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Jack Ingoff - Smiley Virus Ep

Jack Ingoff

Smiley Virus Ep

Kick off release for the new label of Amir Alexander! This one is all about heavy analogue acid bombs and sees the debut release of Jack Ingoff. Limit... more...

12inch Aaacid: Aaacid001 € 11,99

Publicist - Slave



Raw jack infected tracks on Torn Hawks label.

10inch Valcrond Video: ValcrondV014 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

PL001NK - Bergen Ep
12inch Ploink: Ploink001 € 8,99

Ambivalent - Red Ones EP


Red Ones EP

Fierce modern acid jackers by Ambivalent. First release by Delft Record's label head LA-4A under his other moniker Ambivalent. Nice!

12inch DELFT: Delft005 € 8,49

The 15 Dead Minutes - Purging The Pious

The 15 Dead Minutes

Purging The Pious

Old school gast paced techno/ acid tracks. a collection of raw and frenzied battle tools cut straight from a series of wild hardware sessions, where d... more...

12inch Earwiggle: Ear007 € 10,99

D'Marc Cantu - Parisian Summer

D'Marc Cantu

Parisian Summer

5 new jacking tracks with sleazy 303's frantic synths by D’Marc Cantu. more...

12inch Desire: Desire112 € 10,99

HNS-X - Haus-Nej-Schen



House Master Boyz get ripped up, but this ain't Chicago and it ain't 1986 ! That classic Acid House refrain gets welded onto some distinctly brand new... more...

12inch Various UK Re-edits: HNS-X € 9,99

Peel MD - Juggernaut

Peel MD


This is PEEL MD's second release. Juggernaut represents a slightly different sound than the previously "Grip" released 2012. Still yet this is real sk... more...

12inch Borft: Borft118 € 10,49

LA-4A - Cobalt



Delft is delivering more sick acid tunes! This time its Delft's chief LA-4A on duty and giving us some advanced modern acid jackers. We cant get enoug... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft003 € 8,49

Guillotine  - National Razor


National Razor

Guillotine is an electronic music duo from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Saulo Pais (Dada Attack) and Zeno Mainardi. To create these tracks, they used a heavy se... more...

EP 030303: 030EP007 € 8,49

Grey People - Sludge Ball

Grey People

Sludge Ball

Kicking off this new Aussie label after releases on Konstructure, Proper Trax, Mystical Disco. combines warm synth lines w/90s inspired drum sequenci... more...

12inch Cult Trip: CT001 € 9,99

Alis - Apache



After releases on Don't Be Afraid and Astro:Dynamics, as well as a contribution to Fifth Wall’s No Person is an Island V/A charity compilation, Berlin... more...

12inch Fifth Wall: 5WALL012 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

John Heckle - Laid Away Ep

John Heckle

Laid Away Ep

Chicago rooted tracks by the talented John Heckle. Including remixes by Ksoul & Muteoscillator and Perseus Traxx.

12inch Scenery: SCN004 € 9,99

Adonis - We're Rocking Down the House


We're Rocking Down the House

One of the big house hits of the early years... Adonis (also responsible for the amazing No Way Back). New pressing!

12inch Trax: TX120 € 9,99

Delta Funktionen - D-Wave Two.1

Delta Funktionen

D-Wave Two.1

Delta Funktionen with the first release on his own imprint. Four times 808 power combined with deep Moog basses. Riding a thin line between techno and... more...

12inch Radio Matrix: RAM-X-01 € 8,49

JPLS - Fall Off Distance


Fall Off Distance

Delft 002 welcomes another new name to the fold: it's been four long years since the last officially released original JPLS material but the wait was... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft002 € 8,49

Ace & The Sandman - Let Your Body Talk

Ace & The Sandman

Let Your Body Talk

Remastered from original tapes. Classic rare early house jam from 1992 on Trax offshoot Saber Records. Ace & Sandman aka the mighty Virgo 4 with some... more...

12inch Saber Records: Saber3021 € 10,99

Birth Of Frequency - Bad Tempered

Birth Of Frequency

Bad Tempered

Birth of Frequency is back on board with four equally strong and effective analogue techno cuts.

12inch Construct Re-form: CRF008 € 9,79

Chris Mitchell - Din Gir Dialect EP

Chris Mitchell

Din Gir Dialect EP

Strong new Ep by Chris Mitchel delivering some jacking old school-ish chicago rooted tracks.

12inch Anunnaki Cartel: AC004 € 9,99

Ford Foster - JLW000

Ford Foster


Chicago influenced tracks ranging from rawer acid to more jacking tracks.

12inch Just Left White: jlw000 € 10,99

Drvg Cvltvre - American Psychosis [Part one]

Drvg Cvltvre

American Psychosis [Part one]

Shipwrec proudly present one of the pioneers of Dutch electronics. For some twenty years Vincent Koreman has been honing his sound, releasing on a ple... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship023.1 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sameed - Spend



Peak time club tunes of the hyper active Local Talk label. With a surprising acid work out as A2 track of this ep.

