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Various Artists - Seance

Various Artists


The second release from Blind Allies is the latest journey to the universe of unearthly music. It includes acid electro trip from Docta Gee, stunning... more...

12inch Blind Allies: BAREC002 € 10,49

Ceri - Life Holstee EP


Life Holstee EP

Find Your Own Records launches with Ceri’s ‘Life Holstee E.P.’ and includes a Fred P Reshape. A strong debut for this new label, a record that fuses t... more...

12inch Find Your Own: FYI001 € 10,99

Various Artists - More Cuts On Loving Part II

Various Artists

More Cuts On Loving Part II

Ressort Imprint comes up with the second V/A to celebrate the tenth release entitled More Cuts On Loving Part II. This release comes with a deeper t... more...

12inch Ressort Imprint: RSI010.2 € 10,49

Grant - Perception



Grant launches his new label Duke's Distribution - a new hot house dedicated to releasing original new music with no boundaries of genre and style.... more...

12inch Duke's Distribution: DD-001 € 20,99

Various Artists - Planet Rhythm Presents Tar Hallow

Various Artists

Planet Rhythm Presents Tar Hallow

Planet Rhythm teams up with Rotterdam techno operation TH Tar Hallow and releases a collection of tracks by artists that have frequently appeared on t... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKLTDTAR € 9,99

EQUAL - Anatomies (Orbe remix)


Anatomies (Orbe remix)

Sungate's second release brings 3 perfectly executed, powerful and spaced out original tracks produced by EQUAL, Dakpa s Techno alter ego. Anatomies E... more...

12inch Sungate Records: SNG002 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Extracts Vol.1

Various Artists

Extracts Vol.1

Lanthan.Audios 10th release extracts and converts to a piece of music where label-known souls join together to celebrate the jubilee in a reasonable w... more...

LP Lanthan Audio: LNTHN010 € 10,99

Magna Pia - ARCS05

Magna Pia


Combative dance floor trips, unorthodox sonic moods with subtle 90s techno references.

12inch Arcing Seas: ARCS05 € 10,99

Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais - Aborting Your Dreams

Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais

Aborting Your Dreams

Having already debuted on the Pinkman main label, Identified Patient now steps up for the Pinkman "Broken Dreams" series for your stripped back conten... more...

12inch Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD10 € 9,99

Various Artists - Various Artists
12inch Common Thread: Commonthread007 € 11,99

Clark Davis - D313 Ep

Clark Davis

D313 Ep

Solid driving techno tracks including Markus Suckut and Alexander Kowalski remixes.

12inch District: Dstrt003 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

JS Zeiter - Turning Point Ep
12inch Ranges: Ranges 006 € 11,99

Milos - Energy Tremor / Samadhi


Energy Tremor / Samadhi

The latest Milos instalment on his own Receptive Visions label. First cut energy tremor rolls along with it’s metallic beats and synth stabs, while sa... more...

12inch Receptive Visions: RV004 € 10,99

Binaural - Prisms LP


Prisms LP

Undersound Recordings welcomes Jasper de Jong aka Binaural to their roaster, presenting his album and the first LP on this UK label. 4 punchy electro... more...

2x12inch Undersound: USR004 € 19,99

Coni - Caligula EP


Caligula EP

Dolly is proud to welcome Parisian wunderkind Coni to the label. Operating on the brink of meditative house and (Detroit) techno, Nicolas Olier's part... more...

12inch Dolly: Dolly028 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Benjamin Frohlich - Rude Movements 2

Benjamin Frohlich

Rude Movements 2

More rudeness for your pleasure from the co-founder of the Permanent Vacation kingdom, Benjamin Frohlich: One Year after the well received first Rude... more...

12inch Permanent Vacation: PERMVAC162-1 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Twr72 X Nocow - Figure Jams 003

Twr72 X Nocow

Figure Jams 003

igure Jams is back with a another fresh and exciting pairing of artists. This time the record is a collection of pure analogue goodness, sparkling rip... more...

12inch Figure: Figurejams003 € 11,99

Geistform - Senales



Senales, Spanish for Signals, is the new work and debut at Femur by Rafa M. Espinosa, aka Geistform. It depicts a round trip to the darkest side, the... more...

12inch Femur: FMR003 € 12,99

Mark du Mosch - UM-ing

Mark du Mosch


Our own homegrown Mark du Mosch finally making his debut on Clone records! 4 slices of futuristic house music on the Royal Oak. Fierce tracks that are... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal040 € 9,99

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa - V EP

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa


For its 23rd release, Berlin-based Italian label Out-ER welcomes techno fellows DJ Spider and Phil Moffa for V EP . The collaboration between the I... more...

