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The 7th Plain - Chronicles II

The 7th Plain

Chronicles II

Essential reissue series of Luke Slater's alias 7th Plain. Cosmic, analogue, orchestrated, they still represent some of the most emotionally intense m... more...

2LP + Download A-TON: ATONLP06 € 22,99

Greg Beato - Cum In Peace

Greg Beato

Cum In Peace

Miami's Greg Beato rolling it out on his own Ni Un Pero label. 2 tough old school machine jams on this one. Up there with the best of his LIES & Apron... more...

12inch Ni Un Pero: UNCUM1 € 14,99




PSSU are Richard Fearless and Daniel Avery. Long time friends, they first formed their relationship whilst working out of Andrew Weatherall’s legendar... more...

12inch Drone: Drone016 € 13,99

Norman Nodge - Embodiment

Norman Nodge


After a seven-year hiatus, the longtime Berghain resident Norman Nodge is back with four new tracks of deep, narcotic techno.

12inch Ostgut Ton: Oton116 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dibek - Frantic



/DL/MS/ have been shaking up Vienna's electro scene over the past two years with their idiosyncratic approach to techno bass music - be it in their d... more...

12inch Vigram: Vigram002 € 9,99

Black Merlin - Kode

Black Merlin


George Thompson also known as Black Merlin has finally come to forgather with the prophetic spheres of Die Orakel. His three-track EP called 'Kode' co... more...

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL12 € 9,99

Neville Watson - The Midnight Orchard

Neville Watson

The Midnight Orchard

In a crowded landscape of factory-line jack trax and synthesis for the sake-of-it, it's little surprise that Watson's physical, arresting takes on hou... more...

2LP Don't Be Afraid: DBALP005 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - OCNA LOSO

Various Artists


A1 – Metshka& Roman Delore - Ocre A2 – Ben Kaczor – Navel B1 – Temiri – Love Intentions B2 – HiromaKeo – SonheiContigo

12inch Apercu: APC002 € 12,99

Cinthie - Trust



Title-track ‘Trust’ leads on the package, fuelled by an infectious marimba style percussive melody, bright tension building strings and a bumpy bass h... more...

12inch Aus Music: Aus134 € 9,99

Skander - TGE002



Through Greater Evil presents the second releases from Skander on his own imprint! Adding 5 tracks ranging from heavy techno to some effective house c... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 11-03-2019
12inch Through Greater Evil: TGE002 € 9,99 remind

RS Producoes - Bagdad Style

RS Producoes

Bagdad Style

Príncipe knock us sideways once again with a debut EP showcase of Batida and Tarraxo by RS Produções’ DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats; a set of piquant, wavey... more...

LP Principe: P025 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ellen Allien - UFO

Ellen Allien


Ellen Allien launches her UFO Inc. label with an EP that features the epic 'UFO' which has been on heavy rotation in her DJ sets all summer long. Bet... more...

12inch UFO Inc.: UFO1 € 9,99

Laurel Halo & Hodge - Tru / Opal / The Light Within You

Laurel Halo & Hodge

Tru / Opal / The Light Within You

Laurel Halo switches focus directly to the dance floor on this new collaborative EP with Livity Sound regular Hodge. The culmination of a series of re... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY034 € 9,99

Various Artists - Kloni Ep

Various Artists

Kloni Ep

Sounds Benefit founder Tom Joyce cast his net far and wide when sniffing out cuts to include on the label's latest multi-artist EP. There's plenty of... more...

12inch Sounds Benefit: SND006 € 12,99

Various Artists - Directors Cut 01

Various Artists

Directors Cut 01

Contributing to the Directors Cut series are core label members, friends, and artists who have supported VOITAX over the years. Each contributor is se... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOIDC01 € 8,99

Harrison BDP - Yearning For Yesterday EP

Harrison BDP

Yearning For Yesterday EP

Harrison BDP joins forces with Shall Not Fade sister label Lost Palms once again to serve up the deep and dubby 'Yearning For Yesterday' EP. Big vibes... more...

12inch Lost Palms: Palms019 € 12,99

1991 - No More Dreams 03 (Rezzett Remix)


No More Dreams 03 (Rezzett Remix)


12inch No More Dreams: BPH003 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Parris - Puro Rosaceaes


Puro Rosaceaes

His intricate, minimalist tracks bristle with experimentation whilst still remaining potent dancefloor material.

12inch Idle Hands: IDLE054 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L




Recorded earlier this year in his hometown, this 12'' marks a new headspace for this London based producer, coinciding with a long and painful visa re... more...

12inch Alien Jams: AJ009 € 10,49

808Hz - Cabane 8


Cabane 8

New Swiss label CAF? team up with 808Hz to confront our impending over-industrialized future through a keleidescopic darkwave and analog lense. more...

