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Kris Baha -  In Your Arms

Kris Baha

In Your Arms

No stranger to the darkness, Kris Baha takes us by the heart this time for the 8th she lost kontrol’s release. The sound of this 12? extended EP is s... more...

12inch She Lost Kontrol: SLK005 € 15,99

Florian Meindl -  Metaphysics EP (incl. Denise Rabe RMX)

Florian Meindl

Metaphysics EP (incl. Denise Rabe RMX)

The X Vinyl Series continues with label head Florian Meindl at the helm with the upcoming release Metaphysics. Synonymous with deep, dark techno, Flor... more...

12inch Flash Records: FLASH-X-005 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - #100 Podcast

Various Artists

#100 Podcast

Rotterdam's Speedy J's Electric deluxe label celebrates its podcast series which reached the magic number 100. To celebrate this they have a special l... more...

4x12inch Electric Deluxe: EDLX100 € 14,99

Home Invasion - #3

Home Invasion


Home Invasion is the new label from Real Tone man Franck Roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or s... more...

12inch Home Invasion: HI3 € 9,49

Various Artists - #3 Black

Various Artists

#3 Black

Following up from the #3 WHITE LP compilation - #3 Black feature 7 more exclusive track to celebrate Nous's 3 yrs in business. more...

LP Nous: US014 € 15,99

Basti Grub - #5

Basti Grub


Crazy minimal house cut that stands out of the pack by its simple and no nonsense, non pretentious aproach. Nice grooving tracks with wierd cut up abs... more...

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen005 € 5,99

Nisennenmondai - #6



Motorik techno driven new track from Nisennenmondai backed with a killer first wave industrial remix from the legendary Chris Carter.

12inch On-U Sound: ONUDP60 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Roza Roza - '-'

Roza Roza


Radiating from the online world through a limited batch of puristic, meddling drum-programmed experiments, this three-track debut is a pure tour de fo... more...

12inch Mork: Mork008 € 14,99

Various Artists - +Sueno

Various Artists


Additional 12'' with exclusive tracks from 'Svreca - Arquitectura del Sueno' CD-Mix. Featuring Michal Wolski, Alan Backdrop, Von Grall and Milena Glow... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem101+ € 9,99

Betonkust - 0% Swing EP


0% Swing EP

Betonkust immediately blended in with the 9300 family and it felt like we've been knowing each other for years and years. After his characteristic rem... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL007 € 9,99

E - 00/000/0000 EP
12inch Deep Moves: Demo010 € 8,99

999999999 - 000000002 EP


000000002 EP

Mysterious duo 999999999 finally make their debut on their own new label, NineTimesNine, delivering three hypnotic and deadly acid techno stormers.

12inch NineTimesNine: NTN001 € 9,49

F.T.F - 000666 EP


000666 EP

Video channel Tape Archive brings tracks on wax for the first time with a three tracker from unknown producer F.T.F. Filling the gap from youtube to v... more...

12inch Tape Archive: TMFN#000666 € 10,99

Omar S - 001

Omar S


The 1st release of Omar-S, man of moment!! Detroit techno at it's best!

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS2475 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

RE:FUSE - 001



Experimental Techno, mixture between analog machines turntables and computers.

12inch RE:FUSE: Rfse001 € 11,49

Franse - 001



Hitting the ground running, this debut 12'' from FRANSE contains a single side of stunning, murky house music. Born from cold winter nights in the cel... more...

12inch Franse: Franse001 € 13,99

Various Artists - 001

Various Artists


Number ten for X-Kalay is kicking off a series of Various Artist EPs. Whilst taking in 3 continents brings a certain geographical diversity, the aim o... more...

12inch X-Kalay: XK010 € 12,49

Narcissist - 001



Narcissist is the result of 3 years of hardware jam sessions by Rob Bradley & MarcAshken.

12inch Narcissist: N001 € 13,49

Frozen Border - 002

Frozen Border


Someone listened very closely to Robert Hood here... Better a good copy as a bad original thing, is what they say here... so thumbs up!

12inch Frozen Border: FB002 € 7,99

Horizontal Ground  - 002

Horizontal Ground


Darker minimal techno tools with minimal info on the label.Tracks made to rock the dark basements. Strong one!

12inch Horizontal ground: HG002 € 7,99

Heartplay - 002



Energetic and raw lo-fi organ electronics.

12inch Heartplay: HP002 € 10,99

Escorting Sarah - 002

Escorting Sarah


Escorting Sarah, a DIY techno project that explores musical desires through the fetish of wax and the lust of hardware, return for a second instalment... more...

12inch Escorting Sarah: ES002 € 12,99

Falling Apart - 002

Falling Apart


Mysterious project providing harsh & hard techno

12inch Falling Apart: FA002 € 10,99

Frozen Border - 003

Frozen Border


Fierce no-nonsense techno tracks on his obscure label with no further information. Cool tracks.

12inch Frozen Border: FB003 € 7,99

Rhythmath - 003



Conceived to offer dance-floor friendly techno music, created to conceptually unite rhythm and mathematical theories, Rhythmath is back with his third... more...

12inch Rhythmath: RTMT003 € 8,99

Matthew Oh - 003

Matthew Oh


Outlaw 003. 300 copies vinyl only!!! Hand made stamped. Inc. Echologist Dub version.

