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Theodor Zox - Nautical Dawn

Theodor Zox

Nautical Dawn

Theodor’s square basses are groovy as hell and as usual the swing notch is turned all the way to 16.E J! Pieces of short and abstract vocal samples ap... more...

12inch Trenton: Tren023 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Contra Communem Opinionem - Tired Feet

Contra Communem Opinionem

Tired Feet

Four track EP from this young up producer from Zurich. Highly influenced by old school Detroit techno and vintage Chicago house. Warm, melancholic and... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math018 € 13,99

V/A - Ultimate T&A


Ultimate T&A

Cut & paste remakes of old disco/funk hits, to destroy your dancefloor. By DJ Ayres, A-Trak, Tittsworth, DJ Eli & Bamabounce. more...

12inch T&A Records: TA004 € 10,99

Holger Zilske - Spooky Kissing

Holger Zilske

Spooky Kissing

Zilske, the man behind Smash TV and Ellen Alliens producer, now for the first time solo after his collaboration with dave dk. Uplifting clubby techno... more...

12inch Playhouse: Playhouse0142 € 8,49

Eric D. Clark - The Dj Song (remixes)

Eric D. Clark

The Dj Song (remixes)

Remixes by Move D. & Hans Nieswandt.

12inch Firm: Firm 024 € 8,49

Tribe - Livin In A New Day


Livin In A New Day

The Tribe Collective is an incredible band project representing the jazz of Detroit, offcourse with the involvement of Carl Craig.

12inch Planet e: PE65294 € 4,99

LAL - Lost Remixes ep


Lost Remixes ep

LAL “Lost Remixes” is a collection of unreleased gems from the Toronto based electronic band. The Lost Remixes ep features banging remixes from Aliste... more...

12inch Public Transit Recordings: Public Transit Recordings 1216 € 4,99

Linkwood Family - Miles Away

Linkwood Family

Miles Away

Firecracker Recordings (Edinburgh) are proud to reissue the legendary 1st Firecracker EP in its 10'' series. Nearly 3 years since its first appearan... more...

10inch Firecracker: Firec001 € 15,99

Jörg Burger - Polyform 2

Jörg Burger

Polyform 2

Jorg Burger known for his Burger Ink releases (early 90's) is still on the scene with this new release. Very nice deep techno-ish house tracks.

12inch K2: K2 030 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Carola Pisaturo - Passione Extra

Carola Pisaturo

Passione Extra

The rebirth of Finalfrontier has brought new friends within the production circle. Carola Pisaturo's sound is warm and funky but very technoish. Marco... more...

12inch Pigna: Pigna012 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate - Two Face (Funk D´void Remix)

Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate

Two Face (Funk D´void Remix)

Two Face was featured on the recent Moodmusic 10 Years mix-CD by Sasse, with a softbottom bass but hardhitting percussion and synthwork, this has been... more...

12inch Moodmusic: Mood057 € 4,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Junior Rafael - Presents Darkroom Traxx

Junior Rafael

Presents Darkroom Traxx

Junior Rafael is a 43-year-old Chicagoan of Puerto Rican descent. A Music Box regular in its mid-80s heyday, Junior started making his own tracks at t... more...

12inch Mighty Robot Recordings: MRR007 € 8,49

Marco Passarani - Statostasi

Marco Passarani


The new Pigna season starts with the return of Marco Passarani. Marco is the man behind the Finalfrontier collective and his own Nature label, and it... more...

12inch Pigna: Pigna011 € 5,99

Pink Skull - Gonzo's Cointreau

Pink Skull

Gonzo's Cointreau

Pink Skull's Julian Grefe is the wild-eyed, psychedelic stalwart of Philadelphia's indie dance music scene. “Gonzo's Cointreau” is his latest mix for... more...

12inch Free News Projects: FNP066 € 5,99

Pink Skull - Unicorn Harpoon (Someone Else Rmx)

Pink Skull

Unicorn Harpoon (Someone Else Rmx)

3 tracks of Psychic TV inspired dance music, featuring a re-mix by Someone Else (Tuning Spork). Pink Skull’s Julian Grefe is a former punk rocker cum... more...

12inch Tone Arm: Tar010 € 9,99

Bridgett Grace - Love To The Limit

Bridgett Grace

Love To The Limit

Rare Detroit house on this Underground Resistance sublabel. Written by Bridgett ''The Real True Faith'' Grace and produced by Mike Banks.

