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Genrty Ice/ Adonis - Do You Wanna Jack/ Lost In The Sound/ My Space

Genrty Ice/ Adonis

Do You Wanna Jack/ Lost In The Sound/ My Space

RAWAX proudly welcomes The Legend Adonis the the Family! We're very honoured to present you on the 30th edition of our Chiwax Classic series the man... more...

12inch Chiwax: CCE030 € 9,99

Siassia & Tokobina - Siassia & Tokobina EP

Siassia & Tokobina

Siassia & Tokobina EP

A new label from Hugo Mendez, co-founder of Sofrito! A series dedicated to cross-cultural experimentation, kicking off with this exhilarating dive... more...

12inch Nouvelle Ambiance: Ambiance001 € 12,99

Benny Rodrigues - Cocaine Speaking

Benny Rodrigues

Cocaine Speaking

Three heavy cuts by Rotterdam producer & dj Benny Rodriguez. Comes with a remix by Alden Tyrell.

12inch Unknown To The Unknown Dancetraxx: Dancetrax008 € 11,99

Damiano von Erckert  - In Case You Don't Know What To Play

Damiano von Erckert

In Case You Don't Know What To Play

'In Case You Don't Know What To Play’, is committed to the world of dancing, drawing eclectic inspiration from the streets of Tokyo, traditional Afric... more...

2LP AVA Records: AVALP005 € 29,99

Mantra - Mindstream



After delivering the 8th Polybius Trax’s release under Myriadd’s alias, Craig Stainton strikes again. And this time he does it under the name of Mantr... more...

12inch Polybius Trax: PT011 € 12,99

Nick Simoncino  - In The Morning Ep

Nick Simoncino

In The Morning Ep

Italian artist Nick Anthony Simoncino alongside his best friend Giulio return to Thug Records with a stunning 12”. Driven by dark drums and harmonize... more...

12inch Thug: THUG019 € 11,99

Lone - Saturday Night


Saturday Night

Following on from his intimate entry into the DJ-kicks mix series, Lone is putting out a vinyl only EP of all the unreleased tracks from it.

12inch K7: K7353EP € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man - Sleepover

Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man


Finnish legends and everything-but-grey eminences of electronic music, Jimi Tenor and Freestyle Man revive their dormant partnership on this four trac... more...

12inch Studio Barnhus: Barn056 € 10,99

Ana Helder - Nuevas Preferencias

Ana Helder

Nuevas Preferencias

Versatile ep by Ana Helder ranging from the Aquatic electro-techno vibes of the openings track Nuevas Preferencias to solid bass driven house not hous... more...

EP Mustique: Must002 € 9,99

Dego & The 2000Black Familly - The Way It Should Be

Dego & The 2000Black Familly

The Way It Should Be

The long awaited follow up to the modern classics ‘Find A Way’ and ‘Don’t Stop’ is finally here and has all the elements that we love so much from De... more...

12inch Neroli: Nero039 € 13,49

Seb Wildblood - Familiar Boundaries

Seb Wildblood

Familiar Boundaries

The man behind Church Records and half the force propelling Coastal Haze, Seb Wildblood, jumps over to Let's Play House for a laid back, suave four- t... more...

12inch Let’s Play House Records: LPH054 € 10,99

Joy Orbison - Selectors 004

Joy Orbison

Selectors 004

The Dekmantel Selectors compilation series is set to continue with a highly anticipated edition curated by Joy Orbison. First announced in 2015 when t... more...

2LP Dekmantel: DKMNTL-SLCTRS004 € 27,99

Mall Grab - Feel U EP

Mall Grab

Feel U EP

Re-issue of Mall Grab's sought after Feel U EP on Collect-Call.

12inch Collect-Call: CC001 € 9,99

Der Opium Queen - In The Clouds

Der Opium Queen

In The Clouds

Royal blessings wrapped in dreamy, tumbling ambi-beats courtesy of Der Opium Queen and First Second Label. more...

12inch First Second Label: FSL005 € 12,99

Dima Disk - Fetty

Dima Disk


Rubadub first heard their music via the Palace x Bronze skate video a year or so ago, they did a bit of digging and it turned out to be by a duo calle... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-DIMA1 € 10,99

Pseudopolis - Pseudopolis



Redstone Press is a new label from the Highlands of Scotland; born out of long nights on homegrown soundsystems pushing the UK scene, with a unique no... more...

12inch Redstone Press: RED001 € 11,99

Trippin Aka DJ Octopus - Dolomiti

Trippin Aka DJ Octopus


DOMINA TRXXX welcomes Trippin aka DJ Octopus to the Family! Marco Zanin delivers constantly quality music on labels like CHIWAX, Hot Haus Records, H... more...

12inch Domina Trxxx: DMX05 € 9,99

Alphonse - Tribes of Atlantis EP


Tribes of Atlantis EP

The last Klasse Wrecks release of 2017 comes from Alphonse, a relatively new producer of which we don't know much about. However, the four tracks on t... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks015 € 9,99

The Astral Walkers - Passage EP

The Astral Walkers

Passage EP

The Passage EP brings together two of the chief champions of far reaching sounds in AYBEE, and Lars Bartkuhn. Bartkuhn best known for his work with hi... more...

12inch Deepblak Recordings: DBRV031 € 10,99

Various Artists - Rocksteady Disco All-Stars #1

Various Artists

Rocksteady Disco All-Stars #1

Hot off a couple of 12” from Topher Horn, Rocksteady Disco follows up with its first compilation featuring a heap of heavily sampled originals from mo... more...