12inch Local Talk: LT046 € 9,99

K-Alexi - Acid King
12inch K Klassik: KK002 € 9,99

ZK Bucket - Tarmangani EP

ZK Bucket

Tarmangani EP

The Tarmangani EP contains 3 narrative tracks that take you on an adventurous journey. ''Ululation'' opens with digital cricket chirr followed by cha... more...

12inch Zaun Records: ZAUN002 € 10,99

Various Artists - Dont Be Left Out Sampler

Various Artists

Dont Be Left Out Sampler

Strong sampler with tracks by Luke solomun (nice bumpin acid workout!), Mr Fingers remixing Matt Tolfrey (beautiful as always), Ryan Crosson (modern b... more...

12inch Leftroom ltd: LEFTLP005S € 9,99

Romansoff - Raw Tools 4


Raw Tools 4

4 Wicked & raw (of course) but ethereal techno tools by the man from Romania.

12inch Raw Tools: RWT004 € 9,99

Michael Jansons & Rebel - Build By Robots

Michael Jansons & Rebel

Build By Robots

Serving several disches on 1 plate. Warm bass driven house with nice flowing chords. Electro injected acid as third track and as desert a smooth deep... more...

12inch Lower East: Low032 € 9,49

Innershades - Gravure Ep


Gravure Ep

Nice stomper from Innershades. Title track ‘Gravure’ is an belly-wobbling house beast, the kind of beat that sounds like its left the club and gone on... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB013 € 8,99

Hakim Murphy - Jack Session 2

Hakim Murphy

Jack Session 2

Deeper acid house inspired tracks with a touch of the analogue Chicago madness from the Murph Tone Jack Session tunes. Hakim Murphy is on a roll!

12inch Synapsis: Synapsis007.1 € 9,99

ZK Bucket - Reptile Wins ep

ZK Bucket

Reptile Wins ep

Darker trippy slomo tracks with some wave influences on this Innervisions related label.

12inch Zaun Records: ZAUN001 € 10,99

Various Artists - Network ep

Various Artists

Network ep

Al;ex Ander, Borrowed Identity and Slowburn delivering some jacking acid, advanced techno and Detroit techno influenced tracks on this new label.

12inch Ander Traxx: Ander002 € 9,49

Frak - Alice In Acidland


Alice In Acidland

Raw pulsating and sinister nordic monotone electronix recorded in 1993 by Frak released on Borft as cassette and vinyl, and now 20 years later finally... more...

LP iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL115 € 8,99

Gherkin Jerks - Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks

Gherkin Jerks

Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks

The original 12'' vinyl releases of Stomp The Beat and 1990 were two “Holy Grail” releases of Chicago House as they were only available for a shor... more...

CD Alleviated: ML9016CD € 15,99

dcantu & JM De Frias  - I Have No Eyes, And I Must See

dcantu & JM De Frias

I Have No Eyes, And I Must See

Nicolas Cantu makes a welcome return to Sequencias with The Lost Tribe—a brisk 808 workout with lush synthwork and psychedelic acid stylings. This is... more...

12inch Sequencias: Seq008 € 6,99

Pegasus Heat - XXX Elote

Pegasus Heat

XXX Elote

Newly-formed Chicago duo, Chicago Skyway and Hakim Murphy, ignites the decks with 3 tracks of beating, acidic, purely analog jam-outs accompanied by a... more...

12inch Episodes: Episodes005 € 11,99

Spirit of the black 808 - Gueril

Spirit of the black 808


3 rough, rugged and raw tunes! EStaying true to the Chicago ethos. Especially the 3rd acid loaded track is hot.

12inch Synapsis: Synapsis008 € 9,99

Kris Wadsworth - Uranus 222

Kris Wadsworth

Uranus 222

Strong two track ep with a slower haunting pace injected with some acid. No Repress! Vinyl onyl! 180 gramm Vinyl! Handstamped! Strong Limite

12inch Uranus: KW222 € 10,99

Various Artists - The Dance

Various Artists

The Dance

Affie Yusuf, Ricardo Miranda, Arttu and John Red Hawk delivering retro Chicago rooted tracks. Nice selection with an outstanding track by Arttu.

12inch Snuff Trax: STX009b € 6,49

Sparkwave - Hiver Part 2


Hiver Part 2

Industrial and minimalistic heavy mid-tempo darkcore / teknoir / technoscuro a la Mononom and Schmerzlabor, from the sinister southside of Belgium. I... more...

12inch Panzerkreuz: Panzer1014-2 € 9,99

Parris Mitchell Project - Parris Mitchell Project

Parris Mitchell Project

Parris Mitchell Project

First Dance Mania release in a long time... a re-issue of the Parris Mitchel project wich is the same as the original DM 113 plus 2 additional tracks:... more...

EP Dance Mania: DM113-2013 € 17,99

Quadrat - Three



Deep acid & trippy techno tracks by Quadrat... quality.

12inch Quadrat Musik: Quadrat003 € 8,99