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Oisel - Entroterra EP


Entroterra EP

Italian scifi producer and sound designer Oisel joins the Warm Up family with this extended EP, offering four cuts in the physical version and 7 in th... more...

12inch Warm Up Recordings: WU052 € 9,99

Monopolar / Signal Deluxe  - Formalism 3/The Antelope Kiva EP
12inch Panta Muzik: PNTMZKVNL02 € 11,99

 Mythologen - Church Music


Church Music

Mythologen, aka Alexander Palmestal follows last year's debut album 'Mythologen' with the 12'' EP 'Church Music'. This EP is a love declaration to Lon... more...

12inch Hoga Nord Rekords: HNRUK007 € 13,49

Jon Doppler - Security

Jon Doppler


Building on his very sexy works for the Borft weirdos, Jon Doppler's Security is a meeting of Sued's minimal funk sound and the post-acid house trip o... more...

LP Kimochi: KIMOCHI033 € 25,99

Kessell - Raising Our Consciousness


Raising Our Consciousness

For our number 013 we have label boss and founder on command. Kessell delivers four slices of precise, expertly crafted modern techno. The minimum for... more...

12inch Granulart Recordings: GR013 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Julian Perez - Camina O Revienta

Julian Perez

Camina O Revienta

Julian Perez on fire, Camina O Revienta EP features 2 pounding dance floor bombs and a nice laidback track for early mornings.

12inch Girada Unlimited: GIRADA05 € 12,99

Herbert Bodzin - Revival II

Herbert Bodzin

Revival II

Herbert Bodzin’s “Revival II” is the next exciting vinyl highlight on this young label. It features completely unreleased electronic music which was r... more...

LP The Artless Cuckoo: TAC004 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tom Flynn - AW18 Collection

Tom Flynn

AW18 Collection

3 track EP from British producer Tom Flynn. Drawing upon a broad and learned musical understanding, ‘AW18 Collection’ fuses disparate strands from the... more...

12inch Planet e: PLE65393-6 € 12,99

Koheziv Mindz - Coalesce EP (Darren Nye & Mihail P Remixes)

Koheziv Mindz

Coalesce EP (Darren Nye & Mihail P Remixes)

The maiden voyage for this new label out of Birmingham was a success. The second release is a collaborative effort from Nicky B (Simple Elements/HOG)... more...

12inch Prisoner Of Sound Records: POSR002 € 12,99

Roel Funcken - Sapper Morton EP

Roel Funcken

Sapper Morton EP

Roel Funcken doesnt need an introduction. A long career, along with his brother, under the prism of multiple aliases as Quench, Funckarma, Legiac (...... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF017 € 11,99

Marshstepper with Drew McDowell, Silent Servant, Varg - Live At Berlin Atonal 2016

Marshstepper with Drew McDowell, Silent Servant, Varg

Live At Berlin Atonal 2016

Marshstepper are the most radical incarnation of Ascetic House, the collective and publishing house based in the desert city of Tempe, Arizona. Marshs... more...

12inch Berlin Atonal: ATONAL005 € 10,49

Kryptic Universe & Anaxy - Ten

Kryptic Universe & Anaxy


The sustainably ascending Lockertmatik imprint is back with another electronic four-hole punch in which each incision makes a deeper dystopian impact... more...

12inch Lockertmatik: Lockertmatik010 € 9,99

Addison Groove & Bim Sanga  - Present Bags Inc. - Dance Trax Vol.17
12inch Unknown To The Unknown Dancetraxx: Dancetrax017 € 10,49

Alden Tyrell / LA-4A - Alden Tyrell / LA-4A Split EP

Alden Tyrell / LA-4A

Alden Tyrell / LA-4A Split EP

Delft returns for the latest Split EP, the label's first since the 004 entry by Matrixxman and LA-4A. This entry pairs label head LA-4A with crew memb... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft017 € 9,99

Various Artists  - DJ Haus Enters The Unknown Vol.2 Vinyl Sampler

Various Artists

DJ Haus Enters The Unknown Vol.2 Vinyl Sampler

DJ Haus Enters The Unknown is a yearly compilation looking back at the last 12 months of UTTU releases - some obvious highlights but emphasis on overl... more...