12inch Happy Records: Happy Records 1002 € 19,99

Matt Kenny - Centre Floor

Matt Kenny

Centre Floor

Hairy Claw continues it's run of classy house grooves with this 3 tracker from Matt Kenny. Kenny's output as Special k Dance Orchestra alongside Stevi... more...

12inch Hairy Claw: Hairy009 € 4,49

Seven Grand Housing Authority - I Can't Wait

Seven Grand Housing Authority

I Can't Wait

Mint original copy on Terrence Parkers Intangible label. Classic Detroit house vibes and long out of print!

12inch Intangible Records & Soundworks: INT521 (Original Pressing) € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pole - Steingarten Remixes Vol.2


Steingarten Remixes Vol.2

Remixes part 2 featuring The Mole & Frivolous... so its a Canadian affair (think Wagon Repair, Itiswhatitis). Limited & coloured!

12inch ~scape: Scape048 € 8,99

Kyle Hall - Plastik Ambash

Kyle Hall

Plastik Ambash

Omar S presents another newcomer with this just 15 year old prodigy KYLE HALL who produced this debut offering solely on analogue tapes. ruff bizzniss... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-KH1 € 9,99

Wolfram ft Marcus Mixx - Americafuckyeah

Wolfram ft Marcus Mixx


The unlikely anschluss of Vienna and Chicago results in a mondo Jacking anthem that’s not quite early acid house, not quite electro, not quite techno... more...

12inch Creme: Cr1239 € 7,99

Amplified Orchestra - Space Lady

Amplified Orchestra

Space Lady

Some clean, remixed, re-edited tracks by Amplified orchestra. Quite obscure material, essential stuff and a must have for all the italo / cosmic disco... more...

12inch Amplified: AO5 € 7,99

Stefny - Radiolaria ep


Radiolaria ep

Latest Stefny offering on the US Addon label. Very nice boucy minimal-ish house tracks! Check!

12inch Addon: Addon005 € 8,99

Stefan Tretau - Hyphen ep

Stefan Tretau

Hyphen ep

His previously released Kawaii EP gained massive support from all the big names out there such as Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, etc. Hyphen is a bumpy tec... more...

12inch Fortek: FT018 € 7,99

Wahoo - Damn



Wahoo's new single featuring Miss Platnum on vocals is the next track from the duo's ( Dj Dixon and Georg Levin ) forthcoming album and comes with dop... more...

12inch Fine: Fine 251 € 4,99

Eamonn Doyle - Come Down On The Music (Los Hermanos remix)

Eamonn Doyle

Come Down On The Music (Los Hermanos remix)

This threat to society is the latest release from Dublin's Eamonn Doyle, following up his last plate 'Red Shift' in fine House style with loads of ech... more...

12inch D1: Done040 € 8,99

Duminie Deporres & Theo Parrish - Et Tu Brute

Duminie Deporres & Theo Parrish

Et Tu Brute

Certainly the most energetic and penetrating revelation to date from Duminie DePorres and house legend Theo Parrish. Though conscious and introspectiv... more...

CD Submerge: SUBCD3027 € 9,99

Marc Romboy - The Awakening (Omar S remix)

Marc Romboy

The Awakening (Omar S remix)

Nice club-tech track, with an excellent stripped-down deep Detroit house remix by no one else than Omar S...

12inch Mtrcty: Mtrcty 0001-6 € 9,99

Grackle - Genres (Legowelt / Music Cargo remixes)


Genres (Legowelt / Music Cargo remixes)

New release on Legowelt's Strange Life Records. Not sure who Grackle is... but sure did he deliver some nice nu-school space disco kraut rock kind of... more...

12inch Strange Life Records: SLR016 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Force Of Nature - The Force Behind The Power

Force Of Nature

The Force Behind The Power

First official mix cd of Japanese dj duo ''force of nature''. Actually, this mix cd was released in Japan only. Kza & Dj Kent mixed from cosmic disco... more...

CD Mule Musiq: MuleCD003 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Disko Baller Clique - South Side Cum'n Dance

Disko Baller Clique

South Side Cum'n Dance

Underground ghetto house by Dj Chip.

12inch Dance Mania: DM248 (whitelabel) € 16,99

Ulysse & Touane - Sometimes / Chamber

Ulysse & Touane

Sometimes / Chamber

Classy modern minimal-ish House - Techno tracks from the nu school. Liebe Detail manages to drop some solid dance floor releases time after time...