12inch CAF: 002CAF € 13,99

As One - Destination Other EP (E.R.P. Remix)

As One

Destination Other EP (E.R.P. Remix)

Part 2 of the As One series, this time with one of electro's most respected producers, E.R.P. aka Convextion, reinterpreting another 90s classic by th... more...

12inch Garage Hermetique: GH06 € 12,99

Mystic Versions  - Mystic Versions 02

Mystic Versions

Mystic Versions 02

It's been two years since Thomas Berg's ''Versions'' stable initiated the Mystic Versions project, which delivers untitled chunks of cosmic techno goo... more...

12inch Mystic Versions: MVER02LP € 18,99

Various Artists - Cong Burn 04

Various Artists

Cong Burn 04

Moving towards faster bpms and with some fresh faces Cong Burn's fourth 12'' is a step into new ground for the young collective. A1 sees St Petersburg... more...

12inch Cong Burn: CB04 € 12,49

VEF 317 - VEF Radio

VEF 317

VEF Radio

"This is the story about a love affair with once modern technologies. It's told by Sowiet drummachines and Sci-Fi synthlines arranged in playful minim... more...

LP PossblThings Records: YUY-PT-RM / LP € 13,99

Filippo Bena - The Benefit of Doubt's Benefit

Filippo Bena

The Benefit of Doubt's Benefit

Filippo Bena back with an EP full of stories to tell! Intriguing and enganging moods, accompanied by spatial rhythms.

12inch AMZS: AMZS006 € 12,99

Bryce Hackford - :::::::::::::

Bryce Hackford


Improvised Tech-no-house jams straight outta New York City from Bryce Hackford

12inch Youth: YO4TH € 11,49

Truncate - Remixed Part 4


Remixed Part 4

Three heavyweights are featured on the next installment of the Truncate remix series. Heiko Laux revisits the Truncate classic 'Dial' with his deep, s... more...

12inch Truncate: TruncateRMX4 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Developer  - Off Grid EP


Off Grid EP

Los Angeles DJ Developer returns to his Label Modularz for his yearly solo release and spares no time in showing his versatile range as a producer, wi... more...

12inch Modularz: MODULARZ38 € 15,99

B12 - Time Tourist (reissue)


Time Tourist (reissue)

Warp travel back to the lost futures of 1996 with this first-ever reissue of Time Tourist, the second album from the pioneering ambient techno produce... more...

2LP + Download Warp: WARPLP37RBlack € 27,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Thanos Hana - Ahead Dystopia LP

Thanos Hana

Ahead Dystopia LP

Raw and aggressive techno/electro, Tar Hallow's first cassette release is a full length album by Thanos Hana. more...

Cassette Tape + MP3 Tar Hallow: Hallow1 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Mover - Final Sickness (Remastered 2017)

The Mover

Final Sickness (Remastered 2017)

'The Final Sickness', originally released in 1993, is another The Mover masterpiece and its ten tracks transmit a crunchy thick and cold tone. Edging... more...

LP Phuture Planet: PP004V € 17,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cray Emoticon - E2L9 EP

Cray Emoticon


The Artists Formerly Known As The Connection Machine (Utrecht, Netherlands) go raw and mean on this one! If the underground The Hague-style from the 9... more...

12inch Phoq U Phonogrammen: PH.U.3 € 9,49

Paranorman  - The Source


The Source

No known info on artist or label, but this moody cut of broken beat techno should pretty much speak for itself.

12inch Fusion Diagnostics: Fud001 € 10,99

Art Vandelay aka Trevino aka Marcus Intalex - VDI00

Art Vandelay aka Trevino aka Marcus Intalex


Art Vandelay is one of the last projects Marcus Intalex aka Trevino had ready for release before his untimely passing. Launching the Vandelay Industri... more...

12inch Vandelay Industries: VDI001 € 10,99

Falcon Black Ops  - Vol 2

Falcon Black Ops

Vol 2

Falcon Black Ops returns to UTTU with more groove based but hard hitting techno jams. Recalling a tribal sound, not heard since the late 90s, the aest... more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown: Uttu093 € 11,99

DJ Di'jital - ElectroHop1

DJ Di'jital


One of the original Detroit electro innovators jumpstarts 2019 with a banging techno bass EP for TRUST: Former AUX88 affiliate and legendary Direct Be... more...

12inch Trust: Trust034 € 9,99

Deetron - Heartwalking



Two track EP with fast moving and melodic techno.

12inch Music Man: MM178 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Skudge & Splice - X0X01

Skudge & Splice


Three different takes from two different periods of time meet up in this acid focused 12''. The record features two Skudge originals from 2009, optimi... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeX0X01 € 9,99

X/319  - Effekt



complex and modulating but minimalist sequencing structures. comes with an inlay.

12inch Tau: Tau01 € 11,99