016 € 9,99

V/A - Box Jams


Box Jams

The full length CD version of Box Jams contains diiferent edits then the vinyl and also a extra track by Dexter which is not in the vinyl. Fourteen tr... more...

CD Clone: C#cd05/Compilation € 9,99

Theo Parrish - Dirt Rhodes

Theo Parrish

Dirt Rhodes

classy slow driving dirty house tracks in the typical Theo Parrish way. Very good! .

12inch Sound Signature: SS015 € 12,99

Krak Street Boyz - Summer Loop

Krak Street Boyz

Summer Loop

The Krak Street Boyz combine street funk with sophisticated rythmns to form a sound completley and un deniably their own. On the a side the Boyz let y... more...

12inch Tuning Spork: Tuning Spork Family Affair 004 € 8,99

Amplified Orchestra / D&B - The Silver Lining

Amplified Orchestra / D&B

The Silver Lining

Amplified Orchestra delivers 2 of the finest brokenbeat tracks in nu-jazz. On the flip D&B serves us some more house orientated tracks. Great release!

12inch 4lux: 4LUX002/FLR002 € 4,99

Oasis - Oasis Collaborating #2


Oasis Collaborating #2

Another LP packed with detroit deephouse goodness by Omar S and his. Tracklisting: A1 Oasis - Fifteen, A2 Oasis - Twenty Two, B1 Oasis - Nineteen, B2... more...

2LP Fxhe: FXHE-OAS2200LP € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Stereo Twins - Forward e-Motion

Stereo Twins

Forward e-Motion

Forward e-Motion comes in a broken mix for the nu-jazz fans and a detroit version which takes the tune into a nice & melodic techno direction.. The fl... more...

12inch 4lux: 4lux015/flr015 € 7,99

Jacktronix - Jacktrack



With ''Jacktrack'' Jacktronix combines todays clickin' flavours with typical oldskool jackin' elements, while ''Kitty Kitty Bang Bang'' gives us anoth... more...

12inch Anti-pop: Anti-pop 008 € 3,99

Francisco - Ultimo



Big track from the ''Music Business'' album. This one makes them move their butts big time. Slowly building tracks which explodes when the bass comes... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2132 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Marcellus Pittman - Obession

Marcellus Pittman


Second outing by 3-chairs member Marcellus Pttmann on Omar S FXHE imprint with two more rough detroit gems: ''Obsession'' is a midtempo paced cut in b... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-MPITTMAN2 € 11,99

Wei-Chi - Faces and Places


Faces and Places

One of the artists who contributed their producing skills are Germany's Roland Appel & Christian Prommer from Fauna Flash. They will fulfill your dema... more...

12inch Compost: Compost164-1 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Theo Parrish - Moonlight Music & You

Theo Parrish

Moonlight Music & You

BACK IN!!! One of the best Sound Signatures. Deep and beautiful moody stuff.

12inch Sound Signature: SS002 € 14,99

V/A - Detroit Beatdown Remixes


Detroit Beatdown Remixes

The complete Remixes album in a first volume, featuring 11 heavy mixes, 6 of 'em previously unreleased. Featuring remixes by Daz-I-Kue, Charles Spence... more...

CD Third Ear: 3eepcd043 € 14,99

Omar S - #6

Omar S


Five brand new tracks from the presently most wanted detroit producer Omar S. Raw and deep as we like it. more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS006 € 11,99

Master C & J - When You Hold Me / Dub Love
12inch Trax: Trax118 € 10,99

Seiji & Spoonface - Yin Yang

Seiji & Spoonface

Yin Yang

West London broken beat track with male vox.

12inch Honest Jons: HJP019 € 11,90

Messier / DJ Dulac - Ransack / Unlucky Numbers

Messier / DJ Dulac

Ransack / Unlucky Numbers

Messier and DJ Dulac are two young producers who won first prize in the 3VOOR12 Robs Museums competition (3VOOR12 is a Dutch radio program promoting n... more...

12inch 3VOOR12 Plundert Musea: 3VOOR12 Plundert Musea 001 € 4,99

Theo Parrish - Capritarious #7 / Levels

Theo Parrish

Capritarious #7 / Levels

Repress of Theo's 2005 ''Capricious #7'' and ''Levels'' singles, now pressed as a double pack. more...

2x12inch Sound Signature: SS023ABCD € 13,50

Michel de Hey - Recorded In Rotterdam

Michel de Hey

Recorded In Rotterdam

Michel De Hey has been at the forefront of Dutch dance music for more then 15 years. His latest mixed CD is entitled Recorded in Rotterdam, with contr... more...

CD Immaculate Music: Imma001CD € 3,49

Applegarden - Twentyfive 6 Four (Putsch '79 remix)


Twentyfive 6 Four (Putsch '79 remix)

Applegarden is a duo from Rotterdam making a weird kind of electronic funk. We had these tracks lying around in the office for at least 2 years...and... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx022 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jamal Moss - Sample / Pattern pt1

Jamal Moss

Sample / Pattern pt1

Process: experiments & demonstrations. Instruments: tape edit machine / reel to reel / two SP 404 units / dual belt drive turntable / Gemini disco ste... more...

CD 326: 326cd01 € 14,99

Omar S & Shadow Ray - Oasis Collaborating

Omar S & Shadow Ray

Oasis Collaborating

Twelve unreleased tracks! deep, hypnotic blue detroit house!!

CD Fxhe: FXHE-OAS1000CD € 19,99

Dennis DeSantis - Five Minutes, Today, Forever

Dennis DeSantis

Five Minutes, Today, Forever

Titlesong taken from the new album by DeSantis featuring remixes by Trevor Loveys, Fabrice Lig and Stewart Walker, and the original main mix. Expect f... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eep033 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ayro - ElectronicLoveFunk



First album on this fresh Detroit label. Freshly produced broken beats & jazzy deephouse with energetic vocals for all Recloose, Moodymann, 2000black... more...

2x12inch Omoa: Omoa Music 005 € 17,99

Omar-S - Simple Than Sorry!!
12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS007 € 11,99

Dexter vs. Bass-a-rani - Boogie Chasers

Dexter vs. Bass-a-rani

Boogie Chasers

Dexter and Marco Passarani team up for one of the hottest releases on Nature. Kind of Dexter meets Passarani actually ;-) Chicago and Detroit influenc... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2134 € 7,99

V/A - Detroit Beatdown


Detroit Beatdown

This is the latest ten inch from the excellent techno compilation from Third Ear. Featuring Malik Alston's ''Butterfly'' (Amp Dog Knight / Jovante rem... more...

10inch Third Ear: 3eep053 € 7,99

JTC - Psychedelic Mindtrip / Sound of Winedrinking


Psychedelic Mindtrip / Sound of Winedrinking

Tadd Mullinix a.k.a. James Cotton/Dabrye with the deepest and dirtiest acid tracks...

12inch Creme: Cr1229 € 7,99

Mickey Oliver - In-Ten-Si-T

Mickey Oliver


Remastered edit, acapella version and two U & I remixes of this house classic.

12inch Parisonic: PRSQ006 € 4,99

Omar S - 111

Omar S


More deep driving tracks by Omar S. This stuff rules on the dancefloor. And don't hesitate..soon they will be true collectors items. About the coolest... more...

2LP Fxhe: FXHE-AOS111LP € 21,99

Omar S - FYA #2 Mix CDR

Omar S

FYA #2 Mix CDR

Another deep Omar S mix, 18 track in total, mixing some of his own stuff, some Gherkin Jerks, Farley Jackmaster Funk, high quality house, obscure good... more...

CDr Fxhe: FXHE-FYA2CDR € 16,99