12inch Out-Er: OUT023 € 10,49

Vase - Solarium (Mike Parker remix)


Solarium (Mike Parker remix)

Vase presents himself with a massive debut of the potrait of his mind, and the way he thinks. Three cuts, and an amazing painting from Mr. Mike Parker... more...

12inch Arts Collective: ARTSCOLLECTIVE019 € 10,49

Oscar Mulero - Grey Fades To Green - Disc 1

Oscar Mulero

Grey Fades To Green - Disc 1

This is the first album Oscar Mulero has released under his own name, after two acclaimed LPs under the moniker Trolley Route. Well known for his skil... more...

12inch Warm Up Recordings: WU26LPDISC1 € 9,99

SP-X - Contours Of The Soul EP (Cleric remix)
12inch Projekts: PROJEKTS001 € 10,49

Various Artists - Some Have To Dance... Some Have To Kill LP

Various Artists

Some Have To Dance... Some Have To Kill LP

Some Have to Dance …Some Have To Kill is the new limited compilation series on Mecanica. This first installment will be focused to techno-electro.EBM... more...

12inch Mecanica: MEC027 € 21,49

Funkadelic - Reworked By Detroiters


Reworked By Detroiters

Funkadelic have created an enduring legacy, and the power of their impact is visceral in Detroit. Their records not only played with genre, but posses... more...

3x12inch Westbound Records: SEW3-158 € 39,99

Christian Dugstad & Danielle Innocent - LA8PV

Christian Dugstad & Danielle Innocent


Oblivion Dip, a deep-side of the Norwegian techno & experimental corner, outs two versions of dark but fresh tribal-acid-techno cuts on the A-side. Th... more...

12inch Oblivion Dip: DIP002 € 9,99

Jeff Mills - Lost in Space

Jeff Mills

Lost in Space

The five-track EP will be the first material from Mills's latest electronic-classical project, Lost In Space, which is a collaboration with Orchestre... more...

12inch Axis: Ax075 € 16,99

J.F. Burma - Nomadic EP

J.F. Burma

Nomadic EP

J. F. Burma is a new analog synth project of Jeremy Berman, a longtime friend of The Bunker who we met via the forums of I-F’s Cybernetic Broadcasting... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK-026 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Grand River - Crescente

Grand River


Spazio Disponibile welcomes yet another new artist to their realm. This time the label welcomes producer Grand River for its 11th release, and one tha... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio011 € 9,99

Dylan Cameron - Purgatory Ep

Dylan Cameron

Purgatory Ep

Dark and heavy techno cuts starting with Dark Sorcerer and leads into Lost Souls on the A-side and continues into the B-side with Trojan Horse, all we... more...

12inch Texas Recordings Underground: TRU004 € 12,99

DJ Qu - No Poetry


No Poetry

Slamming new DJ Qu 12inch. Slamming machine techno.

12inch Strength Music: SMR017 € 12,99

Rudow - Cult07



Norwegian experimental ambient and sound artist Alexander Rishaug's work under the moniker RUDOW. A project that has been in the works for ten years,... more...

12inch Freakout Cult: Cult07 € 9,99

Damaskin - Silent Perceptions


Silent Perceptions

Lisbon's Sombra returns in full effect with their trademark hypnotic, industrial yet oneiric techno cuts. This engaging four tracker features three or... more...

12inch Sombra: Sombra003 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

 Convextion / Brooks Mosher - Texas Instrumentals

Convextion / Brooks Mosher

Texas Instrumentals

Convextion, Brooks Mother, III76 and Submersible Machines dropping some deep techno electro tracks.Magic Hat and Summer Indoors harken back to late 80... more...

EP Texas Recordings Underground: TRU003 € 13,99

Antenna - Alesis



Antenna broadcasts new exciting sounds to the ether, channelling a banging A side and two deep cuts on the flip. The message is clear; a beautiful 90'... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK010 € 9,99

Mor Elian - Miracle Mind Program

Mor Elian

Miracle Mind Program

Deep cerebral electro from Mor Elian following her releases on Hypercolour, Prime Numbers and Finale Sessions. Challenging and advanced forward thinki... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft016 € 9,49

Or:la  - Farewell 24


Farewell 24

Or:la returns to Hotflush with three new tracks and a remix of Limbosoup by Detroit’s FIT Siegel. Following the launch of her own label, Deep Sea F... more...

12inch Hotflush: HFT062 € 9,99

Vin Sol  - Moonchild Ep

Vin Sol

Moonchild Ep

Our buddy Vin Sol with a great release on Honey Sound System!!

12inch Honey Soundsystem: HNY017 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L