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John Daly - I Keep On Wanting You / Progress

John Daly

I Keep On Wanting You / Progress

John Daly is without a doubt one of the most influential artists of deep Dub-House. The Irish man’s music has an unique and truly original trademark s... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC068-1 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Leiwandizer Vol. 1
12inch Yoshi: Yoshi005 € 12,49

Nummer - Deep Obsessions


Deep Obsessions

After last year’s “Tribal Trouble”, french duo Nummer strike back on their own Nummer Music label with “Deep Obsessions”, a three track excursion thro... more...

12inch Nummer Music: Numm06 € 11,49

Various Artists - OddSox Vol. 2

Various Artists

OddSox Vol. 2

New 2Sox - 4 house heaters that have been gaining support from Peach, Eclair Fifi, Derek Carr and more.

12inch 2Sox: 2Sox004 € 10,99

Project Pablo - There Is Always More At The Store

Project Pablo

There Is Always More At The Store

Project Pablo announces new EP “There’s Always More At The Store”,following up on last years excellent ‘Hope You’re Well’ & also releases off the back... more...

12inch Technicolour: TCLR027 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)


Opal (Four Tet Remix)

Four Tet has remixed Bicep’s ‘Opal’, taken from the Belfast duo’s 2017 debut album, a crowning work (so far) from a decade-long career, distilling the... more...

12inch Ninja Tune: ZEN12488 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Apoena / Miguel Puente / Brandub / Cape - Bon Vivant 3

Apoena / Miguel Puente / Brandub / Cape

Bon Vivant 3

The 3rd release from Bon Vivant is a Various Artists. Apoena, Miguel Puente, Brandub and Cape on board.

12inch Bon Vivant: BonVivant03 € 10,99

Unknown Artist - Quick Response 4
12inch Quick Response: QR004 € 9,99

Inner Sense - MoTP

Inner Sense


MoTP (originally released in 2013 on a limited MLIU pressing) is back, including a Tuff City Kids remix!

12inch My Love Is Underground: MLIU017 € 9,99

Rhyw - Emulsion Steps


Emulsion Steps

Following Mor Elian’s Cymatic Ring EP, FAM02 is coming up by Rhyw, A 4 track EP following his most recent release on Avian, Rhyw, (also one half of Ca... more...

12inch Fever AM: FAM02 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

De Sluwe Vos - Judas EP

De Sluwe Vos

Judas EP

Thick breakbeats, rolling drums and groovy acid lines combined with a ghostly background theme make this EP into straight-up clubready material. After... more...

12inch Patron: Patron004 € 9,99

Raw Joints - Gold Ring

Raw Joints

Gold Ring

The unknown duo Raw Joints steps up for the second release on the eponymous label. A four-track EP made of raw analogue elements, banging snares and... more...

12inch Raw Joints: RWJ01 € 9,99

Various Artists - In The Dark Again 09

Various Artists

In The Dark Again 09

Here comes In The Dark Again 09! Please open your ears for five sonic adventures, brought to you by the amazing sound explorers Moralez feat. Zombier... more...

12inch In The Dark Again: Dark009 € 9,99

Nils Diezel - Waldi International EP

Nils Diezel

Waldi International EP

Three dreamy house and electro cuts on GOSU sub-label Sturo.

12inch Sturo: STURO003 € 12,49

Porco Rosso - Cherry Unit EP

Porco Rosso

Cherry Unit EP

Four playful and spacy house and electro cuts by Porco Rosso on Blank State.

12inch Blank State: BLANK002 € 12,99

Phil Evans - Qatch EP

Phil Evans

Qatch EP

Subtle and soothing four tracker on the Frankfurt based Blank State label.

12inch Blank State: BLANK001 € 12,99

Ed Herbst - Interplay

Ed Herbst


Spacious and tightly swinging tracks on the Berlin based Rubisco.

12inch Rubisco: RBSC004 € 11,99

Thomas Rooge - EP2

Thomas Rooge


Focused and deep club-ready workouts coming from the Frankfurt based GOSU crew.

12inch GOSU: GOSU007 € 12,49

Steven Julien - Bloodline

Steven Julien


The new release features 6 tracks and follows Julien’s critically acclaimed debut album, Fallen. Released in 2016, the autobiographical LP was a bold... more...

12inch Apron Records: ApronA02 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rocco Universal  - Fleeting Eternity

Rocco Universal

Fleeting Eternity

Funk driven tracks by Rocco Universal, based in Tokyo on When I Met You Records. h a slick disco work out with that phat boogie funk drive.

12inch When I Met You: WIMY002 € 10,99

Miki The Dolphin - Life Of Marvin Vol. 3

Miki The Dolphin

Life Of Marvin Vol. 3

Alongside Farfa and Roby J, Miki The Dolphin kicked Italy’s Tuscan Techno movement into high-gear during the 1990’s. Lead track, Apple, incorporates... more...