12inch Outlaw: OUT003 € 9,99

Falling Apart - 004
12inch Falling Apart: FA004 € 9,99

Omar-S / Oasis - 004 / 14
12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS004/OAS14 € 11,99

Talismann - 005



Nature never sleeps.... For the fifth release TALISMANN arose and harvested the life-force energies of the oldest and biggest trees known to man. Th... more...

12inch Talismann: Talismann005 € 9,99

Talismann - 006



Back to the hardcore, TALISMANN returns where it once started. Early rave in the land of Ecstasy, where synths saw deep and kicks shatter bones.

12inch Talismann: Talismann006 € 9,99

Joe Cocherell - 008

Joe Cocherell


New Frozen Border delivering some uptempo dubby techno tracks.

12inch Frozen Border: FB008 € 8,99

Frozen Border  - 010

Frozen Border


No.10 in the Frozen border series. deeper techno tracks with nice metalic basslines. Simple and effective tracks from unknown source!

12inch Frozen Border: FB010 € 8,99

The Maghreban  - 01DEAS

The Maghreban


dusky grooves, heavy bass pressure and clanking drum breaks. This versatile releases stretches from 90s Home Counties rave, '93 dark jungle, 80s Stepp... more...

2LP R&S: RS1802 € 23,99

Milton Bradley vs. Lockertmatik - 030-0351 EP

Milton Bradley vs. Lockertmatik

030-0351 EP

Advanced and fresh takes on techno by Milton Bradley and Lockertmatik. Both opening with a droning soundscape followed by essential techno cuts. Open... more...

12inch Lockertmatik: Lockertmatik009 € 9,49

Steve Stoll - 04

Steve Stoll


The artist behind the fourth New York Trax release needs no introduction. Steve Stoll is one of the pioneers and founding fathers of New York techno.... more...

12inch New York Trax: NYT04 € 12,99

Sir Alice - 1

Sir Alice


Produced by Marc Collin (the man behind trailblazing musical ventures Ollano, Suburbia and Volga Select.). The result? A serious, enthralling case of... more...

12inch Tigersushi: Tigersushi 012 € 4,99

DXR - 1



Klakson is dropping a hot release just before the summer really kicks in... Number one gives us two warm driving house/techno tracks with an amazing v... more...

12inch Klakson: Klakson019 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various artists - 1

Various artists


Outstanding ep on the mighty Dolly again, who keeps on delivering at the highest level. Four equally strong tracks (of which three will be featured on... more...

12inch Dolly: Dolly014 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kaukolampi - 1



This album is one long track broken up into five titles. Across that runs an eerie dystopian presence driven by pulsating synths and distant beats, wh... more...

LP Svart Records: SVART126 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cadans - 1 bar FU


1 bar FU

Cadans' (solo) debut on the Basement Series. Rough!

12inch Clone Basement Series: CBS025 € 9,49

Dj Spider - 1 Degree Ep

Dj Spider

1 Degree Ep

Dj Spider with a nice versatile ep off atractive techno tracks with a nice free spirit. Especially the A2 and B2 tunes are sweet. Recommended!

12inch Green Village: GV007 € 10,99

Various Artists - 10 And A Bit Years Of Fear Of Flying

Various Artists

10 And A Bit Years Of Fear Of Flying

Fear of Flying return after a lengthy hiatus to celebrate their 10 year anniversary 6 months after it happened. So, tracks from label mainstay BLM but... more...

12inch Fear Of Flying: FOF10YR1 € 10,99

Shlomi Aber, Truncate, Skudge and JAM - 10 years Be As One I

Shlomi Aber, Truncate, Skudge and JAM

10 years Be As One I

Part 2 of Be As Ones 10 Years Anniversary special V/A release. Its time for Markus Suckut, Savas Pascalidis, Eduardo de La Calle and Yotam Avni with s... more...

12inch Be As One: BEA010y1 € 10,99

Various Artists - 10 Years of Greco Roman Vol 3

Various Artists

10 Years of Greco Roman Vol 3

the left of centre electronica label Greco-Roman hits its stride and celebrates 10 years of music.

12inch Greco Roman: GREC073 € 10,99

Kaelan / JC / Basic Soul Unit - 10 years of Jaunt: Air

Kaelan / JC / Basic Soul Unit

10 years of Jaunt: Air

10 Years of Jaunt - Sea, Land, Air is a 12 track V/A compilation spread across three distinct vinyl discs, each of which is based around some of the w... more...

12inch Jaunt Records: JR007.3 € 12,99

Stojche / Awol / Luke Hess  - 10 years of Jaunt: Land

Stojche / Awol / Luke Hess

10 years of Jaunt: Land

10 Years of Jaunt - Sea, Land, Air is a 12 track V/A compilation spread across three distinct vinyl discs, each of which is based around some of the w... more...

12inch Jaunt Records: JR007.2 € 12,99

Various Artists - 10 Years Of Tsuba Part Two

Various Artists

10 Years Of Tsuba Part Two

''Deep House legend Jimpster re-edits Galcher Lustwerk's Nu Day, adding his own mesmerising live keys and steering the original into classic deep hous... more...

12inch Tsuba: Tsuba085b € 10,99

Various - 10.I



Semantica Records marks 10 years with a worldwide tour and a 10 release series in 2016. Semantica 10.I features tracks from Donato Dozzy, Mod21, St... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem010.I € 9,99