3LP Unknown To The Unknown: ETU002 € 29,99

Portrait - Vitra



Aura Dinamica continues with it's second release so far. Label head Portrait delivers some uncompromising cuts for the dance floor, featuring a remix... more...

12inch Aura: Aura002 € 11,99

Housemeister  - Late at Night


Late at Night

Housemeister joins Herbert’s ever burgeoning Accidental Jnr roster with an EP of definitive leftfield techno clout. Lead track Late At Night pulsates... more...

12inch Accidental Jnr: ACJ114 € 10,99

Nozomu Matsumoto - Climatotherapy

Nozomu Matsumoto


Stunning HD orchestral // text-to -speech debut by Tokyo-based artist and curator, Nozomu Matsumoto, a huge recommendation if yr into the augmented re... more...

LP The Death Of Rave: RAVE024 € 15,99

Matrixxman - The Grid 001


The Grid 001

San Francisco DJ and producer Charles Duff aka Matrixxman unveils his new label ‘The Grid’ with a special double 12'' more...

2x12inch The Grid: Grid001 € 22,99

Aboutface - Cordinates 1


Cordinates 1

The inaugural release on enigmatic conceptual artist and Freerotation regular Aboutface’s new label Coordinates- a limited physical release series exc... more...

12inch Coordinates: COORDEP001 € 14,99

A Strange Wedding - Meta Romance

A Strange Wedding

Meta Romance

First release of the french young producer Adrien Van de Velde aka A Strange Wedding, Meta Romance is a three track EP offering a reflexion on slow tr... more...

12inch Worst: worst001 € 13,49

Hydergine - Diving Alone (Iori & JS Zeiter Remix)


Diving Alone (Iori & JS Zeiter Remix)

Dreiklang welcome Italian native Hydergine on their fourth record; continuing with the label’s triangular remit of three juxtaposing interpretations p... more...

12inch Dreiklang: Dreiklang004 € 10,49

Rolf Trostel - Edward Versions

Rolf Trostel

Edward Versions

Die Orakel presents two Edward reinterpretations of new age-ambient excursions by German composer Rolf Trostel, originally recorded in 1982.

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL11 € 9,99

D.Tiffany - Feel U


Feel U

D.Tiffany flying solo on her label Planet Euphorique

12inch Planet Euphorique: PE003 € 10,99

Dean Grenier - Immortal

Dean Grenier


Diving into FM Synthesis, Dean Grenier brings his sophomore release to Omnidisc. Delivering a 3 track EP intended for mental gymnastics at 3 different... more...

12inch Omnidisc: OMD018 € 9,99

Jeff Mills - Waveform Transmission Vol. 3

Jeff Mills

Waveform Transmission Vol. 3

A classic repressed! Waveform Transmission Vol. 3 initially came out in 1994. The eight titles on the album marked a turning point for Jeff Mills. It... more...

2LP Tresor: Tresor025 € 23,99

Osheyack - Sadomodernism



At the crux of American-born, Shanghai-based producer Eli Osheyack's debut album, Sadomodernism, is a question of agency. Borrowed from film theory, t... more...

LP Bedouin Records: BDNX002 € 18,99

Sololust - Dato EP


Dato EP

It has been quite some time since Sololust released something but he returns with fresh energy and a sound both familiar and with a new twist. His mus... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible Gooiland Elektro: Enfant061/Gooiland036 € 15,99

Unknown Artist - Rave Channel

Unknown Artist

Rave Channel

GEN X returns with a new EP named Ravechannel. This four track EP is the follow-up from the same unknown artists which delivered the Generation X earl... more...

12inch Generation X: GENX002 € 9,99

Lenson - REVENGE 3



We welcome back Lenson with his first solo-EP for the third release on the Revenge Techniques imprint. Being with the label since the very first Palin... more...