12inch Life Of Marvin: LOM003 € 11,99

Tourist Kid - Crude Tracer

Tourist Kid

Crude Tracer

Tourist Kid's first release for Melody As Truth. Recorded in Perth and Melbourne between 2016 and 2017. Though the idea of movement between two places... more...

12inch Melody As Truth: MAT011 € 21,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

JB Edits - EP Number 1

JB Edits

EP Number 1

JB Edits the edit project of Sydney, Australia based house DJ & producer Jerk Boy. He’s now turned his focus to vinyl only dance floor edits of all hi... more...

12inch Sosilly Edits: SSE001 € 10,99

Redlight - Dance Trax Vol. 10


Dance Trax Vol. 10

Redlight returns to the UTTU after his previous City Jams EP on Hot Haus Recs. Here he reps Dance Trax with 2 insane mind bending breakbeat infused kl... more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown Dancetraxx: Dancetrax010 € 10,49

Finder a.k.a. Radial - Mannequin

Finder a.k.a. Radial


Finder is the newest alias of Jeroen Liebregts, best known as Radial (Audio Assault / Mord) and as part of the duo Museum (Indigo Aera / MDR). For thi... more...

12inch Lowercase Life: LWRC003 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Soul Pilot - Lawless / Craving

The Soul Pilot

Lawless / Craving

For our second release we may introduce the Rotterdam-based beatmaker The Soul Pilot. He is known for his funky, soulful and beats heavy productions.... more...

7inch Les Cidres: LC002 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Romansoff - Halo



After a first EP of the year from STL, the Solar Phenomena label now welcomes Romania's Romansoff. The Raw Tools label boss hails from Bucharest and h... more...

12inch Solar Phenomena: SOLAR06 € 10,25
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anton Kubikov - Ten Days Past Acid

Anton Kubikov

Ten Days Past Acid

Mayak's resident Anton Kubikov returns with a new very moody, percussive and melodic house track on A-side. for remix duties we invite Dubtil, who mak... more...

12inch Mayak: MAYAK009 € 9,75

Frak / Jack Pattern - Jack Frak Split

Frak / Jack Pattern

Jack Frak Split

Distorted drums and eerie melodies on this split between Frak and Jack Pattern on Cosmic Pint Glass.

12inch Cosmic Pint Glass: CPG010 € 11,99

Julio Tornero - Despojos Cosmicos

Julio Tornero

Despojos Cosmicos

Despojos cosmicos (Cosmic Debris) is Julio Tornero’s debut at Femur. A plea in favour of dark, sullen, wretched, repetitive and miserable music. Four... more...

12inch Femur: FMR004 € 12,99

Atom Heart  - Pure Function

Atom Heart

Pure Function

Reissue of this classic techno record by Uwe Schmidt aka Atom Heart.

12inch After Six AM: A6A01 € 10,49

Jonny L - Piper (Remixes)

Jonny L

Piper (Remixes)

At the tail-end of 2017, XL Recordings reissued Jonny L’s seminal D&B album ‘Sawtooth’ on vinyl for the first time. A move that further cemented the r... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL892T € 10,49

D.K. - Mystery Dub


Mystery Dub

Music From Memory’s sister label Second Circle returns with their first release of 2018, this time with a 4 tracker EP from French producer and Antino... more...

12inch Second Circle: SC009 € 13,75

Chimale - Chimale



Chiwax welcomes ''CHIMALE'' to the family - One-shot project by a known artist!

12inch Chiwax: CCE029 € 10,49

Ajukaja - Stranger / Dead House Heroes


Stranger / Dead House Heroes

This is Ajukaja’s – who now spends most of his time in woods on a semi-populated island – first solo recording for his own Porridge Bullet imprint. Tw... more...

12inch Porrdige Bullet: PB020 € 16,49

Cray76 - Tamaraw / Watchado


Tamaraw / Watchado

New 2 tracker from Cray76 (Joakim's evil Techno twilight twin). More heat from - NYC based label, Crowdspacer!

12inch Crowdspacer: CRWDSPCR016 € 9,99

Lokier - Last One


Last One

Distortion, static electricity & drum machines turned up to eleven, your next Punk-E Rave Party can be appropriately soundtracked with SQUIRRELS ON FI... more...

12inch Squirrels On Film: SOF003 € 11,49

Dj Assam - I'm Still In 2 It

Dj Assam

I'm Still In 2 It

DJ Assam is back on Lehult with three futuristic club cuts on 'I’m still in 2 it', balancing pounding functionality and dystopian atmosphere.

12inch Lehult: LHLT012 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Iron Curtis - Sweet Romancer

Iron Curtis

Sweet Romancer

For the first time Iron Curtis enters the ring over the full EP length for Uncanny Valley. There hasn't been much of a discussion whether or not this... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV045 € 9,99

Opto Mystics  - New Horizon

Opto Mystics

New Horizon

Nice and lush building tracks with loose rhythms and swirly synths.

12inch Vibraphone: VIBR016 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L