12inch Rocksteady Disco: RSD003 € 12,99

D.Briggs - Ladies Choice


Ladies Choice

The third single from New York based Stray Current Records is a slice of classic piano house. Producer D. Briggs is joined here by vocalist Danhy Cle... more...

12inch Stray Current: SC003 € 13,99

Hush Hush  - Love On Wax

Hush Hush

Love On Wax

From the underground sound of house the second release of Black Angus Rough, 'Love on Wax' gives you a personal experience with the raw sound of four... more...

12inch Black Angus Rough: BLKARG002 € 13,99

SFV Acid - 818 Extracts

SFV Acid

818 Extracts

BAKK returns to the valley with SFV Acid, cruising at extra low altitude. Three tracks with a fine grind and a pinch of acid made in the hot Californ... more...

10inch BAKK: BAKK011 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sandy B - Amajovi Jovi

Sandy B

Amajovi Jovi

Invisible City returns with the hotly anticipated reissue of Amajovi Jovi by Durban’s O.G. kwaito giant, Sandy B. Originally self-released on cassette... more...

LP Invisible City Editions: ICE013 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

MANIQIN - I Am Maniqin EP
12inch The Nail Shop: Nails002 € 12,99

Mount Analogue - Spacious Present

Mount Analogue

Spacious Present

Most welcome to a world of handdrums and synthezisers. Spacious Present is the second release by Mount Analogue on Sunken Rock. A four track EP both s... more...

12inch Sunken Rock: SR12004 € 9,99

DJ Psychiatre - Delirium

DJ Psychiatre


DJ Psychiatre is the France-based doctor who is willing to listen to all of your problems and give you the prescription for all you need. Delirium... more...

12inch Gasp: Gasp005 € 12,99

Forte - OEN Rec



Danish producer and Regelbau family member Forte follows up his outstanding debut album Techne with a four track EP on ØEN REC. Transcending the tradi... more...

12inch OEN Rec: OEN007 € 10,99

Saville - Compersion



Saville, resident DJ at Chicago's legendary club Smart Bar lands on 2MR

12inch 2M: 2MR-031 € 12,99

DIN - Saturate EP


Saturate EP

Din is Gregory Vand (High-Functioning Flesh, Green Screen Door, Lock) and Josie Vand (Green Screen Door, DVA Damas, Jealous God) ''For years now, G... more...

12inch Ascetic House: AHASDIN € 17,99

Jock Club - Morphism EP

Jock Club

Morphism EP

Four cuts of jacked trackstyle bangers on Ascetic House from Jock Club, the production alias of Andrew Flores (Destruction Unit, Getto Soul)

12inch Ascetic House: AHASJOC € 17,99

Soren Roi - Macon LP

Soren Roi

Macon LP

Conceptually, 'Macon' is Soren Roi’s response to the music of his partner, inspired as he heard it composed in the room next door. ''In the album's... more...

LP Ascetic House: AHSRM € 21,99

Granite Mask - Second Wind

Granite Mask

Second Wind

After several cassette releases on Ascetic House and Nostilevo, Los Angeles based Granite Mask delivers his first vinyl release in the form of the 'Se... more...

12inch Ascetic House: AHGMSW € 17,99

dj Silver - LCR001

dj Silver


First release from dj Silver on Lisbon based Light Channel Recordings. more...

12inch Light Channel Recordings: LCR001 € 10,99

Various Artists - VA#1

Various Artists


SBIRE begins. The newly founded label is curated by Swiss artists Isolated Lines, known for his edgy and razor sharp productions (on Tommy Four Seven'... more...

12inch SBIRE: SBR001 € 10,99

Rick Wade - Deep N Moody Ep (Liem & Eddie Ness Remix)

Rick Wade

Deep N Moody Ep (Liem & Eddie Ness Remix)

The long-term legend of the Detroit scene, Rick Wade is presenting three deep and organic house cuts on Moody Records.

12inch Moody Records: Moody003 € 10,99

J Deep, Mallard - INTLBLK003

J Deep, Mallard


From the twilight zone of Rhythm Section International comes a new label for 2017: INTERNATIONAL BLACK. This is the offshoot’s 3rd release this year a... more...

12inch International Black: INTLBLK003 € 13,99

Dj Richard - Path of Ruin

Dj Richard

Path of Ruin

Dj Richard returns with another stunning release on Dial Records: Path Of Ruin. Inspired by the rather harsh magic of New England in winter - the pl... more...

12inch Dial: Dial074 € 11,99

Massimiliano Pagliara - Devoid Of Dimension Pt.1

Massimiliano Pagliara

Devoid Of Dimension Pt.1

Massimiliano Pagliara returns to Live At Robert Johnson with a double release titled Devoid Of Dimension Pt.1 and Pt.2. Devoid Of Dimension Pt.1 will... more...

12inch Live At Robert Johnson: Playrjc 048 € 11,99

X-Coast - Yucatan Channel EP


Yucatan Channel EP

X-Coast meets the shoreline in the land of blue skies and palm trees, Lost Palms with a nostalgic rave four tracker.

12inch Lost Palms: Palms008 € 12,99

Powerdance  - Fantasy Light


Fantasy Light

Old school house cuts on this Powerdance release with driving basslines and rattling percussion.

12inch Power Dance: PD12003 € 10,99