12inch Liebe Detail: LiebeD019 € 8,99

Nick Sole - World Dubbing ep

Nick Sole

World Dubbing ep

Nick Solé who did the very first Mojuba is back. If you ever asked yourself how deephouse should sound like, now you have the chance to experience. Th... more...

12inch Mojuba: Mojuba007 (54691) € 10,99

Robbie Williams - Rudebox (remixes)

Robbie Williams

Rudebox (remixes)

Nice promo release with hot remixes by Chicken Lips, Riton & Soul Mekanik.

12inch Chrysalis: Chrysalis Rude 01 € 7,49

Serafin - Vallemaggia Tool


Vallemaggia Tool

Nice release on this new Mountain People imprint with solid bass driven tracks that go somewhere between minimal Detroit house and techno. Already ge... more...

12inch Mountain People: Mountain002 € 8,49

Mayaku - Horizon



Diverse Ep. ''Hot In the City'' an energized twisted electro/techno peak hour instrumental. ''Space Race Sounds'' is a synth dominated DJ tool. ''Hori... more...

12inch Outergaze: OG015 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Chap - The Chop (remixes)

The Chap

The Chop (remixes)

Nice & divers remix package with mixes by Hot Chip, Zilla, Pier Bucci & Vincent Oliver. Minimal house & more experimental stuff.

12inch LoEB: Loeb 004 € 8,99

Unit 4 - New Day

Unit 4

New Day

The long awaited new Unit 4 release (on a highly limited Amontillado pressing of 300 copies with hand printed sleeves). Deep dark powerfull track with... more...

12inch Amontillado Music: AM010 € 11,99

Justice - + (The Cross LTD edition)


+ (The Cross LTD edition)

It comes as no surprise that «†», the first album by Justice, is a fantastic treat for the ears and for the feet. A kind of musical opera marked with... more...

2LP+CD Because: ED/BEC2110 € 17,99

Solaris Heights - Vice (Sydenham remix)
12inch Renaissance: Renaissance 046x € 9,49

Turbo Crystal - French Girl (Escort/ F. Mammarella Rmxs)

Turbo Crystal

French Girl (Escort/ F. Mammarella Rmxs)

Turbo Crystal is a new project from talented Frenchman Jean-François Mouliet, who also records & performs as PacoVolume. His widely acclaimed debut al... more...

12inch Tiny Sticks: Stick012 € 4,99

Kotey & Mammarella - Love Sprinkle

Kotey & Mammarella

Love Sprinkle

Stevie Kotey makes another collaboration after the success of Kotey & Essa's Salon De L'Herbe projecta. This time it's with Bear Funk Gold favorite an... more...

12inch Bear Funk: BFG027 € 9,89

Glacier - Rocky Mountains ep


Rocky Mountains ep

A collaboration between Pier Bucci (Chili) and Crazy Larry (Denver), fresh faces with fresh ideas. Here they combine a Latin twist with a hint of Germ... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag027 € 8,99

Jaymz Nylon - Remix Ep #1 (Dj Jus Ed remix)

Jaymz Nylon

Remix Ep #1 (Dj Jus Ed remix)

Three brilliant remixes on this 12'': Future Vision artist TRINIDADIAN DEEP fuses multi-layers of organic percussions and broken beats with spacey syn... more...

12inch Nylon Trax: Nylon002 € 9,99

Stefan Tretau - Kawaii ep

Stefan Tretau

Kawaii ep

Big techno release!!! Kawaii is a monumental track combining Detroit melodies with modern techno trickery... not clean and empty but loaded with ener... more...

12inch Fortek: FT015 € 7,99

Keith Worthy - Shelovesmenot

Keith Worthy


Aesthetic Audio 002 features ''the original deepstrumental'' version as well as a deeper dive into a love affair with ''the deep'' on a second renditi... more...

12inch Aesthetic Audio: AES002 € 10,99

The Green Men - The Fog (Darshan Jesrani remix)

The Green Men

The Fog (Darshan Jesrani remix)

The Green Men are Nick Chacona and Sasse. The Fog is somewhat of a discobelter for the 23rd century. Built around dark vocals shots, arpeggiated synth... more...

12inch Moodmusic: Mood052 € 3,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L