12inch Revenge Techniques: REVENGE3 € 9,49

Various Artists - Air Texture Vol. VI

Various Artists

Air Texture Vol. VI

Air Texture Vol. VI selected by Steffi and Martyn! The Air Texture Series asks two Producers/ Performers to select a double CD worth of unreleased mus... more...

2x12inch Air Texture: AIR006LP € 24,99

Cosimo Damiano - Disco Nemorense

Cosimo Damiano

Disco Nemorense

In the first release of NVDA, the music takes its cue from the mythological, natural and architectural features of the lake and city of Nemi, the whol... more...

12inch + Download NVDA: NVDA01 € 10,99

Versalife - Vortices EP


Vortices EP

Boris Bunnik is no stranger here at Shipwrec, having graced the label with some beautifully deep and textured music under his Conforce, Hexagon and Ve... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship057 € 9,99




OUFOUFOF represents the beginning of a new turn for SHXCXCHCXSH, one born out of a fresh conceptual approach to rhythm. Having concentrated in rece... more...

2LP Rosten: ROSTEN6 € 19,99

Various Artists - Drome Tapes Ep3

Various Artists

Drome Tapes Ep3

Taken from Drome 003 - Phuture Classical Section C (1993) Part 3 of a 3-Part Series released on Tabernacle Records (2018) Tracks by MODELS OVER 18 /... more...

12inch Tabernacle records: Tabr045 € 10,99

FRAK  - Berga Magic Ep


Berga Magic Ep

''The heavy industrial crunch and rubbery synths of FRAK’s trademark sounds come to Hypercolour with the four track ‘Berga Magic’ EP. The Swedish t... more...

12inch Hypercolour: HYPE074 € 9,99

McGregor - Reality EP


Reality EP

Going from solid crunchy house grooves (Light Years From You) and an ethereal mix of breaks, pads and crisp percussion (Reality) on one side of the vi... more...

12inch Depth Over Distance: DOD222 € 11,99

Markus Suckut  - Heaven Is A State Of Mind

Markus Suckut

Heaven Is A State Of Mind

''Rekids regular Markus Suckut drops his third album entitled ‘Heaven Is A State Of Mind’ this September. Here is a limited edition 10” of extra two t... more...

10inch REKIDS: REKIDS126x € 9,99

Markus Suckut  - Heaven Is A State Of Mind

Markus Suckut

Heaven Is A State Of Mind

''From the word go Suckut’s album demonstrates his versatility as a musician, initiating with a beatless intro named ‘Escape’, before ‘Breeze’ comes i... more...

2LP REKIDS: REKIDS126 € 19,99

HNS-X - HNS-X Volume 4


HNS-X Volume 4

HNS-X drops another cup of fluent Acid (any Tin Man fans around? tune in!) and bangin' Techno on the flip!

12inch HNS: HNS-X4 € 9,99

Asmus Odsat  - Ecstatic Half Truth Ep

Asmus Odsat

Ecstatic Half Truth Ep

Icelandic label with a nice versatile ep ranging from a cool trancey techno acid track (b1) and athmospheric electro and techno. Nice 90's vibes!

12inch Falk Disks: FALKDISK03 € 9,99

Das Nichts - Sunfall

Das Nichts


Sparse, minimalist, mesmerising Ambient / Ambient Techno excursions more...

LP Hidden Hawaii: HHG6/6 (18797) € 20,99

Alyn - Rehtom EP


Rehtom EP

New from the ever discerning Nous camp comes AYLN's RehtomEP, a 25 minute exploration of the kind of unrelenting machine music for which both artist a... more...

12inch Nous: US2018 € 12,99

Ghost In The Machine - King Dead EP

Ghost In The Machine

King Dead EP

Ghost In The Machine return to Perc Trax to follow up their break out 'One Louder EP' that came out on the label last summer. Since then they've been... more...

12inch Perc Trax: TPT081 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L